Honor to whom credit is due - a whole gala for volunteering

Steffi Neu has good memories of Bocholt. 2013 came the popular WDR presenter with "WDR2 for a city" to the Aa. At that time, the Bocholter built a complete ski area on the market square - and won the competition. Yesterday, Steffi Neu was again present as host of the big volunteer gala and brought as a memory and small gag "Golden Ski Poles" for city marketing director Ludger Dieckhues. About 2500 Euro and were allowed to look meanwhile four club representatives who were honored for their honorary services. The double sum was also there for the home club Mussum, which was awarded the NRW-Heimatpreis.Volksbank director Franz Josef Heidermann had previously opened the evening as Gasteber. He emphasized the importance of volunteering in our society and underlined the importance of the municipal volunteer card and volunteer agency. One more reason for the cooperative bank to carry out the volunteer gala every three years. Awarded here were: Category Sports (Speaker: Jörg Terheyden): Franz Wilhelm Tielkes for his tireless efforts in cycling in the RC 77 Bocholt category Culture (Speaker: Ludger Dieckhues): Markus Solomon as tirelessly active and founding member for the free cultural center Alte MolkereiKategorie Mensch (speaker: Herbert Kleinmann): Erika Feldhaar as chairman of the Bocholter self-help group of Parkinson's patients Category Lifework (speaker: Erwin Marschner): Günter Puhe as founder and chairman and engine and creative director of the Bocholt Kneipp Club category NRW-Heimatpreis (Laudator: Peter Nebelo): Leo Engenhorst and the board of the home club Mussum for a lot, a lot of effort around the village square and the people in MussumFor ample entertainment made two appearances by Dr. Ing. Ludger Straatmann from Bottrop, who, as a Ü70 year-old, hit the nerve with his stories about complaints and illnesses and aches and pains among the public. He transferred so many Ruhr area history on Westphalia and scattered profound, but also easy-casual gags between the various honors. On the photos from left to right: Günter Puhe (winner category "life's work"), Herbert Kleinmann (Board Volksbank Bocholt and Laudator category "Mensch"), Leo Engenhorst (representative of the village community Mussum as prizewinner "Heimatpreis"), mayor Peter Nebelo (laudator of the home award), presenter Steffi Neu, Jörg Terheyden (publisher BBV media group and laudator of the category "sport"), Franz-Wilhelm Tielkes (prize winner category "Sport"), Erika Feldhaar (winner category "Mensch"), two representatives of the board of the community Mussum), Erwin Marschner (club member of the Kneipp association Bocholt and laudator of the category "lifework"), Ludger Dieckhues (managing director von Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtmarketing Bocholt and Laudator of the category "Kul ture "), Markus Salomo (prize winner category" Culture "), dr. Stratmann, Franz-Josef Heidermann ((People's Bank Volksbank Bocholt). [...]

Tips of the Grenzhoppers for the future of Europe

Bocholt (EUBOH). The German-Dutch network "Grenzhoppers" met at the 8. May 2019 in Europa-Haus Bocholt. The subject of this plenary meeting was "In Focus: The European Elections and the Future of the EU". The guests from Germany and the neighboring Netherlands were welcomed by the 1. Deputy Mayor Elisabeth Kroesen. The event was led by Sebastian Borgert of the Europe Direct Information Center Bocholt. Together with Bocholt's partner representative Petra Taubach, Sebastian Borgert and his team had prepared and organized this meeting in the NRW European Weeks 2019. It was therefore funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.The European elections and the future of the EUZu start the organizers showed the film produced by the European Commission "Choose your future - European elections on 26. Mai 2019 "(Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3tErFvAgag) Sven Pastoors, Lecturer in Sustainable Innovation at the Fontys International Business School in Venlo (NL) and member of TEAM EUROPE, the expert panel of the European Commission. "What can it be that will inspire Europe in the future in Europe?" Pastoors guests to cooperate and to think along. He referred to a survey that focused six months ago on migration and the fight against terrorism, but now returns to prosperity, economic growth, the environment and the fight against youth unemployment among Europeans. "It has succeeded in Europe, to change the focus," said the speaker. Vote by "systemic consensus" Citizens have the opportunity to participate in European politics. What a good public participation can look like, explained Josef Hülkenberg. The well-traveled author from Bocholt presented to the audience a novel method for public participation, the "Systemic Consensus". Hülkenberg has made the connection between political decision-makers and citizens a life's work. For him, political education lives from exchange and participation. In the three working groups, which dealt with the future of Europe in the areas of "work and economics", "mobility" and migration on the example of the German-Dutch border, this method could be applied directly. Wishes and tips to the EU participants Participants were invited to formulate various requests to the EU to promote cross-border cooperation. These demands have been recorded online and made available to all Grenzhoppers for voting according to the method of "systemic consensus". It's about assigning resistance points from 1 to 10. The aim is that the proposal is the best that receives the least rejection. Until the 20. May 2019 will attend all Grenzhoppers and interested in this vote. An evaluation will be sent to future EU politicians after the 5. June 2019 sent.Info network "Grenzhoppers" More information about the cross-border network at www.grenzhoppers.eu. [...]

Accident on the Ebertstraße

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday evening, a previously unknown driver drove against 20: 20 clock the left lane of Ebertstraße in the direction of Industriestraße. In the amount of a branch of a fast food chain, he suddenly slowed down and turned left despite double continuous center line. A subsequent 16-year-old motorcyclist from Bocholt dodged to the right and crashed into a side-by-side 34-year motorist from Bocholt. The 34-year-old also steered his vehicle to the right, scratching along the curb with a rim. The result was a total loss of about 2.300 Euro. The previously unknown turning car driver left the scene of the accident. Whether the driver has noticed this accident, is not known. The police asks witnesses, in particular the turn to report to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

Terrier "Ronja" bites - and is left behind by mistresses at the scene

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday morning an 43-year-old Bocholterin led her dog against 09.00 clock in the mountains Hohenhorster "Gassi". Her dog and then her were attacked and injured by a terrier. The strange dog is a Fox Terrier named "Ronja", who belonged to a previously unknown, about 50-year-old woman with blond, short hair and glasses. She had taken a bicycle before the incident and left the dog behind. [...]

Accident flight on Marienstraße

Ahaus (ots) - On Thursday damaged a previously unknown driver a black Mercedes (C-Class). The car had stood on the Marienstraße in the time from 10.00 clock to 13.30 clock. The result was property damage amounting to about 800 Euro. Foreign paint at the abutment point to close on a red polluter vehicle. The perpetrator had left without fulfilling his duties. The police asked witnesses to report to the Traffic Commissariat in Ahaus (phone 02561 / 926-0). [...]

Accident escape at Benölkenplatz / Witnesses wanted

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday, a previously unknown driver damaged a parked gray Opel Astra at Benölkenplatz between 07.30 and 13.15. The result was property damage amounting to about 1.000 Euro. The polluter had left without fulfilling his duties. Whether the polluter or an attentive witness had attached a note with possible clues to the windshield wiper, the injured party could no longer find out. The paper had flown away when the windshield wiper was pressed and could no longer be found. The police asked witnesses to report to the transport commissariat in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

Pedelec driver slightly injured

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday afternoon, an 14.25-year-old pedelec driver from Bocholt crashed on Alffstraße and injured herself slightly against 45. She said that a rabbit or a rabbit suddenly ran across the road in front of her. She had slowed down and lost control. Rescuers took her to a hospital with an ambulance. [...]

Accident on the Kurfürstenstraße

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, a previously unknown driver damaged a parked, blue Opel Astra on Kurfürstenstraße. The causer had left without fulfilling his duties. There was damage to property amounting to about 500 Euro. The police asks witnesses to report to the transport commissariat in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

The musical summer at the Aasee

The Bocholter Aasee with the bay are without doubt one of the most beautiful places in our region. With the aim of reviving the Aasee with new ideas, Philip Traber - operator of the Bocholter Strandcafé, the Aasee Beachbar, the pedal boat rental and owner of the PT event agency - has launched two series of events at the same time "Afterbeats am See" on Thursdays from the 9. May take place. With sunny, electronic sounds from the DJ team Emnage the everyday life is forgotten at the Aasee bathing bay and the after-work hours are celebrated. In a relaxed atmosphere, the "Afterbeats am See" will become a hotspot for young and old again this year. With exotic cocktails from "Rolling Cocktails" visitors can look forward to an exciting beverage offer again! "The afterbeats were a great success last year, so we'll be back in the bag again this year," said Philip Traber. With new decorations and the optional placement of the DJ on the Aasee meadow a new atmosphere and real "beach feeling" is created. "Cool drinks, cool sound, chilling with friends and enjoying the ambience," promises Philip Traber and continues: "We want to create a great atmosphere and the afterbeats should not escalate to a wild party. The music is turned off at 22 Clock and the event will then end happily. "Lou Dynia opens the" Aasee Sunsets "The second musical series celebrates at 15. May their premiere: The "Aasee Sunsets" become the stage of local live musicians and a "place of pilgrimage for sunbathers". As the English name already promises, the most beautiful sunset of Bocholt is celebrated here. "With the support of our sponsors and partners, we have managed to unite the best live musicians in the city and region to deliver an exceptional concert experience. Even through the trusting and good cooperation with the city of Bocholt, these planned event series are only possible ", says Philip Traber. Visitors can look forward to a sophisticated musical program, from rock to pop and soul to jazz and swing. In addition to established musicians such as Django Flint, Stefan Paßerschroer and Marco Laudert, some newcomers like Rina (Sabrina Grundke) or Emma Stappenbeck will enchant the Aasee bay. The start is on Wednesday, the 15. May none other than Lou Dynia. Start is at 18: 00 clock. Of course, entrance is free. "In order to give the event a real event character, we have won our friends from the well-known restaurant Filetgran, who offer special culinary Pulled Pork and Pulled Salmon Burgers at their own stand", says a delighted Traber. There will also be a separate booth for "Rolling Cocktails" cocktails and more free seating and berths. "The events on Lake Aasee are completely informal. We look forward to visitors who transform the Aasee meadow into a picnic landscape. Our team only makes sure that the rules are adhered to, that there is no glass in the meadow and that visitors enjoy the events, "continues Philip Traber. The "Aasee Sunsets" will take place every second Wednesday in alternation with the "Afterbeats am See" in good weather. In case of rain and storm, the events are canceled at short notice. Information about the program and the dates can be found at: www.bocholter-strandcafe.de [...]

Construction works at the roundabout Dinxperloer street

Bocholt (PID). In the time of Monday, 13. May 2019, until probably Friday, 24. May 2019, construction work takes place in and at the roundabout Dinxperloer Straße / Hamalandstraße. For this reason, the access road to the Holtwick industrial area has to be redesigned. Second, the driveway will be redeveloped at the roundabout access to Dinxperloer Straße. Access to the industrial area and use of the roundabout is possible at any time. [...]

57-year old motorist dies after an internist emergency

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday afternoon, an 57-year-old motorist from Bocholt died against 16.40 watch on the street "Wachtelschlag". He had negotiated the restricted-traffic area at a moderate speed, came off the road and hit a wall. Despite the immediate relief efforts of first responders and rescue workers, the 57 year old died. According to the current state of investigation, an internal emergency could be the cause of the accident. [...]

Accommodation and compulsory treatment

Bocholt (PID). On Tuesday, 14. May 2019, there will be a training for volunteer carers or plenipotentiaries on the subject of "accommodation and compulsory treatment" in the town hall. The beginning is at 18: 30 clock. Registrations are accepted by e-mail sarah.schaffeld@mail.bocholt.de or Tel. 02871 953-747. The participation is free of charge. The subject "accommodation and compulsory treatment" is a sensitive topic, also in the area of ​​voluntary legal support. What to pay attention to? What is the role of legal advisers in the current proceedings? What alternatives are there? Speaker Sanna Zachej presents the procedure and in particular support options this evening. Another focus will be the reduction of fixation by pointing out different alternatives. The event is a cooperation event between the Bocholt City Care Center, the Bocholt Workers' Welfare Association and the Social Welfare Service of Catholic Women Bocholt. [...]

Citizens dialogue "More city green in Bocholt"

Nörgens gröner as in Bokelt? The NABU group Bocholt invites you to the citizens dialogue "More city green in Bocholt", at the 22.05.2019 to 19: 30 clock in the country house Knuf, Heutingsweg 60, Bocholt.Wer would not like to live in a green city? Especially now in spring, we enjoy the colorful of the flowers and the shade of the trees, preferably right on our doorstep. Nature in the city can provide us with the quality of life that is otherwise reserved for the annual holiday trip. On green "islands" the noise of the city gives way to the peaceful singing of birds and insects, and offers us the well-deserved peace and quiet of a fast-paced everyday life. The fascination for nature is genetically predisposed in humans, and the everyday contact with it is a basic building block for physical and mental health. Many people remember the once green cityscape that did justice to the majestic beech on the Bocholt coat of arms. However, anyone with an open view of the development of infrastructure through Bocholt will see irreversible losses of trees and green spaces. The dwindling green, the accompanying loss of biodiversity and the accelerated climate change are causing many people to move. How can we as citizens contribute to making our city more lively, attractive and thus more sustainable? The goal of this event is to discuss the options for action, to exchange ideas and to initiate change. The talks are inspired by speakers who tell their success stories. [...]

New leadership duo at St. Georgius-Schützenverein

Double change of guards at the Bocholt St. Georgius shooter. For the outgoing chairman Markus Schlatt and his also not re-candidant Manfred Rickert the members elected in the context of the annual general meeting now Berthold Blesenkemper and Carl-Ludwig Holzach to the new leadership duo of the association. Also new to the board are Julia Fleer (secretary) and Philipp Schlatt (assessor). Colonel Ralf Eiting as well as the assessors Michael Splitthoff and Jürgen Bungert were confirmed in their offices. Berthold Blesenkemper thanked his predecessor Markus Schlatt, "who actually wanted to officiate for only twelve months, but in the end became six years old". In this time for the three-headed, executive board have fallen infinitely many discussions, negotiations and meetings in Schützenhaus. "You can not thank Markus as well as Manfred Rickert and Georg Steffen as accountants enough for their commitment," said the new chairman. This is particularly true because it was managed to reach agreement between the shooting club as the owner of the property, the brewery GmbH as tenants of the building, the community foundation Bocholt, the Stadtsparkasse and the majority of the city council agreement on the further use of the traditional house er. "Years ago, our members overwhelmingly commissioned the Executive Board to preserve the Schützenhaus as much as possible for the citizens of Bocholt, their associations and organizations. The plans of the community foundation come closest to this goal. Therefore, we 100 percent behind the idea of ​​a community center and are ready to sell our land to the community foundation. Nevertheless, there are still outside from the outside, again and again Störfeuer. And we are getting impatient after seven years back and forth, "Blesenkemper continues. In the future, the club wants to focus more on itself again. Since one understands not only as a shooting club, but also as a society association, in the course of a year beside the usual large additional several smaller meetings for members are to be offered, explained the new deputy chairman Carl Ludwig Holzach. The Executive Board focuses on young families and young people in particular. How successful the Officers' Corps initiated recruitment is is shown by the membership development. The number of young shooters has been rising steadily for years. Altogether, 641 women, men and children are currently registered at the St. Georgius Rifle Club. The traditionally celebrate on the last weekend of summer holidays (24. to 26. August) in the garden of the Schützenhauses Schützenfest. The coronation ball takes place a week later at the 31. Photo: The new board with the two adopted chairmen: (front left) Accountant Georg Steffen, Secretary Julia Fleer and Manfred Rickert; (Back from left) Major Harald Dieckhues, Associate Michael Splitthoff, Colonel Ralf Eiting, 2. Chairman Carl-Ludwig Holzach, 1. Chairman Berthold Blesenkemper, assessor Philipp Schlatt, assessor Jürgen Bungert, Markus Schlatt and senior staff paymaster Armin Hungerkamp. [...]

Large children's flea market at the 30. June at the ESB

Bocholt (PID). To the 16. The big children's flea market takes place on the grounds of the waste disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) on the 74 sheepfold road. On Sunday, 30. June 2019, can be dawdled extensively again. Who wants to join: The registration deadline is Monday, 13. May 2019, under Tel. 02871 2463-24 or -23, from 8 clock tomorrow. The pitches are limited and available, as the previous years have shown, always fast occupied, reports waste consultant Karin Kalka-Freundt. The tel. Registration asks Kalka-Freundt for patience. The experience from previous years shows: "The lines in the morning are already running" hot "." No stall feeGanz in the sense of recycling can then on 30. June from 14 to 17 clock are dawdled. Everything is offered around the child, such as children's games, children's clothing, children's books, toys or children's bicycles. Children can offer their own things or be supported by their parents. A stand fee does not apply. In addition, the waste counseling provides a table with two chairs for each family free of charge.Fundery program Visitors to the flea market can also visit a nearby garbage truck in the afternoon and clarify their questions about garbage collection. For refreshments in the form of coffee, cakes and cold drinks, as in previous years, the cafeteria of the Kinderschutzbundes. The proceeds from the sale serves the association for its charitable work. In the entrance area to the flea market there is also an information booth of waste advice. In addition, there is a supervised handicraft corner for children, so there will be no boredom on the junk afternoon. [...]