EWIBO apartments on Hochfeldstraße get "green roof"

Bocholt. Good for the climate, animals and health: the development and operating company of the City of Bocholt (EWIBO) supports sustainable construction - for example on Hochfeldstraße. Sustainable building is increasingly coming to the fore. "Even with renovations, you can do something to positively change the climate," says EWIBO Managing Director Berthold Klein-Schmeink. The first construction of a "green roof" has now been successfully completed on the 107 high-field road. Instead of the old flat roof, the EWIBO decided to build a modern green roof at this location. "Sponge effect" on rain roofs not only looks good, but also gives the increasing number of construction measures a positive aspect for the climate: A green roof evaporates more than that Half of the precipitation. This relieves wastewater treatment plants and urban drainage systems. In addition, a green roof improves the urban climate, as green roofs filter dust and pollutants from the air, thus counteracting the heating of the city.Cool in summer, warm in winterThrough the roof seal, the service life of the roof is doubled. In addition, there is an additional improvement in the indoor climate: Evaporating rainwater automatically cools the room below in the summer. In winter, the apartments stay warm for longer thanks to the insulating effect. Home for insectsBut green roofs are not just for the benefit of humans. The wildlife is also happy: Birds, butterflies and many species of honey and wild bees can find a new home here. "Every green roof is a win for Bocholt. The EWIBO supports this, "says Klein-Schmeink.Background: EWIBO creates affordable housingWith 2016, EWIBO, as a municipal company, is working for the Bocholt city council to provide more affordable housing for people living in Bocholt. Following the acquisition of various existing properties as the basis for this goal, EWIBO is now committed to creating more affordable housing in Bocholt's quarters. More information at www.ewibo.de/wohnen. [...]

Student project on the cultural offer in Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). Ten students of the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration (FHöV) in Münster are currently working together with the city of Bocholt and in the company of a lecturer on a project work on "The cultural offer in Bocholt - an inventory analysis and recommendations for action for the future". For this purpose, an online survey and a survey in the Bocholt city center statt.Bocholt is a city with many cultural activities in the western Münsterland. In order to find out how the citizens experience and perceive the cultural offer in Bocholt, the students start on Monday, 6. May 2019, from 14 pm and Tuesday, 7. May 2019, from 10 o'clock a survey on the market place in the Bocholter city center. Thus, the Bocholter have the opportunity to actively shape the cultural offer. The result of the survey will serve to analyze the cultural diversity of Bocholt, to preserve and further develop.Bei to 10. Join in May! "In order to be able to work out individual recommendations for action for the city of Bocholt, we hope for a lively participation," says Annika Meiering, trainee of the city of Bocholt and students of the project group. Citizens will also find up to the 10. May 2019 the questionnaires in paper form at the information center of the town hall, in the electoral office, in the citizen office (Berliner Platz 1) as well as in the job center (Berliner Platz 2) and in the VHS (Südwall 4a) of the city of Bocholt. Collecting containers for the completed questionnaires are set up on site. Alternatively, the questionnaire can also be completed online at www.bocholt.de.Direktlink to survey: www.umfrageonline.com/s/kulturangebot-stadt-bocholt. [...]

Language weekend at the community college

On the 11. And 12. May 2019 offers the adult education center Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg a weekend where everything revolves around foreign languages. In a group size of four to eight participants, the group can intensively approach a total of 12 lessons distributed on Saturdays and Sundays through phrases, everyday formulas and initial means of communication to a new foreign language. The VHS takes care of your physical well-being and you learn in a relaxed atmosphere! The following languages ​​are available: Turkish, Danish, Russian, Croatian, French and Portuguese (Branch Isselburg). For more information, also for registration, please contact the VHS office Bocholt, Southwall 4a, the branches Rhede and Isselburg or via the Internet [...]

Talking about rights - strengthening the culture of debate

As part of the European Weeks 2019 the community college offers a panel discussion, which will deal with the debate culture in Germany. Not only - as one might interpret from the title of the event - are the rights meant, but all those who think, debate and argue differently. On the podium Fatma Boland, educator of the adult education center Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg and Dr. med. Daniel-Pascal Zorn, philosopher, columnist and author sit and ask, among other things, why one should speak with rights, why there is logic for Democrats and what it has for the impact on one's own image of man to debate with different thinkers. All around the event, the team of presenters from Veerle Seelig and Michel Fahrland will bring European flair to the audience with camera and microphone. The greeting will be dr. Stefan Nacke (MdL), chairman of the National Association of Adult Education Centers of North Rhine-Westphalia. The event is free and takes place on Thursday the 9. May at 19: 30 pm held in the media center. Further information in the VHS office Bocholt, Southwall 4a, the branches Rhede and Isselburg or over the Internet. [...]

Citizen dialogue with Markus Pieper at ROSE BIKETOWN on Monday

The CDU MEP for the Münsterland, dr. Markus Pieper, invites 6 this coming Monday. May 2019, at 19.00 PM for Citizens Dialogue in the ROSE BIKETOWN at Werther Street 44 in Bocholt. In a relaxed dialogue with citizens, Pieper would like to discuss the current course and the future of Europe with interested citizens. On the 26. In May, in all EU member states, well over 400 million Europeans are called to vote MEPs for the European Parliament. The CDU calls for voting for Europe. For a Europe that has brought us security, peace and prosperity in over 70 years and that is strong and capable of action in the world. For a Europe that is united and determined in our interests and where social security comes through competitiveness and economic dynamism Place: ROSE BIKETOWN Werther Street 44, 46395 BocholtEntrance: 18.30 Clock Start: 19.00 ClockModeration: Tobias Schülken [...]

Maria 2.0 - Against the Abuse and Exclusion of Women in Our Church

Under the motto: "Maria 2.0" an unusual action of Catholics of the parish Holy Cross in Münster, against the handling of abuse and the exclusion of women in our church. In February, women and men of the action group Maria 2.0 have an open Letter written to Pope Francis. In the letter they complain - "the many known and unknown cases of abuse and injury of any kind in the Roman Church - their cover-up and obfuscation by public officials - the lack of credible apologies and genuine help to those who have been subjected to violence" Quoted from the open Letter to Pope Francis.We as kfd Liebfrauen and kfd St. Paul expressly support the action of women and men from the parish of Holy Cross Minster and would like to advertise in the upcoming action week of Saturday 11. until Saturday 18. May actively participate - for example, in the week as a sign of solidarity in the week to wear a white scarf or a white cloth if necessary, to enter any church or leave as a woman any volunteer rest. The Pfarreirat Liebfrauen has at its meeting at 29 , April 2019 dealt with the subject and expressly supports the action. Huge invitation to participate in the petition: bit.ly/2PILf4eFirst published on www.liebfrauen.de [...]

Biker drives child and escapes

Bocholt, Germany (ots) - On Thursday, the father of a six-year-old girl filed a complaint with the police for accidental escape. His daughter was on Thursday against 07.45 clock along with classmates on foot on Petersfeldstraße on the way to school. Height of a bicycle shop, she was hit from behind by a cyclist, crashed and injured easily. The cyclist turned around but then continued her journey. It is described as follows: Approx. 13 - 15 years old, black / blue pants, pink jacket, very long blond hair with brown lugs. She was riding a black bike and was not wearing a helmet. The fugitive was accompanied by three boys. The police are looking for witnesses. Please notify the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Accident Exodus at the Gewerbehof

Bocholt (ots) - On the 1. In May, a gray cabriolet (Audi A14.00) was hit and damaged between 19.30 watch and 5 watch on the street "Gewerbehof". Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 1.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are requested to contact the Transport Commissioner in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

CDU wants to support institutions with new educator training

Starting with the 2020 / 21 school year, the August Vetter vocational college in Bocholt intends to offer the course of teacher training as a practice-integrated training (PIA). One of the consequences of the reorientation is that daycare providers pay students reimbursement irrespective of whether the students are in the institution or participate in other internships and school-related events. The CDU Group therefore requests that the administration examine the additional financial burden borne by the child daycare providers by the new training regulations. In addition, the CDU would like to know in what form the city of Bocholt can provide financial support to the institutions. "We welcome the decision To offer the educator education in the future as practice-integrated education. This gives young people and newcomers the opportunity to learn theory and practice simultaneously. In addition, training as an educator will become more attractive in the future due to the integrated remuneration. This is urgently necessary in view of the shortage of skilled workers ??, explains city councilors Elisabeth Kroesen and Barbara Fölting. ?? However, it must also be borne in mind that childcare institutions face financial challenges as a result of the reorientation of education. The CDU is of the opinion that all those involved in the training deserve our greatest support, "the CDU city council said. The CDU is therefore asking the administration to examine how the child day care institutions are supported by state or federal funds. In addition, the administration should examine the extent to which funds from the city budget also make sense and are possible. The motion will be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the Youth Aid Committee at the 16. May be. [...]

The European elections and the future of the EU

Bocholt (EUBOH). The German-Dutch network "Grenzhoppers" invites you on Wednesday, 8. May, from 12-17 pm to a meeting in the European house Bocholt (Adenauerallee 59). The meeting is public and is titled "In Focus: The European Elections and the Future of the EU". Introducing Dr. Sven Pastoors, Lecturer in Sustainable Innovation at Fontys International Business School in Venlo (NL). Participation is free of charge, registration is requested under Tel. 02871 2522-22. The meeting is organized by the Europe Direct-Information Center Bocholt (EDIC) in cooperation with the City of Bocholt, it is supported in the framework of the European Weeks of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. New method for citizen participationThe well-traveled Bocholt author Josef Hülkenberg will then present a novel method for public participation, the "Systemic Consensus". Hülkenberg has made the connection between political decision-makers and citizens a life's work. Political education lives for him from exchange and participation. He has already launched numerous projects that not only remind citizens of their responsibilities, but also provide the space for solutions. With his presentation skills, which also promises a fitting dose of entertainment, he will be curious about the workshops in which to different "We look forward to stimulating discussions and lively intercultural exchange in German and Dutch. Participants do not need to be inhibited by possible language barriers, "says Petra Taubach," responsible for International Relations at the City of Bocholt. Info Network "Grenzhoppers" More information about the cross-border network at www.grenzhoppers.eu. [...]

Stammtisch for adoptive and foster parents meets

Bocholt (PID). The regulars' table for carers and adoptive parents meets again. The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 8. May 2019, instead. Start is at 20 clock in the Europa House on the Adenauerallee 59.The event is thematically open. Interested parents are invited. For more information, contact the Municipal Adoption Agency at 02871 / 953-161 or -312. [...]

Born in Bocholt: Former Diocesan Political Director Ludger Müer deceased

In times of departure, he was responsible and shaped the development of Caritas in the diocese of Münster for more than a quarter of a century: the morning of the 28. In April, Ludger Müer died at the age of 84 years after a serious illness. When Bishop Heinrich Tenhumberg 1971 appointed 36 lawyer as diocesan director, he was the youngest in this function nationwide. For many years he led the fortunes of the Diocesan Association, accompanied the development and development of many new social services and the foundation of local charity associations. He retired 27; Heinz-Josef Kessmann took over the management of the Verband.Der born Bocholter Müer 1998 graduated from the Council Gymnasium in Münster, then to study law and political science in the cathedral city and in Munich. After stations in Berlin and at the Landesbank in Münster, he moved to the Dülmener city administration. There, the then Vicar General Reinhard Lettmann became aware of the deputy of the city director. He recommended him to Bishop Tenhumberg as successor to Canon Heinrich Tellen. Among the new social services that were built in his time were deaf support, debt counseling, homelessness assistance, and the integration of children with intellectual disabilities in children's daycare facilities. As a lawyer, he worked on many social laws and was involved at state and federal level, at times as chairman of the Federal Director Conference of Caritas. The last years of his term were marked by a new challenge. Reductions in the social budget or the introduction of long-term care insurance, which forced the charities' welfare services into competition with commercial providers, required new directions. Among others, Ludger Müer set himself up with the founding of the registry office for care-setting negotiations. Heinrich Kessmann certified his predecessor that he was able to build on a solid foundation when he adopted in August: "Caritas is prepared for the challenges". The then President of the German Caritas Association, Hellmut Puschmann, recalled his commitment after the reunification in building Caritas in the new federal states. His concern was always the "diversity in unity". Photo: Ludger Müer at his desk © Caritasverband in the Diocese of Münster [...]

"Razor" pigeon with 45km / h flashed in 30er zone

Caught! With a staggering 45 km / h at permitted 30 km / h the urban speed camera caught a "Raser" pigeon in mid-February. In driving direction, however, on a collision course with one or the other vehicle and pedestrians, the punishable speed violation after deduction of 3 km / h tolerance was 12 km / h. Whether and, above all, how the fast bird can and wants to pay the 25 Euro Verwarnungsgeld remains open. However, the city administration does not want to launch a survey of possible witnesses.Text and photo: Stadt Bocholt [...]