Who paints for the new "family planner"?

Bocholt (PID). This year, the family planner of the Kinderschutzbundes Bocholt, which is published together with the Department of Youth, Family, School and Sport of the City of Bocholt, is celebrating a ten-year jubilee. The editors are now calling on children to paint and submit motifs for the anniversary edition of the popular calendar. Due to the anniversary, the theme "birthday" of this [...]

Woman + profession: Lecture "Do not take anything personally"

Bocholt (PID). On Tuesday, 7. May 2019, the lecture "Do not do anything personally" takes place in the Aurillac room of the Bocholt city hall at 19 in the context of the "Frau + Beruf" lecture series. The presentation is free. Registration is not required. Speaker Sonja Hüls, Hyptnosetherapeutin and Resilience Coach, talks about why it makes sense in a professional and private context, [...]

Firefighter Torsten Dekker celebrates 25 anniversary

Bocholt (PID). Firefighter Torsten Dekker is now celebrating his 25-year service anniversary. The 47-trained electrician first joined 1986 in the youth fire department and then 1989 in the volunteer fire department. From 1994, he made his passion a major occupation and joined the fire service. Today's chief fire chief is deputy head of the children's fire department. Dekker takes care of [...]

Marc Vering 25 years as a firefighter active

Bocholt (PID). Marc Vering has been with the Bocholter Fire Department since 25 years. The trained joiner first joined 1987 in the volunteer fire department. In the year 1994 he became a full-time firefighter. Today, the chief fire chief is working as an emergency paramedic and also head of the PSU team, which provides comrades psychosocial support to process particularly onerous missions.

Thousands at the Kubaai Bridge Festival in Bocholt

Bocholt (PID / EUBOH). High-wire art, sound art, culinary delights from all over the world and much more attracted visitors to the 1. May 2019 thousands of visitors to 7. International children's and family party on and in the LWL TextilWerk Bocholt. This festival was uniquely associated with the Kubaai * bridge festival and on the "podium bridge" newly built last year. In the best spring weather, clubs, organizations and [...]

JuLis celebrate 20 years FDP and appoint Burkhard Henneken honorary chairman

At the 30.04.1999, the Free Democrats opened their office in Bocholt. For the JuLis that was a reason to say "thank you" for 20 years of liberal politics in Bocholt. So they celebrated accordingly on 30.04.2019 with many other members of the JuLis and the FDP, as well as their children, a "surprise celebration". After a brief introduction by press spokesman Maximilian Schmeisser [...]

Waste advisor accepts medications

Bocholt (PID). Waste consultant Petra Tacke takes on Tuesday, 7. May 2019, from 9 to 12 on St. George Square expired, superimposed and unused medications. In addition, the waste consultant of the waste disposal and service company Bocholt will inform you about the correct disposal. Improper disposal harbors environmental impacts Far too often, expired medicines end up in waste or waste. [...]

Accident escape on the Werther road

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, a silver Audi A 07.30 was hit and damaged between the 11.30 watch and the 4 watch on Werther Strasse. The car was (seen in the direction of Lowick) on the left lane just behind the Aabrücke. Despite the damage caused in the amount of approx. 1.500 Euro, the cause of the accident had left without [...]

Vocational students from Bocholt meet Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst

On Tuesday, a total of three classes from the Berufskolleg Bocholt-West visited the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. After a tour as part of the student program, the group met with the local member of parliament and Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst. During the joint one-hour discussion session, Hendrik Wüst first reported on the work of the members of parliament, the procedures in the parliamentary groups and parliament, as well as [...]

Burglary in garden hut

Bocholt (ots) - In the night to 1. In May, burglars picked up the door of a garden shed on Kurfürstenstrasse and stole tools, loudspeakers, and a television set. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990).

Dress collection of the Red Cross at the 4. May

Borken (drk-press). On Saturday, 4. May, the traditional spring clothes collection of the Red Cross in Borken county takes place. The Red Cross will be attending shoestring and shoe donations this Saturday from 9 to 13 Uhr at seven locations in Borken. The proceeds are urgently needed for the statutory tasks of the Red Cross in the district of Borken. [...]

Naturfördergesellschaft invites you to a general meeting

District Borken / Ahaus. Insects are an important basis in the food chain for birds and many other species of animals and are an indicator of the state of our nature. Except for conspicuous species such as the day butterflies, the decline in the insect world is hidden from most people in everyday life. The biologist Friedrich Pfeifer from Ahaus deals intensively with [...]

Drainage system for the construction site on Ostwall be dismantled

Bocholt (PID). On the night of Monday, 6. May 2019, on Tuesday, 7. May 2019, the concrete foundations for the drainage of the construction site "Ostwall terraces" are mined. Therefore, the streets Ostwall, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse, Theodor-Heuss-Ring and Münsterstrasse must be half-way closed in the intersection and partly short-term fully blocked. Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße is half-closed in the area of ​​the entrance to the Aldi car park. [...]

Police only have to intervene 10 times / There is a lot of trash everywhere

Kreis Borken (ots) - The pleasing anticipation: The police had to intervene on the occasion of the May celebrations at the famous meeting places / excursion sites in the district Borken only 10mal and only two criminal proceedings (1 personal injury, 1 property damage) initiate. In addition to the crimes rioters, disputes, and lost property were the reasons for the event. Negative is to note that after the excursions a lot of trash lying around. Including unfortunately also [...]

Preparations for the European elections 2019 run

Borken County. The "election notices" for the European elections on the 26. May 2019 are on their way to voters. With stand from the 14. April 2019 are in the whole county Borken a total of 279.814 persons registered in the electoral register (2014: 276.875), including 18.621 first-time voters. Most of the "election notifications" will have already been received. Latest to the 5. May they all [...]