Town Hall Monument: Inhabitants request should bring clarity

Town Hall Monument: Inquiry should bring clarity for the social list Bocholt the topic of monument protection Rathaus Bocholt is not yet finished. "After all, it's about a lot of money and the possible waste of taxpayer money," emphasizes Rainer Sauer (Chairman), who has now submitted a request for residency to Mayor Peter Nebelo. Let us remember: In March 2017 was announced in the construction committee that the Town Hall already November 2016 is a listed building. The opposition period had already passed. Demolishing the town hall and building a new town hall there or elsewhere was therefore no longer possible. In writing to the townspeople it says: "Dear Mr. Nebelo, the town hall's highly controversial monument protection still raises many questions. If the Council and the public had been informed much earlier, it would certainly not cost 45 millions of euros for the upcoming town hall renovation. The resulting damage can not be repaired. However, to this day no one has taken responsibility, at least not seriously, for example, by personal consequences. As far as I am aware, many responsible administrative bodies have already been involved in the monument registration procedure - and not only through the official decision of the Lower Monument Authority of the 02. November 2016. "Rainer Sauer and other comrades want in the city council meeting am12. Do you know the following: Do you already know 2015 about the monument check? Why the city council and the public were not informed that 2015 already had an "order for a temporary protection"? and the public was not informed that there was already a draft letter for "protection of the undercover" in the middle of 2016 ▪ Whether the council of elders at the 26.01.2017 was informed about the monument registration ▪ Whether the management committee of the 13.02.2017 was informed about the monument registration? is to inform Nebelo and the administration about the current status of the town hall (costs, schedule, implementation of temporary branches). [...]

VW Golf stolen

Bocholt (ots) - In the time between Friday, 19.30 clock, and Sunday, 05.00 clock, was stolen on the Weißdornweg black VW Golf with BOH license stolen. How the offenders opened the car and started the engine is not known. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Company transporter broken up

Bocholt (ots) - In the time between Friday, 14.30 o'clock, and Sunday, 14.15 o'clock, still unknown perpetrators broke open a company transporter standing on the Don Bosco road and stole tools. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Burglary in practice

Bocholt (ots) - In the time between Friday, 14.30 clock, and Sunday, 16.00 clock, burglars pried up a window of a practice on the Werther road. The fund was stolen. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Land gives just under 1, 6 million euro subsidy for so-called Nordring clasp

The state participates in the district of Borken with a total of 2,63 million euros in municipal road construction. In Bocholt, three projects receive grants totaling 1,99 million euros. Among them is the planned relief road Nordring from Barloer Weg to Burloer Weg. For this purpose, the country grants almost 1, 6 million euros. There are 270.000 Euro for the expansion of Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße. And there are once again 130.000 Euro ready for the level crossing. This was announced by the member of the state parliament Hendrik Wüst. As one of the first commented the chairman of the CDU local association Bocholt center, Thomas Eusterfeldhaus, the good news. By providing funding "we can complement our road network in Bocholt by another important connection. In order for the excavators to be able to roll, politics and city administration must now pull together and take the necessary steps for the earliest possible realization of the Nordringspange. For this we call on all participants. "[...]

"Pyralisk" to European Week in Münster

The district government of Münster presents Europe Day at the 5. May 2019 for three weeks the "Pyralisks" off. The European collective artwork was created by 20 artists from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands in a work lasting several weeks during the Bocholt Kunstcarrée last year. The participants developed the idea for the "Pyralisque" under the direction of the Kunstcarrée organizer Hans Hein in cooperation with the graphic designer Michael Tewiele to the NRW European Weeks 2018. Five miniature works of art were created on each side of the "Pyralisque" at several meetings and in meticulous individual work. They show the motto of the former NRW European Weeks "Europe worth experiencing - encounter European culture". From the media center to the BürgerforumTwo employees of the Münster district government, Ute Peretti and Gerlinde Vetter, picked up the "Pyralisken" from the media center. He stands until the 20. May 2019 in the citizen forum of the district government at the cathedral place Münster. In keeping with this year's European Weeks, the district government has selected the "Pyralisks" from Bocholt from the submissions to last year's Europe.European cultural assets and moreThe "Pyralisk" shows inside and outside the European cultural assets and what the people of Europe in the regions of Westmünsterland, Eifel , Limburg and Achterhoek connects. The result of the "Pyralisken" is a work of art that presents the artists' thoughts on today's Europe in a special way. Traveling through Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium After stops in the Eifel, the Belgian twin town of Bocholt, the Netherlands now in Münster. On the 20. May 2019 continues the "Pyralisk". He takes off from the 21. May 2019 for the European elections 2019 again a place in the Belgian partner city Bocholt. Its final location will be the "Pyralisk" in the future kubaai site. [...]

Lieder afternoon for seniors in the cemetery settlement in Bocholt

On Thursday, 9. May 2019, the music school Bocholt-Isselburg organizes a musical afternoon together with the association "Leben im Alter" (LiA) and the volunteer "Kümmerern" at Landhaus Knuf am Heutingsweg 60. Participation is free. The beginning is at 15: 30 clock. Registrations for the song afternoon at LiA under Tel. 02871 21765-66 or at the music school Bocholt under Tel. 02871 23917-10.Under musical direction of Anna Maats from the Bocholt music school will make music together with music-loving seniors. After a coffee together, starting with 16 clock, singing together is in the foreground. Also own musical instruments can be brought by the participants and used. The event ends at 17 PM. [...]

Burglary into Diepenbrockschule

Bocholt (ots) - In the time between Saturday, 19.00 clock, and Monday, 07.30 clock, burglars penetrated into Diepenbrockschule at Europaplatz and searched several subjects in the staff room. Whether something was stolen was not certain at the time of ad filing. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Breaking into business

Bocholt (ots) - In the time between Saturday, 15.00 o'clock, and Monday, 08.45 o'clock, burglars broke into a shop on the North Road. Cash was stolen. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Theft, insult and threat

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday morning, a 20-year-old man living in Bocholt was observed in the arcades stealing a bottle of perfume. The shop assistant appealed to the thief, who verbally reacted verbally and massively insulted and threatened the injured party. The perpetrator continued on his way. The injured party turned to the security service for self-defense reasons and appealed to the perpetrator, accompanied by the security service. The latter repeated his insults and threats. The man, who has already been accused of numerous crimes and has a criminal record, also behaved aggressively and unreasonably with regard to the theft. The stolen property worth about 100 Euro was returned to the employee of the injured company and the 20-year-old was detained by officers to prevent further crimes. At the district court, the police's request was filed for a continuation of the detention for the duration of today rejected and thus released the accused after initiation of criminal proceedings. [...]

Burglary in restaurant

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Monday intruders violently penetrated into a restaurant on the Viennese avenue in the city forest. The perpetrators had broken open the front door. Several cabinets were searched in the restaurant. Whether something was stolen was not certain at the time of ad filing. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

Free coffee at the World Red Cross Day

Borken (drk-press). This Wednesday, 8. May, is World Red Cross Day. Again, as in previous years, the Red Cross issues one. Free coffee-to-go is distributed at many locations in the Borken district, for example at commuter parking, nurseries, care facilities or bus stations. The day commemorates Red Cross founder Henry Dunant, who at 8. May 1828 was born, told the DRK press service. The circular action "No cold coffee" is under the Red Cross motto: "German Red Coffee. We are fully awake at every call for help - and we will be giving one out to the World Red Cross Day. "DRK Board Member Jürgen Puhlmann affirms:" We wanted to talk to the citizens on the occasion of the World Red Cross Day. We want to inspire for the Red Cross and its honorary office. We need people of all ages, skin color and religion who are committed to the Red Cross with their abilities. "You will find a wide range of opportunities for volunteer work at There is coffee here in Bocholt, DRK care counseling office. Münsterstr. 38, 09: 00 clock to 11: 30 clock▪ DRK-Kita "treasure chest", In the Hardt 20, parent and pedestrian cafe: 07: 00 to 09: 00 clock▪ DRK department store KARO Bocholt, cross street 18 - 20 , Café: 09: 00 clock to18: 00 clock [...]