78 year old cyclist fatally injured in traffic accident

Bocholt (ots) - This morning - as already reported - a serious traffic accident occurred on the Barloer Ringstraße in Kalkdiek. An 46-year-old man from Borken had driven his car on the Kalkdiek coming from direction Reyerdingstiege and wanted to turn right on Barloer Ringstraße. It came to a collision with a 78-year-old Bocholter, who drove with his pedelec on the bike path of the Barloer Ring Road in the direction of Binnenheide. The cyclist was seriously injured and was taken to a clinic in Münster by a rescue helicopter. There, however, the 78 year old died in the afternoon. An expert was called in for the accident recording. The Barloer Ringstraße had to be closed for the duration of the accident recording. The traffic was derived. [...]

IHK training ambassador at the Hohe Giethorst School

Bocholt. "Vocational orientation at eye level." That was the order of the four apprentices, who arrived on Wednesday (29. May) reported to the nine-year-olds of the High Giethorst School in Bocholt on career choices, training and operations. The work was coordinated by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Nordrhein Westfalen), which supports the vocational orientation in schools with its project "Ausbildungsbotschafter" together with the Handwerkskammer (HWK) Münster. Anna Zenker of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) describes the project goals: "It is about bringing the diversity of company training into the eyes of students, facilitating the transition from school to work and supporting companies in the search for trainees". The first assignment of IHK training ambassadors at the Hohe Giethorst School was judged very positively by teacher Ulrich Krehl, who is responsible for coordinating career choices. "The training ambassadors have shown our students career prospects that they may not have had on screen yet," emphasized Krehl. "In doing so, they provided our students with an authentic insight into the world of work." This also included asking the training ambassadors questions that, as a student, they are reluctant to ask a boss - such as salary and leisure time. "That's exactly what our project is about: we want to give young people credible information about what they expect in a company-based apprenticeship," explained IHK project co-worker Zenker. "And who could do that better than trainees." The four trainees who worked at the Hohe Giethorst School are in their second or third year of apprenticeship (in parentheses: apprenticeship): Tom Ebbers (professional driver) and Lena Ostendarp (businesswoman im Wholesale and foreign trade) of the G. Elsinghorst Stahl und Technik GmbH, Bocholt, as well as Ali Belhaj and Konrad Wolny (both electronic technicians for industrial engineering) from Sinnack Backspezialitäten GmbH & Co. KG, also Bocholt. The training ambassadors also benefit from their work at school. In a seminar they prepare for the events and then practice in school in a safe manner and strengthen their self-confidence. Not least, the companies have something of the project: "Through the use of their trainees they bring in the future school leavers as an employer and training company into the conversation," said Zenker. Meanwhile, 164 companies in the IHK district support the project. Since the launch of 2015, 1.300 training ambassadors have already gone to the schools and have informed almost 25.000 students about training occupations and companies.IHK contact for schools and businesses in the districts Borken and Coesfeld is Anna Zenker, phone 0251 707-415, E- Mail zenker@ihk-nw.de. More information about the project can be found here. [...]