Bocholt carnival mourns Dirk Kathage

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERBocholt's fools bear grief. The trigger is the sudden and completely surprising death of Dirk Kathage. The 57-year-old restaurateur died on Thursday in the course of an inherently harmless traffic accident, which was most likely triggered by a "medical emergency" (we reported), according to police. Kathage had in the session 2007 / 2008 together with Margit Bungert as Prince Dirk I. led the fools. Previously, he had been Court Marshal of the Citizens Committee for the Promotion of the Bocholt Carnival for seven years. Recently, the native Dingdener had largely retired from the foolish activities and concentrated together with his wife Beate and son Lars on the management of the multi-award winning restaurant Mussumer Krug.Dirk Kathage was despite his rather small body size quite a big one among the prince. He was always joking, very friendly to everyone, and had a smile for everyone even during the most stressful of times. In his spare time he played soccer, liked to cycle and bowled. Bocholt's carnivalists call him a grateful and heartfelt "Helau" for his last journey. [...]

Tool stolen from transporter

Suderwick (ots) - On the night of Friday stolen so far unknown offenders from a transporter machine tools worth about 1.000 Euro. Before that, the perpetrators had violently broken open the workshop car. Please inform the Kripo in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

Accident escape on the Bahnhofstrasse

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday damaged against 14.00 clock a previously unknown driver damaged a parked, gray Renault Scenic on the Bahnhofstrasse. There was damage to the vehicle at a height of about 1.500 Euro. The polluter had left without fulfilling his duties. The police asked witnesses to report to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

Secured on the Ravardistraße stun gun

Bocholt (ots) - Early Saturday morning, police officers on 05.30 Watch on Ravardistrasse noticed an 26-year-old Bocholter handling a flashlight. The lamp turned out on closer inspection as disguised stun gun. The officers secured the prohibited article under the weapons law and instituted criminal proceedings. [...]

World Red Cross day with 33 actions

The action "No cold coffee" of the Red Cross in the district Borken has arrived very well in the sixth year. At the World Red Cross Day (8. May) in honor of the founder Henry Dunant many people were addressed in the district Borken and made aware of the Red Cross work. On 33 locations volunteers and full-time employees were on the way to thank for the support. DRK board member Jürgen Puhlmann pulled in the DRK press service a completely satisfactory balance sheet; He himself gave coffee at the "Café Henry" in the Red Cross Center in Borken: "It is important for us to talk to the citizens and to draw attention to our work. I think that has been well done. The response in the population was again very large. We are grateful for that. "Except for free coffee there were small presents. The Red Cross motto was: "German Red Coffee. We are wide awake with every call for help - and we will be giving one to the World Red Cross Day. "In Gescher on the commuter parking lot on the 31 motorway, the Ortsverein surprised motorists with a" wake-up coffee "for the sixth time starting just before 6. Red Cross Leader Mark Wierczeyko: "The commuters already know us and are looking forward to the little encouragement." Here alone cups were distributed from almost ten pots of coffee. Coffee was also served to parents or grandparents in numerous DRK day-care centers; the little ones could play with balloons and waving red cross flags. Many mothers (and some fathers) took advantage of the opportunity to chat with the kindergarten teachers about the daycare and children at the coffee table. In Ahaus, for example, a German Red Cross representation was in the pedestrian zone and addressed many marketers; in Epe was informed about the new residential community for people with dementia and the daycare "whirlwind". In Isselburg-Anholt there were drinks and cakes for children of the open all-day school of the Catholic elementary school, which later played in the rain instead of in the schoolyard. "Germany Emergency Tour" in RhedeDer DRK Ortsverein Rhede celebrated again the entire day - initially All day in his three kindergartens and in the day care, informed for more than three hours at the REWE market at the town hall. In the evening, Chairman Helmut Ebbert welcomed 300 guests to a very special infotainment show in the Rheder "Ei": Comedian and emergency physician Lüder Warnken from Münster and his team drew up an 70-minute stage program for first aid that had it all. The guests were simply thrilled, and there was multiple applause for the Münsteraner. With his "Germany Emergency Tour" he literally puts his fingers in the wound. His motto is playful, as on this entertaining evening in Rhede: "Save lives with ease - we show how!" "The Red Cross needs more supporters - whether as a member, helper or donor" DRK Board Jürgen Puhlmann affirmed on the occasion of World Red Cross Day: "The Red Cross needs more supporters - whether as a member, helper or donor. We depend on the honorary office to act as a relief organization. Although we have around 1500 volunteer helpers in the district of Borken with some 14.000 support members - but also helpers need help for the extensive range of our offers, "adds Puhlmann in a Red Cross message. Background to the World Red Cross DayAm 8. May 1828 was born Red Cross founder Henry Dunant. On his initiative began the history of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, which now includes 190 national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies worldwide. Dunant's birthday is celebrated internationally every year as World Red Cross Day. Www.DRKBorken.dePhoto: Free coffee and many promotions throughout Borken: At 33 locations in the Borken district - as here in Bocholt - the Red Cross was present at the World Red Cross Day.Telephone 02872 / 980 627Telefax 02872 / 980 628Handy0151 563 666 22 [...]

Traffic accident with three seriously injured

Hamminkeln (ots) - On Sunday, the 12.05.2019 v. 05: 30 am, a serious traffic accident happened. An 23-year-old car driver from Oberhausen drove the road to Voßhövel (L1) coming from the direction of the post in the direction of Raesfelder Straße. From a previously unexplained cause, the young man with his car came to the right of the road and bounced there against a tree. The impact of the crash severely injured the driver and two other inmates. The inmates are an 28-year-old man from Duisburg and an 30-year-old man from Dusseldorf. The three seriously injured but not critically injured were transferred to surrounding hospitals. The car was considerably damaged and seized by the accident. The driver was taken a blood sample. The investigation continues. [...]