Care Law: How to Provide for Emergency

On Wednesday, 5. June 2019, there will be a training event for honorary supervisors and plenipotentiaries and citizens interested in the subject. The beginning is at 18: 30 clock in the city hall of the city of Bocholt at the Berlin square 1. The subject of this evening are so-called preventive regulations such as precautionary power, care and living arrangements. To take precautions is no [...]

One tenth bio bin filled incorrectly

At present, the waste management consultancy of the disposal and service company randomly checks biotuns and distributes colorful card stickers on the brown tons. Around 200 brown lids raise the employees every day to look at the contents and to redeploy the top layers with a gripper. This is reported by ESB waste consultant Petra Tacke. "Unfortunately, so far [...]

Four handicraft afternoons in the city library Bocholt

Bocholt (BIB). In June, the city library Bocholt invites children on 5: 12, 19, and 26 June 2019 on four Wednesday afternoons (15., 30., XNUMX clock for crafting afternoon). Participation is free. After many years of popular crafting in the children's section of the city library, after a fascinating reading history, each of the small participants will have a new [...]

Karin Schweitzer wins 5000 Euro

Stadtsparkasse again distributed two prize checks this month. Leonie Portz, a private customer advisor in the Biemenhorst branch, together with store manager Wilbert Bauhaus, was able to hand over a check to customer Karin Schweitzer amounting to 5.000, - Euro. Likewise, business customer service representative Lennart Bengfort was allowed to hand over a check for 2.500, - Euro to his customer Volker Brüggemann.

Burglar flees after screaming of the victim

Bocholt (ots) - The escape has seized a prevented burglar in the night for Tuesday in Bocholt. An 25-year-old had slept in the room of a house on the Bayernstraße when the unknown wanted to penetrate through a tilting window. She woke and screamed when she saw the burglar. The stranger then seized the [...]

Door stops

Bocholt (ots) - Unknowns have failed in the night of Tuesday during a break-in in Bocholt: The or the perpetrators had tried to pry open the door of a bakery branch on the Moltkestraße. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990.

Damaged by wheelbarrow car

Gronau (ots) - Not approached, but ajar has ajar on Monday in Gronau a wheelbarrow to a parked vehicle. However, he significantly damaged the paint of the black Porsche, which had been between 23.15 clock and 23.40 clock in a parking lot on the customs road. The polluter had left. The resulting damage [...]

Truck damages parked vehicle

Bocholt (ots) - An unknown truck driver has hit a parked car on Monday in Bocholt. According to witnesses, a truck with a trailer against 20.40 clock had pulled out of a driveway on the road in Königssch. He touched a standing there blue BMW - the resulting damage is approximately at 2.500 Euro. The causer [...]

Stolen barrier

Bocholt (ots) - Barrier material worth about 1.500 Euro stole unknown persons in Bocholt-Biemenhorst. The incident occurred between Friday, 11.00 clock, and Saturday, 12.00 clock, on a construction site on the Möllenstegge. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990.

Shock after near-accident

Bocholt (ots) - The collision did not happen - but the consequences had nevertheless, that took place on Monday against 14.00 clock on the mill path in Bocholt. Two 14 year old Bocholterinnen were traveling there with their bicycles. When an 50-year-old Bocholterin wanted to turn her car from a driveway in the Mühlenweg, [...]

FDP demands Kinderstadtplan app for Bocholt

The FDP faction requested that a children's city map app and also a "classic version" be created for Bocholt. References to schools and day-care centers, to danger areas in traffic, but also to football fields and excursion destinations - this is what the children's city map should offer at a glance. Reason: This Kinderstadtplan should be created primarily as an app, but also in [...]

1. FC Bocholt sign Arman Corovic

The football league 1. FC Bocholt have signed Arman Corovic for the upcoming season. The 22-year-old changes from league rivals FSV Duisburg to Hünting and has a contract until the 30. June 2020 signed. Coming from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Corovic was bred by Bayer 04 Leverkusen, VfL Bochum, TSV 1860 Munich and RW Essen [...]

Training "Family here and elsewhere" at the 25. June in Borken

Intercultural encounters increase in our society and thus also the cultural diversity in the life and professional life. This presents many people with new challenges. Therefore, the municipal integration center of Borken county offers on Tuesday, 25. June, the training "family here and elsewhere". This finds from 9 to 15.30 clock at the German Red Cross in [...]