Foundation festival in songs with curling tournament

Last Saturday, the 18.05.2019, the annual foundation festival of DJK songs was celebrated in Liedener Vereinsheim am Hagelkreuz. The celebrations started traditionally with coffee and cake, while for the little visitors face painting and a bouncy castle as well as various play options were available. After the welcome of the guests, the honorary member Klemens Giesing and the honorary chairman Josef Tekloth by the first chairman Matthias Schmeink followed a varied program of musical contributions and sports performances. The Liedener and loaded minstrels from Werth, Lowick / Feldmark, Mussum and Suderwick made in the change with the club's sports groups for afternoon entertainment. For 25 years membership in the marching band Michael Lensing and Johannes Schmeink were honored this year. Tobias Baumann received a certificate for 20 years. The children's sports groups around Theresa Tepasse and Elisa Willing started the insight into the sporting offer of the DJK. In the further course presented the different equipment and floor gymnastics around Ewald Schmeink, Fritz Small Rüschkamp, ​​Lena Giesing, Marise Schnelting and Maja Piegsa varied performances at the bars, at the rings and with the trampoline. On the grounds now various delicacies from the grill were offered, before the foundation celebration in the evening program with curling tournament passed. With music from the DJ booth, 16 teams fought passionately for the trophy and grill package the winner was allowed to take home. In the end, the veteran footballers won against the shooting club board, which had come under the name "Mach the Hilfert". Third was the defending champion, the Pockenheine women & Friends. At the foundation festival next year, when the DJK Lieder celebrates its 111 anniversary, the DJK would like to point out in advance. The party is celebrated on the 27.06.2020. [...]

On the 26. May is European election - District Administrator Kai Zwicker calls for election:

Borken County. On the 26. In May, the European Parliament will be re-elected. District Administrator Kai Zwicker calls all eligible citizens in Borken county to exercise their right to vote and to vote: "Participation in free and democratic elections is a great asset that our ancestors had to fight hard," he says. It would be no great effort to vote, but it has great impact on the future development of Europe, our Federal Republic and thus also on our region, explains the district administrator. "Especially in the border region, we know how important Europe is in order to continue to guarantee a common cooperation across national borders," he says, emphasizing: "Many questions that are discussed and decided in the European Parliament affect us directly in everyday life. "This includes, for example: How can the economy be boosted? How can energy consumption be reduced? How can we guarantee that our food is safe? Every citizen and every citizen influences who makes these decisions by voting. Therefore, Dr. Zwicker all citizens: "Make use of your right to vote and vote on the 26. May for Europe! "[...]

Man from Bocholt ill with measles - schools of children informed

Bocholt. A man from Bocholt has contracted the measles. Obviously, he got infected during a visit to Eastern Europe. This informs the health department of the district Borken. Measles are a particularly contagious infectious disease. Therefore, the sick person is in the hospital and is treated there. Two of his children attend schools in Bocholt. One of them has comprehensive vaccination coverage. The other has been vaccinated only once, so that only a 95 percent protection could be built. The schools of both children immediately informed the parents of the affected school classes and asked them to check the vaccination protection of their children and to contact in case of doubt contact with the pediatrician or family doctor. To background: Measles are a particularly contagious infectious disease. There is often a difficult course here. In individual cases, the course can even be fatal. Round eight to ten days after infection, there is a high fever, cough, runny nose, inflammation of the nose and throat and the eyes. Only a few days later, the typical rash forms. Patients are already around five days before the onset of rash infectious and then for another four days. The best protection provides the vaccine! Children should be vaccinated twice according to current recommendations. Adults with unclear vaccination status need a vaccine. People who have gone through the measles are usually protected for life. The district health office Borken asks people who have questions about their vaccine protection or their children to contact their family doctor / pediatrician. Of course, the district health office is also willing to provide appropriate advice. If you notice any symptoms that may indicate a measles disease in your or your children, please contact your local pediatrician immediately. It is expressly: Please register because of the risk of infection there only by phone to deny the further procedure! Under no circumstances should someone who has measles symptoms still go to school! Already the suspicion of a measles disease is notifiable by the doctor and / or laboratory. More information about measles can be found on the website of the district Borken under kreis-borken. de / fibers and in six different languages ​​here: [...]

When looking for professionals: "New media, new opportunities"

Skills shortage becomes a threatening problem for many companies. Orders remain lying. Customers need to be put off. That creates frustration on both sides. All the more important is the topic of employee recruitment. "Companies have been very focused on process and profit optimization in the past. Today you have to focus on your team, and that is difficult for many, especially small and medium-sized companies ", explains the Bocholt-based management consultant Stefan Geukes. Added to this is a mostly timid use of new media and possibilities. But it works differently. "For example, we have had very good experiences with the job portal of Made in Bocholt. After print adverts did not resonate, we were thrilled to see how many good online applications have been received within a very short time. From now on, this is an integral part of our personnel recruitment, "reports Simone Zingel, board officer of the Caritas Association for the Deanery Bocholt eVFachkräfte trust professionalsFacially important in the opinion of Stefan Geukes are the right content. "In job advertisements only the bare essentials are included and above all no wischiwaschi. You have to be appealing. Above all, publications reach the target group only where they read it. That's why the Internet, social networks and even events are among the most important acquisition instruments, "says Bocholter. The winner is who lets his own employees speak for themselves. Quotations from the workforce are often more credible than glossy company representations. "A professional staff or career page in the online presence also magnetically attracts professionals, as applicants are the first to inquire on the Internet and read there, what is written about the company. Only then will many make a decision whether to apply there at all. A website with realistic comments from employees is worth gold ", Geukes recommends. Also, the application process itself should be online and barrier-free. "Potential candidates often act quickly and spontaneously. Therefore, the contact with the company by email or mobile phone call should be just a click away. Accordingly, it is important to prepare job offers suitable for smartphones ", adds Berthold Blesenkemper from Made in Bocholt. He creates in the new job portal so-called landing pages, which are loaded quickly and thus guarantee a lower bounce rate. Often a simple initial contact is sufficient. Everything else could be discussed and agreed with the applicants later.Note: Made in Bocholt will in the coming weeks as part of a series intensively deal with the issue of employee and skilled workers. Contact: Berthold BlesenkemperMade in BocholtTel .: 02871 / 9957700Fax : 02871 / 9957701E-Mail: [...]

Parking car damaged

Bocholt (ots) - A damage in the amount of about 1.100 Euro has left an unknown on Sunday after an accident in Bocholt-Biemenhorst: He damaged between 16.00 clock and 18.00 clock a gray Volvo, which had been at the Heinrich Vennekamp way. The polluter left without having fulfilled his legal duties. The police asks for information to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Squad planning at resurrection 1. FC Bocholt II progresses

Last Sunday, the reserve of the 1 succeeded. FC Bocholt through a 5: 2 win against the DJK Barlo direct re-emergence in the district league. For some months now, those responsible in the background are working flat out on the squad planning for the 2. Club of SC 26 Bocholt changes to the new season Mislem Mislemani in the FC reserve. The 22-year-old offensive player already played in the A-youth for the 1. FC Bocholt. The same goes for Lucas Schwanekamp (22), who feels most comfortable in attacking midfield, and from 2011 to 2015 youth player of the 1. FC Bocholt was. He also changes from the district division SC 26 Bocholt back to the Bocholter Hünting. Also Lennart Deppe of A-League Borussia Bocholt returns to his youth club. The 21-year-old defender played from the E-Juniors to the A-Youth at the 1. FC Bocholt. Despite his young age Deppe was one of the top performers of Borussia. "Lucas and Mislem suffered a lot of injury last season but have a lot of footballing potential. They have in the youth of the 1. FC proved, "says FCII coach Nikolay Glouhtchev. "In addition to the athletic quality, the human component is important to us in the squad composition. The players should identify with the club, "said Niko Laukötter, who is part of the working group, which promotes the squad planning of the FC reserve:" This is in the case of our former youth players guaranteed. "Currently in the background talks with numerous other candidates full speed. Glouhtchev emphasizes: "Despite the painful departures to our neighbors, we are confident that we will have a good district league squad for the new season." Some top performers of the current squad have pledged for the new season, as well as the pledges of half a dozen In addition to a retreaded squad, the 1. FC Bocholt also implement a new concept, the importance of the 2. Team within the club will appreciate. "Our reserve is very important for the club structure, which is why we regret the many departures of course," says FC President Ludger Triphaus. "For some months, however, we have been working hard on cadre planning and the development of structural-organizational measures, in order to do so in future in the area of ​​2. To become a professional team ", emphasizes Triphaus. Currently circulating rumors that the 1. FC Bocholt for the new season no 2. Could put a team or would not accept a possible district league ascent, referred Triphaus into the realm of fables: "This is utter nonsense. We will go to the new season with a quantitatively and qualitatively good team in the district league. "- Photo: from left to right: Mislemani, Glouhtchev, Schwanekamp, ​​Deppe [...]

Accident involved was significantly under the influence of alcohol

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Sunday, an 53-year-old cyclist rode against Europe's 04.00 watch. He lost his balance and struck a stationary taxi, resulting in damage worth several hundred euros. Since the cyclist was considerably under the influence of alcohol, the called-in police officers initiated criminal proceedings and prohibited the onward journey. A doctor took a blood sample from the accused person in order to be able to exactly prove the blood alcohol concentration. [...]

Drugs at the wheel

Bocholt, Germany (ots) - On Sunday morning, police officers on the Werther Straße inspected an 21-year-old motorist. A drug test was positive for the cannabis drug THC and thus confirmed the suspicion of officials. These brought the case for display and prohibited the onward journey. A doctor took a blood sample from the man to prove the drug use exactly. [...]

CDU demands answers to delayed construction on Dingdener Straße

The renovation of Dingdener Straße is delayed again and again. As the construction works are with considerable hindrance for the adjoining tradesmen and local residents, the CDU fraction Bocholt puts seven questions now to the administration. Among other things, she would like to know when to expect the completion of the currently idle construction phase and how such delays should be avoided in the future.Der Group Chairman Burkhard Weber said: "Of course, the current renovation of Dingdener road is absolutely necessary because now the Part substantial damage in the street can be eliminated. But we must also remember that the construction work is associated with significant adverse effects for the adjoining traders and residents. Because the use of secret paths and the traffic routing over partially wide diversions are unsatisfactory in the long term. In addition, they mean additional burden on the environment and the economy. ?? The CDU Group Chairman demands:? Delays in construction must therefore be avoided as much as possible! ?? All the more unfortunate is the CDU faction that recently a freeze has occurred, which was evidently caused by the city of Bocholt due to lack of on-time material for the piping of Laaker Bach ??, as Burkhard Weber together with Heinrich Welsing, Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, and Michael Wiesmann, Chairman of the Environment Committee, in the request writes. For this reason, the CDU parliamentary group asks at the next meeting of the Committee for Transport and Economic Development at 23. May be to answer these questions: 1. When were the individual construction phases (ie road construction and water engineering) coordinated among the responsible project managers? 2. Was a common schedule defined and if so, when was the installation of the required special profiles scheduled? 3. When were the plans for crossing the Laaker creek completed? 4. When was the currently stagnant construction phase started? 5. When did it become apparent that the originally planned installation date of the special profile was no longer feasible? Would the beginning of the work on the still existing construction phase still be postponed? 6. When is the completion of the construction phase that is still in standby now to be expected, and where are there further interfaces between Straßen.NRW and the city of Bocholt in this overall construction project? 7. How will such delays be avoided in the future? [...]

Prayer meeting will be held again

On Monday, 20.5., Our next prayer meeting will take place. It begins at 20 in the parish hall of the Apostle Church. Prayer is for personal concerns, but also for the concerns that worshipers have placed in the prayer box next to the prayer candles in the back of the apostle church. Everyone can place prayer requests there after the service and pray for their cause. [...]

Who are our superheroes? - Camp for children of 6-11 years

From the 29. ?? At 30.06.2019 we set up our tents on the church of the apostle church again.With crazy games, exciting super heroes from the Bible, creative crafts and much more, we have a lot of fun in a great community! Invited are all children between 6 and 11 years. Are you in? We look forward to you! Registration form Camp 2019For questions contactJugendreferentin Sandra van Westen02871 / 261466 [...]

Dinxperloes Mayor revokes operating license for Club Déjàvu

On the 19. March 2019 has revoked Dinxperloes Mayor Stapelkamp the operating license of Club Déjàvu on Anholtseweg 49. The operator has not raised any objection or objection. Therefore, the closure is final. The local TV and radio station RTV Slingeland reported. Already two months ago, the mayor invoked the General Statute, which gives him the opportunity to close a restaurant and a bar when public order and security are at stake. Stapelkamp believes that the safety of visitors and staff at Club Déjàvu can not be guaranteed. [...]

TSV Rhinos after two games standings

Last Saturday - with best football weather - TSV Bocholt Rhinos played their second season game in the national league NRW Ost, opponents this time: the Titans from Iserlohn. Despite multiple injury-related failures, the Bocholter managed to build on the performances of the past game against Kleve from the minute one, no doubt who the gentleman is on the court. With only three moves, the rhinos, in the person of Alexander Baranmowski, managed to find their way to the end zone of the guests. The subsequent extra point was transformed by Timo Funke, so that after less than two minutes 07: 00 stood for the home side. The touchdown festival took its place in front of 150 viewers before pausing with an 42: 00 lead. Amazingly positive was the fact that the Bocholter suffered no loss of quality by their failures, although some players played for the first time in a position, or how RB Timo Funke were able to play again after a long injury the first time. In the second half of the game, the home team's coaches began to spin cheerfully to give inexperienced players match practice and prepare for further action. This did not detract from the offense of point scoring, on the contrary: in the last two quarters of the game, the Bocholtern managed to score more 33 points on the scoreboard. The statistic of the game is more than commonplace, for example, the offense has managed to gain over 500 yards room gain. In attack of the team, Alexander Baranowski emerged as an absolute all-rounder. He not only scored two touchdowns, he also caught two more passes from QB Emil Fohrer, so he added 24 points at the end of the game to give his team the home win. It is worth noting that the guests from Iserlohn delivered a very fair game and the players obviously had fun in the game, despite the bitter defeat. An image that is not omnipresent in amateur sports tends to frustrate and frustrate far too often. The Bocholt-based coach Max Klingberg found suitable words for his team after the game: "The boys have just finished the first two games of the season. It was hoped that we would emerge victorious from both games. However, the height of the victories dared not dream. We had a lot of downtime today, but the backups have shown that when it matters, they are level with the starters. However, I think it is much more important to note today how much we are a team and how great the cohesion is. Lukas, who was successfully operated on last week, was standing on the sidelines with his crutches to support his team. A gesture that speaks more than a thousand words. I'm proud of my team. Two games - two wins. Now it's time to clear your head and prepare for our next opponent Brilon. Whole two weeks of preparation time remain for the opponent analysis. "The Bocholter occupied after two matchdays the first place in the league, and have scored the most points by far. Stand Today, they are also the only team in the league that has not yet scored points. Whether this is so against Brilon remains to be seen. The upcoming game is on Sunday the 02.06.2019 in Brilon, kick-off in the stadium "Zur Jakobuslinde" is at 15 o'clock.Photo: Middelhoff [...]