From A like obesity to Z like celiac disease

This year's action week "We help!", Which took place in the whole of Germany at the end of May, provided impulses for dealing with self-help. Different actions showed how colorful and diverse self-help can be. The Borken district and the self-help contact point Coesfeld district / Borken county took this as an opportunity to present their new self-help signpost in the county house in Borken. Is there a support group on my topic in my area? What is a self-help friendly hospital? How is self-help organized in the Borken district? Where can I find competent contact persons? These and other questions will be answered in the updated self-help guide for the district of Borken. The fourth edition now contains a comprehensive list of the approximately 150 self-help groups and initiatives in the district. "From A as obesity over L as lipoedema to Z like celiac disease, the issues that concern those concerned and interested in self-help groups in the district," says Regina Kasteleiner from the Department of Health in the district of Borken. "Diseased people often wish to exchange views with like-minded people," she says, adding, "However, often sufferers or health care professionals do not know where to get this information." Here, the new self-help guide is a first Step up to inform yourself and to get to know the corresponding contact points. With the establishment of the self-help contact point Coesfeld district / county Borken in the year 2017, the self-help landscape has evolved greatly. Many new groups on the topics of depression, Sudeck's disease, lip-palate malformations, lung and respiratory diseases, caregivers, stroke, gambling and mourning have emerged since that time. Interested can the new self-help guide in the district health office under Regina Kasteleiner Tel. 02861 / 82-1094 or send an e-mail to free of charge. Further information is also available on the website of the Borken district at Further support and information on self-help can be found at the self-help contact point Kreis Coesfeld / Kreis Borken. Tel. 02861 / 6053100 and per E-Mail to Bildzeile: Presented the new self-help guide (from left to right): Borkens Kreisdirektor Dr. med. Ansgar Hörster, Melanie Goreta (self-help contact point Coesfeld district / Borken district), Barbara Büscher (chairwoman of the committee for work, social affairs and health of the Borken district), Regina Kasteleiner (Borken district, health department), Hanna Heymann (self-help contact point Kreis Coesfeld / Kreis Borken) and Timo Plaß (The Paritätische NRW (bearer self-help contact Coesfeld district / Borken district)). [...]

Regional Group "Crazy? Well and! "Founded in the district of Borken

The path to growing up is often not easy. Pressure to perform, bullying, separation of parents, addictions, worries about the future - young people often have to deal with various hurdles. This often happens with different emotional needs. Mental crises and illnesses therefore begin predominantly in adolescence. To counteract this, the Health Department of the Borken district in cooperation with the association "Insane Human" has the regional group "Crazy? Well and! "Founded. The representatives - experts on mental health and those personally affected - now met for their first meeting in the county house in Borken. The aim of the regional group is to raise awareness in society about dealing with mental health at an early stage. This means reducing fears and prejudices, communicating confidence and solutions in crises and promoting well-being. Therefore, the group now offers students from 16 to 25 years and their teachers the eponymous prevention program "Crazy? Well and! " For about five hours, a team, each a specialist and a personally affected person from the regional group - for example, a psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist and a person who has even experienced and mastered mental illness - comes to school to openly communicate with the class "The tandem team not only tells the young people what depression is in a technical sense," emphasizes Regina Kasteleiner, coordinator of the regional group Kreis Borken. "On the one hand, the students work on the topic of 'mental health' on their own. On the other hand, they also learn - based on the authentic story of the person affected - how depressions or psychoses feel, where there is help and what they themselves, but also friends, parents and teachers can do, "she explains. "The strong effect of, crazy? Well, school days come about in particular through meeting people who have mastered psychological crises, "says Reinhild Wantia, health and psychiatry coordinator at the Borken district and member of the regional group. "We want to show young people and teachers ways to strengthen their health together so that they all have a good education and training qualification," she adds. With the prevention work, the Regional Group Borken in the schools wants to shorten the time it takes them to get involved Searching for help. The representatives want to help young people to recognize their need earlier, not to hide and accept support. "If somebody told me about his experiences with a mental illness during my schooldays, I would have spared myself some detours," reports one of the personally affected persons, who now works in the teams. "Crazy? Well and! "Is a Germany-wide prevention program by the association" Insane Human "in cooperation with the health insurance Barmer and the cooperation group" ". It is also a model project for the implementation of the national health goals "Healthy Growing Up" and "Preventing Depressive Diseases". The program is offered at 80 locations in 12 federal states, and also in Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Interested schools and vocational colleges can contact the Regional Group Borken's prevention program with Regina Kasteleiner from the health department of the Borken district under Tel. 02861 / 82-1094 or by e-mail to inform and book the program. [...]

Red Cross can save lives

A can that can save lives: The Red Cross in the Borken district distributes 4000 cans all over the city, which in an emergency can give the helpers important information on the personal data of the person in need. A large part of the launch package was donated to Sparkasse Westmünsterland. Raoul G. Wild: "We are very happy to support the campaign in order to get the cans in the Borken district via our branch network into the area. This is an excellent idea, which carries our full support. "As long as stocks last, the cans in the Sparkassen customer centers in the district Borken be preserved.DRK Board Jürgen Puhlmann said at the idea in the Sparkasse in Borken, that the goal is desired is going to distribute 20.000 Red Cross cans in Borken County. "They offer people a piece of security." The good idea of ​​the Red Cross Box comes from the district association Biberach. Now it is taken up by the Red Cross in the district Borken - and is actually quite simple. The small box in a handy format contains a washing sheet with all important information. So the rescue service can act quickly in case of need. The Red Cross recommends that you keep it in a central location: in the refrigerator. Why do I need a Red Cross Box? If the emergency services come in an emergency, the rescue services ask many questions - often points that are vital. What if you can not answer these questions yourself? Mostly relatives help. However, if there is no one who can provide information, it may become critical. In such situations, the Red Cross Box should help. If you use a Red Cross Box, you can prepare for emergencies early and at your own pace. One deposits in the box his health data and medicine plans on a data sheet. Contact details of family doctor or nursing service are also noted, as well as the family members. If you have a living will, you can also stick to it.Improve stickers help It is important that the ambulance immediately knows that there is a Red Cross can. To signal this to the helpers immediately, there are stickers that you attach to the front door and the fridge. Because the refrigerator plays a key role: It is always the repository for the can. The refrigerator can be found in almost every housing unit within seconds. The Red Cross Box is available at the following dispensaries of the Red Cross in the district of Borken: • Bocholt: Outpatient Nursing Service, Münsterstraße 38 • [...]

TSV Bocholt Rhinos defend championship lead in Sauerland

Last Sunday, the Bocholt Rhinos made their way to their first away game of the season. It went to the tranquil Sauerland to the Lumberjacks from Brilon. The signs were purely statistically good, because the Bocholt boys had after two games whole 119 counter on the points account, which stood against 0 points of the opponents. In the final zone of the Rhinos, cobwebs have already grown after two games.Brilon, the only unbeaten team in the league - in addition to the Rhinos- had taken over in the meantime the league standings due to a game, so that it came on Sunday to the league's top game. Table first versus second in the table, so a groundbreaking encounter for both teams. A common thread in the Bocholtern since the beginning of the season and now in Brilon does not want to break: the injury pitch. In addition to the injury of the starting center fell after a few plays and two other top performers of offense, so that Bocholt was partially with players from the third row in the field. Signs that in combination with the tropical temperatures did not bode well. However, there is still the Defense, which held in both teams like a bulwark. Both sides had done their homework very well and were well prepared for the attack. The consequence of the fact that very often the offense was stopped although both teams made a lot of effort to score. The fans traveled along the Rhinos had to be patient until the second quarter, until the team of their hearts finally came to points. The young Bocholter quarterback Emil Fohrer served with a first-class pass the wide receiver Malte Stappenbeck, who despite good man coverage of the Brilon defenders managed to secure the ball in the opposing end zone and thus give his team the longed-for 6: 0 leadership. The following point after the touchdown was good by kicker Timo Funke and increased the result on 7: 0, with which the two teams also went to halftime. In halftime two, the action continued, the only highlight from Rhino point of view: the linebacker Tobias Vorholt managed a so-called Pick6, he intercepted the ball of the Brilon quarterback and ran the ball into the opposing end zone: touchdown and six points for the guests. The subsequent extra point was also transformed so that you could go into the final game quarter with an 14: 00 lead.Brilon showed fighting spirit and cohesion, they never gave up the game and thus fought several ways to score points. Finally, they managed in the person of their all-rounder Tobi Harting to find their way into the Bocholt endzone, as the subsequent extra point was also good, shortened the hosts to the final result of 14: 07. Then, from Bocholter's point of view, they played it safe and knelt down, so that the clock could run down and the game was over. "I am glad that my boys proved their character here today and brought the victory home. We went into the game with a lot of defeats and then had to replace three top performers right at the beginning, which was not easy. However, we have again shown what can be achieved with team spirit. We bit and fought, it paid off in the end. At the end of the season no one asks how they won the games, the main thing is they won. Now we will regenerate briefly and prepare for Tuesday's next opponent Duisburg "so coach Max Klingberg. Photo: Middelhoff [...]

Summer party for foster families

Borken County. Fun and games were the focus of the summer festival, to which the youth and family department of the Borken district had invited all adopted and foster families from the region. The summer party took place at the adventure farm Bagert in Nottuln. Around 30 families spent an eventful day in good weather. The staff members of the foster care service welcomed the families and thanked them for their daily commitment in dealing with their foster or adoptive children. "Foster parents give their foster children anew every day the security and security they need to regain their confidence in themselves and their environment," they emphasized. The foster and adoptive parents took the opportunity to exchange views with each other during the afternoon. The organizers of the summer festival, the foster care service and the adoption agency, had set up a varied program on the farm: So the owner was offered a tour of the donkey meadow and the goats of the farm. In addition, the children could let off steam in the "mud" and in the shady straw hall. A clown made air balloon animals and the boys and girls could get makeup. Coffee and waffles as well as a concluding barbecue buffet were also provided for the right refreshment. The Kreisjugendamt Borken accompanies about 230 children in foster families with a team of social workers and social workers as well as social pedagogues. The specialists have additional qualifications in the area of ​​systemic family counseling or trauma therapy. For them, the summer party - in addition to the equally annual training events for foster parents - an important part of their concept, which attaches great importance to a continuous support of families and their exchange with each other. The foster care service of the district Borken is constantly looking for couples or families who introduce themselves can accommodate foster children. Interested parties are prepared intensively for their tasks. For more information on the topic "caregivers and adoptive children" is the foster care service all interested parties under Tel. 02542 / 9567-0 (extension Gescher), Tel. 02563 / 9698-0 (extension city pay) and Tel. 02872 / 8097-0 (extension Rhede). [...]

Accident escape on the Öwerhook

Bocholt (ots) - In the time between Saturday, 15 clock, and Sunday, 09 clock, drove an unknown driver on the Öwerhook against a scooter and dragged this still a few feet above the ground. The owner of the scooter found his vehicle set up again, the broken exterior mirror was infected. The total damage to the scooter is estimated at about 2.000 Euro. The police are looking for witnesses. Please notify the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Burglars take cash and three cell phones

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Tuesday opened a burglar on the Mussumer Kirchweg a tilting window and penetrated into the house. Stolen cash and three mobile phones. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990.In recent weeks, there were several burglaries in Bocholt and Rhede, where opened by the burglar or on the tilting window. In most cases, the injured were at home at the time of the crime and slept. The police point out again - tilting windows without special security are no obstacle for burglars. [...]

Burglar takes advantage of tilting window

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Monday, a burglar on the Gattopskamp used a tilting window. He opened it and entered the house. A resident had visited the kitchen against 03.30 clock, without having noticed the perpetrators. Shortly thereafter, he noted but the burglary. The perpetrators or had probably fled when they had heard the house residents. A wristwatch and a wallet were stolen. In recent weeks there have been several burglaries in Bocholt and Rhede, where the window has been opened by the burglar or the tipping window. In most cases, the injured were at home at the time of the crime and slept. The police point out again - tilting windows without special security are no obstacle for burglars. [...]

City administration and ESB pay attention to the health of their employees

At the city administration Bocholt and at the disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) great value is placed on the health of the workforce. This is now confirmed by the quality seal "Healthy work - we do something!" Awarded by the German Employees Academy (DAA). "The seal says that the employees of the city of Bocholt are satisfied with their job. Companies are awarded this seal if there is a demonstrably good corporate culture, "explains Hildegard Schröer-Martini from the Bocholt Personnel Administration. The DAA seal does not say that "everything was great and great. In excellent companies, not everything runs without conflicts and friction. But there are strategies to work out good solutions. "And those have systematically worked out administration and ESB. On the basis of personnel surveys, workshops and courses on health and stress prevention have since been held. Employees can rate their executives (so-called management feedback), in case of acute problems "quick help" is available to everyone. Schröer-Martini: "All these are now factors of corporate culture." "A well-developed corporate culture" "The strongest expression of a well-developed corporate culture is the satisfaction of all employees. Satisfaction was determined in the personnel surveys. Thus, this award is awarded by virtually its own employees, "said Mayor Peter Nebelo. Health Day at ESBAuch Gisbert Jacobs, head of the ESB, welcomes the measures. Due to the demographic development, the retirement age and the working life increase. "For all employees and especially for those who do strenuous physical work, it is therefore important to take early health care. Here, the disposal and service company Bocholt wants to help as an employer through a package of various measures. "Examples of this are back exercises in operating rooms of the ESB after work, a detailed identification of workplace-specific hazards and an expansion of occupational health services. Jacobs: "In addition, we are trying to engage the employees intensively in the procurement of vehicles, machinery and equipment and to make technical improvements." Increasingly, vehicles were equipped with ergonomically high-quality seats and offices with height-adjustable desks.At the 17. A health day is planned at the ESB on Saturday, Schröer-Martini announces. Jobs at the city and ESBMore information at or [...]

30-year-old car driver fled after accident

Bocholt (ots) - A damaged car and a property damage in the amount of about 4.500 Euro were left: The slightly injured driver of a vehicle, with whom she had an accident on Saturday night against 00.45 clock on the Frankenstraße in Bocholt had taken flight would have. The car had probably strayed from the lane due to improper speed in the driveway to the L602. He hit first against a traffic sign and then against a concrete boundary. Police officers identified an 30 year-old as a driver. They brought the alcoholic Isselburg woman to the police station, where a doctor took her blood samples to prove the alcohol consumption exactly. The police secured the affected vehicle. [...]

Fire in container

Bocholt (ots) - An Altglascontainer set unknown on Friday in Bocholt on fire. The event had played against 23.45 clock on the Stresemannstraße. According to initial findings, the perpetrators have thrown burning material into the container, which is on the grounds of a school. A witness had noticed the smoke and contacted the fire department, which put out the fire. The police asks for information to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

300.000 Euro damage at fire of a factory building in the industrial area Isselburg-Heelden

Isselburg (ots) - On Sunday evening, against 22 clock, burned a warehouse in the industrial area "Im Geer" in Isselburg-Heelden. The fire department was able to bring the fire under control and prevent a complete burning of the warehouse. In the warehouse garbage had burned, which then spread to parts of the warehouse. The police seized the fire and started investigating the cause of the fire. There was a material damage of about 300.000 Euro. [...]