High interest in fast internet in the Bocholt outdoor area

Bocholt (PID). What is being funded? What are the costs for households? What tariffs are there, what products? Many questions were asked yesterday about broadband expansion in Bocholt's outdoor areas. The city administration and the Bocholt energy and water supply (BEW) had invited to the information evening in the city theater, around 250 citizens had come. Their households are [...]

1. FC Bocholt II sign Nähle and Seyrek

The district league promoters 1. FC Bocholt II have been able to sign two more players for the new season. Abdullah Seyrek and Marvin Nähle transfer to Bocholter Hünting from A-Borussia Bocholt. 25-year-old Seyrek played for FC Olympia Bocholt for many years until 2018 and is an attacking midfielder. Marvin Nähle (22) was a junior player from 2012 to 2015 [...]

Photography exhibition with works by Ansgar and Sabine van Treeck

The second exhibition this year at the GrenzBlickAtelier in ps-raum is dedicated to two special photographers, who are also a couple: Sabine and Ansgar van Treeck from Düsseldorf. The love for photography, the love for each other, the photographic professionalism, the feeling for the moment and the attention to detail make up the unmistakable essence of the van's pictures. [...]

Mariengymnasium vehemently rejects alternative lunches at the Arnold Janssen School

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Too cumbersome, too time-consuming, too unrealistic: The Mariengymnasium rejects the proposed by the city administration for the time of the planned town hall renovation, alternative lunch catering for the students in the hundreds of meters away Arnold Janssen school decided from. Instead, she proposes a container canteen near the school. For director Wilfried Flüchter the way to [...]

14 new forces for "Care +"

Bocholt. 14 participants in continuing education as a "nursing assistant including caregiver" can now support people who suffer from dementia or mental retardation. They successfully completed a four-month course, run by the association "Life in Old Age" (LiA). The graduates look after people with dementia or mentally impaired people, or assist in assisting the nursing [...]

FDP considers term climate emergency for "ideological air number"

The Group of Free Democrats in Bocholt rejects the request of the Social List and the SPD to proclaim a so-called climate emergency in Bocholt. A state of emergency has serious constitutional consequences and leads to restrictions of fundamental rights. "Such legal terms should not be abused for ideological air numbers," writes Burkhard Henneken in a press release. Of course, [...]

Student group from the English Chertsey visited Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). Bocholt's first deputy mayor, Elisabeth Kroesen, received an 43-based group of students from Chertsey, England. The long-term exchange with the St. Georg High School took place this year to the 37. Mail instead. In addition to living in the host families, a day trip to Münster was on the agenda for the guests. In Bocholt, after the municipal reception [...]

Classical music in historical places

Borken County. A tribal orchestra and different soloists: With this proven concept, the concert series "Summer - Castles - Virtuosos - Classical in the Westmünsterland" starts the season 2019. At the heart of the concerts, the 16. June to 14. July, each Sunday at 17 clock take place, is the classical music. This takes place in the stylish ambience of historic [...]

Helping the elderly to become fit for the future through an industry-specific collective agreement

Hospitals of Diakonische Altenhilfe from Hessen have founded the section "Employers' Association Diakonische Altenhilfe Hessen" (DV.DAH) in the Entrepreneurs Association Social Services + Education eV. The ten members so far operate geriatric care facilities in northern and southern Hesse. The aim is, as a employers' association together with ver.di - preliminary discussions with the union already existed - to negotiate an industry-specific collective agreement. This [...]

Cyclists seriously injured in collision with cars

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, an 24-year-old female driver from Bocholt drove up the clearing road toward 09.15 towards Dinxperloer Straße. At the confluence of the Paulstraße junction, a collision with a 54-year-old cyclist turned right from Paulstraße onto the Klarastrasse. At the accident site, the cyclist had basically [...]

Every third person injured in traffic accidents is a cyclist or pedelec driver

Kreis Borken (ots) The bicycle and pedelec share is particularly high in the district of Borken. From a police point of view, this is pleasing on the one hand, but has a negative effect on the traffic accident balance. More than one in three people injured in traffic accidents in the Borken district last year were traveling on a bicycle or pedelec. 693 injured and 3 killed [...]

ESB-Sperrmüllbörse brings almost 2.000 Euro

Bocholt (PID). That the first bulky waste market of the year was a complete success, waste consultant Petra Tacke could now prove with the proceeds of almost 2.000 Euro, which she on Monday, 3. June 2019, completely provided the Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg. The money wants Angelika Gessmann, first chairman of the Lebenshilfe, for the acquisition of two "Rollfietsen" use. [...]