Musical holiday games at the IKL

Holiday games at the IKL? This year, the IKL offers holiday games for the first time. Participation is possible for both club members and non-club members. The number of places is limited to 40.You are a schoolchild and no more than 14 years old? You have a week of 12. until the 16. If you like music and you've always wanted to try it out, you're already playing an instrument or singing in the choir, then you've come to the right place with us, and why is that called "musical" holiday games this week? Let's have a good time with us. After a trial, you choose a workshop that you like. For aspiring singers, we offer a children's project choir. You can also try the percussion workshop on the various percussion instruments and boomwhackers. If you already play an instrument, there is also the possibility to get to know new songs together with other children in an ensemble. The contents of the workshops are chosen according to the abilities of the participants. Musical knowledge is not a prerequisite for participation. The workshops have two mornings each. At the end of the week, there will be a final concert on the club grounds on Friday, the 16.08.2019. You are welcome to invite your family and friends. You can expect more program this week: Of course, the fun is in the foreground this week. In addition to the musical workshops, you can look forward to many more program points this week, such as a Farradrallye, games and water olympiads, terrain and group games, crafting instruments and our own IKL Escaperoom.We are looking forward to seeing you! Website [...]

Children's book author Lucy Astner enchants pupils with reading

Bocholt (BIB). 70 pupils of Ludgerusschule, Diepenbrockschule and St. Josef Gymnasium listened to an exciting author reading with Lucy Astner. Invited by the city library Bocholt and the education circle Borken, Astner had come specially from Hamburg. She let the vampiric heroine of her children's book series "Polly Schlottermotz" come to life in the Children and Youth Library. "Potzblitz!" Polly is actually a normal girl, but then suddenly a big sharp canine appears in her mouth - and the turns everything upside down. Not only does she learn that she's a vampire's kid, but she also has to leave her family and her beloved ponies goulash and soup to prepare for her Aunt Winnie's exam at the Dormouse Council. Ironically, her animal friend, the talking bats' eagle eye, opens her eyes to Polly: Sometimes it's pretty cool to be a little bit different. One thing is clear: every new vampire tooth brings new magic power and every day is a flashy adventure! In the luggage with author Lucy Astner also had the latest band "Juchee - Christmas in the snow!", In the Polly take care of a reindeer baby in Finland and looking for a man with a beard. The sympathetic author inspired all students so much that in no time all volumes of "Polly Schlottermotz" were borrowed from the city library. These can, however, be booked at any time in the city library or borrowed on the online platform "muensterload" as a digital reading experience. [...]

Borgers postpones closure of Dingden plant to end 2020

The Borgers Group's negotiations on substantial contributions from banks, customers and employees for the necessary restructuring and reorientation of the group, according to the company, are heading for the home stretch. Today, the management informed the employees at company meetings in Bocholt and Dingden. According to a press release with the financing banks and almost all top customers (OEMs) of Borgers, agreements could be reached. The corresponding agreements are finalized and are about to be signed. The owners also contribute to the renovation. The talks with the works council and the IG Metall on a reconciliation of interests and a social plan are constructive, according to the company, although the IG Metall still needs to negotiate. The company management has proposed to shift certain capacities from foreign plants to Bocholt in return for tariff reorganization contributions of the workforce in order to further secure the location. This would be associated with additional investment in the millions and with the creation of up to 70 additional jobs, it goes on. Borgers has agreed to move with the employee side, the closure of the site Dingden by half a year to the end of 2020. Among other things, this makes sense for an orderly transfer of capacity to Poland. The postponement could also facilitate the search for employment alternatives for the affected employees. However, the continuation of the work beyond the year 2020 would not make sense for procedural and economic reasons and would not be responsible for the restructuring of the entire Borgers Group. It is foreseen that the negotiations with all stakeholders will be finalized in June. [...]

Loikumer way blocked

Bocholt (PID). The Loikumer Weg becomes north of the Bömkesweg in the time of Monday, 3. June 2019, expected to Friday, 5. July 2019, fully closed. In addition, the crossing area Loikumer Weg / Bömkesweg is at least four days partially restricted. The reason for the blocking is the connection of rainwater channels. Cyclists and pedestrians will be guided safely past the construction project. For motorists a detour over the Bömkesweg and the Alfred-Flender-Straße - and vice versa - expelled. [...]

District Administrator Zwicker: "The local labor market is stable"

Borken County. The number of SGB II unemployed in the district of Borken remained stable in May. This is what District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker with. The "Jobcenter in Borken County" has a total of 2019 eligible employees who are registered as unemployed for the month of May 4.289. Compared with April, the number of SGB II unemployed has thus increased by one person, but has fallen by 163 persons compared to the same month last year. The proportion of unemployed persons providing basic benefits to the civilian workforce in the district is unchanged compared to the previous month and remains at 2,0 percent. "Our local labor market is thus stable," says District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker on the current development with and added: "Also, the number of people with a refugee background, which are counted as unemployed in the SGB II, remained almost constant in May." Compared to the previous month, the number has increased by only five people. " Total SGB II assistance has fallen seasonally in May from the previous month. Zwicker. The total number of employable beneficiaries currently lies with 10.245 persons (- 48). This also includes men and women who are currently taking part in integration measures and young people from 15 years who are attending school and are therefore currently not available to the labor market. Persons who, in addition to their gainful employment, supplement their benefits according to the 2. Social Code (SGB II) are also included in this group. Including their children under 15 years and the other non-working relatives in May 15.304 persons (- 50) in 7.446 needs communities (- 38) Grundsicherung for job seekers erhalten.Die current unemployment figures in SGB II in the cities and municipalities of the district are the attached graph The unemployment rate of 2,0 percent in the Borken district can not be broken down to the individual cities and towns. In addition, there is a lack of the community-related number of civilian labor force. In the alternative, the quota on the basis of the population group from 15 to 65 years is suitable for the comparison between the places. This age group is generally considered to be employable under the Second Social Code. The auxiliary quotas can be found in the attached graphic. [...]

Truck bounces on row of four waiting vehicles

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, the driver of a truck in Bocholt braced himself for the last of a series of four waiting vehicles in front of a traffic light - none remained undamaged: The accident had come against 16.45 clock on the Werther road. An 30-year-old Bocholter had been traveling there with a van from Lowick towards the center and hit the end of the vehicle snake. The force of the collision pushed the cars together. Slight injuries sustained two inmates of one of the cars involved, an 50 year old and an 48 year old from Bocholt. The resulting property damage is approximately at 26.500 Euro. [...]

When turning cyclist captured

Bocholt (ots) - With a bicycle next to him on Tuesday in Bocholt a motorist collided while turning. An 74 year old Bocholter had wanted to drive from the Weberstraße to the right on the Ostwall. This was also the intention of an 48-year-old Bocholter who had first waited with her bike like the car driver at the red light-pointing traffic light and then left with him in time for Grün. [...]

Another break into the town hall

Bocholt (ots) - Unidentified people stole cash from a machine during the night of Tuesday in Bocholt. The perpetrators had forcibly gained access to the Rathausgebäude on Berliner Platz by levering a door open. Inside, they opened a photo booth and stole money from it. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Cyclist slightly injured

Bocholt (ots) - An 14-year-old cyclist was hit by a car in Bocholt on Tuesday. The adolescent suffered minor injuries. The Bocholterin was traveling against the city on 07.40 clock on the left in the direction of travel bike path on the Burloer road. When she wanted to cross the road at Klausener Strasse, she collided with the 42-year-old car from Rhede driving in the same direction. An ambulance took the teenager to a hospital. The resulting property damage is approximately at 1.600 Euro. [...]

Parked car parked

Bocholt (ots) - A damage of about 4.000 Euro has left an unknown on Monday after an accident in Bocholt. The damaged black VW had stood between 07.00 clock and 18.00 clock on Franzstrasse. The damage picture suggests that the other vehicle involved was a truck traveling out of town. The polluter left without having fulfilled his legal duties. Whether the driver has noticed the accident is not known. The police asks for information to the traffic commissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Review of the European Election: Voter turnout in Bocholt increased by twelve percent

Bocholt (EUBOH). The Europe Direct Information Center (EDIC) Bocholt is pleased about the high turnout and the positive commitment to Europe. "We are pleased that the pro-European parties have been strengthened," says EDIC director Sebastian Borgert. "The clear goal of our work to increase turnout has been achieved. People are interested in Europe and recognize the benefits of European cooperation. "Turnout in the Borken district increased by just under 9 percent, in Bocholt even by more than 12 percent compared to the European elections 2014. 35.000 voters crossed over in Bocholt.After the election, it remains excitingThe Europe Direct Information Center is still there for the citizens as part of the Bocholt European Office and the Bocholt Development and Operating Company (EWIBO). "The next months will be exciting," promises Sebastian Borgert. "In addition to informing our long-term offer and to be available for questions and discussions, we are already planning the next events. In July, we will attend the European Youth Camp and plan the next pub quiz. "What will the EU spend its money on In addition, there will be events on climate change and Brexit, as well as negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework from 2021. "These negotiations are interesting because they spread the EU's budget and the real priorities become visible." There is only a limited amount - but many questions, such as investing them in more climate protection or better in the protection of the external borders? Should trainees and students receive more money to spend time abroad through the Erasmus + funding scheme? Do you promote more agriculture, road construction or the social integration of children? Or, if you want to expand all areas and increase the resources that are distributed across the EU, by presenting local examples of EU-funded projects and inviting EU representatives who have something to say, Borgert announces. Further information will be announced in good time.Contact: Europe Direct Information Center BocholtFurther information at or follow on Facebook at [...]

Info stand on the topic "Biotonne"

Bocholt (kte). On Tuesday, 4. June 2019, the waste consultant of the disposal and service company, Petra Tacke, offers an information stand on the "Biotonne Deutschland" campaign. From 9-12 o'clock she stands on the St. Georg place near the well citizen with citizens with tips and for questions at the disposal. "With the information stand around the biowaste the waste advice would like to clarify at the conclusion of the nationwide action weeks about what in the bio bin may and what not, "said Tacke. With vivid materials she shows the connections between organic waste, compost and what lands on our plates. Every visitor to the information booth receives a sachet of nasturtium. Planted in potting soil mixed with compost, this produces beautiful plants with edible flowers. The seeds are at the same time lots. There are some immediate profits on site, such as colorful pre-sorting containers, paper bags and compost. "No plastic bags in the bio bin" Tacke will open a large banner on the stand with the inscription "No plastic bags in the bio bin". This draws attention to the fact that plastic in the bio bin has no business. Also the gladly taken bio foil bags are not admitted in the circle Borken for the bio bin. The reason for this is the too slow composting in the composting plant. According to recent research, there is another reason against the use of these bags. Instead of composting to humus, these bioplastic bags disintegrate into smaller and smaller pieces. Tacke: "The consequences for the food chain are not yet in sight. Not only plastic in seas is a problem. No one wants to have plastic in the compost and therefore possibly in the food. "[...]

Integration Officer Jochen Methling is retiring

Bocholt (PID). Jochen Methling, Integration Officer of the City of Bocholt, will be on Friday, 31. May 2019, retired. He spent almost 45 years working for the city of Bocholt. As a so-called "administrative trainee", Methling took up his duties in the then School Administration and Cultural Office. He has worked there for a total of 35 years, since 1992 in senior position. Already at the beginning he had reference to the then Foreigners Advisory Council. In the year 2012 Methling was appointed integration commissioner of the city Bocholt. As integration commissioner Methling is managing director of the integration advice, which consists of twelve directly selected immigrant representatives as well as six town councilors. In addition, he works at local and county level with various social providers, various associations and networks and initiates and accompanies public events and festivals, such as the annual Intercultural Children's and Family Fest.In his retirement, Methling would like to volunteer at the cultural center "Alte Dairy ". He also wants to stay active and participate in a family triathlon with his family. [...]

FC-U13 becomes Niederrhein league champion

Sensational became the D-juniors of the 1. FC Bocholt now sovereign champion of the Lower Rhine league. The team of the trainer Phil Mumbeck and Alexander Arndt took in the 12 33 games 1 counters and occupied before the last matchday with unrepeatable five points ahead of the second FSV Duisburg place 13. An encounter is due to a non-appearance of the opponent VfB Bottrop still rated for the FC-UXNUMX, so that the lead is de facto fabulous eight points. In the equally qualifying preliminary round, the team had qualified for this highest round of play for D-juniors. "Measuring again with the best teams in the association was a good experience," says FC coach Alexander Arndt. "We've played a great season and deserved to be champions. The team has continued to evolve, but especially in the back series, "said Arndt weiter.Auch FC youth leader Mike Elting is pleased about this success:" This championship is a great advertisement for the Bocholt football and shows that the qualified coach in our club do a great job. "The champion team (photo) form: back row from left to right: Phil Mumbeck, Sören Elting, Michael Kania, Marek Pols, Elias Librandi, Valon Cena, Dardan Pepa, Alex Arndt, front row from left to right: Luca Lorei Niklas Rossel, Matthias Kohl, Zinedine Funfack, Fabian Brömmling, Pitt Quecke, Ben Bosserhoff; Captain Hannes Böing is missing. [...]

Gain employees as brand ambassadors for the employer

Videos about one's own apprenticeship trades on Facebook, knowledge transfer in mixed-age tandems or autonomous projects for apprentices: companies are breaking new ground today in order to inspire coveted specialist and managerial staff. "With practical examples, lectures, a lively marketplace and a discussion with students, we have given local HR managers some ideas on how they can stand out in the battle for the best minds of their competitors," sums up Jürgen Paschold of the Entrepreneurs Association the 13. Bocholt Personnel Forum. This took place on Tuesday under the title "Simply magnetic - attract professionals" instead; Participants included some 60 managing directors, HR managers and executives from local companies. "I find good new skilled workers by having satisfied employees," emphasized Ruth Weber, HR Manager at Brüninghoff GmbH & Co. KG. Looking at existing employees as brand ambassadors for their own company is a matter of course for their recruiting. And also on social channels like Instagram; There, a Bundesliga referee, who is among the staff, as well as a footballer, who soon goes to the World Cup, post about her job and her sport. The "Next Generation" personnel concept has been awarded throughout Europe, with new and young employees forming a godparent model with older ones, thus learning from each other. "For us, this not only means ensuring the transfer of knowledge, but also showing the appreciation to imaginative beginners and experienced employees," said Weber.Neues element in the staff forum was a student round in which young people about their expectations of the profession and the future employer. Moderator Jennifer Middelkamp, ​​spokesperson for the Entrepreneurs Association, teased 14- to 17-year-olds about the factors that shape their career choices, whether they tend to follow their inclinations when choosing a career or aspire to particularly promising industries, and what channels they use through careers and companies inform. "Not surprisingly here is the realization that social media are gaining in importance," said Middelkamp and passed on the question of how it can be translated into action, Matthias Paschold on. The managing partner of local-e-motion Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Bocholt is a specialist in social recruiting. "You can post your job advertisement digitally in the schoolyard or, for a lunch break, play it to any gas-water installers who are currently at the snack bar," was one of his surprising tips. For example, Facebook offers tools for "targeting" in order to place job advertisements in a targeted manner according to criteria such as location, attended schools, degree, industry and interests. The fact that Facebook is a serious tool in recruiting makes the number of users clear: 73.000 people live in Bocholt; and there are 35.000 registered Facebook users in this city. For the operating practices of local human resources departments, labor law know-how provided by lawyer Moritz Streit of the employers' association is indispensable. So he described u. a. How a job advertisement under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) can be made legally valid, and which questions are allowed in job interviews. The conclusion of the full-day event was a lecture by Prof. Dr. Christoph Brast from the Westfälische Hochschule. Like a previous speaker, the scientist spoke explicitly about gas-water installers - currently the most sought after profession. Whole 157 days namely these vacancies currently remain vacant - 2010 was the average of all occupations or Sectors still on 57 days. For the protection of skilled workers, from Brast's point of view, it is not the decisive question which channel, offline or online, one chooses, but how one presents oneself there. "Develop your employer brand, which is authentic, honest, traditional, believable and not imitable," was his recommendation. More information at or Jürgen Paschold, Phone: 02871 23698-11. Caption: 60 Personnel of local companies used the 13. Bocholter Personalforum for new impulses and networking. (Photo: Entrepreneur Association) [...]