High interest in fast internet in the Bocholt outdoor area

Bocholt (PID). What is promoted? What are the costs for households? What tariffs are there, what products? Many questions were asked yesterday about broadband expansion in Bocholt's outdoor areas. The city administration and the Bocholt energy and water supply (BEW) had invited to the information evening in the city theater, around 250 citizens had come. Their households are in those areas that are considered "underserved" in terms of Internet speed. Broadband offensive to the end 2021The city is known to expand its fiber optic network in the outskirts. Overall, about 1.800 households are affected. They are connected to the fast fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. Until the end of 2021, 600 will be laying kilometers of fiber optics, as BEW boss Jürgen Elmer announced. 15 millions of euros are being funded by the state of NRW via the European Agricultural Fund (EAFRD), or 2. Mio itself puts the city itself in the expansion. Since mid-April, the BEW has begun work, and gradually in nine staked areas (so-called. Removal box), radiating from inside to outside. The basis for the expansion is a list of house coordinates. It contains all the streets and house numbers that are connected. Sascha Terörde, Head of the Future and Strategy Offices of the City of Bocholt, discussed the framework conditions for the fiber optic offensive: After a so-called market investigation in the year 2016 it took until the beginning of last year, until the promotion notice was available. "The funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the EU now enables the city to tap the underserved outdoor areas with a fiber-optic network via the BEW," Terörde summed it up.10 m meters freeHere, this fiber optic cable is routed right down to the individual houses. Due to the funding framework, the first 10 meters are free of charge on their own property, and depending on the location of the property, additional material and installation costs are added. Basic questions about the use of the offer BEW-Speed, the laying methods, the use of existing conduits, the possible cost framework were answered in the well one and a half hours. Questions on specific individual cases were postponed to on-site appointments. The BEW will clarify this with the individual homeowners. Those who were not able to attend the event will receive a letter from the BEW in good time prior to the respective expansion. Again, an on-site appointment will be offered. "Glad that it starts" "We are glad that it finally starts!", Was the tenor that you could hear from many listeners after this event.Bis to fall 2021 will be completed the expansion in the outdoor area. "It is a sporty task, but after the experiences made so far, we are very optimistic that we will be able to achieve this goal," says BEW Managing Director Jürgen Elmer. For further information on Bocholt's broadband expansion, see www.bew-speed.de. [...]

1. FC Bocholt II sign Nähle and Seyrek

The district league promoters 1. FC Bocholt II have been able to sign two more players for the new season. Abdullah Seyrek and Marvin Nähle have joined Bocholter Hünting from A-side Borussia Bocholt. 25-born Seyrek has played for many years with FC Olympia Bocholt and is an attacking midfielder. Marvin Nähle (2018) was a 22 youth player from 2012 to 2015. FC Bocholt and most recently regular player at the Borussia. Nähle can play in midfield or defense. "We are pleased that Marvin and Abdullah are joining us," said FC II coach Nikolay Glouhtchev. "The six departures to our neighboring club have hurt, of course, but now we are in the squad planning on a good path," the 1-year-old weiter.Weitere commitments for the new season are the 47. FC Bocholt II, which will be announced soon. [...]

Photography exhibition with works by Ansgar and Sabine van Treeck

The second exhibition this year at the GrenzBlickAtelier in ps-raum is dedicated to two special photographers, who are also a couple: Sabine and Ansgar van Treeck from Düsseldorf. The love for photography, the love for each other, the photographic professionalism, the feeling for the moment and the attention to detail make up the unmistakable essence of the images of the van Treecks. Two capitals - two countries - two continents. Almost 10.000 km apart. The one only 35 meters above sea level - the other above 2.600 meters higher. Nearly 4 million inhabitants in the east - against 8 millions on the other side. Both have the same allies - in Bogota is called a whole district after JF Kennedy, because he brought the country closer to the US and thereby much development aid money was released - in Berlin Kennedy set a political milestone with the words: "I am a Berliner". And thus put Berlin under the protection of the USA. So far, but so close. People - Houses - Animals - Roads - Plants. How equal the pictures are. Is it the globalization that brings the pictures together so closely, or is it because we live on the same planet? In a first joint exhibition project, images by Sabine and Ansgar van Treeck are shown. For over 35 years a couple and for over 35 years of life together with photography, here is the first merger of two points of view. Each picture consists of one part Bogota and one part Berlin - one part Sabine and one part Ansgar.Ansgar van Treeck is not only an artist, but also works as a freelance, professional photographer in Dusseldorf. His main topics include architectural art and documentary photography. From a very early age he began to experiment with large formats and photo installations. In one of his projects, van Treeck dealt with the photographic documentation of construction projects. Van Treeck also developed a digital photographic technique, screen-based photography, in which, unlike the photograms of Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy, the photographic image emerges without a camera and is taken directly from the surface of a monitor. In addition, van Treeck is dedicated to art videos and video installations. Since 2010, he has increasingly focused on art videos and video installations created from single photographs. His artistic works have not only been shown in Düsseldorf and Cologne, but also in New York and Moscow.More information on van Treeck and photography: www.am-vantreeck.de/index2.htmlwww.am-vantreeck.deThe exhibition will be held on Sunday, 16. June opened at 15.00 pm. All interested parties are cordially invited to the vernissage. Afterwards the exhibition is open as follows: Friday / Saturday / Sunday, 21./22./23. June 2019 by 14.00 - 17.00 pm Friday / Saturday / Sunday, 28./29./30. June 2019 by 14.00 - 17.00 pm Friday / Saturday / Sunday, 5./6./7. July 2019 from 14.00 - 17.00 watch, and by agreement until Sunday, 25. August 2019.Hahnenpatt 2BolandshofD-46399 Bocholt-Suderwick (entrance and entrance: Lange Fohre / corner Dinxperloer Straße) Photos: Copyright van Treeck [...]

Mariengymnasium vehemently rejects alternative lunches at the Arnold Janssen School

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Too cumbersome, too time-consuming, too unrealistic: The Mariengymnasium resolutely rejects the alternative lunch program for the students at the Arnold Janssen School, which is proposed by the city administration for the planned city hall renovation. Instead, she proposes a container canteen close to the school. For director Wilfried Flüchter the way to Karolingerstraße is simply too long. The students would first have to be collected at noon and then accompanied by supervisors to the new refectory, according to a statement. The same applies to the way back, writes Flüchter.Zudem would find only 70 guests of the Mariengymnasium in the refectory of the Arnold Janssen School space. Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, 100 to 120 seats and thus time gradings are necessary. This would be an appropriate rest and recovery phase for these students. "In our estimation, this would mean that most of the students of the Marienschule would refrain from a warm lunch," the statement goes on. Instead, Flüchter advocates a container canteen near the school. The city administration had rejected this solution so far with reference to lack of space. "This is incomprehensible for us, as it would certainly be possible to set up a container canteen on the skate area or the parking lot next to the Mariengymnasium," said Flüchter. This is what the school board will do in its meeting tomorrow. The last word then has the city council. [...]

14 new forces for "Care +"

Bocholt. 14 participants in continuing education as a "nursing assistant including caregiver" can now support people who suffer from dementia or mental retardation. They completed a four-month course successfully, which is carried out by the Association "Life in Old Age" (LiA). The graduates look after people with dementia or mentally impaired, or assist in assisting the nursing staff. Demand Labor force in the care sector is increasing year by year due to demographic change. "The chances of getting a job after further training are very good," explains LiA employee Karin Schmoor, who heads the course. The next course starting in August is already booked. Registrations for the course in February 2020 are already possible. RegistrationsFurther information and registration for the courses and the annual training for additional caregivers with Karin Schmoor (LiA) under Tel. 02871 21765-620. This training is based on § 53c Social Code XI. [...]

FDP considers term climate emergency for "ideological air number"

The Group of Free Democrats in Bocholt rejects the request of the Social List and the SPD to proclaim a so-called climate emergency in Bocholt. A state of emergency has serious constitutional consequences and leads to restrictions of fundamental rights. "Such legal terms should not be abused for ideological air numbers," writes Burkhard Henneken in a press release. Of course, Bocholt must also face the responsibility and challenge. And that is exactly what they have been doing together for years and also successfully, it goes on to say. "In the year 2009, the city of Bocholt was honored as the NRW Climate Community of the Future for its concept, for the practical implementation of measures for climate protection and for climate adaptation in rural areas. The city of Bocholt pursues the goal of a sustainable and adaptable city. The city is already successfully active in the areas of energy efficiency and conservation, environmentally friendly mobility and liveable urban space, "the FDP said for further justification. [...]

Student group from the English Chertsey visited Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). Bocholt's first deputy mayor, Elisabeth Kroesen, received an 43-based group of students from Chertsey, England. The long-term exchange with the St. Georg High School took place this year to the 37. Mail statt.Neben the life in the host families was for the guests a day trip to Münster on the program. In Bocholt, a city rally was carried out after the municipal reception. In the TextilWerk the visiting students visited the exhibition "Fashion Worlds". On Wednesday, the students took part in the class before going to and to the fun pool BAHIA. The 37 ended with a final evening in the assembly hall with disco and buffet. Exchange. On Thursday we went back to the "island". 2.500 students Since 1982 about 2500 students of the grades 7 and 8 participated in the student exchange. Over the years, many personal contacts have been established between the pupils participating in the student exchange and, in many cases, over the years, for B. through visits to the holidays, has been deepened. "Not only did the pupils expand their language skills and acquire cultural knowledge in the sense of intercultural education, but they also developed an understanding of their problems and tolerance of their own way of life through joint action and the exchange of ideas with peers", According to Ulrike Piemontese, a teacher at George's. Sir William Perins's 1725 School Founded in 1725, southwest of London, Surrey, Sir William Perkins's School has been granted 35 the status of a full-time private day school , measured by its structure and goals, is comparable to a German grammar school. The school currently attends approximately 1979 girls, ranging from 600 to 11 years. Since 18, the exchanges between the two schools are limited to 2004 only, with the number of participants based on the admission possibilities of the two schools. If the number of applications is too large, the participants will be determined by lottery; in general, 8-40 students will be able to travel with them. The German students attend their partner school in the autumn (September) of each year and receive their exchange partners the following spring (usually at the end of May), whereby the students live for about 50 days in each of the host families , [...]

Classical music in historical places

Borken County. A tribal orchestra and different soloists: With this proven concept, the concert series "Summer - Castles - Virtuosos - Classical in the Westmünsterland" starts the season 2019. At the heart of the concerts, the 16. June to 14. July, each Sunday at 17 clock take place, is the classical music. This takes place in the stylish ambience of historic buildings such as the Baroque church in Vreden-Zwillbrock, the youth castle in Borken-Gemen, the castles Ahaus and Raesfeld and the Stiftskirche St. Margareta in Legden-Asbeck excellent performance possibilities. As the "Orchestra in Residence", the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss am Rhein, under the baton of Marc Coppey and Andres Mehne, is participating in all concerts of the series for the third time this year, following 2007 and 2014. The ensemble will perform in the historic rooms together with particularly talented young soloists such as Marceau Lefèvre (bassoon), Seif El Din Sherif (piano), Judith Stapf (violin), Paul Böhme (cello) and Armin Khihel (clarinet) of "Sommer - Schlösser - Virtuosen" is the district Borken. The series is made possible, the 2019 already to the 17. Is carried out by the generous commitment of Werner Richard - Dr. Ing. Carl Dörken Foundation from Herdecke, who cares about the care of cultural life in Westphalia. In addition, the Sparkasse Westmünsterland and the Hilde and Bodo Crone Foundation from Gronau support the concert series. The program folder is available in all branches of the Sparkasse Westmünsterland, in the town halls and tourist information in the Borken district and in the county house Borken. For download, it is available on the Internet at www.kult-westmuensterland.de/kult/kultur/konzertreihen/sommer-schloesser-virtuosen/. The entrance fee for adults is 15 Euro, pupils, students and apprentices pay 10 Euro. The concert in Vreden-Zwillbrock costs half each. Ticket reservations are in the cultural department of the district Borken cult in Westmünsterland in Vreden, church square 14, under Tel. 02564 / 9899-111 or by e-mail to sommerkonzerte@kreis-borken.de möglich.Zum background: The cellist and conductor Johannes Goritzki founded 1978 the German Chamber Academy Neuss am Rhein (dkn). She has already made numerous concerts in Germany and abroad and has now released more than forty CD productions. The young artists come from different countries around the world. Ernst Mehne completed his training as a violist at the Berlin University of the Arts, the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the Folkwang Hochschule Essen. There he completed his studies with the concert exam. In addition to active chamber music activity, he worked with well-known orchestras in Amsterdam, Berlin and Essen, among others. In addition, he completed a training as a conductor.Marc Coppey was born in Strasbourg. He studied at the Conservatory of Paris and in the USA. He is a laureate of the International Bach Competition in Leipzig and has performed at numerous well-known festivals as well as in large concert halls worldwide. He teaches at the Conservatory of Music in Paris and is musical director of the chamber music festival "Les Musicales" in Colmar. The program: - Sunday, 16. June, dkn under the direction of Andres Mehne together with Marceau Lefèvre (bassoon) in the Stiftskirche St. Margaret in Legden-Asbeck. In cooperation with the hometown association Asbeck and the catholic parish - St. Brigida - St. Margareta / Legden- Sunday, 23. June, dkn under the direction of Andres Mehne together with Seif El Din Sherif (piano) in the Knight's Hall Raesfeld. In cooperation with Kulturkreis Schloss Raesfeld- Sunday, 30. June, dkn under the direction of Andres Mehne together with Judith Stapf (violin) in the baroque church Vreden-Zwillbrock. In cooperation with the baroque church of St. Francis and the parish of St. Georg Vreden- Sunday, 7. July, dkn under the direction of Marc Coppey together with Paul Böhme (cello) in Fürstensaal Schloss Ahaus. In cooperation with the Schlosskonzerte Ahaus- Sonntag, 14. July, dkn under the direction of Marc Coppey together with Armin Khihel (clarinet) in the Knights' Hall Jugendburg Gemen. In cooperation with Jugendburg GemenBildzeile: organizer and supporter of the concert series (v. left): Dr. med. Jochen Plaßmann (Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation), district director Ansgar Hörster, Martin Jakubeit (German Kammerakademie Neuss), Corinna Endlich (Head of Cultural Affairs Westmünsterland), Hubert Buß (Sparkasse Westmünsterland), Elisabeth Büning (Head of the Department of Education, School, Culture and Sport of the Borken district) and Drs. Raoul G. Wild (Sparkasse Westmünsterland). [...]

Helping the elderly to become fit for the future through an industry-specific collective agreement

Hospitals of Diakonische Altenhilfe from Hessen have founded the section "Employers' Association Diakonische Altenhilfe Hessen" (DV.DAH) in the Entrepreneurs Association Social Services + Education eV. The ten members so far operate geriatric care facilities in northern and southern Hesse. The aim is, as a employers' association together with ver.di - preliminary discussions with the union already existed - to negotiate an industry-specific collective agreement. It is intended to replace the previous labor law regulations negotiated on the third way with the member companies of the DV.DAH. The Diakonische Altenhilfe Hessen specialist group, which was recognized as a church employers' association after its founding, is part of the Entrepreneur Association Social Services and Education based in Duisburg. This nationwide employers' association has relevant technical expertise. Its members include social service providers from the care of the disabled to hospitals, whose owners are private, through the charities or church organized. "We have decided to establish a tariffable employers' association, in addition to the traditional ecclesiastical 'Third Way' new ways to one sustainable social partnership, "said Pastor Dr. Klaus Bartl, Managing Director of the founding member Mission Leben and spokesman of the new section DV.DAH. This had been specifically made possible by the Protestant Church and Diakonie in Hesse, so that now "church-level collective agreements" may be completed. "We are very grateful for that, because we urgently need new attempts to establish good collective agreements for the care of the future by means of a competent social partnership," Dr. Klaus Bartl. The entrepreneur association Social Services and Education has found the competence. Elisabeth Schulte, Managing Director of the Entrepreneurs Association Social Services and Education, is convinced that her association can support the new section very well: "With individually tailored and industry-wide collective agreements we have Our founding members of the Fachverband Diakonische Altenhilfe Hessen (DV.DAH) with their spokesman, Pastor Dr. med. Klaus Bartl (2.vr) and the representatives of the employers' association Social Services and Education: the chairman Kerstin Gerbig (1.vl), managing director Elisabeth Schulte (5.vl) and the negotiator of the DV.DAH, Peter Wieseler (1 .VR). (Photo: Mission Life) [...]

Cyclists seriously injured in collision with cars

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, an 24-year-old female driver from Bocholt drove up the clearing road toward 09.15 towards Dinxperloer Straße. At the confluence of the Paulstraße junction, a collision with a 54-year-old cyclist turned right from Paulstraße onto the Klarastrasse. At the scene of the accident, the cyclist had priority. The 54 year-old crashed and was taken to the Bocholter hospital by the ambulance service, where he was hospitalized. [...]

Every third person injured in traffic accidents is a cyclist or pedelec driver

Kreis Borken (ots) The bicycle and pedelec share is particularly high in the district of Borken. From a police point of view, this is pleasing on the one hand, but has a negative effect on the traffic accident balance. More than one in three people injured in traffic accidents in the Borken district last year were traveling on a bicycle or pedelec. 693 injured and 3 killed bicycle / Pedelecfahrer speak a clear language. To increase the traffic safety of these particularly vulnerable road users took place on the day before controls and reconnaissance actions. Overall, police officers 599 checked cyclists, 86 pedelec riders, four S-Pedelec drivers and 57 drivers, and detected 151 violations of road traffic regulations. First and foremost were driving on the wrong side of the road and using the mobile phone while driving. 100 violations were committed by cyclists and pedelecs, 51 the motorists. In various preventive actions, the officials and 225 came to talk to cyclists and pedelecers about the particular dangers. The increase in traffic safety for cyclists and pedelecs is a major objective for the police in the Borken district due to the circumstances described above and goes well beyond individual nationwide action days. For example, today the action "Poli-Pedelec-Tour" takes place in Vreden, which is reported separately. [...]

ESB-Sperrmüllbörse brings almost 2.000 Euro

Bocholt (PID). That the first bulky waste market of the year was a complete success, waste consultant Petra Tacke could now prove with the proceeds of almost 2.000 Euro, which she on Monday, 3. June 2019, completely provided the Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg. The money will Angelika Gessmann, first chairman of the Lebenshilfe, for the purchase of two "Rollfietsen" use. Already at a quarter past nine, the first interested in the 25. May in front of the gate of the ESB site on the Schaffeldstraße, reports Tacke. When it opened on time at 10 o'clock, the visitors rushed to the premises. Many were selling odd small parts, numerous bicycles and a few large pieces of furniture. Probably the most interesting parts were an old sewing machine, an old television or an old box. Although the TV is no longer useful, a collector was still happy about it. "Very popular among the visitors are the many small parts and these make up in the mass of the large amount that we got together," says Petra Tacke.Kinderschutzbund hilftErstmalig the container was already cleared out on Friday afternoon and in the ESB vehicle hall and the forecourt provided. Volunteers from the Child Protection Association helped to unpack and set up all the boxes. After four hours, the six helpers then had the container empty and the hall full. "After the gates were opened, the situation was reversed. The 30 visitors left the hall almost empty after a few minutes," reports Tacke. The "repair cafe" offered delicious fresh waffles and hot coffee the LebenshilfeFor the Rollfietsen, the Lebenshilfe now wants to buy, it is a combination of bicycle and wheelchair. Both are coupled and can, as soon as the destination is reached, decoupled and the wheelchair can be used as a full wheelchair. "These companions are very popular and bring another piece of quality of life to the people we serve. We are already getting money from a LEADER project and can now finance the purchase completely with the money from the Sperrmüllbörse, "says Angelika Gessmann. The money is all the more important, as the health insurance companies for years, not even give a grant. Dates The next Sperrmüllbörsen find on 300. July and 27. September, each of 28-10 clock, as well as the 12. November of 23-14 clock instead. [...]