Foundation festival in songs with curling tournament

Last Saturday, the 18.05.2019, the annual foundation festival of DJK songs was celebrated in Liedener Vereinsheim am Hagelkreuz. The celebrations started traditionally with coffee and cake, while for the little visitors face painting and a bouncy castle as well as various play options were available. After welcoming the guests, honorary member Klemens Giesing and honorary chairman Josef Tekloth, [...]

When looking for professionals: "New media, new opportunities"

Skills shortage becomes a threatening problem for many companies. Orders remain lying. Customers need to be put off. That creates frustration on both sides. All the more important is the topic of employee recruitment. "Companies have been very focused on process and profit optimization in the past. Today you have to focus on your team, and that falls to many, especially [...]

Parking car damaged

Bocholt (ots) - A damage in the amount of about 1.100 Euro has left an unknown on Sunday after an accident in Bocholt-Biemenhorst: He damaged between 16.00 clock and 18.00 clock a gray Volvo, which had been at the Heinrich Vennekamp way. The polluter left without having fulfilled his legal duties. The police asks for clues [...]

Squad planning at resurrection 1. FC Bocholt II progresses

Last Sunday, the reserve of the 1 succeeded. FC Bocholt through a 5: 2 win against the DJK Barlo direct re-emergence in the district league. For some months now, those responsible in the background are working flat out on the squad planning for the 2. Team of the club. From SC 26 Bocholt changes to the new season Mislem Mislemani in the FC reserve. [...]

Drugs at the wheel

Bocholt, Germany (ots) - On Sunday morning, police officers on the Werther Straße inspected an 21-year-old motorist. A drug test was positive for the cannabis drug THC and thus confirmed the suspicion of officials. These brought the case for display and prohibited the onward journey. A doctor took a blood sample from the man to prove the drug use exactly.

CDU demands answers to delayed construction on Dingdener Straße

The renovation of Dingdener Straße is delayed again and again. As the construction works are with considerable hindrance for the adjoining tradesmen and local residents, the CDU fraction Bocholt puts seven questions now to the administration. Among other things, she would like to know when the completion of the currently idle construction phase can be expected and how such delays should be avoided in the future. The group chairman Burkhard Weber [...]

Prayer meeting will be held again

On Monday, 20.5., Our next prayer meeting will take place. It starts at 20 clock in the parish house of the Apostle Church. Prayer is for personal concerns, but also for the concerns that worshipers have placed in the prayer box next to the prayer candles in the back of the apostle church. Anyone can ask prayer requests there after the service and his request will be [...]

TSV Rhinos after two games standings

Last Saturday - with best football weather - TSV Bocholt Rhinos played their second season game in the national league NRW Ost, opponents this time: the Titans from Iserlohn. Despite multiple injury-related failures, the Bocholter managed to build on the performances of the past game against Kleve from one minute to no doubt who the Lord [...]