YOUNG UNI on tour: New "super powers" courses in Borken

Bocholt (JUBOH). The German-Dutch joint project of JUNG UNI in Bocholt offers German and Dutch children from 8 to 12 years on Friday, 24. May 2019, and Friday, 14. June 2019, each of 15: 30 to 17 two "YOUNG UNI in Bocholt on tour" classes in the Jodocus Nünning Comprehensive School Borken, Neumühlenallee 140 in Borken, on the topic "We explore superpowers". The course fee is 2 Euro. Registration required. The JUNGE UNI goes on tour: in exciting experiments the participants explore the superpowers in the universe, on earth and in humans. In doing so, they face specific research questions, such as "How high can you jump on the moon?" Or "How does a drawbridge work?" At 30 stations, participants can actively research these and other problems. They are accompanied by expert experts and guided through the stations with a research booklet. The courses are aimed at all students in the age of 8 to 12 years, a first reading skills is required for editing. Sign in online The number of participants is limited in each case, the places will be awarded after registration. Subscribe now and find out more at Background: YOUNG UNI in BocholtThe Leonardo da Vinci Innovation project is part of the INTERREG program Germany-Nederland and co-financed by the European Union, Gelderland province and MWIDE NRW. The "YOUNG UNI in Bocholt on tour" courses are cooperation events of the Borken educational group with the Lernwerkstatt "PhänomexX" and the Junge Uni in Bocholt. [...]

Europe - curse or blessing? You have the choice!

Bocholt (EUBOH). 42 students of the European School "Mariengymnasium Bocholt" will present their exhibition "Europe - The Curse or the Blessing?" At the Bocholt Kunsthaus. You have the choice! ". On Europe Day, the 8. May 2019, this exhibition was officially opened by Deputy Mayor Hanni Kammler and Headmaster Wilfried Flüchter. The exhibition is a contribution to the NRW European Week 2019 and is funded by the State Chancellery of the country. The elaborate sculptures with appropriate interpretations are still up to the 26. May 2019 in the Kunsthaus, Easter Street 69, 46397 Bocholt, to see. The opening times of the house are: Tuesday - Saturday: 14 - 17 o'clock Sunday: 11 - 13 o'clock and 15 - 18 o'clock Admission is free.Brainstorming for exhibition themeAs with the previous projects, the students made the three themes of the NRW European Week. Competition a brainstorming in several stages. The result had to fit in with the theme of the "Europe - valuable design" competition. The title of the current exhibition "Europe: Curse or Blessing - You Have the Choice!" Was developed during this brainstorming session. The idea came from the student Jamira Lauf. Sculptures show the values ​​and symbols of Europe. Based on the question of which values ​​are currently of particular importance for life in the EU, the connection to ancient Greece was present to young people. The students soon realized that we owe much of today's European values ​​and even the name of Europe to ancient Greece. Many of the sculptures in the exhibition are reminiscent of this time. The bull, symbol of Europe, is there almost life-size. An antique vase with many broken pieces symbolizes that the first ballots in ancient Greece consisted of potsherds. A replica tank demonstrates what it means when values ​​such as peace, freedom and justice could be in ruins. These and many other examples show how intensely the young people have not only dealt with the creation of works of art, but also with European ideas and values. "Europe is your future!" Wilfried Flüchter emphasized in his words of welcome, like the Mariengymnasium works as a European school. "We are an open school, we are open to European thinking, and we ask ourselves what we have about Europe, what brings us Europe - especially for the young people," says Flüchter. He addressed the specific European challenges that are currently emerging economically, politically and culturally in Europe. "Europe is your future!", He appeals to the young people. A special thanks went to Daglef Seeger, who led the project as a teacher of the Art Department. Thanks also expressed the Deputy Mayor in particular to the students for their high commitment. "When I see this youth," says Kammler, "I am not worried about the future of Europe2" The exhibition is organized by the Mariengymnasium in cooperation with the City of Bocholt - European Office in the Department of Culture and Education, the Europe-direct Information Center Bocholt, the European Union Bocholt eV, the LWL TextilWerk and the German-British Society Bocholt eV carried out. [...]

European Union Chairman Election: "We need the EU - and the EU needs us!"

"Europe Day is a reason to celebrate! The 9. Mai reminds us of what we have achieved together in Europe, "says Peter W. Wahl, regional and district chairman of the European Union NRW / Bocholt. "Today we are no longer Germans alone, but also citizens of the EU. That brings us many advantages, "says Wahl. "Unlike the 9. May 1950, when French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman laid the foundation stone for European unification in his famous speech, today we look back over 70 years of peace with our neighboring countries. As EU citizens, we have the right to live, work or study anywhere in the EU. We also have a strong voice in European legislation with the European Parliament, "Wahl said. But with all the joy, there is also cause for concern. What seemed unthinkable just a few years ago now threatens to become reality: the destruction of the European Union from within. Nationalism and populism are spreading in Europe again. "We citizens are the only ones who can stop these developments, each and every one of us," emphasizes Peter W. Wahl. You could do a lot. "Make use of your right to vote and vote for a pro-European party. Contrary, if you encounter prejudices and talk to people pejoratively about the EU, "recommends Wahl. Of course, everyone has the right to criticize political decisions. That is important in a democracy. A fallacy, however, would be to abolish the democratic institutions in which these decisions are taken. It would be better to vote for political representatives who actually represent their own interests. "In the search for the right party, a look at the electoral programs and the election O-Mat to the European elections of the Federal Agency for Civic Education helps," advises the European Union, the State Chairman and invites to commitment. "Advertise in the circle of friends and acquaintances for participation in the European elections and engage in partnership associations, in non-profit organizations and of course also in us in the Europa-Union Bocholt eV. Let us work together for a peaceful, free and democratic European Union! Today on Europe Day and in the future! "As part of their nationwide #EuropaMachen campaign, the state and district associations of the non-partisan European Union Germany (EUD) and its youth association Young European Federalists (JEF) are organizing campaigns for the European elections. The next event of the Europa-Union-Bocholt will take place together with the EDIC - Bocholt at the 16-05 in the Europa-Haus as "publinc-viewing" (ZDF). [...]

Confirmation at the apostle church

Next Sunday, 12.5., Is celebrated in the apostle church Confirmation. 16 boys and girls receive the blessing for their future journey and for the first time fully receive the Holy Communion. The service begins at 11 clock in the Apostle Church on Biemenhorster way. The service is held by Pastor Wahl. Musically, the community band accompanies the event. After the service, the photo session of the confrirmands takes place. [...]

Selection template helps the blind in the European elections

For this year's European elections blind and visually impaired people again free choice assistance available. Thanks to ballot templates, they can cast their votes independently and without the support of a confidant. This is now pointed out by district director Dr. Ansgar Hörster in his capacity as Kreiswahlleiter. The members of the regional district groups and the local associations of the Blind and Visually Impaired Association of Westphalia are given their voting assistance automatically. Blind and visually impaired voters who are not organized in these clubs, they can now call by phone via the nationwide hotline by phone: 01805-666 456 (0,14 Euro / Min from the fixed line) or at the Landesgeschäftsstelle the blind and visually impaired Westphalia e. V., Dortmund, Phone: Request 0231 / 55 75 900. The District Returning Officer recommends that these electoral aids be procured as early as possible in order for them to be delivered in good time. The envelope containing the electoral aids contains a box of ballot papers and an audio CD containing the instructions for handling the electoral template. The template has the form of a folder in which the ballot is inserted. Through the round openings above the circles to be marked, blind and visually impaired voters can cast their vote. However, they must first hear the acoustic version of the ballot for their constituency, so they know which party belongs to each of the stenciled on the template in large print and braille openings. On all ballot papers the upper right corner was cut off, so that the ballot can be inserted correctly independently. [...]

Bocholt racing pigeon goes "viral full steep"

BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERBocholt becomes famous. Not because of football. Especially not because of the most beautiful Christmas market in the world. A small gray bird has made the city into the headlines. In Germany, newspapers and magazines have been reporting for days about the "racing pigeon", which was flashed by the city radar with a staggering 45 kilometers per hour in an 30er zone and does not pay the 25 Euro penalty, because for obvious reasons it does not receive the warning can be. We also reported it. Since then, the story is virally steep, as the Bild newspaper knows. In the Press Office of Bocholt City Hall you should not be able to save yourself from inquiries from the editorial offices at the moment, it goes on. The race pigeon also receives international attention. They are already known in Austria. In Switzerland, she is just starting her triumphal procession.Schon thinks the city marketing about rename Bocholt in "Taubenstadt". Motto: Well-flashed is half won. According to rumors, the administration is to upgrade its radar wagons with night vision cameras and to wait for 18 clock in traffic-calmed zones animals. With allowed walking speed it would have to go to the devil, if there is not one or the other racing hedgehogs in the trap, right? The readers literally lurk for something like that. [...]

The view through the lens - 30 years industrial museum Bocholt

Bocholt (lwl). 2019 celebrates the LWL Industrial Museum's 40. Birthday, his location in Bocholt is 30 years old. Berthold Socha accompanied the development of the Verbundmuseum not only as an employee of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), but also as a passionate photographer. A selection of his pictures is currently titled "Factory. Monument. Forum "in the spinning mill of the textile factory. At an artist talk on Thursday (9.5.) At 18 o'clock, Socha looks back in pictures and stories at the eventful history of the museum. Visitors pay for the normal Museum entrance. 1979 decided the LWL the establishment of a decentralized industrial museum. It was intended to exemplify the culture of the industrial age, to open monuments and make them accessible to the public. Ten years later, the first of eight museum locations in the textile town of Bocholt was opened. Because a historic building was not available at the time, the LWL initially decided to replicate a typical weaving mill from the turn of the century. Since the opening of the spinning mill in September 2011, the Textile Museum with its two locations has been operating as "Bocholt Textile Factory". Hocha's black and white photographs explore the sculptural qualities of the museum's eight locations. Decay and construction as well as surfaces and objects are just a few of his themes. The exhibition of photographs from 40 museum years is still to 8. September in the spinning mill of the textile factory. Information under [...]