"Punxxx": Artistry and acrobatics paired with a strong pinch of humor

Rebellious, unadorned and brushed against the grain - Flic Flac stayed true to today's 2019 premiere in Bocholt. To the 30. Birthday presented the prestigious company a new show called "Punxxx". Artistry and acrobatics paired with a strong pinch of humor were once again an entertaining mix. And finally, a fitting statement to the European elections: "Remember, the show would have been without aliens after 5 minutes benedte." The artists at a glanceThe Lord of BälleZdenek Polách interprets a traditional art refreshing to jazzy-rocking sounds. The 22-year-old Czech juggles with big balls almost effortlessly, precisely, fascinatingly. He has been indulging his passion for 18 years. In the eighth generation of a circus family under the pseudonym "Zeejay" continues the legacy of his ancestors. He holds six world records of juggling. He is the winner of the Golden Trick of Kobzov and the Israeli International Circus Festival. He won the European Youth Festival 2018 in Wiesbaden and won gold in the age group 18 to 25 Jahre.Equilibristik - Powerful GirlpowerThree G - the trio from Ukraine brings athletic-artistic girl power on the stage. As a female street gang you conquer the audience with their acrobatic excellence by storm. Hand on hand, foot on the neck - these are pure strength and aesthetics. Only years of training allow such a performance, which is presented seemingly playful and without effort. They enjoy their work, they want only one thing: the visitors fascinate.David Eriksson - refreshingly differentThe Swede David Eriksson provokes, interprets, comments. His comedy is weird, shrill, sometimes even a bit freaky. He takes his audience on a journey. Keeps himself and others in front of the mirror. With great success on the stages of this world. He has been touring with his programs for 22 years, entertaining in a fun, but also unusual way. His goal is always "to make a difference" .Hot Bride in the GlobeThe Globe of Speed ​​- the steel ball of daredevil motorcyclists is of course part of the anniversary program. But at Punxxx not only men turn their fast laps. The Helldrivers share the narrow space with a hot motorcycle bride. It definitely can not be beaten down and delivers the feminine power for a very special Event.Mad Flying Bikes - Normal is differentAction - Artistry - Adrenaline: Benzingeruch and engine sound let the hearts of the fans beat faster. Freestyle motocross demands absolute professionalism. Because daring stunts are part of everyday life. Tricks like Backflip, Shaolin, Superman seat grab, Shoebox, Tsunami or Rock solid let the breath of the visitors falter and the pulse race. Risky, fast-paced, fascinatingHoly WarriorsZehn artists of the China National Acrobatics troupe amaze and inspire with precision artistry paired with high-tech: Accurate jumps through mobile and rotating 60 centimeter-sized tires. Sensational and impressive. Absolute world class is the leap of an artist, almost from a standing position to almost four meters high.Mallakhamb - Acrobatics from South AsiaWith Sandeep Vithoba Kale an exceptional talent enriches the Flic Flac Show. The 22 year old Indian presents Mallakhamb - folk sport in his country. This special kind of acrobatics once again underlines the creativity in the selection of performers and performances. According to the Flic Flac motto - to always surprise the audience. Body control, power, charisma, lightness - all this connects Sandeep to a performance that is second to none in Germany. Contortion - body art in perfection Two charming twins - Jenny and Sarah Haglund - show body art that is absolutely not recommended for imitation. The duo Vila dominates the artistic genre of Kontorsion in pure culture. The performance of the two Swedes is based on years of training and iron discipline. Perfect bodies in harmonious cooperation.Duo Turkeiev - SuspendersJulia Galenchyk and her partner Dmytro Turkeev prove their artistic power with their air-splashing air and performance. High above the spectators, right in the here and now, they show their extraordinary talent in the pouring rain. Pole dance in the RegenOlha presents perfect body art at the Chinese Pole and exudes a touch of sensuality and tingling eroticism. She shines to "Purple Rain" with technically highly acrobatic acrobatics and takes without detours the audience for themselves. A classic reinterpreting.Rocky whirlwindsRolls, rings, carpets and electric guitar - Romy Meggiolaro whirls her props back on a motorcycle lying in breathtaking speed on feet and hands. So fast that the eyes can hardly follow. With a safety and precision that requires years of training. The antipode plays of the Italian inspire and astonish every audience. But she does not content herself with traction, but proves that her fascinating performance also works in the air. Trapez-KunstlaufAlex Michael pulls her under the domes of the most renowned circus companies in the world. The attractive Brazilian impresses with an original trapeze number in extremely high altitude. The starting point and end point of his performance are two swinging trapezoids, which he connects in a very unconventional way: he runs from side to side over his head. A performance that is not limited to the 16. International festival of the Italian city of Latina enthused.Coperlin - confetti as a trademarkJuggler, magician, comedian - Dustin Nicolodi comes from a well-known family of artists. And he never wanted to continue anything but this tradition. He practically grew up in the world famous Parisian Moulin Rouge. The environment shaped him and his humor. He transforms himself on stage from the rather shy individual in Coperlin, the proverbial knockout and comedy juggler, who springs from another time. And that goes something wrong. To the delight of the audience, who welcomes his mishaps with heartfelt laughter. TacticianRomain Vicente sets important and real impulses with his drums. Live sounds that underline the Flic Flac's own compositions. [...]

County Council calls for participation in the election to the European Parliament

Borken County. "The district Borken chooses Europe" - with this slogan call the members of the Borkener circle day with district administrator Dr. med. Kai Zwicker at the top to participate in the election to the European Parliament on the 26. May 2019 on. "The importance of Europe for Westmünsterland is already clear with regard to the friendly cross-border connections and the close cooperation with our Dutch neighbors", emphasizes the district administrator. In addition, there are many relationships between the domestic economy and companies, companies and other customers throughout the European Union (EU). Free goods and goods exchange are therefore of fundamental importance in order to create and maintain jobs here. Consequently, Europe has enormous significance as a guarantor of peace, freedom and prosperity. A high turnout on the 26. May therefore strengthen the EU and the European idea. Dr. Zwicker agrees with the district council members: "Therefore, all citizens should make use of their voting rights!" The Borken district also has its say in terms of Europe. For example, the European flag hoisted in front of the Borkener Kreishaus points to the forthcoming election to the European Parliament. [...]

Young people are involved in the newly founded Youth Red Cross Bocholt

Bocholt. "We are very happy that we can launch our newly founded youth organization - the youth red cross in the city association Bocholt - in the DRK center on the Goerdelerstraße." Thus commented the board of the DRK city association the JRK establishment. Under the direction of Ole Jörn Hanke, a member of the JRK district leadership, met on Wednesday evening members of the new Jugendtotkreuzgemeinschaft for so-called Ortskonferenz.Bevor came in a friendly round to exchange ideas and priorities for future joint work and regular meetings, were the elections for the new JRK leader and his deputy. Pascal Sieverdingbeck and his deputy Martin Schellen were elected JRK leaders. The two accepted the election and thanked them for the trust they had placed in them. The young Red Cross members are very enthusiastic about one of their first projects that they have planned and already planned: They will cooperate with schools and establish medical services there. They make it possible for the newly trained school staff, injured classmates, teachers and others to receive first aid. Pascal Sieverdingbeck: "That's a very good thing." According to Pascal Sieverdingbeck, the youth red cross starts with a group for the time being. It has set itself the goal, young people in the age of 13 to 16 years, the Red Cross Youth with its many facets such as first aid, activities in various campaigns, getting to know an ambulance, participation in blue light weekends and more. The first meeting takes place on 27. May from 18 clock in the building of the DRK city association Bocholt, Goerdelerstraße 15, statt.Wer feel free to join the new Bocholt Red Cross is welcome to this meeting and others, as it says in a press release of the DRK-Stadtverbandes. And anyone who would also like to volunteer in the DRC in Bocholt - for example, in the blood donation, in the medical service, the first aid training or other tasks - could report in the Secretariat of the DRK-Stadtverband Bocholt, phone 02871 / 24116- 0.Foto: The newly founded Youth Red Cross Bocholt. [...]

Bocholter CDU puts 2020 on the mayor of Gescher

Thomas Kerkhoff is to become a candidate of the CDU Bocholt for the mayoral election 2020. The search committee called in by the city council committee came to this conclusion after thorough consultation. The 37-year-old administrative lawyer is currently mayor of the city of Gescher. "We are very pleased that with Thomas Kerkhoff, we were able to inspire a likeable, young and at the same time experienced mayoral candidate for Bocholt. We are absolutely sure that he will be able to advance our city with his expertise and enormous wealth of experience, "said CDU chairman Lukas Kwiatkowski. At the beginning of 2018, the six-member search committee was commissioned by the CDU board, the ideal candidate for the mayoral election 2020 to find. Since then, the Commission has spent a lot of time in 15 meetings on the job description and potential candidates. "Due to his outstanding work in Gescher, which attracts attention throughout NRW, Thomas Kerkhoff quickly caught our eye. After the first talks with him, we all realized that he would be the best mayor for Bocholt, "said Kwiatkowski. Thomas Kerkhoff was also interested in the task in Bocholt after the first talks:" I know the city of Bocholt very well. Here I started my career in the city administration with an apprenticeship. That's how I learned to appreciate this attractive city. I am all the more attracted to the task of advancing this beautiful city as mayor. "Kerkhoff further explains:" I have been able to serve the city of Gescher as mayor for four years now. It gives me an immense amount of fun and joy to initiate numerous successful projects in this function and thus to advance the city. But when the offer came from Bocholt, I was very aware after careful consideration that I would like to return to this beautiful city. "In the coming months, Kerkhoff will continue to focus on the work in Gescher:" The Gescheraner have elected me to 2020 as their mayor. Of course, I will fulfill this task with all my powers until the end of my term of office. "" When Thomas Kerkhoff made a commitment to the selection committee, we all were enthusiastic, "recalls Lukas Kwiatkowski. "Therefore, we also unanimously recommend to all Bocholt CDU members, Thomas Kerkhoff, to nominate as Mayor candidate at the beginning of next year. We are sure that he is the ideal mayor for all Bocholter and Bocholter and determined to win with him the choice, "concludes Kwiatkowski. To Person Thomas Kerkhoff: Thomas Kerkhoff 1981 was born in Borken. His childhood was spent by the 37-year-old in Velen-Ramsdorf. There he joined the CDU and the Junge Union at the age of 18 years. Since then, Kerkhoff has held various political offices. Among other things, he is an associate member of the CDU state executive committee North Rhine -Westphalia and vice chairman of the CDU in the district Borken.Kerkhoff 2002 began his professional career with an education at the city of Bocholt. At the same time he began his studies in administrative sciences. During this time, Kerkhoff already got to know the processes in the Bocholt administration and appreciated the city. After completing his studies and studying as a graduate in administrative economics, Kerkhoff moved to Münster to start his law studies there. This he joined 2010 with the 1. Legal State Exam. Already 2012 followed the 2. State Law Examination and Kerkhoff began his work as a lawyer. At the same time he completed another study with the master of administrative science. He eventually joined 2015 as CDU mayor candidate in Gescher. With an outstanding result of 71,8 percent, the Gescheraner elected him as mayor, which office he has since dressed. Thomas Kerkhoff is married and lives together with his wife in Gescher. [...]

FDP parliamentary group on city planning: politics and administration risk the future of Bocholt

The Bocholt FDP faction accuses the administration and politicians of slowing down inner-city development and putting the future on the line Bocholt. "There is no lack of concepts, lack of determination, lack of momentum, not always talking and worrying, but finally tackling and acting, we now have 2019 and time is running out," said the Liberal Group spokesman Burkard Henneken, in a press release. For years, one discusses the attractiveness of the city center and a concept jagedas next. In the urban development concept 2006, one spoke of various leading projects such as "resting oases" in the city center and play areas for children in the pedestrian zone. In May 2012 is in the context of ExWoSt even the term "Viagra for the city center". In the Future Forum in May 2013 there were ten development goals to strengthen the city center. 2015 then came the "integrated action concept for downtown Bocholt" with great ideas, phrases and plans. Already 2016 was requested a mobility concept. Meanwhile, Bocholt is future city. This was followed by the area management 2.0. However, it does not happen, according to Henneken "Individual measures must finally be implemented in order to make up for the failures of the last few years, step by step. An overall concept, as the past shows, will never be feasible, "he said. [...]

Exhibition "Johanna Reiss - Life to tell about it"

Borken County .. "Johanna Reiss - Life to tell about it" - this is the title of the exhibition in the Borkener Kreishaus, which was opened now and now up to the 29. May 2019 can be seen. Documented is the moving fate of a Jewish girl in Germany during the 2. World War II occupied Netherlands. For almost three years, the young Winterswijkerin - her name was Annie de Leeuw - had to "go underground" during the war in order to survive the period of the persecution of the Jews. Her sister Sini and her hid with the help of brave people until the liberation of the Netherlands 1945 on a farm in Usselo near Enschede. A converted closet served as an emergency hiding place in the house. A true-to-original replica is shown in the district house, so that the visitors can literally understand the distress the children were in at that time. Johanna Reiss has put together the exhibition - including photos, documents and an interview film - together with the "Kolle Kaal Förderverein" and the "Vereniging Het Museum". Ansgar Hörster, Borken's Mayor Mechtild Schulze Hessing, Sixtina Harris (from "Kolle Kaal") and Winterswijk's Assistant Wim Aaldering made clear at the opening ceremony how important the message of today's 87-year-old, New York-based Johanna Reiss is today. As an eyewitness, she is committed to remembering the terrible time of National Socialism, the 2. World War and the persecution of the Jews as a reminder for future generations to keep alive. Despite her own fate, she is passionately committed to tolerance. At information events in schools, she always encourages young people to never hate others. In this regard, Hörster pointed to recent alarming crime statistics, which indicate an increase in 20 percent of anti-Semitic crimes. Assistant Aaldering praised the courage of the Dutch peasant family, who had hidden the two Jewish girls, although at the time threatened severe penalties.The exhibition can be seen during the opening hours of the district administration: Mondays to Wednesdays from 8 to 16 clock, Thursdays from 8 to 18 clock and on Fridays from 8 to 12.30 pm. Guided tours are available on request, especially for school classes (registration under Tel. 02861 / 61523 or by mail to info@kolle-kaal-foerderverein.de). 13 classes have already registered. For background: Johanna Reiss emigrated to the United States after the Second World War. 1972 debuted as a writer with the book "The Upstairs Room". In it she describes the dark period of her youth. The work became an international bestseller and appeared in dozens of countries in translation. In the Netherlands alone, more than 80.000 copies were sold with the title "De schuilplaats". In Germany it says "And in the window of the sky". 2016 awarded Johanna Reiss the honorary medal of the municipality of Winterswijk because of her special significance for the city. Since 1997, Sixtina Harris (formerly Vreden, today Borken) organizes excursions for German pupils to Winterswijk. Winterswijk's search for clues from the book by Johanna Reiss deeply impresses the youth. The visit to the Achterhoek community is part of a comprehensive classroom package that includes the 2004 a. a. founded by Sixtina Harris Stichting "Vrienden van Kolle Kaal" has developed for teaching. The Stichting maintains many contacts with associations, organizations and German authorities. She organizes the annual readings of Johanna Reiss in Germany and sometimes also in the Netherlands. 2012 received the Stichting a special recognition from the Federal Agency for Civic Education in the competition "Active for Democracy and Tolerance 2012". 2017 got Sixtina Harris the "Naoberpreis" of the city Winterswijk. It is awarded by the local council to persons, organizations or associations who have made a significant contribution to the improvement of relations between Winterswijk and its neighboring German communities. Johanna Reiss and Sixtina Harris are then 2018 for their services to the memory culture of the Dutch king knights in the Order appointed by Oranje-Nassau. [...]

Drivers were under the influence of drugs

Police officers checked an 20.05-year-old motorist on Wednesday evening against 42 clock on the high field road. When checking the driving ability, there were indications of possible drug use by the driver. The officials prohibited the onward journey and initiated a fine procedure. A doctor took a blood sample from the man to prove the drug use exactly. [...]

Foundation festival in songs with curling tournament

Foundation Festival in Songs with Curling Tournament It's that time again: The DJK Lieder invites you to the 18.05.19 for the annual foundation festival in the Liederner Saal (Am Hagelkreuz 1) next Saturday. To 14.30 clock is started with coffee and cake, place settings should be brought please. The Liedener and loaded marching bands accompany the afternoon musically, first each club for themselves and later with a joint appearance. In the further course, the individual sports departments of the DJK present themselves with different performances. For the little visitors there is a bouncy castle as well as a variety of game options. Also in the evening is well taken care of the physical well-being. The grill master offers various delicacies. With music from the DJ console we would like to spend the evening in convivial round. From about 19: 00 clock, it is important to win or defend the cup at the Curling tournament. All neighborhoods, clubs, clubs and other teams in the community can join in, which can provide a powerful force of 4-6 persons. The registration can be done by the DJK-board personally or by mail (info@djk-liedern.de). The winning team beckons as a great win a big barbecue basket. But the second and third placed do not go blank! Further information is provided on the homepage djk-liedern.de. [...]

24.05.19 day of the neighbors on the Münsterstraße

Throughout Germany, on Friday, the 24.05. celebrated the day of the neighbors. Also in Bocholt a neighborhood party takes place. Where? In the courtyard of Münsterstrasse 23 neighbors can meet to get to know each other and to spend the day together. Start is from 15: 00 clock with coffee and cake. In the early evening, the grill will be lit. Further information can be seen from the outside on the information board at the meeting room / district office of the Caritas Association in Münsterstraße 23a. You can also call Manuel Loeker on the phone number 2513-1208. The idea of ​​the neighbors' day comes from the "European Neighbor's Day" and is from the next door. de Foundation in Germany. The Day of the Neighbors and the district development of the Caritas Association are supported by the German Television Lottery. Www.caritas-bocholt.de/tagdernachbarn<www.caritas-bocholt.de/tagdernachbarn>Sincerely, Simone ZingelReference to the BoardCaritasverbandfor the Deanery Bocholt eVCaritasCentrum, Nordwall 44 - 4646399 BocholtEmail: Simone.Zingel@caritas-bocholt.de <mailto: Simone.Zingel@caritas-bocholt.de> Phone: 02871 / 2513-1112Fax: 02871 / 2513-2000 [...]

Lou Dynia opens "Aasee Sunsets"

Lou Dynia has now opened the "Aasee Sunsets" 2019. This is a new musical series created by the restaurateur Philip Traber as operator of the Bocholter Strandcafé. Numerous visitors came to the premiere this year. In addition to established musicians such as Django Flint, Stefan Paßerschroer and Marco Laudert, newcomers such as Rina (Sabrina Grundke) or Emma Stappenbeck will play in the Aasee bathing bay.Foto: Rolf Boesveld [...]

IBENA textile works cooperate with Gesamtschule Rhede

The comprehensive school (GESA) Rhede and the IBENA Textilwerke GmbH are official cooperation partners in the project "Partnership School-Operation" of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Nord Westfalen. Company and school representatives signed an agreement yesterday (14, May). This increases the number of cooperations in the Borken district on 110. For the comprehensive school Rhede it is the seventh partnership with a company in the IHK initiative. The main objective of the IHK project is to support the students in their career orientation as well as the companies in securing the next generation of skilled workers. "The key to success is getting to know each other personally: The students recognize their interests and the company finds talents that it pays to promote, even if the certificate says something different at first glance," explains IHK project co-worker Melanie Vennemann IBENA textile factories go back to the year 1826. Today, the brand name not only stands for high-quality home textiles, but also for technical textiles and special fabrics. The innovative products from Rhede are used, for example, for the production of protective clothing, in the automotive industry or as digital printing fabrics. The company invites GESA Rhede students and teachers to visit the factory to gain an insight into the working and production methods of the company Present training offer. In internships, students can deepen their experience. In addition, IBENA employees support senior high school students in their specialist work. IBENA finance attorney Roland Knoblich underlines the need to leave no talents undetected in view of the palpable shortage of skilled workers: "In order to develop our company sustainably, we must approach the young people offensively and again and again Discovering, training and promoting motivated young people "This is the only way a company can remain competitive," explains Knoblich. School principal Achim Schäffer is pleased that the cooperation between GESA Rhede and IBENA will continue a successful partnership seamlessly. The now-defunct junior high school Rhede had already worked together with the IBENA textile factories on vocational orientation. "The school is gaining another strong local partner and can thus further increase the spectrum of their career choice preparation", says Schäffer.Source: IHKFoto: (left to right) Plant manager Rainer Jägering, headmaster Achim Schäffer, IHK project employee Melanie Vennemann, financial adviser Roland Knoblich and studies - and Career Choice Coordinator Norbert Schmidt want to make it easier for students to find a job. [...]

Homberger license drama: 1. FC Bocholt could move up into the regional league

League Leader VfB Homberg has to tremble for his Regionalliga license. This is reported by Radio Duisburg and the magazine RevierSport. Reason: The stadium of the already established champion is not suitable for next higher class. If it stayed that way, the 1 could. FC Bocholt benefit from it. Since the Oberliga Second SF Baumberg has not applied for a license, the black and white would move up as third. According to RevierSport, this is not an issue for coach Jara. "" For a fair, sportsmanship point of view, we do not worry about it, "he quoted the magazine. The PCC Stadium of VfB Homberg has no separate guest block and two inputs and outputs. To create both in time, you have to invest up to 150.000 Euro. According to club information, one is in talks with the city of Duisburg. So far, however, the financing has not yet been approved. Therefore, the club must continue to tremble. However, he firmly believes that financing and reconstruction will take place in good time. [...]