Two transporters broken up

Bocholt (ots) - On tools in company transporters there were unknown on the night of Saturday in two cases in Bocholt-Barlo. The perpetrators each gained access to the vehicle interior by breaking the rear doors. At Pfarrer-Wissing-Strasse they stole a car-powered screwdriver, a percussion drill, an impact wrench, a gun, an electric welding machine, an electric fox tail and a machine tool from a car. The other vehicle had been on Helena Street. The perpetrators captured there a drill, a cordless screwdriver and a jigsaw. The police asks for information to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Parked car parked

Bocholt (ots) - A damage in the amount of about 1.000 Euro has left a stranger on Friday in an accident in Bocholt. A witness had observed a driver drive against 18.35 clock in the parking lot of a hypermarket on the Friesenstraße when setting back against a parked black BMW. After that, she left without fulfilling her legal duties. The vehicle of the polluter should be a smaller black car. The police are asking for clues on Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Burglar wakes witnesses

Bocholt (ots) - In the farm building of a motorhome park on the Aasee in Bocholt in the night of Saturday a first unknown. Whether and what the perpetrator stole, is not yet known. The burglar had forcibly gained access by smashing the pane of an entrance door. That had not gone unnoticed: witnesses had heard the sounds, looked up and can observe a male person nearby. The alerted police officers arrived in the immediate vicinity of an intoxicated 15-year-old teenager whose appearance matched the descriptions. The officers took Bocholter to the police station. The further investigations are running. [...]

Pedelec driver crashes

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injuries suffered a pedelec driver on Saturday in an accident in Bocholt. The 31-year-old had driven against the Werther road against 20.45 clock, touched the masts of a traffic light and came to fall. A behind her driving 34 years old pedelec driver could not avoid and drove on the fallen Bocholterin. She came to a hospital for treatment. There, a doctor also took a blood sample in order to determine the blood alcohol value exactly: The woman had been drunk on the road. [...]

Collision on the bike path

Bocholt (ots) - On a bike path in Bocholt-Biemenhorst on Saturday a pedelec driver collided with an oncoming recumbent bike. His 78 year old rider from Rhede suffered minor injuries. An 71-year-old Rhederin had been traveling against 15 clock with her pedelec behind a leading two-wheeler coming from Bocholt direction Rhede when it came to the collision. An ambulance brought the lightly injured to a hospital for outpatient treatment. [...]

Shock to Barlo: Popular pastor was a convicted sex offender - now more reproaches at the grave of the clergyman

Shock for Barlo. The extremely popular in the village, now deceased pastor W., after the large playground of the place is named, was a convicted sex offender. In his personal file there is the copy of a final judgment of the district court Bocholt of November 1976. In it, the priest was sentenced to one year's probation for having committed several sexual acts against minors. Now, in an anonymous letter attached to the clergyman's grave, new allegations of sexual abuse are being made. This was announced by the diocese of Münster in a press release. 2013 had already reported a victim there at the beginning of 2019 and last in March 1976 another. Next is stated in the press release, which was also published by the parish of Liebfrauen: "Both victims said to have been abused at least once by the priest. The allegations relate in one case to the time when the accused priest was active in Selm / Recklinghausen. In the other case, no place has been named yet. In the personal file of the diocese is the copy of a final judgment of the district court Bocholt November 2018. In it, the pastor was convicted of several sexual acts against minors to a prison sentence of one year - on probation. The diocese recommended counseling by a therapist. To what extent the pastor followed this recommendation and with what result, does not emerge from the file. The documents of the diocese including the personnel file were also submitted to the public prosecutor's office Münster in the context of the MHG study 2019. Further investigation did not exist because of the death of the priest no more. The diocese will clarify in this case, the allegations raised and the resulting outstanding issues from an external commission of experts and work up. This will be able to evaluate all the files directly. The preparatory work for commissioning a commission is underway. They are to be completed in July 25. The relevant pastor W. was on 1966. January 1969 ordained. After that he worked until 1975 as a chaplain in Selm, St. Joseph, and then as a chaplain to 1975 in Recklinghausen, St. Antonius. From 2006 until his retirement in 27, he served as pastor in St. Helena Bocholt-Barlo. Until his death he lived in Bocholt. The diocese has the parishes and their committees at 0151. If there are other victims, the diocese asks them to report to the contact persons for procedures in cases of sexual abuse. Contact: Bernadette Böcker-Kock: 63404738-0151; Bardo Schaffner: 43816695-XNUMX. "[...]

Stroke Unit: Wüst advocates support for faster access to neurosurgery

Borken County. "An important step in securing the location of the Stroke Unit in the Marien-Hospital Borken and thus providing health care for the population in the Westmünsterland is done," said Dr. Landrat. Kai Zwicker. The potential analysis he initiated to improve the accessibility of neurosurgery at Klinikum Vest in Recklinghausen was approved by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Transport. This has now been reported by the Minister of Transport Hendrik Wüst (Rhede) in writing to the district of Borken. At the same time, the minister assures the country's support for the further course of action. A stroke unit is a hospital ward with a special focus on the treatment and care of stroke patients. Prerequisite for their funding by the health insurance companies is, among other things, the availability of the nearest specialist clinic within 30 minutes. From Borken this is the Neurochirugie in Recklinghausen. In order to be able to guarantee the arrival time there, the expert survey commissioned by the district of Borken had analyzed three route variants - Result: By means of traffic light priority circuits, the time span for rescue transport can be reduced to the specified time and, at the same time, traffic safety significantly increased. The best possible of the three alternatives will now be examined more closely as part of a feasibility study. The traffic conditions, in particular the individual intersection situations as well as the technical control requirements, are examined in detail and also the further implementation steps are shown. Minister of Transport Wüst now said that the support of the Feasibility Study as well as the realization of the necessary technical measures on the affected roads Country too. [...]

SPD demands: Within the ring only bicycle lanes

Bocholt is the bicycle-friendly city in Germany. Building on this good starting position, the fraction of the SPD in the city council of Bocholt is asking for consideration of the extent of the inner ring road as a bicycle lane within the city ring, as well as a calculation of the expected costs by changing the signs and informing citizens * inside about the new traffic situation. "A bicycle road is a road intended for cycling. Other vehicles may be allowed with additional characters. The maximum speed for all vehicles is 30 km / h. Cyclists are allowed to ride side by side. Cyclists may need to reduce their speed to avoid being disabled or endangered by cyclists, "states the motion. From the point of view of the SPD faction, the establishment of bicycle lanes throughout the city center area has many advantages. "It is important to us that the various means of transport are not played out against each other by simply prohibiting the car or delivery traffic," said the group. [...]

FDP calls for refurbishment of the "moguls of Bocholt"

The FDP demands the rehabilitation of the Winterswijk streets known as the "Bocholt mogul run" between Barlo and the border. The route is not only responsible for the rapid failure of suspension systems for regular users of this road, but is also increasingly becoming a danger point for the users of this road, according to an application, "Especially in winter with slippery roads, the road is hardly passable. Due to the many balancing of the road, it is easier to lurch, and you often misjudge your speed. Everywhere a speed of 100km / h is allowed, so you get from the rehabilitated part in the unrestored part of the road, where it is hardly possible, you underestimated this and can get into skidding. Also in view of the frequent use of agricultural machinery, the rehabilitation of the road is of great importance. Finally, there are many farmers in the immediate vicinity, who would benefit significantly from a renewal of the road, "writes FrRaktionssprecher Burkhard Henneken.Besonders striking and often mentioned among the Bocholt citizens is also the transition on the border of the Winterswijker road on the German side in the Wooldseweg on the Dutch side. The Dutch street is in very good condition, unlike the German side. So it quickly creates a bad first impression of Bocholt and the road scares off our beautiful home, for example, a shopping visit. Also, the bike path should be pulled through for us as FDP directly to the border. Especially in the course of increasingly frequent e-mobility of bicycles, a well-maintained and extended cycle path would be a commitment to the "climate change" and attractiveness of Bocholt. [...]

Football professional Maurice Exslager joins the 1. FC Bocholt

The 1. FC Bocholt has signed Maurice Exslager from third division Fortuna Köln. The 28-year-old striker signed a contract with the Lower Rhine-Oberliga team until 30.06.2021. The native Bocholter was last contracted by third division side Fortuna Köln, where he came on nine occasions in the past season due to injury. Previously he played for the third division FC Magdeburg and for the second division clubs SV Darmstadt and 1. FC Cologne. Most of his career completed Maurice Exslager, however, at MSV Duisburg, where he made the jump from the youth league to the professionals. Overall, Exslager completed just 109 second division games in which he scored eleven goals. 2011 he stood with the MSV in the DFB Cup final in Berlin, when he came on in front of 04 spectators against Schalke 75.000. Twice he got off the 2. into the 1. Bundesliga on, both with the 1. FC Köln and the SV Darmstadt. "For me, it was important to get to know the guy behind the name everyone knows in Bocholt in a four-eye conversation," says FC coach Manuel Jara on the non-routine transfer. He plans ex-camp on the center-forward or playmaker position. "We talked intensively, openly and honestly about all the opportunities that a possible commitment would entail. After this conversation, it was clear to me that we should do everything possible to get the Bocholter back to Bocholt, "said Jara. The coach emphasizes: "Maurice Exslager is looking forward to the new challenge with Maurice:" We have a really good, high-quality guy. "After all the injuries in recent years, it was clear to me, someday To develop a vision for my professional future. "For him, the decision was quickly clear:" My goal has always been to move to Bocholt at some point. And as a football club came for me only the 1. FC Bocholt in question. Because the club is professionally positioned, plays by far the highest and is very ambitious. "The former Duisburg crowd pleaser is important to be treated like any other player:" My previous Vita interested in the place not. We're all in the same boat and that's why I do not want extra treatment just because I've played higher. "His goal is to make many appearances for FCB and contribute to many goals:" We want to attack at the top and the Regional league promotion play. I'm really looking forward to my new club. The FC is a traditional club and fits in perfectly with my career so far. "Even President Ludger Triphaus, who has handled the transfer significantly, is very satisfied:" We are proud, such a high-profile newcomer to the 1. To have piloted FC Bocholt. This is an important signal for the club, both internally and externally. "[...]

Trend-Werkstadt of the CDU shows: citizens often braver than politics

One comment BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERToday. Morning. Future - this is the subtitle of Trend Werkstadt # for Bocholt, to which the CDU had invited citizens a year ago and then discussed with them. Tonight, there was the final presentation with presentation of the results from five workshops on topics such as urban planning, mobility and digitization. Prominent guest was Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn. The pleasing result: Citizens are often braver than politics. While they are still discussing parking lots, the workshop participants are already thinking about a poor, if not car-free, city planning as well as mobility. That's what you call innovative. Also with the topic digitization there were many great ideas. The CDU wants to look at the results now and - as far as possible - in their election program record. And that's where the problem starts. Because it could happen that the faction in the coming months exactly squashed the money, which plans the party for the future after 2020. The Nordring, for example, is becoming so expensive that it tends to obstruct a modern traffic solution, as it was suggested in Trend Werkstadt. And a completely overrated town hall renovation with fourth floor and multifunctional hall could dig up some meaningful other project the water. The first victim already seems to be the Bürgerkulturhaus idea of ​​the Bürgerstiftung Bocholt. At the same time, the CDU runs the risk of having raised public expectations to great expectations. If they are not fulfilled, that quickly leads to bitter disappointment. But at least: try makes smart. And this attempt to motivate the citizen base has been really successful.Photo: ArchiveThe results trend shops in detail: Trendshop HealthTrendshop StadtplanungTrendshop DigitizationTrendshop IntegrationTrendshop Mobility [...]

Trend Shop Mobility: Innovation versus classic traffic concepts

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThe Mobility Working Group of the CDU Trend Factory City has looked to the future. And he is certain that the innovative mobility concepts will replace the classic traffic planning. "The car is no longer necessarily in the middle of planning in urban areas," a conclusion. (see also Trend Shop City Planning). For the citizens, the traffic areas have to be divided more equitably and the city will become more habitat again. The solution was the promotion of cycling and pedestrian traffic, more and better public transport and the use of modern car solutions such as car sharing or e-cars. Autonomous driving, which according to experts could turn mobility in the cities upside down, hardly played a role. "We just lacked the expertise," said host Michael Hösing. [...]

Trendshop Digitization: There is a shortage of experts and cooperation

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERBocholt needs a digitalization officer - if possible as a staff department in the town hall. This is a finding of the working group digitalization of the CDU Trend Factory City. The participants talked for a year mainly about the infrastructure in the retail trade about the networking of participants as well as the use of modern technology in the schools and came to the conclusion that there is a lack of cooperation in the city. Example Education. Citizens and experts criticized the lack of hardware as well as know-how in schools. Because of the resulting implementation difficulties new devices are often outdated at launch again. In addition, every school has its own concept. "So there are only isolated solutions everywhere", it was said during a press conference in the run-up to today's presentation. Also for the retail sector, the trend shop gives clear signals. Setting up a nationwide WLAN network and using existing technologies to attract visitors to the city are high on the agenda. For example, the visitors to the open-air concerts could have been digitally lured to the city center, according to the spokesman for the organizing team Gisbert Bresser. Surprisingly: "The city marketing should stay with its core competencies", so another suggestion for improvement. In plain English: The tasks of digitization and city management should be taken over by others. [...]

Trendshop Integration / Inclusion: There is a lack of framework conditions

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERBocholter are quite willing. But for the integration of strangers and the inclusion of Gehandicapten it lacks the necessary framework conditions. This is a conclusion of the Working Group Integration and Inclusion in the CDU Trend Factory City. Often it simply lacks only meeting places (Laundromat, bocce court, common lunch in residential areas) and Kommunikation.In their inventory, the citizens involved had found that everyone is welcome in Bocholt. The only condition: "They must be like the Bocholter," it said in the presentation. The workshop stimulated a media project for migrants in several languages, as it was already started yesterday by the Initaitive ORBIS in Bocholt. This would be an opportunity to point out skills shortages in, for example, nursing and thus to raise potential. [...]

Trend Shop Urban planning: Citizens want more say

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERAttractive living space, several meeting places and ensuring a diverse supply: these were the topics dealt with by the Urban Planning Group in the CDU Trend Factory City. The most important finding is that you citizens want more say. They want a kind of "Planorama", a kind of digital platform that helps them to be informed and involved in decision-making in the past. One focus of the discussions was on the city center. Here several places were to be developed into real meeting places, it said. Also, the trend shop for more student life in the city was strong. "Courage for innovation and unique concepts" is another wish. An example was the increase in attractiveness through the reduction of car traffic (see also Trend Shop Mobility) [...]