E-Wheel of Fortune: Play by smartphone and win!

Together with Made in Bocholt and the broetchen.taxi of the bakery Gildhuis, the shoe house Rekers starts on the Sunday, the 15. December, in the main store on the Osterstraße the E-wheel of fortune. You can win either a Bocholt tread worth 9,95 Euro or an impregnating spray from Barth-Schuhpflege for 4,95 Euro. To play along, only the new [...]

15 new forces for "Care +"

14 participants and one participant have now successfully completed further vocational training for "nursing assistance including care". In the future, they will care for patients with dementia or mentally impaired people, and assist with assistance in the care sector in order to relieve specialist staff. The four-month course was conducted by the association "Leben im Alter" (LiA). The demand for workers in the nursing and care [...]

Pedelec stolen

A Gazelle black women's pedelec was the target of a thief on Friday morning. Between 10.15 clock and 12.00 clock he stole the bike, which was locked off on the Königstraße and additionally chained to a bicycle stand. The bike has a value of about 3.000 Euro. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the detective in [...]

Flashed with Tempo 111 in the 50er zone

To combat and prevent accidents that are due to excessive speed, led in the period of 05.12. - 11.12.2019, the Borken district police service, carried out speed checks on a total of 25 stations in the county, and found that 10.504% of measured vehicle drivers drove too fast when checking the 10 vehicles. The speed of the week [...]

Winner of the Bocholt-plays raffle determined

The participants of the eighth edition of "Bocholt spielt" chose QANGO. The game “Qwixx” followed in second place. Third place went to the games “Skyjo”, “Monster Match” and “Die niesen 7”. "The success with well over 1.000 visitors gives us the right to perform 'Bocholt plays' again and again," said Ludger Dieckhues, chairman […]

Patrick Focks appointed as the authorized district chimney sweep

Patrick Focks has now been appointed by the Münster district government as the authorized district chimney sweep for the Borken district. His future sweeping district 24 is located in the city of Bocholt. Gunhild Wiering, head of department at the Münster district government, handed over the certificate of authorization to Patrick Focks. Together with Karl-Heinz van Wesel, chief master of the chimney sweep guild in Münster, she congratulated the […]

Bocholter new citizens welcomed

Tonight, numerous Bocholt new citizens were welcomed in front of the historic town hall. They were given brown envelopes that included tokens for drinks and other useful items. After Elisabeth Kroesen, first deputy mayor, Ludger Diekhues, director of Bocholter Stadtmarketing and Florian Sauret, Bocholter night watchman who had all been welcomed, we went [...]

Breakfasts combine different cultures

As part of the integration project "We Live Respect", a joint breakfast with people from different countries of origin and cultures has found great resonance. The meeting took place with 50 adult participants and 25 children - with and without a migration background - in the rooms at the DRK-Stadtverband Bocholt on the Goerdelerstraße 15, said the DRK press service. The people from [...]

Burglars eat up complete Christmas chocolate

Bocholt (ots) - The Christmas chocolate consumed, the Christmas gifts torn or stolen - this image was offered to the teachers of the Israhel-van-Meckenem-Schule on the Münsterstraße on Thursday morning. Burglars had infiltrated the building during the night, breaking several doors in the school. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) [...]

A day for the teachers

Autumn is coming to an end, and soon we have winter. Also in Afghanistan, where it is much colder in the mountains than in Bocholt. Emamahmad Azimi from the Orbis team is from Afghanistan. He looks again at the autumn in which he experienced the customs of St. Martin and St. Nicholas in Bocholt, and describes [...]

Delivery truck rolls in brand new police car

Such a hassle - this feeling certainly know many who have just been happy about their new car and then have to accept the first damage after only a few miles. The police in Borken are no different. On Saturday, an unsecured delivery van on Gelsenkirchener Straße rolled back the new radio patrol car in [...]