Consequential rear-end collision in Mussum

Bocholt (ots) - Two lightly injured and a property damage in the amount of about 4.500 Euro - that is the result of a traffic accident that occurred on Wednesday in Bocholt-Mussum. Against 07.50 clock was an 49-year-old Bocholter with his car on the Alfred Flender road on the car of an 27-yearlings from Bocholt. The force of the crash pushed her vehicle onto the car in front of an 25 year old from Bocholt. The two slightly injured women were taken to hospital. [...]

Burglars steal televisions, food and two shopping carts

Bocholt (ots) - A TV, food and two shopping carts have captured unknown persons in the night of Wednesday during a break-in in Bocholt. The perpetrators had forcibly entered a gastronomic business on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße. To get inside, they had broken a window and pried open a door. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Strong performances at the Euregio Triathlon

In the morning hours of the 04.06.2019 members of various authorities of the border region met again to accept the invitation of the district police Borken to the "Euregio-Triathlon 2019". All in all, 61 individual starters (including 50 men and 11 women) and 43 teams from the region's various authorities started this year to compete in the triathlon disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. All participants impressively demonstrated their fitness, showed endurance and achieved summer temperatures the finish line. Previously, the individual starters had competed in 300 m swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km running. There, the field of participants was wide ranging from ambitious triathletes to recreational athletes. After less than an hour (56: 10 minutes), the reigning state champion of the NRW police, Nicholas Lembcke from the police headquarters Münster, was the first to finish, followed by the veteran Sven Abbing (59: 28 minutes) from the State Office for Foreign Affairs. and further education of the police NRW, who had also won the title of state champion a few years ago. Lars Davina from the Dutch Politie Nord-Oost-Twente also showed with a finishing time of 1: 03.37 hours that he is well trained in the disciplines. In the women's event, Heleen Milane of the Politie Enschede (1: 16 Std.) Finished second to Judith Hüls of Bocholt (46: 1: 16 Std). Both of them delivered an exciting competition, which was decided after more than an hour with only a few seconds distance. As third, Jenny Bloom from the city of Münster finished in a time of 1: 17: 29 Std. Traditionally, the competition is not just about best times and podium. The participants reached the finish line partly in their best time and thus impressively demonstrated their physical ability. That's how it went with the teams who jumped into the waters of the Bültenbade in Epe immediately after the individual starters. However, the members of a team split the routes, however. After 500 m swimming, the cyclist was then sent by handshake to the bike course. Afterwards the respective runner proved his fitness. As a result, a team was so strong on the road, that all other participants were actually amazed: The team of the Politie from Twente reached the finish line after 55: 48 minutes and set a new course record. As a team named "aut vincere aut mori" ("winning or dying"), they made no doubt about their intentions at the start with a wink. Even the strong team of police from Kleve, which reached the finish line in a time of 1: 06: 35 city, could only acknowledge the second place in appreciation. Third place went to a Borken police force that finished in 1: 06: 48. Again, the winners were celebrated and all finisher teams cheered. In addition to the special awards ceremony, there were special events for special achievements. So not only the oldest team with 180 total years or even the oldest single starters was celebrated in appreciation. Also, the perseverance of a team of KPB Borken, which could not send their cyclist due to a puncture on time timely to the track, was honored. Despite failure of a bike and futile repair a spare trekking wheel of a spectator was put into the service without further ado. However, as the cycling shoes were a hindrance, they simply pedaled in socks. Also this team came to the finish and thus won the recognition of all participants. The traditional hiking award of the IPA (International Police Association) for special commitment received this year a team of fire brigade from Bocholt. The participants of a basic training course had joined together to form different teams. In a team met such a firefighter comrade from Berlin as a swimmer, a Saxon from the Erzgebirge on the bike and a comrade from Münster from the Institute of Fire. Previously, the team had summarily summoned a bike (classic mini-bike) from the Internet, with which they then a considerable 34. Reached the place. The strongest group in terms of numbers was provided by the city of Bocholt this year. Consisting of fire brigade and representatives of various departments, a total of 40 athletes set off on the track. After impressive sporting achievements and great impressions of the Bültenbade and the surrounding area, the officials traveled back to their offices. [...]

"FlexDeMo" explores the future of work in the middle class

"FlexDeMo" is the abbreviation for a joint research project of the Westfälische Hochschule in Bocholt, the Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAW) of the RWTH Aachen, the two medium-sized industrial partners Spaleck Oberflächentechnik from Bocholt and Intravis from Aachen as well as the software company Databay from Würselen. Other application partners include the Bocholt-based company Flender and Miele and the Daimler subsidiary "EvoBus". "FlexDeMo" started now with a kick-off workshop at Spaleck in Bocholt.Bocholt. "FlexDeMo" stands as a short form for the tongue-twister "Planning, simulating and designing participatory planning flexibly and demographically-oriented assembly organization forms". "In simple terms, the project is about how, in the future, work can be organized innovatively and socially in medium-sized companies. Various possibilities for digitally supporting the planning and organization of assembly processes are being researched ", explains Dr. med. Christian Kruse, Professor of Business Informatics in the Bocholter Department of Economics and Information Technology and responsible overall project coordinator of "FlexDeMo". "One important goal is to empower older employees to help shape the transition to the digital workplace. Especially their years of experience is enormously important for the company's success, "says Kruse. For small and medium-sized companies, most employees work throughout Germany. It is actively involved in the digitization of work and planning processes as a key success factor. The project is part of the "Future of Work: SMEs - Innovative and Social" program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the European Social Fund (ESF ). With a duration of three years, the University of Westphalia is supported with around half a million euros for their research participation. Photo: Sebastian Van de Locht, Head of Electrical Engineering, Alwin Keiten-Schmitz, Managing Director (both Spaleck), Udo Holdschlag, Production Manager Flender (back from left to right) and Benedikt Latos, research associate, Prof. dr. Susanne Mütze-Niewöhner, Head of Department at the Institute of Industrial Engineering (IAW, both RWTH Aachen University) and dr. Christian Kruse, Professor of Business Informatics at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Bocholt (from left to right) met for the kick-off workshop for the research project "FlexDeMo" at Spaleck Oberflächentechnik in Bocholt. Photo: WH / MV, reprint free of charge in connection with Westfälischer Hochschule [...]

+++ News +++ Due to severe weather damage: partial closure of Dinxperloer Straße

Bocholt (PID). On Dinxperloer Straße and in the areas Herzogstraße, Jerichostraße and Markgrafenstraße many trees have to be felled due to yesterday's tornado due to security reasons. They are no longer stable or loose branches represent a danger dar. The disposal and service company Bocholt is busy since this morning with the work. The Dinxperloer road is now closed behind the two gas stations for cars, cyclists and pedestrians to the intersection Kurfürstenstraße. The Kurfürstenstraße towards Herzogstraße is also closed. The Butenwall towards Dinxperloer Straße is not passable. It is valid: residents free. Travelers coming from the Netherlands should drive in the direction of the city center / south via the route Westringtunnel - Werther Strasse - Westend. Conversely, traffic coming from the south is routed via the Westend - Werther Straße - Westring route to the north. Appropriate signs have been set up. The blocking is initially valid until about 18 clock. [...]

Breaking into business

Bocholt (ots) - In the night of Wednesday burglars picked up a window of a shop on the Alfred-Flender-Straße against 01.55 clock. The triggering alarm drove away the burglars who could not make any loot. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Accident between cyclists

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, an 74-year-old cyclist from Bocholt drove up Westend towards 16.30 in the direction of the city center. When she wanted to turn right onto the Westend gondola, it came into collision with an 31-year-old cyclist from Bocholt, which wanted to overtake the 74-year-old right at that moment. The 74-year-old suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital. [...]

Scooter driver loses control and crashes

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, an 26-year-old scooter driver from Bocholt lost control of his vehicle against 16.30 clock at the roundabout Franzstraße / junction B67. He came off the road and fell. The 26-year-old was brought to hospital by the ambulance service slightly injured. The resulting property damage is approximately at 800 Euro. [...]

Windhose whirled cars ten meters through the air

How massive the damage caused by the wind trousers in the area Heroldstraße / Markgrafenstraße / Herzogstraße reveals itself only this morning. 90 firefighters were using 14 vehicles at night to help and clean up. In addition, there were forces of the police and public order. The city had in the meantime formed a crisis team. How powerful the force of the wind was, is shown by a car that was whirled up to 10 meters through the air. At the moment, the cleanup work is not going on. Trees are removed or secured on the following roads at the current time and during the day: Markgrafenstraße, Herzogstraße, Heroldstraße, Jerichostraße, Windmühlenplatz and Drostenstraße. In these areas, disability and road closures can occur. On the part of the city, the following appeal to the population: "Please be especially careful in these areas: It is warned against Astbruch" For tonight and night is warned again with heavy thunderstorms, heavy local heavy rain and gale-force winds around 110 km / h. Individual tornadoes not excluded. [...]

Kick-off for prevention project "PoliPedelec-Tour"

The District Police Department Borken wants to specifically prevent accidents with pedelec drivers with a special prevention project. The kick-off event took place in Vreden with approx. 70 participants. Electric bicycles such as pedelecs and e-bikes are opening up a new form of mobility for older road users in particular. This is reflected in an increasing number of these means of transportation - and unfortunately in growing numbers of accidents. This worrying circumstance is also evident in the traffic accident statistics: 2018 crashed 163 pedelec riders in the Borken district - an increase over 30 compared to the previous year. Also in the current year there have already been numerous accidents in the district of Borken, in which drivers of pedelecs or e-bikes were involved. The prevention project "PoliPedelec" wants to counteract this purposefully. In cooperation with the city of Vreden, the District Police Department Borken has prepared a comprehensive program for the kick-off event: cyclists from the police accompany the participants on three prepared routes. On the way there is clear information about the correct behavior in traffic. These include not least the roundabouts that drive through the groups on their tours. In Vreden city area, there were three stations: In Vreden, in Gaxel and in Zwillbrock the participants learned much worth knowing. Speakers informed them about the subject "Airbag for cyclists", about the dangers of the so-called blind spot and about the correct discontinuation of emergency calls. Over coffee and cake there was an opportunity to deepen what we had heard and experienced in conversation. "We are convinced that this project will be able to reach many pedelec drivers and make them sensitive to the special dangers that they can encounter in road traffic," emphasizes Police Chief Inspector Olaf Büßing as responsible for the "PoliPedelec" tour also with a view to other events that should take place in this series. Kai Zwicker supports the prevention project and therefore took part in the first "PoliPedelec" tour in Vreden. The importance of the prevention of cycling accidents - especially with pedelecs - underlined by their participation also the first deputy of the city Vreden, Bernd Kemper, as well as the department head of the police Borken, Frank Burre, director of transport Olaf Gottschalk, the member of parliament Heike Wermer, the member of parliament Wilhelm Korth and chairman of the Birkenau roundabout, Benjamin Böhr.The "PoliPedelec-Tour" joins a whole bundle of measures with which the county police Borken meets a dangerous development: These include guided bike tours as well as consultations, national and regional action days, but also targeted controls. [...]

Pentecost tournament for boys and girls

The SV Biemenhorst traditionally organizes the 53.Pfingst football tournament for boys and girls. It is played in several groups on Saturday, 8. June to Monday, 10.Juni 2019 on our sports complex on the Birkenallee. For the physical well-being is as always worried. We are looking forward to many spectators. The start is on Saturday, 8. June at 11: 00 watch with the G-Juniors. More information is available on our homepage: [...]

IKL Lowick at the German Music Festival

The IKL participated in the sixth German Music Festival in Osnabrück. The musicians took part in the valuation game for wind music and there in the subject of concert music. They played the compulsory piece "About Reynard the Fox" and also the self-selected "Kaleidoscope". The IKL reached 82,8 from 100 points. That is a very good success. The next day, the IKL also gave a seat concert. The musicians played songs like "Vom Wandern" and "The Police on Stage". In the evening, the IKL attended the concert of the Bundeswehr Big Band, while he again celebrated vigorously the success of the scoring game. [...]

Stork evening in St. Agnes Hospital

Bocholt. St. Agnes Hospital is hosting the 6 on Thursday. June again for a stork evening. From 19.00 clock expectant mothers and fathers as well as all interested parties can inform about pregnancy, birth and birth-relief measures. The team of midwives answers all questions of the pregnant and expectant parents around the topic of birth. The chief physician of the clinic for gynecology and obstetrics, Prof. Dr. med. Gregor Westhof, and his team then inform about the possibilities of modern obstetrics and are available for personal discussion. Klaus Winter and his coworkers the clinic for child and youth medicine before. In a subsequent tour, the expectant families can also take a look at the delivery room and the mother-and-child ward. The event takes place in the 2 conference room in St. Agnes Hospital and is free of charge. A pre-registration is not necessary. More information is available at Tel .: 02871 20-2200 [...]

Klinikum Westmünsterland congratulates 22 new practice leaders

Bocholt. The nursing profession is a passion for almost everyone who exercises it - even if the requirements in the nursing profession are growing steadily. That is why a high quality of training is particularly important. This is ensured, among other things, by the practical instructors who accompany the nursing students at the wards. At the Central School for Health and Nursing, 33 has now been able to accept new certificates after successfully completing further training. "During the final examinations, the practice instructors showed a professional approach. They showed that life, care, learning and working are done with the head, heart and hand, and that they see and treat each student individually. They demonstrated their own creativity and a safe way of conducting a conversation, "said Achim Vöcking, head of the Central School for Health and Nursing. The continuing education seminar Practical Guide to Health, Nursing and Child Nursing, Nursing and Maternity Care took place in Bocholt for the seventeenth time. Here, both own employees and employees from other care institutions are trained. Finally, it is required by law that the practical training in a care facility must be accompanied by a suitable specialist. This task is carried out by practical instructors as trainers in nursing. They are the link between the nursing school and the workplace, are in contact with the nursing professors and the employer and accompany the final examination of the apprentices as specialist examiners. By the way, they do not only use their pedagogical knowledge to accompany apprentices but also to train new employees in general. Practitioners thus not only ensure the quality of training, they also make a significant contribution to the future care and nursing quality at Klinikum Westmünsterland and the external care facilities. After all, they provide competent junior staff. Your practice manager certificate was a pleasure: Miriam Benning, Kerstin Bernemann , Sandra Bölker, Tobias Büning, Christina Gossen, Carian Groß-Hardt, Michaela Hankeln, Stefanie Heisterkamp, ​​Bernd Hellmann, Pauline Henricks, Nicole Hertog, Kathrin Korstegge, Sabine Kerkling, Anne Kleine-Katthöfer, Sarah Mäteling, Daniel Knüwer, Anne Kondring, Doreen Lisner, Frederike Löken, Ina Möllmann, Sarah Oenning, Manuel Reinold, Nele Sahlmann, Diana Schäpers, Sarah Schneider, Lea Schlüter, Ramona Spree, Tatjana Straw, Julia Tünte, Stefanie van der Meer, Lariassa van Dyken, Dana van Offern, Madeleine Wild (in alphabetical order). [...]