Parish feast at the apostle church

Warm invitation to the parish feast on 09.06.2018 (Pentecost Sunday), which this time is aligned with the apostle church. The celebration starts with a joint service at 11 clock in the meadow at the Apostle Church. There is no service on Pentecost Sunday in other preaching places. After the service there is a program for young and old. For the sake of the body, soup, coffee and cake are offered. There is also popcorn and cotton candy. The daycare offers in the time of12.30 ?? 15.30 Watch is a special program for young pirates: the kids can get a pirate headscarf and an eyepatch. Afterwards they can discover the world on a big bouncy castle that looks like a pirate ship. A balloon artist decorates saber, octopus and parrot. In addition, the children can make-up or artistically act on children's easels. You can make giant soap bubbles or 'human do not annoy you ?? play in a giant format. On the Wheel of Fortune both adults and children can try their luck. [...]

Burglars quickly caught

Bocholt (ots) - The police could quickly clarify a break-in in Bocholt: Even in the vicinity of the crime scene, the officers arrested a suspect on Monday night for the time being. The event had previously played in a house on the Ravardistraße: A resident had awakened by the burglar and addressed the perpetrator. He then left the house with jewelry and cash. The officers deployed nearby discovered two 14 and 15-year-old teenagers who fled. Other officials succeeded against 02.50 clock to put the suspects at the Berliner Platz. [...]

Money and tablet computer stolen

Bocholt (ots) - A tablet computer and cash unknown stolen between Saturday, 22.15 clock, and Sunday, 13.15 clock, from the premises of a catering establishment on the Kaiser Wilhelm Street in Bocholt. The perpetrators had gained access through a back door. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Drunk intoxicated

Bocholt (ots) - On Amphetamine a drug test on Sunday morning suggested a motorist in Bocholt positive. Police officers had checked the 27-year-old driver as he drove the Stenerner Weg in Bocholt. A doctor took him from the police station a blood sample to accurately detect the drug use. [...]

Two dead beech trees are removed

Bocholt (PID). For security reasons, two old beeches will be removed from the city forest and Blücherstraße on Tuesday, Tuesday. The trees, whose age is estimated to be over 150 years, are beyond saving. This resulted in an investigation by urban tree care experts. The extreme dryness of the last summer has apparently added to the trees. The trees have to be removed because otherwise branches could break and become a danger to pedestrians. New beech trees will be replanted, says Peter Schlabs of the Urban Business Unit Stadtgrün. [...]

Land promotes Bürgerradweg in Bocholt with 75.000 Euro

The city Bocholt gets a total of 75.000 Euro for the Bürgerradweg in Bocholter district Spork. Hendrik Wüst, member of the Landtag and Minister of Transport of North Rhine-Westphalia, explains: "We need a well-developed network of cycle paths. There is still a lot to do in our region. The bicycle, e-bikes and pedelecs are part of the modern and environmentally friendly mobility. I am pleased that we can support the Bürgerradweg in Spork with 75.000 Euro from the Land. This is also a recognition of the volunteer commitment to the construction of this bike path. "To promote the various forms of local mobility, various measures are systematically closing gaps in the country's cycling network. These include the above-mentioned cycle path program with a total volume of 12,4 million euros in the year 2019 for cycle paths on national roads, on disused railway lines and for Bürgerradwege. Alone through the Bürgerradwege and the cycle paths on disused railway lines, around 70 kilometers of new cycle paths will be built this year. [...]

"Up with People" are involved in the MultiKulti and emergency shelter Yupidu

Bocholt. 20 young people from the international group "Up with People", who is currently guesting in bocholt, have now volunteered at Bocholt refugee accommodation Yupidu and at the "MultiKulti" meeting point on Nordstraße. After a brief introduction to refugee work on the ground, they participated Volunteers made up of 8 nations participate in various projects. On the first day, seating for the "MultiKulti" and the Yupidu were made of wood. Saws and screwdrivers were used to create benches to which plant boxes are attached. Many had no experience in building such items. "I really enjoyed building something that is usable and used by many people," said Rachel Douglas. Parallel to this, part of the group painted a bicycle ride in a section of the Yupidu shelter. These were already used the next day at the women's bike course. Crosswalks, traffic lights and intersections are intended to represent realistic conditions without danger of motoring. The children in the Yupidu use the course as Bobbycarstrecke.Am the second day, the benches were painted colorful and the windows in the "MultiKulti" got a new design, which was created in collaboration with the local management Rolien Uijterlinden. While the paint was drying, initial preparations were made for insect hotels to stand at the "House of Integration" and other sites. They were created by so-called upcycling, which means that the insect hotels consist of old pallets and materials collected in nature. Kaede Mitsuya of "Up with People" has "enjoyed" her work in the MultiKulti, she says. The atmosphere is very nice and she likes the atmosphere. Everyone thanked for the hospitality they received. "Even with the color selection, Up with People has done a great job", said EWIBO manager Hans-Gerhard Kaiser pleased about the use of the young volunteers.Photo: EWIBO [...]

Action sock for social

Borken (drk-press). The Red Cross in the district of Borken participates in the first association-wide action day of the Red Cross in Westphalia-Lippe for the donation "Socks for Social Affairs". On the 3. to 5. Old clothes can be handed over at the following collection points on June (Monday to Wednesday): · Bocholt: - DRK-Kita "Stöberland", Knufstraße 2-DRK-Kita "Schatzkiste", In the Hardt 20 · The donations serve the common good: The collected clothing becomes sorted and offered a part at a small price in the Red Cross KARO department stores. Even homeless or escaped people and their children are supplied with clothing, reports the aid organization. At the KARO-Kaufhaus Rotes Kreuz inclusives, people with and without disabilities work together. Everything that can not be used there is sold to recycling companies. These sell the clothes as second-hand goods in different countries or process no longer wearable clothing, for example, to cloths, car interior trim or paint felts. By selling the surpluses, free funds can be generated for volunteer Red Cross projects, for example in civil protection, the Red Cross or the medical service. "These revenues are an important source for financing our work," says Jürgen Puhlmann, board member of the DRK district association Borken.Alle donors receive a small thank you and can participate in a raffle. You can win vouchers worth 20,00 Euro to 35,00 Euro for a purchase in the KARO-department store Red Cross, a meal voucher for the Café Henry, a voucher for a course in the DRK-Bildungswerk or for a first aid course.More info: [...]

Community Foundation: "We are still in the race!"

Marcus Suttmeyer is fighting. "We are still in the race," said the chairman of the Bürgerstiftung Bocholt, despite all the sticks that are thrown between his legs and the 80 clubs in Bocholt, who campaign for the preservation of the shooting club. Recently, the subsidy of 10 million euros, which the country had promised for the plans, seems to be in danger. The reason: The city has so many large projects for funding in Dusseldorf registered that they in the view of the President of the Government Feller Must set priorities. In the process, the Rifle House seems to be moving backwards. Because the politics seem to be more important the learning work on the KuBAaI site, the renovation of the town hall and the beautification of the city. "The city must say goodbye to one of its major projects," speculated the BBV recently. "Totally wrong," counters Marcus Suttmeyer. One must, however, think about dimensions, schedules and priorities and, above all, talk, according to the chairman of the Bürgerstiftung. After all, the majority of the Council is in contact with the Schützenhaus saviors. An annual operating grant of 180.000 Euro was committed over 20 years under conditions. This serves as the basis for a free financing. Everything else should be discussed in the coming days. Administration and council keep themselves officially covered. Nevertheless, there is always something going on - much to the annoyance of the clubs and partners. [...]

Nothing is impossible!

A comment on the European election in Bocholt by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThe Greens are on the rise. This trend has now reached the Westmünsterland. Even if the European elections at first glance seem to have little to do with local politics, the 23,27 percent of the Greens are puzzling the domestic union. Because only the 60 yearlings and the villagers in Barlo, shirts, muses or songs are loyal to her. In the core city, however, the time of full majorities for the Union is long gone. Note. Once you have overcome the inhibition and set the cross with other parties, you do that again and again. The sensation in Münster, where the Greens even became the strongest force on Sunday, shows that. What does that mean for the municipal and mayoral election 2020? Let's just say it with Toyota: nothing is impossible! Also in Bocholt many citizens are dissatisfied and form a considerable local protest potential. The CDU has to hold its head - even if it does not hold the general responsibility for everything. However, as the largest faction, it is the fastest in the line of fire. The Greens, for their part, are (still) suffering from an extremely weak presence in the Council since three of their four faction members left them and mostly defected to the left. But the potential of the Greens is much greater. Because they come from an environmentally sound credibility coverage. This is like a castle in times of climate change. Again, the CDU in Bocholt can not leave cold. She's going to have to get greener somehow. For example, it could start with its transport policy. After all, if you believe the futurists, at the latest with the predicted breakthrough of e-mobility and autonomous driving, we will not need as many or as many lush roads as before and more intelligent mobility concepts. [...]