Cyclists disagree: collision

Bocholt (ots) - One wanted to go straight, the other to turn: Two young cyclists collided in Bocholt on Thursday. The two 13-year-olds were traveling side by side against 07.45 clock on the bike path on Petersfeldstraße in the direction of Fidelekesweg. When one of the boys wanted to turn left into Oderstraße, a collision ensued. The straight-ahead student fell and injured himself slightly. [...]

Unemployment at a historic low - Municipal job centers in Münsterland take stock

Borken County. The five municipal job centers in the Münsterland report a historical low in unemployment in the area of ​​basic security for jobseekers for 2018. On average, around 23.800 people in the region were registered as unemployed in SGB II, almost 2.000 less than a year earlier. "This is the lowest value since the introduction of the SGB II in the year 2005", emphasizes Thomas Ostholthoff, executive committee of the jobcenter circle Steinfurt. At the time, the number was still above 30.000. The positive development is also reflected in the unemployment rate for the SGB II sector. It again fell year-on-year by 0,3 percentage points to now 2,6 percent. The unemployment rate shows the good labor market situation in the region: The comparative value in NRW is 4,8 percent. Karin Ostendorff, head of Job Center Borken, knows all about the advantages of the region. Basically, all groups of people were able to cope with the decline in unemployment in Münsterland benefit. It is particularly pleasing, however, that the number of young unemployed under 25 years has fallen more than average. It fell 12,0 percent to almost 2.400 within a year. The specific unemployment rate decreased by 0,4 percentage points to 2,1 percent. Ralf Bierstedt, head of the Jobcenter Münster, sees the job center's work confirmed in this development: "The municipal job centers in Münsterland offer a wide range of instruments to increase the training and employment situation of young people in the region. It is important to develop strategies and offers for each individual according to the individual support needs in order to pave the way into the world of work in a sustainable way. "Often it would be many small steps that would bring lasting success in the long term. The sustained good economic development resulted in 2018 continued to generate strong demand for workers, which also benefited the Münsterland Jobcenter. "Last year, we barely smoothed the way for 15.000 people out of the SGB II benefit scheme back into working life, more than 2.800 were people in the context of flight migration. Integration in these cases was mostly preceded by language acquisition and then by qualification or training. All in all, we were once again able to increase our integration rate compared to the very good level of the previous year, and we are at the top of the regions in North Rhine-Westphalia with more than 25 percent, "says Thomas Bleiker, Head of Job Center Coesfeld. As main reasons for this result he mentions the high dynamics of the largely medium-sized commercial enterprises and the close cooperation of the Münsterland Jobcenter with the companies. Last year, the five job centers of the Münsterland averaged about 85.000 persons per month, 4,5 percent less than one year before. "These people are spread across 43.000 households, which we have secured financially by taking over the costs of rent, food, clothing, water, electricity and heating, as well as health and long-term care insurance," explains Warendorf's job center manager Dr , Ansgar Seidel. The job centers paid out more than 400 million in 2018. Even if the economy started with less thrust into 2019 and economic momentum slows down, the conditions for solid growth remain good. The willingness of companies to recruit, especially among SMEs, remains high. 30 percent of the companies in Münsterland want to expand the number of employees according to a survey by the Nord Westfalen Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 2019. Almost all companies surveyed described their current business situation as good or satisfactory. "Under these conditions, we would like to focus more on people who have been relying on SGB II services for a very long time. For them, there will be new perspectives on the job market in 2019, not least due to new funding opportunities offered by the Participation Opportunities Act ", says the joint outlook of the Jobcenter Lines. Bildzeile: Looking forward to the successful work of the Jobcenter in the Münsterland (from left): Julia Roesler (Director the regional agency Münsterland), Thomas Ostholthoff (head of the Jobcenter Kreis Steinfurt) and Dr. med. Ansgar Seidel (head of Jobcenter Kreis Warendorf), Thomas Bleiker (head of job center Coesfeld), Karin Ostendorff (head of job center Borken), Ralf Bierstedt (head of Jobcenter Münster). © Münsterland eV [...]

30 mobile phone violations detected on the control day

Circle Borken (ots) - Two seconds to look at the display is at 50 speed 30 on the way in the dummy flight on the road: That many drivers are not aware of this danger, the nationwide control day against distraction in traffic also in the district Borken has shown. On 1.296 controlled drivers, the officials on Wednesday were able to detect a total of 30 corresponding rule violations. The policemen deployed also took a closer look at the bike and pedelec drivers: ten of the controlled 182 had used a cell phone while driving. The driver concerned expects a penalty in the amount of 100 Euro and a point in the "traffic offender" file; For mobile phone use in cycling, the 55 Euro fine catalog provides. The distraction by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is not without reason a major focus in the fight against traffic accidents for the police, because it is about the increased accident risk: that the use of a smartphone leads to an accident much more often than if a car driver in the same situation would keep their hands off the phone. Therefore, the county police Borken continues to continue the fight against distraction at the wheel every day, regardless of the national control day. [...]

Colliding with trucks in oncoming traffic

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injury has suffered an 20 year old female driver on Wednesday in Bocholt in an accident in the intercourse. The Bocholterin drove against 12.40 clock the Burloer way towards Eintrachtstraße. Immediately behind the confluence of the Grabenstraße she collided with the lateral hydraulic support an oncoming truck. An 40-year-old Rheder had been traveling towards Grabenstraße. At the time of the accident, several cars had parked on the lane in the direction of Grabenstrasse to the right. The resulting property damage is around 8.000 Euro. [...]

Six-year-old slightly injured in cyclist collision

Bocholt (ots) - Two cyclists collided on Wednesday at St. Georg Square in Bocholt: A six-year-old drove there against 15.40 clock coming from the ski jump. According to initial findings, an 17-year-old Bocholter wanted to turn his bike from the market coming to the left of the road Sankt-Georg-Platz, where it came to collision. The child suffered minor injuries. [...]

At the roundabout cyclists captured

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injuries suffered a cyclist on Thursday in an accident in Bocholt. 19-year-old Bocholter took the Barloer Weg against 05.50. At the Barloer Weg / Kurzer Weg / Ernst-von-Bergmann-Straße roundabout, he was hit by the car of an 33-year-old. The Bocholterin had retracted from the road Short way into the roundabout and had wanted to turn off this in the Barloer way. The resulting property damage is approximately at 600 Euro. [...]

Disk hit on business

Bocholt (ots) - In business premises are unknown persons in the night to Thursday in Bocholt. The offender had smashed a windowpane of the building on Berliner Platz. Whether and what the burglars captured, was not clear at first. The police asks for information to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

District Administrator Zwicker put into service new emergency medical vehicle

Borken County. The fire and rescue station in Borken has a new ambulance emergency vehicle (NEF). The district of Borken as a carrier of ambulance service in the district has now delivered it. District Administrator Kai Zwicker took part in the hand-over appointment with Borkens fire chief Stefan Döking. "It is very important to me that the rescue service is maintained at a high level," he said. The new Mercedes-Benz Vito will now contribute to this. The car is one of two that the circle has recently procured. The other was put into service on Monday in the Ahaus fire and rescue station. The cost per vehicle is 102.000 Euro. The base vehicle costs 45.000 Euro. In addition, there are expansion costs of 57.000 Euro, as well as the medical and technical equipment. The NEF has the same design as the rescue trucks - which means it gets more reflective surfaces than the previous vehicles to be even better seen by the other road users than before. For background: The fire and rescue station Borken 2018 had a total of 5.420 Emergency Operations (Rescue Transporter: 3.857 and Emergency Medical Vehicle: 1.563). There are also 1.910 patient transports. All vehicles are ready for use around the clock for 365 days a year. Picture line: Our photo shows from left to right Theo Just, District Administrator Kai Zwicker, Pascal Busch, Sarah Lena Schebitz, Stefan Döking (Head of Fire and Rescue Station Borken) and Carsten Thien (Head of the Department of Rescue Services in the Department of Security and Order) of the district [...]

Spanish student group visits Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). Elisabeth Kroesen, first deputy mayor of the city of Bocholt, has now welcomed a group of students from the Spanish Artés, who are guests of the Mariengymnasium Bocholt. The Spanish students of the Institut Públic Miquel Bosch i Jover from Artés (Catalonia) have been in Bocholt since Tuesday until Sunday. The partnership with the Spanish school is still relatively young, it has existed since 2016. Bocholt and Bocholt were from 18 this year. - 23. February 2019 in Artés.After a first afternoon in the host families, Wednesday started with a common lesson and a welcome by Headmaster Wilfried Flüchter. Then we went to the town hall, where Elisabeth Kroesen presented the city of Bocholt to the Spanish guests. Since it still fit in time, the students also visited the exhibition "Europe: Curse or Blessing - You Have the Choice" in the Kunsthaus, which was opened the same day. Bowling, a day trip to Oberhausen to the "CentrO" and " Sea Life "are on the program as well as a trip to Cologne. In the cathedral city the chocolate museum is visited and there is also the opportunity to explore the city on the Rhine on your own. Saturday is completely reserved for the families and on Sunday it's already back home again. [...]

About a Europe of freedom: EU politician Pieper at the Bürgerdialog in Bocholt

The EU is much more than a myth of cucumber curvature or of the ban on bulbs. Without the European Union, life would look different, as we now know and appreciate it, "said Markus Pieper on Monday evening at Rose Biketown in Bocholt. Around 70 citizens from the entire district Borken have accepted the invitation of the local MEP to the civil dialogue. From the beginning, visitors were able to ask their questions about Europe and the EU, which Markus Pieper answered extensively and in detail during the two-hour event. One focus in the dialogue was the "fateful choice". as Pieper calls the upcoming European elections. Because when choosing the 26. May not ask if we want more or less Europe. "It's about the question of which Europe we will have," stressed the EU politician. It is therefore important that in the future European Parliament a strong political center can set against extremists and populists. ?? Because these groups lean towards a free Europe, as we know it! ??, Pieper said. Especially pleased was Markus Pieper that many young listeners came to the citizens' dialogue. "So many young women and men like here in Bocholt, I was allowed to greet at any civil dialogue ??, was pleased Pieper. Therefore, he also addressed directly to the younger generation: "Peace and freedom, as we are currently experiencing, are by no means self-evident. Even the many advantages, such as a single currency, the freedom of travel or the numerous educational offers, can only be guaranteed by a strong Europe. Therefore, we must all work together for a Europe of freedom. [...]

University of Westphalia invites you to the Campusfest in Bocholt

The Westphalian University is celebrating again on its campus in Bocholt. After the smashing 25 anniversary celebration in 2017, the college will be hosting 29 on Wednesday. May 2019 from 18: 00 Watch the Bocholt Population, Workers, and Students Enter into the Long Weekend to Celebrate Ascension. For this occasion, the university parking lot on Münsterstraße 265 will be converted into a lively music arena. A varied music and stage program as well as delicious snacks guarantee a great event. The campusfest is started by two young, locally known bands: "Tones of Struggle" and "Quiet Fox Noise" were won over by the Bocholt Music School for the Campusfest. With sounds from the jazz and pop bands, they tune their guests into a long evening. The main feature of the Westfälische Hochschule is bringing the band "Steam" to Bocholt - with more than 80 performances one of the most successful live bands in northern and central Germany. The five-member cover band with power voice Leonie promises a good mood and a comprehensive hit repertoire. In addition, "DJ Steel" accompanies the festival with electronic beats into the late evening hours. In addition to the stage program, the campus festival also has a lot to offer: food trucks with trendy burgers, crispy fries, Belgian waffles and of course the currywurst as a snack classic who can not miss a party.Photo: Sascha Pierro for Steam Press Photo [...]

Up with People comes to Bocholt

Up with People comes back to Bocholt. On Wednesday, May 22nd and Thursday, May 23rd, a hundred people from 16 different countries will perform at 19pm in the Städtisches Bühnenhaus in Bocholt. The group wants to fascinate visitors with colorful costumes, impressive dance performances, songs from all over the world, songs that move the world and of course pop medleys that everyone knows, if someone still has a bed free and is interested in cultural exchange, Up with People is still looking for host families for the participants. More information is available at [...]