Bottleneck on the ring between Schonenberg and Osterstraße

Bocholt (PID). The city ring on Ostwall, between Schonenberg and Osterstraße, is from the 27. to 31. May halfway closed (right lane). At the same time, the pedestrian and bicycle path is completely closed. This is reported by the municipal traffic department. Reason: At the local construction site sheet piling are set. Pedestrians and cyclists are diverted across the streets Schonenberg-Ostmauer-Osterstraße. In the construction site section Tempo [...]

CDU local association refuses relocation of the market on the St. George place

The relocation of the weekly market is included in the draft of the integrated action concept "Innenstadt Bocholt - Perspektive 2025". In order to make a clear political commitment to the location of the market in the Gasthausplatz, the Ortsverband Mitte will make an appropriate amendment to the CDU parliamentary group for the further deliberations of the integrated action concept. This has the board under [...]

It starts on Monday: Our chance at the doubling action on

On Monday, the 27.05., It starts. Then the Sparkasse Westmünsterland starts again a doubling campaign, and our project "Financing the position of our youth adviser for the children and youth" is there! Just in time for the 13 watch on the 27.05.2019, the starting signal for the action falls, in which the Sparkasse will once again [...]

Art meets Currywurst and Crémant

Art meets Currywurst and Crémant: made possible by Klaus-Peter (Pit) Seggewiß and Ingo Krasenbrink. The two are coming next Wednesday, the 29. May, from 19 clock to a vernissage at "Wein + Mehr" in Wesemannstraße. Krasenbrink presents 41 pictures - including photo stories about the Middle Ages, the mystery of a phantom and the "La Rochelle crime in [...]

Motorists under the influence of drugs

Bocholt-Suderwick (ots) - On Thursday night, customs officers inspected an 63 motorist on Dinxperloer Street. She had smuggled a small amount of drugs from the Netherlands and admitted to having used drugs. The customs officers then moved to the police. A drug test was positive for the cannabis drug THC. A fine procedure and the prohibition of the onward journey were [...]

Six car tires and an air rifle stolen

Bocholt-Holtwick (ots) - Six car tires and an air rifle stole burglars in the period from Wednesday, 19.30 PM, to Thursday, 16.30 PM. The perpetrator had broken into an arbor on a private property on Dinxperloer Street in Holtwick. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990.

Opel Agila stolen

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Friday, unknown offenders gained access to a car repair shop on the intersection. Stolen was a canceled blue Opel Agila worth about 500 Euro. At night, a license plate (RE-AW 4048) was stolen on the crossroads. It can be assumed that the car thief stole them [...]

Repeat offenders: shoplifter now in custody

Bocholt (ots) - The 20-year-old, who was repeatedly noticed as a repeat offender (we reported yesterday) was presented today at the request of the prosecutor for the crimes of the past few weeks the competent judge at the Bocholt district court. This ordered pre-trial detention against the 20 yearlings.

NGG calls: pay plus for bakers in the district Borken

Bakers and bakery sellers should be able to bake larger bread rolls: For the around 1.700 people who work in the bakeries in the district Borken, the union food-pleasure-restaurants (NGG) calls for an increase of 140 Euro. "Getting up early, heat in the bakery, cleaning after shop closure - the employees do a bone job. It has to be noticeable in the wallet too ", says [...]

Startup the City - Innovative Business Ideas for Bocholt

Bocholt. As part of the digitization project "Smarter action Bocholt" unused stores in the city center by start-ups from the creative industry, retail, catering or the service sector will be upgraded. In this way, unsightly gaps in the cityscape, as well as vacancies, can be lifted and young entry-level creative hurdles eased. Through a promotion of NRW, the possibility arises to temporarily open a shop for free [...]

Organizers of the Half Marathon decide to limit participants

Bocholt (PID). In exactly 100 days, the starting signal for the first Bocholt Half Marathon is given. "For 1.300 registrations, for the half marathon alone, the organizing team has agreed to announce a participant limit," said Markus Schürbüscher, chairman of the organizing city sports association Bocholt and together with Ullrich Kuhlmann main organizer of the event at the 1. September 2019. "Our expectations for [...]