Also SPD now wants climate emergency for Bocholt

According to the Social List, the SPD is now demanding that the climate emergency for Bocholt be called for Bocholt. In a motion, the parliamentary group calls for the town council of the city of Bocholt a) to declare the climate emergency and declare the mitigation of climate change and its grave consequences a task of the highest priority. b) recognizes that the previous [...]

SPD for reintroduction of a tree protection statute

The SPD faction in the city council of Bocholt considers it necessary to decide on the reintroduction of a tree protection statute. As a medium-sized city, it is not only uncommon to dispose of such a kitchen, but also not contemporary. In view of the threat of climate change and the decline in species caused by human behavior, it is becoming increasingly important to consider this by [...]

"Care Miller" - Se return of a normal one

5cf155fb05883 5cf155fc5bbcf The half-sentence phenomenon shows us that we can not believe everything we think. "Keep the ball flat, no problem ... very calm, 'everything worse uh ... how it sounds ...", as always, Miller does not know what he says and he means it too, because if secure premonitions in splashproof facts flow, who does not succumb to his Charm. 'Miller promises us [...]

Cyclist steals cellphone while driving by

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Thursday, an 24-year-old Borken woman was on foot on the sidewalk of Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße, holding her mobile phone in her hand to write a message. Suddenly a cyclist coming from behind took the phone from her hand and escaped with his prey. The injured party describes the [...]

Resident discovers burglars in her hallway

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Thursday, a resident of a multi-family apartment on Weißdornweg was awakened by sounds. Shortly after, she spotted a burglar in the hallway of the apartment. The culprit fled immediately. The injured party describes the burglar as follows: about 30 to 40 years old, about 175 cm tall, black short hair, dark mustache ("mustache"), [...]

Burglars pry emergency exit door of a department store

Bocholt (ots) - In the night to Thursday (about 23.40 clock) burglars lifted the emergency exit door of a department store on the Welfenstraße. When checking the business, the alarmed police officers also used a service dog. The perpetrator (s) were no longer found. Whether something was stolen was not clear at the time of filing. The police […]

Alcoholic cyclist crashes on traffic island

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday, a witness against 18.00 Watch was alerted to a man who was lying on a traffic island on the Hamalandstraße with his bike. The fallen man, an 52-year-old man, was slightly injured and severely intoxicated. The police officers called in to initiate criminal proceedings. A doctor took a blood sample from the accused person to accurately detect the blood alcohol concentration [...]

Burglary in bakery branch

Bocholt (ots) - Cash captured a burglar early Friday morning from a bakery branch in the Bocholt shopping arcades. The act occurred between 06.00 clock and 06.45 clock. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990.

Mobile parking is now also possible in Bocholt

The citizens and also the guests of the city of Bocholt have from tomorrow (1.6.2019) when parking on the urban parking lots spoiled for choice, how and with what they want to pay. In addition to the continuing possibilities of cash and EC card payment, "mobile parking" is now also possible. Parking fees can be paid by mobile phone. The […]

THW Youth at the International Children's and Youth Festival

Bocholt 02.05.2019, At this year's International Children's and Family Festival, our youth group was one of the many clubs that presented themselves to the guests. At the weaving workshop of the TextilWerk, the young people presented the technical aid organization and their work. Curious people had the opportunity to look at the equipment of the lighting section (FGr Bel). For this purpose, the team wagon (MLW 3) [...]

Focus on digitization and media development planning

The topics "digitization" and "media development planning" were the focus of the recent exchange of experiences of the municipal school authorities in the district of Borken. In the county house, the responsible employees of almost all county-based municipalities as well as of the district, which is also a school bearer with the vocational colleges and special needs schools, came together. Representatives of the school inspectorate also attended the meeting. At first, [...]

Super Sunday at the 1. FC Bocholt

While for the U19 juniors of the 1. FC Bocholt on Sunday in the crucial home game against the SpVgg Solingen-Wald for the league in the Lower Rhine league, receives the 1. Team in the league for the season ending Ratingen 04 / 19. There, the team of Manuel Jara wants the 3. Save table space. Afterwards, the club celebrates the "Black and White Night". [...]

Town History: The Restoration "Four Seasons"

Bocholt (PID). In the summer 1898, the cooper Bernard Demming (1858-1939) opened a restaurant on his property Marienstraße 1, which he called the restoration "Vier Jahreszeiten". This is the historical photo of the month, selected by the Bocholt city archive. 1894 he had still failed with a concession application to operate a retail trade in brandy, because a need for that place [...]