County Council calls for participation in the election to the European Parliament

Borken County. "The district Borken chooses Europe" - with this slogan call the members of the Borkener circle day with district administrator Dr. med. Kai Zwicker at the top to participate in the election to the European Parliament on the 26. May 2019 on. "Just how important Europe is for Westmünsterland is already being discussed with regard to the friendly cross-border connections and [...]

Young people are involved in the newly founded Youth Red Cross Bocholt

Bocholt. "We are very happy that we can launch our newly founded youth organization - the youth red cross in the city association Bocholt - in the DRK center on the Goerdelerstraße." Thus commented the board of the DRK city association the JRK establishment. Under the direction of Ole Jörn Hanke, member of the JRK district leadership, members of the new youth dead center community met on Wednesday evening for the so-called local conference. [...]

Bocholter CDU puts 2020 on the mayor of Gescher

Thomas Kerkhoff is to become a candidate of the CDU Bocholt for the mayoral election 2020. The search committee called in by the city council committee came to this conclusion after thorough consultation. The 37-year-old administrative lawyer is currently mayor of the city of Gescher. "We are very pleased that with Thomas Kerkhoff we inspire a likeable, young and at the same time experienced mayor candidate for Bocholt [...]

Exhibition "Johanna Reiss - Life to tell about it"

Kreis Borken .. "Johanna Reiss - Leben, to tell about it" - this is the title of the exhibition in the Borkener Kreishaus, which was opened now and now up to the 29. May 2019 can be seen. Documented is the moving fate of a Jewish girl in Germany during the 2. World War II occupied Netherlands. Almost three years [...]

Drivers were under the influence of drugs

Police officers checked an 20.05-year-old motorist on Wednesday evening against 42 clock on the high field road. When checking the driving ability, there were indications of possible drug use by the driver. The officials prohibited the onward journey and initiated a fine procedure. A doctor took a blood sample from the man to prove the drug use exactly.

Foundation festival in songs with curling tournament

Foundation Festival in Songs with Curling Tournament It's that time again: The DJK Lieder invites you to the 18.05.19 for the annual foundation festival in the Liederner Saal (Am Hagelkreuz 1) next Saturday. To 14.30 clock is started with coffee and cake, place settings should be brought please. The Liedener and loaded Spielmannszüge accompany the afternoon musically, first each club for themselves and later with [...]

24.05.19 day of the neighbors on the Münsterstraße

Throughout Germany, on Friday, the 24.05. celebrated the day of the neighbors. Also in Bocholt a neighborhood party takes place. Where? In the courtyard of Münsterstrasse 23 neighbors can meet to get to know each other and to spend the day together. Start is from 15: 00 clock with coffee and cake. At the early […]

Lou Dynia opens "Aasee Sunsets"

Lou Dynia has now opened the "Aasee Sunsets" 2019. This is a new musical series created by the restaurateur Philip Traber as operator of the Bocholter Strandcafé. Numerous visitors came to the premiere this year. In addition to established musicians such as Django Flint, Stefan Paßerschroer and Marco Laudert, this series [...]

IBENA textile works cooperate with Gesamtschule Rhede

The comprehensive school (GESA) Rhede and the IBENA Textilwerke GmbH are official cooperation partners in the project "Partnership School-Operation" of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Nord Westfalen. Company and school representatives signed an agreement yesterday (14, May). This increases the number of cooperations in the Borken district on 110. For the comprehensive school Rhede it is the seventh partnership [...]

Homberger license drama: 1. FC Bocholt could move up into the regional league

League Leader VfB Homberg has to tremble for his Regionalliga license. This is reported by Radio Duisburg and the magazine RevierSport. Reason: The stadium of the already established champion is not suitable for next higher class. If it stayed that way, the 1 could. FC Bocholt benefit from it. Since the Oberliga Second SF Baumberg has not applied for a license, the black and white would move up as third. [...]