Pascale Talarski joins the 1. FC Bocholt

The 1. FC Bocholt has presented the next external access for the coming season: From league rivals SSVg Velbert comes Pascale Talarski. The 25-year-old attacking midfielder signed on Hünting a contract until the 30.06.2021.Ausgebildet was the offensive player in the Bundesliga youth of the MSV Duisburg. He then played for Rot-Weiß Oberhausen, the U23 of FC Schalke 04 and the KFC Uerdingen in the Regionalliga West. His statistically best playing time completed the mid-twenties 2016 / 17 for the KFC, when he scored 16 goals and thus had a significant role in the rise of Uerdinger. In the current season, Talarski has scored seven goals in 29 games for SSVg and prepared 15 hits. Maik Welling, Sporting Director of 1. FC Bocholt says about the transfer: "We are very happy to have such an experienced player for the 1. Head coach Manuel Jara is also very pleased: "Pascale can hold all positions in midfield, but should primarily revive our offensive game. He is one of the key players we have been looking for to guide and advance the numerous young players with his experience and quality. "[...]

Lantern started and fled

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday morning, a previously unknown driver damaged a lantern on the Schaffeldstraße between 11 and 12. The result was property damage amounting to about 4.000 Euro. The polluter had left without fulfilling his duties. The police asked witnesses to report to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

Office burglary on the lilac way

Bocholt (ots) - Residents of a house on the lilac road heard suspicious noise from the hallway on Saturday night. Even before the informed police arrived, they saw from the window, as against 02.15 clock, a man about 180 centimeters tall with strong stature from the house in the direction Arnikaweg fled. He wore a black hoodie with a white stripe, dark trousers, and dark shoes. In his hands he held a crowbar and a net bag. According to previous findings, the man had previously leveraged an office door in the hallway and stolen cash. Please note to the Kripo in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

Burglary on Prinz-Eugen-Straße

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Saturday invaded previously unknown offenders in an apartment building of an apartment building on Prinz-Eugen-Straße. The perpetrators probably got over the balcony door access to the apartment. While browsing, they opened drawers and cupboards. They captured cash and two mobile phones (iPhone 5 and 7). Please refer to the Kripo in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

Accident exodus on backyard

Bocholt (ots) - On Saturday afternoon, a previously unknown driver damaged a black Mercedes (C-Class). The car had parked in the time of 12: 15 clock to 14.45 clock on a backyard on the Bärendorfstraße. The result was property damage amounting to about 1.500 Euro. The causer had left without fulfilling his duties. The police asks witnesses to report to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0). [...]

Shoplifter pulls out knives and threatens employee

Bocholt (ots) - On Saturday afternoon, a police-acclaimed 20-year-old man from Bocholt, after a shoplift, pulled out a utility knife at a shop on Neutorplatz. An 58-year-old employee had noticed the theft against 15.20 clock, wanted to address the man and want to hold him. The 20 year old broke away and told her to let him go. He pushed the knife in her direction and touched her with the blade, without hurting her. After that he fled with a mountain bike. Police officers could find him in the downtown area and arrest him. [...]

A gem: Bocholt handicraft museum starts again

The day was full of symbolism. Conscious of the 90. The birthday of the recently deceased master joiner Walter Dues has now been reopened after extensive renovations, his life's work, the Handwerksmuseum Bocholt. The well has got a new roof, the watermill is running again, windows and doors have been repaired and repainted. So the unique gem presented itself in a whole new splendor. One of the first well-wishers was Mayor Peter Nebelo. "As early as 2007, the Dues family and Stadtsparkasse Bocholt founded the Bocholt Handcraft Museum Foundation. Their goal and task is to transform the museum into sustainability and to be able to present this unique collection to the public on a permanent basis, "explained Kai Enck in his welcoming address. The topic of finance is a very important aspect. "In addition to the property, the buildings, the unique collection and the capital in the foundation, I especially thank you for the regular, financial support of the city of Bocholt and Kreishandwerkerschaft. One thing is very clear: without this support, the operation of the museum would not be feasible, "continued Enck. But even more important are the people who would fill the museum with life and content in the future. "I'm very glad that we found two people, Gerd Kempkes and Florian Sauret, who will be responsible for managing and managing the museum in the future," explained Kai Enck. In the future, there can and must be a lot going on in the museum. Not all plans could be realized until reopening. That would take the participants step by step, they said. Among other things, the museum establishes itself as an interactive museum. Children can forge iron here, weave baskets, turn ropes, bake bread and much more. For many birthday parties, the craft museum is therefore already a good address. From now on, the museum is open again Thursdays from 15 to 18 pm and Sundays from 14 to 18 pm. More information can be found on the also completely renovated website [...]

Wollstegge locked

Bocholt (PID). The Wollstegge will be in the time of Monday, 20. May 2019, until expected 2. August 2019 between the Thonhausenstraße and the road "Zur Eisenhütte" in sections fully closed. There are cables laid. A diversion is not reported because of the pure local traffic. The cycle path along the road "Zur Eisenhütte" will be closed in full. Cyclists will be directed onto the road in this area, so Tempo 30 is the place to go. Pedestrians can pass the construction site. Drivers are asked to navigate the area carefully. [...]