Bocholt carnival mourns Dirk Kathage

BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Bocholt's fools bear grief. The trigger is the sudden and completely surprising death of Dirk Kathage. The 57-year-old restaurateur died on Thursday in the course of a harmless traffic accident, which was most likely caused by a "medical emergency" according to police reports (we reported). Kathage had in session 2007 / 2008 together with Margit Bungert [...]

Tool stolen from transporter

Suderwick (ots) - On the night of Friday stolen so far unknown offenders from a transporter machine tools worth about 1.000 Euro. The car makers had previously broken violently by the perpetrators. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0).

Accident escape on the Bahnhofstrasse

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday damaged against 14.00 clock a previously unknown driver damaged a parked, gray Renault Scenic on the Bahnhofstrasse. There was damage to the vehicle at a height of about 1.500 Euro. The causer had left without fulfilling his duties. The police asks witnesses to call the transport commissariat in Bocholt (telephone [...]

Secured on the Ravardistraße stun gun

Bocholt (ots) - Early Saturday morning, police officers on 05.30 Watch on Ravardistrasse noticed an 26-year-old Bocholter handling a flashlight. The lamp turned out on closer inspection as disguised stun gun. The officers secured the prohibited article under the weapons law and instituted criminal proceedings.

World Red Cross day with 33 actions

The action "No cold coffee" of the Red Cross in the district Borken has arrived very well in the sixth year. At the World Red Cross Day (8, May) in honor of the founder Henry Dunant, many people in the district of Borken were approached and made aware of the Red Cross work. Volunteers and full-time employees were on the road at 33 locations to work for [...]

Traffic accident with three seriously injured

Hamminkeln (ots) - On Sunday, the 12.05.2019 v. 05: 30 am, a serious traffic accident happened. An 23-year-old car driver from Oberhausen drove the road to Voßhövel (L1) coming from the direction of the post in the direction of Raesfelder Straße. From a previously unexplained cause, the young man came with his car to the right of the road and bounced there against [...]