Administrative templates for the citizens' applications of the social list Bocholt not really justified: Opportunities for "public transport day with car-free city center" are good

Social list Bocholt: Administrative submissions to the citizen requests highly questionableChancen for "public transport day with car-free city center" stand wellBis on the request for "public transport day with car-free city center", which is to be put back first still, wants the city administration that the committee for suggestions and complaints all citizens' applications of the voters community Social list Bocholt refuses. This is evident from the templates for the respective applications, which can be viewed since Friday in the Council of the City of Bocholt. Council meetings must be transparent According to the Council meetings will not be transmitted live on the Internet in the future. Rainer Sauer (Chairman) is astonished by the rejection recommendation: "Those who are in favor of public participation and transparency must also offer citizens the opportunity to allow them access to the Council sessions so that they can themselves pursue debates and votes on local political issues , The chairs in the visitor's gallery are mostly empty. In social media, however, "hot" council decisions are often discussed. This alone shows that there is interest, but the way to the Council meetings in the city hall is perceived only slightly for different reasons. Bocholt is thus one of the few municipalities that leaves its citizens out. That's in 21. Century is not exactly progressive and an indictment in terms of democracy. "Property tax B simply freeze also a home exchange to exchange" large for small apartments "or vice versa, and freezing the property tax B for the next 20 years recommends the administration reject. For curiosities the social list also some reasons of administration. For example, the freezing of property tax B would be neither budgetary nor permissible and non-binding. Rainer Sauer countered: "However, if one looks at the decision on the brewing house, the Council has decided here a brewhouse subsidy, which should be paid for at least twenty years. Why should the property tax B in reverse then not be frozen by Council decision over several years as well. That smells almost after tax increase, in any case can be assumed that after the local election 2020 the property tax in the future could be further changed upwards. The impact would be fatal for owners and tenants and would also further reduce purchasing power. "Cheap city bus rides good for climate protectionFor the required one-euro ticket for trips by city bus supposedly formal reasons against it, to the extent that the Council for not should be responsible. Completely absurdly the voters community finds the opinion of the administration to: "Everyone talks about mobility and climate protection, which could be improved by cheaper trips with the city bus, but in the implementation is pinched." And: For the planned catering on the Aasee there should be no tender give. "This kind of procedure is impossible, because this is public land and an equal opportunity for competitors is excluded from the outset," Rainer Sauer mocked about the way to proceed here in the back room.Neue gastronomy on the Aasee yes, planned location noIn addition, the administration states in its recommendation that the new food court should be built opposite the Textile Museum on Uhlandstraße (Ufertreppe, west bank). The Social List, on the other hand, states: "This would make the view of the Aasee only limited or even impossible, and that is completely unacceptable. This would not be an appreciation for Bocholt, but rather a significant limitation of the view of the Aasee. After all, the town planners of the time planned this area so deliberately. "The Social List had admitted the request for an event gastronomy itself to the Council, which was then unanimously approved by the Council. "However, it must not be so that the administration can now go over everything," emphasizes Rainer Sauer.Gute prospects for "public transport day" has a chance, however, the citizens' application "public transport day with car-free city center." This application should be adjourned first. In the administrative bill it says: "The realization of a car-free city center on the public transport day brings with it traffic law problems, which must be planned accordingly and checked for concrete feasibility. The results of the mobility concept should therefore be awaited before deciding on the application. If you decide on a public transport day in the year 2020 in the context of the conclusion of the mobility concept, from the point of view of the administration in coordination with the StadtBus GmbH the 22. September, since 2000 has had this car-free day throughout the EU. Around this day, further actions around the car-free mobility would offer. "In addition, the social list is pleased, even on the date, although they date as the 6. June 2020 has suggested.For a social, family-friendly and mobile BocholtThe citizen applications of the Social List Bocholt be in the public meeting of the Committee for suggestions and complaints at the 28. May at 17 clock in the townhouse, Berliner Platz 1, treated. "We will try to ensure that the committee members of the Councils vote in favor of our motions. Because they are a real chance to make Bocholt more social, family-friendly and mobile, "reads the statement in the social list.Foto (left to right) Monika Laumann, Norbert Brandes, Bärbel Sauer, Torsten Wollberg and Anita Lohberg at a public consultation campaign in the Bocholter Downtown. [...]