From timber furniture to BBQ equipment: "Heimkontor" relies on high quality outdoor packages

- sponsored article - The well-known LEBO factory outlet at the 15 Handel Street in Mussum gets a completely new face. From now on there are not only the well-known, high-quality interior doors, but also real wood and design floors as well as a comprehensive outdoor package with decking, timber furniture and BBQ equipment. "When people build, doors, floor coverings and everything that belongs to the terrace usually comes last as a [...]

Renovator Zenke confident: Operation of the Kolpinghaus continues unchanged

Paul Zenke is confident. The banking specialist takes care of the redevelopment of the Kolpinghaus in the Bocholter law firm Stellmach & Bröckers. "We are currently working on a permanent and sustainable operator solution. Meanwhile, the business continues to run unchanged ", says Zenke to Made in Bocholt and adds that the now initiated by the district court insolvency proceedings in self-administration to initiate [...]

Storm damage: pedestrian lights on Kurfürstenstraße broken

Bocholt (PID). The pedestrian light on Kurfürstenstraße, between Windmühlenplatz and Ludgerusgrundschule, is broken. It has been damaged by the storm two days ago and needs to be replaced. The Department of Civil Engineering, Traffic, Urban Green and Environment tells. The traffic light is used during school hours in the morning and at noon especially by school children. Road users are asked to [...]

7. MukoTour starts with 450 participants for the first time

The people in the southern district of Borken are on Saturday, 15. June, an impressive sight: traveling with 450 hobby cyclists on the 7. Muko-Bike-Tour as many as never before from Bocholt via Raesfeld, Velen and Rhede back. Including the Olympic bronze medalist of 1988 and tour captain Jutta Tielemann from Bocholt, who won the peloton over the distance of [...]

"Cafe Important" is revived

The local "Cuore di Leone" on the corner of Markt / St.-Georg-Platz, popularly called "Cafe Important", is being revived after years of vacancy. Sven Liebrand (l.) And Leon Tenhumberg want to turn it into a "Huck you 2". If all goes well, 2019 will be at 25 for the wine festival. Reopened in July.

Wollstegge locked

Bocholt (PID). The Wollstegge will be in the period of Tuesday, 11. June 2019, expected to Friday, 2. August 2019, between the Sporker Ringstraße and the street "Im Jägeringshof" during the day fully closed. Power lines are laid. The blocking takes place in two sections. First, the Wollstegge between Sporker Ringstraße and Berkendiek is closed, then between Berkendiek [...]

New education initiative of REFA and technical school of engineering provides more professionals for companies

In the future, our region will need specialists and executives who have learned to take on new tasks in companies as needed. Five students of the Technical College of Technology have participated in a first joint education initiative of the Berufskolleg Bocholt-West and the REFA-Verband Osnabrück, Münsterland, Niederrhein, which now enables the budding technicians to design not only work processes [...]

Music School: matinee concert with alumni and teachers

Bocholt (PID). On Sunday, 16. June 2019, the music school Bocholt-Isselburg organizes a matinee concert with alumni and teachers in the auditorium of the Euregio-Gymnasium (under the oak trees 6 in Bocholt). Start is at 11 clock. Admission is free. On the occasion of the anniversary - 50 years music school Bocholt - the teachers together with former teachers and former [...]

Cyclist slightly injured

Bocholt (ots)) - At the roundabout Up de wave / Hemdener way in Bocholt-Stenern a motorist on Wednesday against 19.00 clock a cyclist captured. The 70-year-old Bocholter had wanted to enter his car in the roundabout, in which already was the 20-year-old Bocholterin. An ambulance took the lightly injured to a hospital. The resulting property damage is approximately [...]

Cyclists collide with cars

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injuries suffered a cyclist on Wednesday in Bocholt. The 24-year-old from Bocholt was traveling against 15.00 clock with his racing bike on the Franzstrasse. When he wanted to turn into a property entrance, he collided with the car of an 27-year-olds: The Bocholter had just wanted to drive out of the driveway. An ambulance [...]

Bocholt receives funding for the construction of the first Nordring barrage

Bocholt (PID). As part of the so-called spring reception of the regions in the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bocholt's Construction Department Daniel Zöhler and his colleague Petra Dege received a ruling from rd. Hendrik Wüst and Regierungspräsident Dorothee Feller on Wednesday evening. 1,6 million euros. These funds are used to build the clasp between the Burloer and Barloer Weg, [...]

Devastating devastation in Bocholt: Social list for more engagement of the city in climate protection

Devastating devastation in Bocholt: Social list for more engagement of the city in climate protection After the devastating devastation on Tuesday evening - probably caused by a tornado - worries the voters community Social List Bocholt to climate protection. In a letter to Mayor Peter Nebelo, the voter community demands more climate protection and asks whether those affected [...]

Kolpinghaus eV insolvent - now official insolvency proceedings opened

The assets of Kolpinghaus Bocholt eV have now been officially opened for insolvency proceedings in self-administration due to insolvency. Attorney Dr. Mike Westkamp from Münster appointed. This was announced by the competent district court. Previously, a self-administration restructuring process had been initiated. As reported, the partnership Stellmach & Bröckers from Bocholt had initially [...]

Road closures lifted again

Bocholt (PID). The area Dinxperloer Straße, Herzogstraße, Markgrafenstraße and Kurfürstenstraße is now available for all road users. This informs the city administration Bocholt. The area had to be temporarily closed due to the elimination of bad weather on Wednesday afternoon.

Container canteen too expensive - Marienschool students should walk to the cafeteria

Wilfried Flüchter does not give up. Yesterday, the school committee unanimously rejected the wish of the director of the Bocholter Mariengymnasium to serve lunch for his pupils during the renovation of the town hall in a container canteen. But Flüchter wants to continue to search for solutions in the vicinity. The solution favored by politics and administration, [...]