Lück - a success story made in Bocholt

Owner Thomas Bußkamp is also Managing Director at Lück. Photos: Lück GmbH & Co. KGvon BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThe Lück GmbH & Co. KG is "Company of the Year 2018" in Bocholt and thus successor of the company TIS Technical Information Systems, which was awarded two years ago. The award ceremony this evening was connected with the handover of the sculpture "Innovation", a certificate and a check for 5000 Euro, created especially for the occasion by the artist Jürgen Ebert. Lück owner and managing director Thomas Bußkamp took this all proudly from the hands of mayor Peter Nebelo, the city savings bank boards Karl-Heinz Bollmann and Joachim Schüling as well as Ludger Dieckhues, the managing director of the economic promotion and city marketing company Bocholt, entgegen.Das company About 40 year after its founding in the bedding industry, Lück claims to have developed into "a leading global player with an international production network". 170 employees produce fillings for bedding and upholstery of all kinds on 20.000 square meters Production area at Vennweg in Mussum In addition, services such as quilting, sewing and packaging are part of the portfolio. The company is part of the EuroComfortGroup, whose headquarters are also located in Bocholt. Both companies are managed by their owner and managing director Thomas Bußkamp. Unfortunately, 1976 was founded by Werner Lück on Isarstrasse and only one year later registered the patent Rhombo-fill. It is a mixture of rhombic cut air cell sticks and siliconized hollow fibers in a specially developed length. This homogeneous filling forms optimal compaction properties. Because when filling the rhombic cut air cell sticks have the tendency to lay one another with their broad side layer by layer. This results in a smooth, quiet surface of the cushion cushion. Finally, with this invention, the establishment in the upholstery industry succeeded. 1980 was developed Rhombo-med. This material is temperature and moisture compensating and can be washed up to 95 ° C. This makes it ideal for use in sickrooms. A year later, it had become too narrow on the Isarstraße. Lück moved to the Vennweg and brought 1987 with Rhombo-therm finally another patented product on the market. Then the big setback. A major fire destroyed 1988 nearly 60 percent of production. The Bocholter, however, did not let it get down and continued. 1995 was taken over by Lück from the Bonnier Group, a well-known Swedish media company, and Thomas Bußkamp became the new managing director. He initiated internationalization. Just one year later, the production site was opened in Vilnika, Lithuania. 1997 was followed by the establishment of the Ebersdorf site as a branch for customers in the upholstery industry. The product range has also been expanded. 2006 launched Duofill® and Viscosoft® filling materials. Lück also developed the easy-home sleeping furniture range. 2010 became the mattress "irisette Lotus KS" for the first time test winner at Stiftung Warentest. At the same time, the company expanded its headquarters in Bocholt by 1000 square meters. Two years later, the brand Xdream® was presented and the construction of upholstered furniture production in Leszno, Poland began.2015 finally built a new 5000 square meter logistics center. This made it possible to meet the high standards demanded by customers. "With its large international logistics network, Lück today enjoys an international reputation as a certified partner for the production and delivery of large volumes," it says on the company's website.Lück is part of the EuroComfort Group. That belonged many years to the Bonnier group. 2014 became Thomas Bußkamp's principal shareholder of the EuroComfort Group and took over the remaining shares of 2017 in May. Since then he is also the sole owner there. [...]

Apostle Church participated in city cycling

At this year's city cycling there was also a team of the Apostle Church in Bocholt. Over three weeks, from the 1. May until the 21. May, 22 riders cycled a total of 3730 km. They avoided about 530 kgCO2. Many thanks to all who joined the team ?? Apostelkirche Bocholt ?? involved have. It was a nice action. Next year we'll be there again, and maybe even more cyclists.TADTRADELN is a campaign of the Climate Alliance, the largest network of cities, towns, and communities for the protection of the global climate, which some 1.700 members in Europe's 26 countries are listening to. [...]

88-year pedelec driver recovered after accident with rescue helicopter

Bocholt-Barlo (ots) - On the Vardingholter road in height Great Avenue has come to a serious traffic accident. After the previous investigation, an 20-year-old man from Marl had driven with a delivery vans against 14.35 clock the Vardingholter road in the direction of Bocholt. An 88-year pedelec driver from Bocholt wanted to turn simultaneously from the street Große Allee to the left on the Varying Road and was captured by the delivery van. He was flown with the rescue helicopter to a clinic in Duisburg. Danger to life can not be ruled out. At the scene of the accident, the pedelec driver had the right of way in accordance with the "right-to-left" rule. The accident recording and the closures are still ongoing. [...]

Administration asks: How should the green space be designed on the Weberstraße?

Bocholt (PID). The green area on Weberstraße in front of the Kardinal-Diepenbrock-Stift is to be redesigned and redesigned. Bocholt citizens can have a say and give ideas and suggestions. The city invites on Tuesday, 4. June 2019, residents and interested citizens from 18 clock in the refectory of the St. George Gymnasium at Benölkenplatz. Registrations under Tel. 02871 953-183 or E-Mail zukunftsstadt@mail.bocholt.de. Registration deadline is the 31. May 2019.The framework: Competition "City of the Future" Background is the nationwide competition "Zukunftsstadt" (www.wettbewerb-zukunftsstadt.de). On Saturday, 18. In May, the official start of the third phase of the project took place in Bocholt (www.zukunftsstadt-bocholt.de). "As one of the last seven cities, which have made it nationwide in this promotion of the Federal Ministry of Research, it now needs to implement concrete measures," says Sascha Terörde, head of the municipal staff unit for future and strategy. In Bocholt, this means that urban development measures accompanied by a direct public participation and planned with. For this purpose, three projects have been selected at Weberstraße, Rebenstrasse and Europaplatz, which are content of the 2014 "Integrated Urban Development Concept" (ISEK) and part of the catalog of measures of the new version, which is currently being developed. This year, funding for the first of these three urban development measures are requested. Here, the public participation in the "Future City 2030 + - breathing and moving Bocholt" comes to fruition. "Citizens plan with" The first measure is now the green space on Weberstraße in front of the Cardinal Diepenbrock pen. "After the overarching goals and concepts that have been recorded in the Citizens Report in the second phase, concrete implementations are now being applied. The citizens are planning with and can thus influence the design of the area! ", So project manager Terörde.Einlaid are the residents from the environment of Weberstraße and the participants of the 2. "Future City" phase, "to build a bridge in the concrete implementation," said Terörde. But also interested citizens can have a say. The number of participants is limited. Should more registrations be received than participants are possible, the places will be awarded by random selection. How to proceed In a second step at the beginning of July, the participants of the workshop will be given an 4. June presented up to three of her suggestions developed variants of the course design. Terörde: "In order to maximize transparency, it then explains and justifies which aspects could be included in the planning and which not. Of these variants can be prioritized in this appointment one, which forms the basis for the then necessary application for subsidies on urban development funds. "[...]

Witness proved good "nibble" - two drug plantations ensured

Bocholt (ots) - On Wednesday afternoon, a witness reported to the police and made statements about conspicuous marijuana cloth, which flowed from a multi-family apartment in the city center. The officials also detected this smell, as well as other suspicions. In addition, they met in the house on the 26-year-old residents of another apartment, who introduced himself as an acquaintance of the 49-year tenant of the suspicious apartment. He stated that his home had cannabis plants and agreed to search his home. The public prosecutor's office was contacted and the prosecutor in charge applied for a warrant. In the 26-year-old's home, police officers found 14 ready-to-harvest cannabis plants, 15 cannabis seedlings, "plantation accessories" and hundreds of grams of cannabis harvested. The drugs and evidence were secured. In the 49-year-old's home, officials also secured a cannabis plantation (16 seedlings, 14 harvestable plants, supplies) and about 50 grams of harvested cannabis. The 26 year old was released after completing the action , The 49 year old's stay could not be determined on Wednesday. [...]

Shoplifter falls repeatedly

Bocholt (ots) - An 20-year-old man living in Bocholt fell again on Thursday. In recent weeks, he had been caught several times in shoplifting and each occurred very aggressive. In today's case, employees of a drugstore in the city center reported. The 20-year-old had been banned from theft the previous day for theft and threat. Nevertheless, he entered the shop on Thursday mornings, informing the police. When he saw the police officers, he quickly put an item back on the shelf. During the search, the officials found several perfume bottles and a cutter knife blade. The 20-year-old said he wanted to buy the perfumes, but he did not have sufficient cash or other payment options. The police arrested the man and instituted another case against the 20-year-old who was rioting in the police station spit. [...]

Two horses died - they may have been poisoned

Borken (ots) - Two horses may have fallen victim to poisoning on a pasture in Borken on Monday. The keeper of one of the affected animals had visited the stable on the street Landwehr in Borken-Gemen shortly after 18.00 clock. She found a mare dead, another horse was a few meters away. It still lived, but had no chance of survival after veterinary assessment. It was euthanized. A third horse was left intact on the site. According to an initial assessment, it can not be ruled out that the animals have been poisoned in an unknown way. In addition, the affected mare had external genital injuries. The police investigation is under way. Information requests the Kriminalkommissariat in Borken: Tel. (02861) 9000. [...]

1. FC Bocholt II sign new entries four and five

The squad planning of the 1. FC Bocholt II continues to gain momentum. The freshly baked district league climber can look forward to the new additions four and five. Eleftherios Malmatas and Jonas Schwanekamp have joined Bocholter Hünting from A-side Borussia Bocholt. Malmatas, a 20-year-old defender, was knocked back by a knee injury last season. "Eleftherios has the potential to become a regular player, but we need to build him in peace now," said FCII coach Nikolay Glouhtchev. Jonas Schwanekamp (20) has a FC past as he played in the B-junior club three years ago. Niederrhein league for the 1. FC Bocholt. The brother of Lucas Schwanekamp, ​​also a FC II newcomer, feels most comfortable on the offensive wings. "Jonas is a technically good footballer who will revive our offensive," Glouhtchev said about the transfer. [...]

Topping-out ceremony in Lüderitz - Rotary kindergarten on schedule

The Rotary Club Bocholt has been working with his friends in Namibia on projects for elementary education and childcare for over 10 years under the motto "Kids in Lüderitz". Now the topping-out ceremony for the new building of the ELKIN kindergarten could be celebrated, which the Bocholt Rotarians financed with more than 65.000 €. "We are in the schedule and hope that this will continue with the upcoming interior design," emphasize Rudolf Schmeing and Horst Heiber, who oversee these international projects. Since 2009, the club has been able to mobilize almost 200.000 € for the Lüderitzer projects and thus among other things a school bakery, the renovation of a preschool and public playgrounds on the way. Through private visits on site the friendship with the friends in Namibia was cultivated and the success of the project could be personally inspected. The Kita-Neubau and the other projects were and are only possible thanks to the many donations from Rotarians, friends and also long-time supporters such as the Bürgerausschuss Krechting and the loyal visitors of our annual benefit concert. [...]

Integration: New learning material for honorary language support

Bocholt (PID). In order to support the integration of refugees in Bocholt, 80 engages citizens who volunteer to teach languages. They are trained and certified for this. On the adult education center Bocholt now new learning material was purchased. Christiane Nitsch and Ingrid Hardes were very surprised when they visited the adult education center Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg. The representatives of the Asylum Working Group have given German lessons in Bocholt on a voluntary basis for many years. Refugee people, in particular, benefit from the offer of VHS-certified Bocholter language assistants. Interaction between VHS and voluntary work With the funding from the "Komm-An NRW" program, the Volkshochschule has now been able to buy books, games and many other materials that have now been handed over. "The overall concept language in Bocholt" is alive and sees itself as a close interaction of honorary commitment and the courses of the VHS ", so the responsible for the project" honorary office: language and integration "VHS coworker Elisabeth Schmeinck.With the professional support Danuzza Mendoncça Leuters has been able to select quality books that enrich the teaching of volunteers. Another package of books will be presented to Petra Möllmann, who has been teaching German in the refugee accommodation in the former "Yupidu" for more than two years, at two lunchtime a week. In the VHS, the same item of books remains for other organizations to borrow. "Performance priceless" "Language support in Bocholt is extremely well supported by volunteers. These are people who spend a lot of time, heart and skills. The performance is priceless. 140 certified helpers today give 80 regular language classes. That's a great achievement, "praised VHS employee Schmeinck. About 8.000 lessons per year would be given in addition to the current courses. [...]

Exhibition at Textilwerk shows fashion worlds by Stephan Hann

Bocholt (lwl). Plastic bags, phone book pages or videotapes - Berlin-based artist Stephan Hann tailors his couture out of materials we do not pay attention to. Combined with fine silk, lace or crystals, dresses are created that blur the line between fashion and art. You can see them from 26. May in the exhibition "Fashion Material" at Textilwerk Bocholt. Up to 6. In October, the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) invites you to a journey into the fantastic fashion worlds of Stephan Hann with some 60 objects by the artist in his industrial museum. "To be honest, our wardrobes are full. But the fashion industry wants us to fill it up again and again. In fashion magazines and on social media platforms we always see new trends and are asked to buy. In his creations, Stephan Hann deals with precisely this short life and consumption. His extraordinary creations make us think about the dictates of the always new in fashion ", explained Dr. med. Barbara Rüschoff-Parzinger on Wednesday (22.5.) At the presentation of the exhibition in Bocholt. The exhibition "Fashion Material" is part of the joint project "Everything just stolen? The Adventurous Ways of Knowledge "with a total of six exhibitions at various locations of the LWL-Industriemuseum. "In Bocholt we pick up on fashion an aspect of the topic that affects each of us. We ask: Can fashion be new at all, or is what is sold to us as a last cry ever been there and then somehow stolen? ", Said Martin Schmidt, scientific consultant at the textile factory Bocholt and curator of the exhibition. He is a skilled men's tailor and fashion designers. For his robes he uses everyday materials: phone book pages, newspapers, painters fleece, architectural plans, videotape or plastic bags and other packaging. The Berliner plays with iconic cuts and shapes and refines his designs through the use of silk, lace or glittering stones. "This creates a completely new aesthetic value. All works have an incredible elegance. They play with memory, unmask the luxury and comment on the insatiable hunger of our society for consumption, "says Schmidt. As a" commentary "to the objects of Hann shows the LWL-Industriemuseum works by fashion design students of the University of Hannover. Upcycling, recycling and zero waste are the building blocks of their research project "use less: design strategies against waste and ugly clothing". They act true to the motto of Vivienne Westwood "Buy less, choose well, make it last". Also from the designer there are five creations in the Bocholt exhibition. They are complemented by designs by the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Opening "Apparel, fashion worlds and design are topics that may occupy an industrial museum, indeed, especially if it is at home in a living textile region such as Westmünsterland", explains Dieter Gebhard, chairman of the LWL Landschaftsversammlung. He will welcome the guests at the opening of the exhibition on Saturday (25.5.) At 18 o'clock. Christa Frins and Martin Schmidt from the LWL-Industriemuseum introduce the exhibition. Afterwards, Schmidt and Hann talk about fashion in "Fashion Talk" before DJane Mira Falkenstein plays the aftershow party. Stephan HannBiography Born 1970 in Berlin; 1987 to 1990 men's tailor apprenticeship at the Deutsche Oper Berlin; 1991 to 1996 Studied scenography and fashion at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, work stays 2000 to 2006 in Paris and 2012 to 2014 in Vienna, lives and works since 2014 in Berlin.Exhibitions (selection) Forces of Nature, Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin (1994), Photokleider, Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg (1997), Recycling Couture, Museum of Applied Arts Vienna (2007), Couture Remixed, Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin (2008), Couture, Kunsthalle St. Annen Lübeck (2011), 25 Years, German Historical Museum Berlin (2012), Fashion Medium Material, Baden State Museum Karlsruhe (2013), Phoenix, State Textile and Industrial Museum Augsburg (2018) Collections (Selection) Paper Collection (1985), Nature Collection ( 1993), Celluloid Collection, Berlin International Film Festival (1997), Architecture Collection, Nederlands Architectuurinstituut Rotterdam (1998), Lexmark (2000), Tetra Pak (2003), Moët & Chandon (2004), Bertelsmann AG (2007), D. Swarovski & Co. (2010) Accompanying programOn two Sundays a month, public tours of the special exhibition take place at 14 o'clock. The participation is free of charge. Visitors pay only for normal admission. Registration is not required. Dates at www.lwl-industriemuseum.de. Groups can book tours on dates to be arranged freely. [...]

Funeral service for miscarriage children in Bocholt and Rhede

Bocholt. The St. Agnes-Hospital Bocholt invites all parents and relatives, who have suffered a miscarriage in the last three months, to the funeral. It takes place on Tuesday, the 28. May be held at 15.00 pm and is associated with a word service. Meeting point is at the funeral hall of the cemetery on the Blücherstraße. Subsequently, the deceased children are buried in the burial field "The stillborn children", where the parents and relatives can say goodbye to their child in a dignified atmosphere. At the same time, the funeral service will take place in Rhede in the St. Gudula parish. Further information will be provided to those affected by the hospital chaplaincy of the St. Agnes Hospital under the phone number 02871 20-1614. [...]

Art, kitsch and clutter for the Sperrmüllbörse

Bocholt (PID). Rummage between art, kitsch and clutter to your heart's content - that's what visitors at the next Sperrmüllbörse on Saturday, 25. May 2019. It will be aligned by 10-12 Uhr on the premises of the disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) on the Schaffeldstraße. Thus, an old chair, glass balloons, children's seating area and garden furniture are already a sought after Blickfang.Außerdem numerous bicycles, small parts and pictures on offer. The organizer of the bulky refuse exchange, waste consultant Petra Tacke, can not say whether there are other special features in the collection container. Also for them, the removal of the container is always a big surprise. The recycling center employees have been packing well-preserved items directly into a closed container for weeks. It will be exciting. Reservations or pre-sales are not possible.Waffelstand of the Repair CaféTo strengthen in the midst of the Sperrmüllbörsenrummels the Repair Café Bocholt establishes a cafeteria. After a delicious waffle, a cup of coffee or a drink, you can go on browsing for old treasures. The revenues of the cafeteria flow directly into the work of the Repair Café.Einnahmen für Lebenshilfe BocholtThe coveted objects can be taken directly for cash. All proceeds go to the Lebenshilfe Bocholt. At the Sperrmüllbörse, Lebenshilfe employees will also be there to answer questions about their work. Questions to the Sperrmüllbörse will be answered by waste consultant Petra Tacke at Tel. 02871 2463-24. [...]

Social list Bocholt demands: Bocholt should proclaim the climate emergency

Social list Bocholt calls: Bocholt should proclaim the climate emergency The voters community Social list Bocholt wants that the advice of the city Bocholt the example of Konstanz and many other municipalities like last Kleve following and the climatic emergency calls out. For this purpose, the voter community on Monday has submitted to Mayor Peter Nebelo a corresponding citizen application, which has the content that the city council should decide: "The mayor of the city Bocholt calls the climate emergency (climate emergency is a symbolic term without legal basis). The City Council wants to meet Bocholt as a climate municipality and its diverse tasks and the development of inhabitants. In order to make this sustainable and climate-friendly, the city council passed the following resolution: The city of Bocholt- declares the climate emergency and recognizes the mitigation of the climate crisis and its serious consequences as a task of the highest priority.- recognizes that the measures and planning so far are insufficient to limit global warming to 2050 to the targeted 1,5 degrees Celsius.- now takes into account the impact on the climate in any decision. Those solutions are preferred that take the greatest possible account of climate, environmental and species protection and mitigate climate change and its consequences. For this purpose, the best options for climate, environmental and species protection should be presented and evaluated on the basis of the best possible solution for all proposals for a resolution. - calls on the mayor to report annually to the city council and the public on progress and difficulties in reducing emissions and draw conclusions from this. - calls on other municipalities, the federal states and the Federal Republic of Germany to follow the example of Constance, Klever and Bocholt and declare the climate emergency. In particular, he draws the attention of the federal and state governments to the fact that full compliance with the climate protection targets at the municipal level is not yet possible under the current framework conditions. Only a complete dismantling of existing subsidies for fossil fuels, a socially equitable CO2 pricing, a fundamentally changed transport policy and a climate protection compliant promotion of social housing would provide the much needed foundation here.- also calls on the municipal investment companies / city daughters, the above apply the above-mentioned procedures and increasingly deal with opportunities in climate protection. The city council will be reported before the end of the year. In addition, the climate target in Bocholt is adapted to the Paris climate targets. This means a far-reaching climate neutrality (0,3t / person) before the year 2035. The current climate measures are based on this goal and will be supplemented accordingly. "Councilor Bärbel Sauer and Torsten Wollberg, environmental policy spokesman of the voters community, hope for broad support of all council groups and lone fighters and explain:" Almost every week, hundreds of thousands of people throughout Germany demonstrate in the Fridays- for future movement against the climate and environmental policy of the Federal Government. Also in Bocholt demonstrated recently repeated and impressive young people in the city center. The aim of the movement is that the Bundestag and the Federal Government should immediately adopt effective measures and enforce them consistently, so that the impending climate catastrophe can be averted. The students are expressing what we all should be aware of: It is high time to act. "The warming of the earth must be limited, the world community in Paris 2015 has defined a clear target corridor. This international treaty must now also be implemented at the municipal level, because the "climate emergency is bitter reality": death, displacement and hunger - consequences of climate change, such as the new, now 25. Even if Bocholt is a climate municipality, the current climate goals and measures of the city of Bocholt are far from sufficient to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change at the local level. Accordingly, the city's efforts to protect the climate must be accelerated. Konstanz and many other cities such as the neighboring town of Kleve make it vor.Ratsfraktion Bärbel Sauer and Torsten Wollberg hope to broad approval of their citizenship application. [...]