Expensive "Knöllchen" - Motorists convicted of assault and coercion

Expensive "Knöllchen": The district court Bocholt now condemned a motorist for attempted dangerous bodily injury and coercion against a Politesse. This was announced by the city of Bocholt now. In mid-April, the convicted man had received a 15-Euro-Verwarngeld for parking. Out of annoyance over the "Knöllchen" he then held his car to the Politesse. Only thanks to the warning of a witness she was able to jump aside at the last moment, so she remained unhurt. The shock, however, was deep. The Politesse was incapacitated for weeks. The court now condemned the motorist to a toll of 3.600 Euro. He has to give his driving license for 10 months. [...]

NRW district councilors meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel

District Borken / Berlin. District Administrator Kai Zwicker and his colleagues from North Rhine-Westphalia met today with the Federal Chancellor (7 June), on the second day of this year's Landrat conference in Berlin. Angela Merkel exchanged. They met in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. As President of the County Council of North Rhine-Westphalia, Thomas Hendele, District Administrator of the district of Mettmann, thanked the Chancellor for the constructive meeting. Dr. had Zwicker and the other North Rhine-Westphalia district councilors had the opportunity to discuss various topics relevant to the districts with her. For example, they exchanged views on infrastructure issues to ensure equal living conditions in the district and the energy transition, in particular the coal exit. In addition, the NRW Landrats spoke to the Federal Chancellor about the continuation of the federal participation in the costs of refugee, migration and integration and focused on the processes, especially in the return of rejected asylum seekers. In addition, it dealt with issues such as digitization and municipal old debts. The County Council of North Rhine-Westphalia (LKT NRW) is the municipal umbrella organization of 31 circles in the country with around 11 million inhabitants. [...]

Preventing bridge closures - enabling new investments

Some bridges in the Bocholter urban area are known to be in poor condition. To avoid blocking, they urgently need to be refurbished or even renewed. According to initial estimates of the administration, this requires 400.000 Euro. The CDU wants to know in a request from the administration, which possibilities there are to finance the necessary redevelopment and on the other hand urgently necessary new investments not to block. The chairman of the CDU parliamentary group, Burkhard Weber, explains this: The CDU is a positive and appealing cityscape a very important concern. Marode and locked bridges certainly do not contribute to this. Also, urban assets, and thus assets of the citizens of Bocholt, will be burned if we let the bridges continue to deteriorate. Therefore, we have to be careful with the accumulation of rebuilding waste in the past! On the other hand, the long list of priorities also shows that there are numerous other projects that now need to be urgently put into action. So we want to know what opportunities the administration sees to finance the necessary rebuilding of the bridges to prevent blockage on the one hand and not to block urgently needed new investments on the other hand? The question will be discussed at the next meeting of the city council this coming Wednesday , the 12. June, his. [...]

Accident Exodus / 3.000 Euro damage

Bocholt (ots) - Between Monday, 19.30, and Thursday, 17.30, a gray Ford Mondeo was hit and damaged on Farwick Road. Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 3.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are requested to contact the Transport Commission in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Burglary in casino

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Friday burglars pried open the back door of a casino at Europaplatz and penetrated into the building. There they opened two slot machines and stole cash. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Wirtschaftsförderung Bocholt at the TransportLogistic trade fair in Munich

Bocholt / Munich. In the week before Pentecost, the exhibition halls in Munich are all about logistics: at TRANSPORTLOGISTIC, the industry meets every two years and presents the latest developments in the transport sector and in transport. Professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, politicians, business promoters, employees discuss topics such as 1.) Telematics, eBusiness, Telecommunications; 2.) Intralogistics, Warehouse Management Systems, Auto-ID, Packaging; 3.) Freight transport systems; 4.) Services Freight / Logistics. And of course, digitization, traffic problems, shortage of skilled workers, location issues and process changes determine the discussions at the stands of the numerous exhibitors in the 15 exhibition halls. Due to the importance of the industry, Wirtschaftsförderung Bocholt decided in the Westmünsterland and because of the numerous Bocholt logistics companies this year to visit for the first time the transport logistic. And so, on one day of the fair, business promoter Ludger Dieckhues was able to visit four companies that had been looking for directions from Bocholt to Munich. In addition, Dieckhues met the Managing Director of the Kompetenznetzwerk Logistik.NRW, Peter Abelmann, with whom Wirtschaftsförderung eg also due to developments in rail freight transport in the industrial park in constant exchange. "We are interested in the trends of the industry, of course the companies from Bocholt," says Ludger Dieckhues. "You can sense where the economy is developing at this industry meeting point and you can see how digital logistics processes are already and how they are evolving. With this visit to the trade fair, Bocholt Economic Development also underscores its claim to proactively approach domestic companies and to maintain a continuous customer base. "With Jan and Jörg Feldberg, managing partners of BTG Feldberg & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG, Ludger Dieckhues met at the joint stand of the transport network Cargoline. With 70 cooperation partners, BTG operates this stand, one of the liveliest meeting places on the entire fair. The managing directors point out how much the BTG also in the 125. Christina Schweckhorst, Managing Director of Thomas Duvenbeck Holding GmbH, reported at one of the most extraordinary booths of the fair (the exhibition stand is like an island built up with sand and palm trees and corresponding furniture) from The difficulty of acquiring specialists both in motorists and in IT experts - that is why Duvenbeck is increasingly focusing on internal (further) education in the Duvenbeck Academy on Ruhrallee in Bocholt. -Dirk Meyer from Logata Digital Solutions GmbH and Matthias Löhr, Managing Partner of LB GmbH, are proud to have had process-oriented, IT-oriented solutions for the logistics industry at an early stage with the Logistics Mall and all of its further developments - the products of Bocholter At the fair, system suppliers will also meet customers' demands for digitization solutions in logistics. With Markus Vinke and Fabian, as well as Josef Bielefeld from TIS Technische Informationssysteme GmbH, business sponsor Ludger Dieckhues discusses the rapid development in the field of telematics solutions in mobile logistics order management. Today's customers wanted complete solutions for the digitized processes in logistics, including software, hardware, accessories and services. With the rapid further development in the context of the digitization TIS could and wants to be a trailblazer and build on the junior staff of the neighboring high school in Bocholt. Caption: Photo: from left to right Ludger Dieckhues, Managing Director Business Development, Markus Vinke, Managing Director TIS - Technical Information Systems GmbH, Josef Bielefeld, Senior Manager TIS, Fabian Bielefeld, TIS Sales and Project Management. [...]

"Feel like home?" - Kreis Borken gives Heimatpreis

Borken County. Many associations and initiatives in the district of Borken are enthusiastic about local, regional and district specifics, strive to preserve their home and at the same time shape the future. The district of Borken would like to honor this honorary commitment to our region with the newly established home price "Lust auf Heimat ?!". Associations, groups and initiatives that carry out or have already realized a project or activity that deals with regional traditions of local history and is focused on future developments in the district, can now apply for the 2019 Home Award. The basis for this is the state program "Heimat" sponsored by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Zukunft. North Rhine-Westphalia. We promote what connects people. "" Our Westmünsterland is Germany's top honorary office. We have a large number of active associations and groups in the district that are committed to our region - there are certainly many projects that are eligible for funding, "states the district administrator. Ansgar Hörster and Wilhelm Stilkenbäumer, Chair of the District Culture Committee, to participate in: "Apply if you are working on a project that stands for our region in a special way!" The submitted projects or activities will be evaluated according to the following criteria: - Promoting regional identity and awareness - Promoting living traditions and customs - Strengthening social cohesion and the common good - Innovation of the project approach - Possibility of intergenerational experience - Sustainability of the project idea - TransferabilityThe selection of the award winners is carried out by a jury, in which Kai Zwicker and Wilhelm Stilkenbäumer, chairman of the committee for culture and sport of the circle Borken, district home care Christel Höink, representatives of the factions and groups in the district council as well as the cultural department of the circle Borken mitarbeiten.Für the homeland price 2019 represents the Ministry for homeland, municipal, Construction and equality of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia a funding amount of 10.000 Euro available: The 1. Price receives 5.000 Euro, the 2. Price 3.000 and the 3. Price 2.000 Euro. All charitable associations, groups and initiatives that are predominantly volunteers and have their seat in the Borken district can apply. The application is only possible with one project, also cooperation projects can be submitted. It can be both ongoing and completed activities and projects. The home prize will be awarded by the district administrator at the end of the year. The 1. Award winners then submit themselves to a competition at the state level. Applications can be submitted until the 11. Submitted to Borken County in October. The necessary documents can be found on the website of Kult Westmünsterland at www.kult-westmuensterland.de/kult/heimatpflege/heimat-preis/. Questions are answered by the cultural department of the Borken district: Ulrike Brandt, Tel. 02564 / 9899109, or Antonius Böing, Tel. 02564/9899110. [...]

Children experiment in the school laboratory "PhänomexX"

Borken / Borken. Why can an egg stand upright? How much do you weigh on the moon? What makes your arms strong? - With these and other questions about "superpowers" on Earth, in the universe and the human body, the class 4a of the Cordula elementary school from Borken-Gemen has now been engaged in the school laboratory "PhänomexX". The extracurricular learning offer exists since 2016 in the district of Borken and currently stops in the rooms of the Jodokus Nünning Comprehensive School in Borken-Gemen. "PhänomexX" includes scientific content that can be found in the syllabi for grades four to six. The aim of the lab is to use independent experiments to study the competencies of students in the STEM subjects - mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology - improve and complement school learning. In addition, other skills such as the handling of experimental equipment and accurate observation should be strengthened. Even the joy of experimenting comes in the student laboratory not too short: "It's really fun. We can not do that many other attempts at school ", the children agree. The various topics which the small researchers can work on within a school morning are presented at almost 30 stations. The tasks for the respective stages are contained in the research booklet, which the students already receive during the preparation in class. In the experiments, which are generally carried out in partnership, the children note in the notebooks their observations. In addition, they formulate first written explanations. They then discuss this with their teacher in class. "The preparation and follow-up in school lessons is very important," emphasizes Cornelia Reichel from the Education Bureau of the Borken district and adds: "This is the only way for the children to achieve the desired learning objectives." To support the girls and boys, there are also the so-called "Science Buddies ": Four eighth-graders from Jodocus Nünning Comprehensive School, who enjoy scientific topics, support the 4a class. "They help the young researchers, for example, if they have questions on a topic or to carry out an experiment," explains Reichel. She also participates in the project in the student laboratory. In addition, the teachers support their classes. Before visiting the laboratory, they participated in a special training organized by the Borken district. There they were introduced to the project and got to know, among other things, the individual stations. The training also enables third-party teachers to use the "PhänomexX" lab. Each teacher has the opportunity to narrow down or expand the subject matter individually - as it is appropriate for the children. "In addition to the regular research booklet there is a language-sensitive version, which was written for inclusive and inclusive school classes in easy language," emphasizes Cornelia Reichel.Das school lab is free and an offer for all schools in the district Borken. In the new school year "PhänomexX" moves to the Losbergschule in Stadtlohn. Registration for the project is possible with Cornelia Reichel by e-mail to c.reichel@kreis-borken.de. For further information please call Tel. 02861 / 82-1348 available. [...]