Who paints for the new "family planner"?

Bocholt (PID). This year, the family planner of the Kinderschutzbundes Bocholt, which is published together with the Department of Youth, Family, School and Sport of the City of Bocholt, is celebrating a ten-year jubilee. The editors are now calling on children to paint and then submit motifs for the anniversary edition of the popular calendar. The anniversary celebrates the theme of "Birthday" this year. A special feature of this issue is a detachable birthday calendar page that gives an overview of the birthdays in the year. Suitable for this are small artists up to 14 years, who participate in the painting competition on the topic "Birthday" for the birthday calendar. The design pages of the birthday page are now available in the following places: in the clothes shop of the Child Protection Association Bocholt, Ebertstr.17, 46395 Bocholtim Department Youth, Family, School and Sport- Kaiser Wilhelm-Str. 77, 46395 Bocholtbei Stamp Meyer, Kurfürstenstr.16, 46399 BocholtEvery child wins! All children who have their framed page up to the 7. June 2019 in the clothes shop of the Child Protection Association Bocholt submit, receive a voucher for a scoop of ice cream from the ice cream parlor Leone. The winner may present his image at the press conference with the mayor for the publication of the calendar. Associations, institutions and organizations are in demand. Also in this year clubs, institutions and organizations in Bocholt, which are committed to children and young people, are called upon to design contribute. Submissions from a variety of fields such as sports, music, culture, social, etc. are welcome. On a digital photo, the activities or the institution should be presented and with information (name of the club, offers, contact address, etc.) be backed. This presentation is then assigned to a monthly sheet of the calendar. For more than 12 submissions, there will be a selection process. The calendar will be offered from autumn 2019 in Bocholt for a small nominal fee. Contributions can be made to the German Child Protection Association Bocholt (Ebertstr. 17) or by e-mail to kinderschutzbund-calendar @ web. to be sent. Latest deadline is Friday, 7. June 2019. Telephone inquiries answered the office of the child protection association under Tel. 02871 2258-88. [...]

Woman + profession: Lecture "Do not take anything personally"

Bocholt (PID). On Tuesday, 7. May 2019, the lecture "Do not do anything personally" takes place in the Aurillac room of the Bocholt city hall at 19 in the context of the "Frau + Beruf" lecture series. The presentation is free. Registration is not required.Reference Sonja Hüls, Hyptnosetherapeutin and Resilience Coach, lectures on why it makes sense in the professional and private context, to make themselves independent of the recognition of others and how women can strengthen their own self-confidence. "Because as soon as you take something personally, you give other people power over you, your thoughts and feelings," said the speaker. She also gives many practical tips on communication, thinking and behavioral possibilities. [...]

Firefighter Torsten Dekker celebrates 25 anniversary

Bocholt (PID). Firefighter Torsten Dekker is now celebrating his 25-year service anniversary. The 47-trained electrician first joined 1986 in the youth fire department and then 1989 in the volunteer fire department. From 1994 then he made his passion to the main job and entered the fire service. The current chief fire chief is deputy head of the children's fire department. Dekker takes care of fire safety education in kindergartens. He also acts as an emergency paramedic and works in the so-called fire extinguisher workshop. He ensures that fire extinguishers in public buildings such as schools are operational and functional. [...]

Marc Vering 25 years as a firefighter active

Bocholt (PID). Marc Vering has been active with the Bocholter fire brigade since 25 years. The trained carpenter first joined 1987 in the volunteer fire department. In the year 1994 he became a full-time firefighter. Today, the chief fire chief is working as an emergency paramedic and also head of the PSU team, which provides comrades psychosocial support to process particularly onerous missions. [...]

Thousands at the Kubaai Bridge Festival in Bocholt

Bocholt (PID / EUBOH). High-wire art, sound art, culinary delights from all over the world and much more attracted visitors to the 1. May 2019 thousands of visitors to 7. International children's and family party on and in the LWL TextilWerk Bocholt. This festival was uniquely associated with the Kubaai * Bridge Festival and the "Podium Bridge", which was newly built last year. During the best spring weather, clubs, organizations and cultural associations presented themselves on the Kubaai grounds and invited to international specialties from their home countries. Participatory activities for all ages and information about the goals of the clubs supplemented the program. A colorful stage program on the square at the weaving mill presented traditional music, eg. B. from Turkey, Albania and China and a lot of information about the intercultural world of Bocholt. The Europe Direct Information Center Bocholt informed together with the Europa-Union Bocholt eV and the National Center for Civic Education on the upcoming European elections on the 26. May 2019.Family Festival and 30 years LWL Textile MuseumOpen the 7. International Children's and Family Festival by Gertrud Welper, Deputy Chair of the Landscape Assembly. "Success needs courage! The city of Bocholt and the LWL have proven this with the Kubaai project as a cultural project for sustainable urban development, "she said in her welcome address. At the same time she reminded of the opening of the Textile Museum in Bocholt before 30 years ago on 1. Mai 1989. In the year 2004 - just before 15 years - the spinning was added, so Welper. She thanked all the organizers and helpers and in particular the many representatives of the association for their help: "They build bridges today!" Bocholt Deputy Mayor Elisabeth Kroesen was delighted to announce that the Kubaai Bridge Festival in the heart of Bocholt's Kulturquartier is a program for young people and Alt from different cultures of the city Bocholt, the LWL and the city marketing is offered. She thanked the sponsors such as the Stadtparkasse, the EUREGIO, the Soundseeing Initiative and the NRW Ministry of Culture and Science. Europe's largest high-wire showThe high-wire group "Geschwister Weisheit" presented its outstanding performances in three places in the Kubaai area. So the first show took place in the parking lot Uhlandstraße, where the bike was in the foreground. With bicycles, high and Einrädern and the legendary Steigerrad the artists crossed the rope. The sensational motorcycle show of sibling wisdom impressed by height and speed. Over the new podium bridge, the motorcycles rest at a height of 40 meters. At the unsteady mast, which is currently unique in the world at 67 meters, Natalia Weisheit showed how to get up there. B. standing on one leg can play trumpet. The conclusion to the largest high-rope show in Europe offered the historical program "Anno dazumal". Not only the costumes from the turn of the century and performances, but also the language of the moderator adapted to this time. "Soundseeing" and "fair of the arts" For the children particularly interesting were the different participation places of the Münsterland sound arts festival "Soundseeing". So belonged z. B. Jumping on small trampolines and the sound they cause to the sound objects that met with enthusiasm. "Soundseeing" can be visited until the end of May 2019 on the kubaai site and on the podium bridge. For the first time at the International Children and Family Festival, the "Fair of the Arts" took place along the Aa. German and Dutch artists not only showed their works of art, but also gave an insight into their work. They painted, cut and showed sculpture throughout the entire exhibition time to the delight of many visitors. The event was supported this year under the INTERREG program Germany-Nederland with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) .Dinner races shortenedAlready planned as a sprint race over the "short distance", the duck race with almost 1.000 "Kubaai-Kurts "Weather-related shortened again and started against the normal flow direction of the Aa. With Rainer and Melina Scholten (mother Rada Nesovanovic-Scholten was on site for her) and Romy Kopmann, there were three winners from Bocholt, who were delighted to receive "Genussgutscheine" and "Einkaufgutscheine". When the THW fished all the ducks back out of the Aa, Jennifer Rollfinke and Stefanie Henzold had their hands full at the city's information booth to send a duck back to the participants. [...]

JuLis celebrate 20 years FDP and appoint Burkhard Henneken honorary chairman

At the 30.04.1999, the Free Democrats opened their office in Bocholt. For the JuLis that was a reason to say "thank you" for 20 years of liberal politics in Bocholt. So they celebrated accordingly on 30.04.2019 with many other members of the JuLis and the FDP, as well as their children, a "surprise celebration". After a short introduction by press spokesman Maximilian Schmeisser, Kevin Eising congratulated the Free Democrats for the last 20 years on behalf of the Young Liberals Bocholt. "20 years FDP Bocholt. That means 20 years of liberal politics in our homeland. Without Ilona, ​​as the founder of the party in the village, we would not be there today. The (local) election will be important to us, because we should be more represented in Bocholt, because Bocholt needs us! "Said Eising. In this sense, the Young Liberals handed over a small gift to the founder and honorary chairman of the party, Ilona Weißing , She had then converted from the city party to the Free Democrats and had re-established the party structure in Bocholt. "With full success and to this day!" Said Dominik Barking, Deputy Chairman of the JuLis in the village, later in the evening. Ilona Weißing thanked with the words. "We are glad that there are the JuLis in our party. Keep up the good work. "As another highlight, the boys named Liberals Burkhard Henneken honorary chairman. "We have to thank our group chairman Burkhard Henneken. When we founded ourselves Burkhard was always at our side and only in the team we are strong. And that's why we decided to force JuLis Bocholt's decision that Burkhard Henneken be appointed Honorary Chairman. "As a present, Social Media Commissioner Thomas Ludwig handed over a gift basket with a draft beer pitcher, which will vest as an indication of the JuLis' invitation shall, where Burkhard may come as a guest of honor. Ludwig: "So that you can practice before, a beer mug." Henneken, visibly pleased, thanked him. "My first step in the 16 years was with the JuLis back then, and I was very well introduced then, and now we have the next generation, a generational change, and work together wonderfully for the benefit of Bocholt. Wonderful! "Afterwards, all guests with fresh meat from the grill, salad, bread and a few cold drinks, in the sunny weather at the office comfortably end. [...]

Waste advisor accepts medications

Bocholt (PID). Waste consultant Petra Tacke takes on Tuesday, 7. May 2019, from 9 to 12 on St. George Square expired, superimposed and unused medications. In addition, the waste consultant of the disposal and service company Bocholt informed about the proper disposal. Improper disposal involves environmental pollution Already too often expire expired drugs in the waste or be disposed of in the toilet. "Such, improper disposal pollutes soils and waters," says the waste consultant. The risk potential for humans from this drug cocktail has not yet been estimated. In order to avoid unnecessarily contaminating both groundwater and soil with active pharmaceutical ingredients, expired medications should be disposed of properly. Abandonment options for used medicationsThe recycling center accepts free medications from private households. The remainder of the medication should be dispensed in its original packaging and not be put together. In the yellow sack belong only the empty blister packs. The outer packaging made of cardboard and the leaflets may be placed in the waste paper containers. [...]

Accident escape on the Werther road

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, a silver-colored Audi A 07.30 was approached and damaged between 11.30 clock and 4 clock on the Werther road. The car was (in the direction of Lowick) on the left lane just behind the Aabrücke.Trotz the damage caused in one The accident causer had left the amount of about 1.500 Euro without having fulfilled his obligations. Witnesses are requested to contact the Transport Commissioner in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Vocational students from Bocholt meet Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst

On Tuesday, a total of three classes from the Berufskolleg Bocholt-West visited the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. After a tour as part of the student program, the group met with the local member of parliament and Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst. During the joint, one-hour discussion, Hendrik Wüst first reported on the work of the members of parliament, the processes in the parliamentary groups and in the parliament as well as on his function as minister of transport of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Hendrik Wüst emphasized how important the distribution of tasks in the parliamentary group and in the entire parliament is because "nobody can know everything". Afterwards, the students were able to ask their questions. They were particularly interested in the current topics of climate protection, reform of the EU copyright and the Brexit and the use of electrically powered vehicles in public transport. In total, the group of visitors consisted of 71 students. [...]

Burglary in garden hut

Bocholt (ots) - In the night to 1. In May, burglars picked up the door of a garden shed on Kurfürstenstrasse and stole tools, loudspeakers, and a television set. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Dress collection of the Red Cross at the 4. May

Borken (drk-press). On Saturday, 4. May, the traditional spring clothes collection of the Red Cross in Borken county takes place. The Red Cross will be attending shoestring and shoe donations this Saturday from 9 to 13 at seven locations in the Borken district. The proceeds are urgently needed for the statutory tasks of the Red Cross in the district of Borken. Part of the proceeds will be used for refugee work, for the needs of the needy, for projects with volunteers, for the Red Cross Youth with some 400 members or for the medical services at events, such as equestrian events and other public events. The KARO department store Red Cross, Kreuzstr. 18-20 is donation collection point in Bocholt · Exchange campaign "clothes against potatoes" in two Raiffeisen markets Raiffeisen markets in the district support the Red Cross in the clothing collection. In two Raiffeisen markets "clothes for potatoes" are exchanged. That is, for disused clothing there is a special incentive potatoes as a donation of Raiffeisenmarktes. The markets in Heek and Ramsdorf are participating in this good action. "Textile collections are enormously important to us" "Set a mark and become a donor: That's why textiles collections are enormously important to us," emphasizes Jürgen Puhlmann, director of the Red Cross in the Borken district. "The textile collection is to be equated with cash, property, blood and other donations. Without them, the work of the Red Cross would be unthinkable and a variety of aids are not possible. Therefore, the Red Cross asks the population to hand over second-hand clothes to the collection points. "For further transport it is best to pack well packed in bags or sturdy bags. Delivery in KARO social department stores in Borken and Bocholt possible. Who has no possibility to bring his clothes to the collection points , you can in the social department stores KARO in Borken or Bocholt to the opening hours or give in the respective places in the Rotkreuz collection container.Photo: Red Cross dress collection on Saturday, 4 May, in Asbeck, Bocholt, Borken, Heek, Legden, Ramsdorf and Vreden: Reuse instead of destroy. Photo: A. Zeck / DRK S [...]

Naturfördergesellschaft invites you to a general meeting

District Borken / Ahaus. Insects are an important basis in the food chain for birds and many other species of animals and are an indicator of the state of our nature. Except for conspicuous species such as the day butterflies, the decline in the insect world is hidden from most people in everyday life. The biologist Friedrich Pfeifer from Ahaus is intensively involved in nature conservation, among other things to counteract the decline of insects. At this year's general meeting of the Naturfördergesellschaft for the district of Borken (NFG) he reports on his experiences and test results. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, 14. May, at 19 clock in the hotel "Bredeck Bakker Alter Gasthof" in Ahaus-Alstätte, 20 church street. Before the start, those responsible also offer an excursion to the nature reserve "Witte Venn". Meeting point is around 17.30 clock in the parking lot of the restaurant. Friedrich Pfeifer has recognized - as well as other experts - that comprehensively grazed areas, which are increasingly rare in the landscape, have a high importance for the occurrence of many insects. These areas are among the most biodiverse habitats in the agricultural landscape. The extensively used grassland areas in the nature reserve "Witte Venn" are grazed by Heck cattle. The cattle are not only an interesting sight for visitors. Their habitat benefits many other animals and plants. Their legacies are also an important habitat element for other animals, for example for dung beetles, which use such Kothaufen.Bei the General Assembly, under the leadership of the Chairman Martin Hillenbrand the activities of the NFG from the year 2018 explained and presented the planned measures for 2019. To the meeting and the excursion all interested are cordially invited.Note to the editors: To the event at the 14. May in the hotel "Bredeck Bakker old inn" in Ahaus-Alstätte, 20 church street, to 17.30 or 19 clock you are cordially invited. We would be very pleased about your arrival and subsequent reporting. Contact person on the spot is Edith Gülker (Borken district). [...]

Drainage system for the construction site on Ostwall be dismantled

Bocholt (PID). On the night of Monday, 6. May 2019, on Tuesday, 7. May 2019, the concrete foundations for the drainage of the construction site "Ostwall terraces" are mined. Therefore, the streets Ostwall, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse, Theodor-Heuss-Ring and Münsterstrasse in the intersection area must be half-blocked and partially short-term closed. Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße is half-way closed in the area of ​​the entrance to the Aldi car park. The Theodor-Heuss-Ring is half-closed between Aa-Brücke and Münsterstraße, meaning that only one lane of the ring is available. In the short term, the right-turn lane in Münsterstraße must be fully closed. On the Münsterstraße must also be short-term successively the right turn in the east wall and the left turn in the Theodor-Heuss-ring in the dismantling of the concrete foundations are fully blocked. Short-term blockages up to 30 minutesLaut information of the construction company are these blockages 15 to 30 minutes. Even the sidewalks are blocked. Pedestrians are directed to the other side of the road or past the construction site at a suitable location. Due to the brevity of the work and the work in the evening and at night, no diversions in the full closures are reported. [...]

Police only have to intervene 10 times / There is a lot of trash everywhere

Kreis Borken (ots) - The pleasing anticipation: The police had to intervene on the occasion of the May celebrations at the famous meeting places / excursion sites in the district Borken only 10mal and only two criminal proceedings (1 personal injury, 1 property damage) initiate. In addition to the crimes rioters, disputes, and lost property were Einsatzseinlässe.Negativ remains to be noted that after the excursions much trash lying around. Including unfortunately many broken glass bottles, which are ruthlessly left behind. [...]

Preparations for the European elections 2019 run

Borken County. The "election notices" for the European elections on the 26. May 2019 are on their way to voters. With stand from the 14. April 2019 are in the whole county Borken a total of 279.814 persons registered in the electoral register (2014: 276.875), including 18.621 first-time voters. Most of the "election notifications" will have already been received. Latest to the 5. May they should be available to all voters. If not, those concerned should contact the electoral office of their place of residence for a check-up. This is what district director Dr. Ansgar Hörster in his function as Kreiswahlleiter hin.Mit the "election notifications" the voters then in case of need at the electoral office of their place of residence also request absentee ballot papers. On the back of each "election notification" there is a form that must be filled out and returned to the local town hall. Alternatively, absentee voting documents can be applied for online at most municipalities and municipalities in the district. There is also the option of receiving postal ballot documents personally in the electoral office. "If you want, you can cast your vote there on the spot," explains dr. Hörster.Briefwahlanträge can not later than Friday, 24. May be placed until 18 clock. However, it is recommended to apply for absentee voting as early as possible, so that sufficient time is available for the processing time and the mailing times to the applicant and back. The electoral letter must be sent in good time by post or delivered directly to the address indicated on the envelope. He must be present at the competent authority no later than on election Sunday to 18 clock, since then the election ends and starts counting the votes. Later electoral letters can no longer be taken into account in the vote count. In the last European elections in the year 2014 in the district of Borken almost 11,5 percent of eligible voters made use of the absentee ballot. 2009 was only 5,7 percent overall. District Elector Dr. Ansgar Hörster appeals: "Every eligible voter who is prevented from voting on the European Election Day should use this option and thus use his or her voting right!" Postal voting documents can also be applied for with a third party authority. The documents can also be picked up by another person. However, this presupposes that the citizen submits a written power of attorney for this purpose. Authorized representatives may pick up the electoral documents for a maximum of four eligible voters.More about the European elections: Members of the European Parliament are elected exclusively by list. There are no direct candidates in constituencies. Voters have only one vote in the European elections, with which they can choose the list of a party or other political association. On the ballot are 40 parties and other political associations to choose from. [...]