Greens present their priority and strike list for Bocholt

The Group of the Greens has presented a list of priorities for future financial discussions in the Council. Accordingly, the following projects are at the top: - Creation of emergency-powered contact points for the population in case of disaster (500 000 Euro), because the city should be optimally prepared.- Tree environment improvement (450 000 Euro), because each tree counteracts climate change and provides better air as well as cooler temperatures.- Thorough renewal of bike paths (700 000). Modern mobility promotes pedestrian and bicycle traffic, so money for these methods of transportation is always well spent, as pedestrian and bicycle traffic does not cause any harmful emissions and, in addition, promotes good health. - Downtown development. Here it takes several million to increase the attractiveness of the city center (Stadtgarten / beer garden), free electric shuttle buses, as reduction of individual motorized traffic ... - Kunstrasenplatz Borussia (800 000 Euro), because it is fair, after all, the other clubs Modernization City Museum (4 000 000), because in times of globalization, the Bocholt Museum of Local History is a tangible memory of our city.- Provisional Mensa Mariengymnasium (380 000 Euro). The preferred by the school management pavilion solution in front of the school is also in the Greens consent. However, we would increase the cost approach as a precaution to 500 000 Euro, because construction times are usually not respected ... In addition, the Greens have put together a savings list: - Westring II -3. 700 000 Euro Nordring I (Node to Hemdener Weg) -3. 810 000 Euro Westring IV -3. 590 000 Euro-Nordring I (Hemdener Weg -Adenauer Allee) 4.190 000 Euro- shift Diepenbrockschule to KnufstraßeThe so "saved" over 25 millions of euros should be better invested in the view of the Greens in a good school equipment. The expansion of cycle paths, green phases at traffic lights for cyclists, a bicycle zone in the city center analogous to the bicycle lanes. as well as a better-developed local public transport could be invested more meaningful, it says in the letter to treasurer Kai Elskamp. [...]

Schwanenstraße half-closed

Bocholt (PID). Due to the urgent elimination of a channel disturbance, the Schwanenstraße must first be half-closed at the height of the house number 106 and later at the level of the house number 103a. The blockages start on Monday, 20. May 2019, and are due Friday, 14. June 2019, be finished. [...]

Final spurt for CITY TRADES 2019 in the district of Borken

Borken County. Now it's time again: pedal vigorously! The CITY TRADING 2019 goes in the district Borken so to speak in the last round. The three-week promotion period ends on Tuesday, 21. May. "Until then, all participants will be able to collect many more miles over the weekend: no matter whether during leisure time or on routes for errands or on the way to work". Kai Zwicker and Bernhard Sieverding, responsible for the project at the district of Borken. So far, around 630.000 Radel kilometers have already been registered - this puts the Borken district at the top of the participating municipalities and districts. "Of course we want to keep it!", They say. "But in many other circles and cities, the action is still to come." Last year, the circle ultimately came to about 1,2 million kilometers and thus rank 1 in its category (100.000 to 499.000 inhabitants). So call those responsible in the circle again all cyclists and mitzuradeln and einzutragen.Wer would like to participate, it does not have to prepare much for it: It is enough to register online on the Internet portal With Ahaus, Borken, Gescher, Gronau, Heek, Heiden, Legden, Reken, Schöppingen, Stadtlohn, Velen and Vreden 2019 are twelve municipalities from the Borken district. Citizens of these municipalities can therefore collect kilometers for their hometowns, all others drive on the "Kreis-Borken-Ticket". Currently, Stadtlohn is the most active municipality with a district area with 125.000 erradelten kilometers. This is followed by Reken with 123.000 kilometers and Borken and Ahaus with around 75.000. Gronau and Vreden are in the range 54.000 resp. 49.000 kilometers. Heiden, Legden, Gescher and Velen range from 20.000 to 31.000 kilometers. Heek and Schöppingen are on 9.400 respectively 5.500 km. However, the values ​​are only snapshots - many participants have not yet registered their erradelten kilometers. "It can still move a lot," says Sieverding.Dabei it does not matter whether the way to work by bike is covered or the bike tour is entered to the ice cream parlor or relatives. "Everyone can participate - from the kindergarten child to the senior", stresses Bernhard Sieverding. Counting kilometers to the 21. May - who has registered during the promotion period, but can also in the following seven days (until the 28. May) add miles to the personal online calendar. Anyone who does not belong to a team can sign up for the "Open Team". Background information: CITY TRIPS is a campaign of the "Climate Alliance" in which 27 European countries, through 1.700, support cities, communities and counties to protect the global climate have joined together. In Germany alone, hundreds of thousands of citizens, including many local policy-makers, will be cycling three weeks in a row at 2019 in May. Together, they will collect cycle kilometers for "a good climate" and for increased bicycle traffic promotion in their respective home communities. The most cyclically active municipalities nationwide as well as the most industrious teams and cyclists on site will be identified. [...]

SPD lays down in terms of free bus driving again

In an application for the next council meeting, the Bocholt-based SPD parliamentary group demands that the buses of StadtBus GmbH can be used free of charge at the beginning of the coming school year as part of school events or the "Open all-day primary school", so-called "extra-curricular learning locations" easily and safely to reach. Young people should be able to access educational offers such as the craft museum, the city museum, the LWL industrial museum, the young university and the theater in the stage house easily and safely and without a lot of bureaucratic effort. In addition, students should get to know public transport as an attractive alternative to individual transport. [...]

A qualified candidate with a problem

A comment by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThomas Kerkhoff is a qualified mayoral candidate. There is no doubt about that. He is young and yet experienced, administrative lawyer, CDU member and has a little Bocholt Town Hall stall smell. All right, you should think. The 37 year old has only one problem: credibility. If you vote mayor in a city like Gescher with almost 72 percent of the votes, you do not just go after just five years just because another municipality is making a better offer. One wonders what 2025 will be? Will Kerkhoff then follow the call of an even bigger city and break off his tents on the Aa? In a video exclusive interview with Made in Bocholt, Kerkhoff has made a sober statement. A mayor is elected for five years. After that, his voters as well as the candidate might think differently, he said. Incidentally, the arguments he made in Gescher four years ago are strikingly similar to those he now uses in and for Bocholt. In this respect, the native Ramsdorfer will have to accept the accusation, first of all only to have one's own career in mind. That's his biggest point of attack. However, this is not to be underestimated in a grassroots democrat personality election. We are right in the middle of the local election campaign. The other parties in Bocholt will now have to think carefully about what they are doing. If they seriously want to prevent a CDU superiority, they will have to band together welfare or evil. For the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has abolished the runoff election under the leadership of the Union. New mayor will 2020 therefore, who receives the most votes in the first round, even if it should be only weak 26 percent or even less. Each additional opponent thus weakens the other side. Two of them have already positioned themselves in Bocholt. There is Frank Büning on the one hand. He would have been a truly serious candidate if he had not made the political mistake of making the capital mistake of switching from the booming Greens to the left-wingers that were unacceptable to most Bocholders. Peter Wiegel (SPD), on the other hand, is so weak that at the moment he does not even seem to have the majority of his party, which is already experiencing extreme election deficit, behind him. But as Emperor Franz Beckenbauer always says: "Take a look ...". It can be exciting - or not. [...]

Burglary in company building

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Friday burglars on the street at Gut Baarking opened a window of a company building and penetrated into the building. Several rooms were searched and a cashbox was stolen. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Burglary into business fails

Bocholt (ots) - In the night of Friday intruders tried in vain to break into a shop on the Münsterstraße. The window was damaged considerably, but could not be opened by the offender. The crime scene is located on the section between Rheder Straße and Schwartzstraße. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871-2990). [...]

City administration team at the "Mud Masters" run in Weeze

Bocholt (PID). "Super event, great planning, great atmosphere" - The verdict of the employees of the city of Bocholt, who participated in the Mud Masters obstacle course in Weeze this weekend, was unanimous. In overcoming the obstacles, they demonstrated their fitness and team spirit and finally reached the finish together. Since February, employees have been meeting each other on Tuesday evening at Aasee to prepare for the obstacle course together. Team spirit was also in the foreground of the race itself: "Everyone, even if you had few or no contact points in their professional lives so far, encouraged and supported each other", says Nico Thebingbuss, apprentice at the city of Bocholt. The obstacles were sometimes a big challenge, but in the team you have everything done, summarizes Jule Vöcking, also apprentices at the city of Bocholt, the day together. Together, the participants are planning another participation in the Mud Masters in September. [...]

Cyclist after accident in the hospital

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday, an 11-year-old cyclist wanted to cross the Mühlenweg coming from the parking lot of the company Elsinghorst. This resulted in a collision with the car of a 32-year-old Bocholters, who had driven the mill path coming from the direction Dingdener road. The injured boy was taken to the hospital by the emergency medical service and hospitalized there. [...]

Burglary in doctor's office

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Thursday there was a break in a doctor's office on Liebfrauenplatz, in which several cabinets were searched. Whether something was stolen was not certain at the time the ad was taken. In any case, the perpetrators had caused damage in the amount of about 1.000 Euro. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Burglar fails

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Friday, a burglar attempted to use 03.00 clock to forcefully open the door of a shop on the ground floor from the hallway of a residential building on Roon Street. He did not manage to break open the steel door. Witnesses had observed the culprit, who fled towards Moltkestraße. Person description: approx. 180 cm large, presumably of southern origin, masked, wearing a hooded sweater with partly orange sleeves. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Accident flight in underground car park

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday, a white 1er BMW was damaged in the underground garage of the shopping arcades. The accident time is between 09: 15 and 12: 15 clock. Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 1.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are requested to contact the Transport Commission in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

22.000 Euro for European youth camp "Sounds of Bocholt"

Bocholt (EUBOH). The city Bocholt organizes from the 14. until the 20. July 2019 again a European Youth Camp under the motto "That's how Europe sounds: Sounds of Bocholt" in the local Europe House. The First City Council Thomas Waschki was now able to accept the grant decision of "ERASMUS + YOUTH IN ACTION". The European program promotes this youth encounter with 22.000 Euro. The city of Bocholt is still looking for interested Bocholter young people for this camp. Young people aged 14 to 17 years can be by email to by the partnership officer of the city Bocholt, Petra Taubach to 16. June to promote 2019. If more applications than possible, the lot decides. Petra Taubach also answers questions about the camp at Tel. 02871 2522-22 "Noise Hunt" in BocholtIn this year the theme "That's how Europe sounds - Sounds of Bocholt!" Was selected for the European Youth Camp by the City of Bocholt and the LWL TextilWerk. Background is the currently popular with young people "noise hunting", a kind of sound city rally, which they can easily make with the Smartphone.Ein another reason lies in the concern of the LWL TextilWerk Bocholt, the started there EU project "Sounds of Changes" to supplement the participation of young people from different European countries. "We open up an even greater variety of noises, because young Menshen sounds often perceive differently," said the organizers of the European youth camps.Participants have the opportunity to get an insight into the museum process and the archiving of everyday things in this project , They learn from the example of the European city of Bocholt, and they also have the task in their home countries to see how diverse Europe can sound. The project also gives them the opportunity to expand their intercultural, technical and language skills. The tasks for the adolescents are carried out in mixed national groups. The camp language is English. The content of the camp is also supported by the Europe direct Information Center Bocholt. Fun on sounding Europe Overall, the current project aims to make young people happy by collecting sounds in various European countries. The Youth Camp aims to contribute to preserving the future of Europe through the collection and archiving of sounds in diversity and to preserve them for future use. "The hope is that with this project, the young people have fun in a free, tolerant and sounding Europe, want to shape it and like to live and work across borders," the organizers continue. Networking is in the foreground Next to the recording and cutting tasks the young Europeans get to know team building in the climbing garden, Inselbad "BAHIA" or around the Europa-Haus Bocholt. The young people come from the twin towns of Bocholt (Belgium), Aurillac / Arpajon-sur-Cère (France), Akmene (Lithuania) and the neighboring Netherlands. In addition, young refugees living in Bocholt will attend this year's youth camp. "With this project, we not only want to bring young Europeans together through a common task, but also network the cultural organizations, institutions and cities involved," says Bocholt's partner commissioner Petra Taubach. [...]

Songs by Ed Sheeran and Lana del Ray on the vocal podium of the music school Bocholt:

Bocholt (PID). On Sunday, 2. June 2019, a podium for singing takes place at 17 in the “Alte Molkerei” (Wertherstrasse. 16). Young people interpret well-known songs here. Entry is at 16: 30 o'clock. Admission is free; the singing podium of the Bocholt Music School takes place twice a year under the direction of singing teacher Christa Warnke. Songs and songs from class are brought on stage. A large part of the program is organized by the youth choir “Young Voices”. Behind it are 15 singing enthusiasts. New songs in her repertoire include the swinging "Everything" by Michael Bublé and "Believer" by Imagine Dragons, which describes the hard fight against a serious illness. Also on the program is Sam Smith's “Too good at goodbyes” and some songs from the old repertoire. The Twins, two pairs of twins Jule and Merle Biermann, as well as Lianne and Linnea Bennemann, are with Ed Sheerans “Photograph” and Lana del Rey “Video Games ”. Josefine Müller and Mila ter Horst have ventured to the song “A thousand years” by Christina Aquilera and interpret it in their touching way. With Marcel Theißen and Joost Feddersen, who will be back after a stay abroad, other soloists will shape the afternoon with “How to save a life” by The Fray, Julian Schmittjes interprets Allan Walkers “All falls down”. ”The visitors can look forward to a varied afternoon that will make you want to sing, ”warned singing teacher Warnke at the event. “The podium will certainly be exciting and all visitors will go home humming with joy.” […]