From A like obesity to Z like celiac disease

This year's action week "We help!", Which took place in the whole of Germany at the end of May, provided impulses for dealing with self-help. Different actions showed how colorful and diverse self-help can be. The Borken district and the self-help contact point Coesfeld district / Borken county took this as an opportunity to present their new self-help signpost in the county house in Borken. Is there a […]

Regional Group "Crazy? Well and! "Founded in the district of Borken

The path to growing up is often not easy. Pressure to perform, bullying, separation of parents, addictions, worries about the future - young people often have to deal with various hurdles. This often happens with different emotional needs. Mental crises and illnesses therefore begin predominantly in adolescence. To counteract this, the Health Department of the Borken [...]

Red Cross can save lives

A can that can save lives: The Red Cross in the Borken district distributes 4000 cans all over the city, which in an emergency can give the helpers important information on the personal data of the person in need. A large part of the launch package was donated to Sparkasse Westmünsterland. Board Member Dr. Raoul G. Wild: "We support the campaign very [...]

TSV Bocholt Rhinos defend championship lead in Sauerland

Last Sunday, the Bocholt Rhinos made their way to their first away game of the season. It went to the tranquil Sauerland to the Lumberjacks from Brilon. The signs were purely statistically good, because the Bocholt boys had after two games whole 119 counter on the points account, which stood against 0 points of the opponents. In the endzone [...]

Summer party for foster families

Borken County. Fun and games were the focus of the summer festival, to which the youth and family department of the Borken district had invited all adopted and foster families from the region. The summer party took place at the adventure farm Bagert in Nottuln. Around 30 families spent an eventful day in good weather. The staff of the foster care service [...]

Accident escape on the Öwerhook

Bocholt (ots) - In the time between Saturday, 15 clock, and Sunday, 09 clock, drove an unknown driver on the Öwerhook against a scooter and dragged this still a few feet above the ground. The owner of the scooter found his vehicle set up again, the broken exterior mirror was infected. The total damage to the scooter will be [...]

Burglars take cash and three cell phones

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Tuesday opened a burglar on the Mussumer Kirchweg a tilting window and penetrated into the house. Stolen cash and three mobile phones. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. In recent weeks, Bocholt and Rhede [...]

Burglar takes advantage of tilting window

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Monday, a burglar on the Gattopskamp used a tilting window. He opened it and entered the house. A resident had visited the kitchen against 03.30 clock, without having noticed the perpetrators. Shortly thereafter, he noted the burglary. The […]

30-year-old car driver fled after accident

Bocholt (ots) - A damaged car and a property damage in the amount of about 4.500 Euro were left: The slightly injured driver of a vehicle, with whom she had an accident on Saturday night against 00.45 clock on the Frankenstraße in Bocholt had taken flight would have. The car was probably due to unadapted speed [...]

Fire in container

Bocholt (ots) - An Altglascontainer set unknown on Friday in Bocholt on fire. The event had played against 23.45 clock on the Stresemannstraße. According to initial findings, the perpetrators have thrown burning material into the container, which is on the grounds of a school. A witness had noticed the smoke and contacted the fire department, who [...]

300.000 Euro damage at fire of a factory building in the industrial area Isselburg-Heelden

Isselburg (ots) - On Sunday evening, against 22 clock, burned a warehouse in the industrial area "Im Geer" in Isselburg-Heelden. The fire department was able to bring the fire under control and prevent a complete burning of the warehouse. In the warehouse garbage had burned, which then spread to parts of the warehouse. The police seized the fire and investigated the [...]