Volksbank Bocholt distributes 840.135 Euro to members

Bocholt. Significant growth in total assets and deposits and lending. In addition a lively service business with real estate, insurances and securities as well as an asset and financial position characterized by solidity - that all characterize the Volksbank Bocholt in the financial year 2018. The two bank directors Franz-Josef Heidermann and Herbert Kleinmann as well as the chairman of the board, Christoph Ernststen, were satisfied with what they had achieved at the representative meeting which, under the leadership of Christoph Ernsten, met at the Bocholter hotel restaurant "Am Erzengel" The management board was able to present positive key figures from the annual balance sheet for 2018. The balance sheet total rose by 6,2 percent to 1,3 billion euro compared to the previous year. On the asset side, this growth was again driven by the credit business. At the key date 31. In December, loans to customers reached a level of over € 1 billion for the first time. This equates to an increase of 8,2 percent. Here, the strong position in the domestic corporate customer market and the proximity to the border had a positive effect. Customer deposits amounted to 871,9 million euros, an increase of 5,4 percent. Here, the trend continued away from longer-term, fixed-income investments and towards liquid, short-term offers. The supported customer investment volume - this value includes not only the balance sheet effective customer deposits but also the holdings of securities, home savings and insurance - increased by 4,2 percent. Volksbank Bocholt continues to attach great importance to the training and further education of its employees. 2018 spent a total of 142.000 Euro on such measures. On an annual average, the bank employed 219 employees (167 employees converted to full-time employment) and formed 31 as of the reporting date. According to the reports of the Management Board and Supervisory Board as well as the statutory audit, the resolution on the appropriation of the annual surplus in the amount of around 2018 million euros was on the agenda. With a dividend of 2,8 percent, the 5,5 members in the amount of 21.870 Euro will participate in the profits. In addition, the reserves are strengthened. The executive board and the supervisory board were granted discharge. The concluding presentation by the USA experts, historians and award-winning journalists, dr. Christoph von Marschall on the topic: New World Order. Germany's interests, Europe's crises, Trump's US and China's rise. [...]

Bocholt celebrates Corpus Christi

This year, we, the faithful of the three Catholic parishes in Bocholt, celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi. We come together, thank and ask God for the welfare and good coexistence of all people in our city. We show that as believers, we care about life and fellowship in all areas of our city. That brings us together in the central square. The Holy Mass begins at 10: 00 on the market square in front of the historic town hall. Following the service, we move with Christ in St. Sacrament through the Neustraße, Casinowall, Schanze, Brückenstraße, St. Georg Square to St. George's Church, where the blessing is concluded. Worship and procession are musically co-designed by choirs of the three parishes. Then all are invited to meet at drinks and snacks and music program on stage, it plays the duo "Django Flint". - A warm invitation to join in! First published on www.liebfrauen.de [...]

Green space at the junction Münsterstraße / Lönsstraße is being redesigned

Bocholt (PID). The approx. 380 m² large traffic island in the crossing area of ​​Münsterstraße / Lönsstraße will be redesigned. Currently, the sward is removed and prepared for a mixed perennial planting. The area is to be planted with various perennials. "These are durable and easy to care for and create an aesthetic appearance," says Peter Schlabs from the Department of Civil Engineering, Transport, Urban Green and Environment. So that the perennials can be planted, a mineral mulch layer of limestone gravel is applied first. "But this layer is not separated from the ground with a flow. After a few years, the perennials cover the soil completely and there is no sign of the mulch layer, "Schlabs continues. In late summer, the perennials are planted. In the intersection, there may be light traffic obstructions because of the work. [...]

Burglars wanted in two shops

Bocholt (ots) - Two times unknown people were out in the night on Wednesday to penetrate into business premises in Bocholt - both buildings are located on the Osterstraße. In one case, the perpetrators failed: they failed to get in through the door located at Liebfrauenplatz. In the second case, the unknown had unfortunately more success: They came through a hallway to an inside door to the premises of a hairdresser. These broke open the perpetrators and stole a cashbox and a purse. The police asks in both cases for information to the Criminal Commissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

1. FC Bocholt II obliged Phil de Bakker

The district league promoters 1. FC Bocholt II have been able to sign his eighth new signing for the new season. From neighbors Olympia Bocholt (county league A) Phil de Bakker changed into the FC reserve. The 20-year-old outside rail player was already from 2014 to 2017 as a youth player at 1. FC Bocholt active before joining another season in the 2. Team of the club has played. 2018 he moved to the other fence side on Hünting to neighbors Olympia, where he scored a goal in the past season. Now de Bakker returns to the "Schwatten". "We are happy that Phil comes back to us," says Nikolay Glouhtchev, coach of FC II. "He will help us with his quality in any case immediately, especially since he Association and the structures knows. Characteristically, he fits well into the team ", Gloutchev continues to be pleased. [...]

Car driver: Stoned holds longer than drunk!

"Drunk at the wheel" here, "drove under the influence of marijuana" there: The police reports on drug use by motorists and drivers increase noticeably. Three men (49, 29 and 33 years old) were caught last night on Münsterstraße in Bocholt. You will now receive a corresponding regulatory offense notice. So is more slippery in Bocholt than before? "That can not be said that way," says police spokesman Thorsten Ohm. But it will definitely be more controlled. One reason for this are among other things improved rapid tests. They also showed that more and more consumers are taking several drugs at the same time. In addition to hash, not infrequently parallel amphitamines or even cocaine were detected, so Ohm.Rein statistically, in the district Borken last year 257 cases of drugs were registered at the wheel. That was 88 more than in the twelve months before. "But that does not have to mean anything. Drug use is a so-called control offense, "says the police spokesman. In other words, when more control is exercised, more is automatically found. However, many drug users seem to underestimate the detectability of the drugs. While one per mil alcohol is broken down after ten hours according to a general rule of thumb, the hashish active ingredient THC and the metabolite THC-COOH, respectively, last much longer in the blood. "Until a regular cannabis consumer falls below the threshold of 1,0 nanograms THC / ml blood, it may take two to ten days for abstinence," says the website of the German Hemp Association. [...]

JU Bocholt criticizes: Mother party CDU "communicates wrongly"

Last Friday, the Young Union (JU) Bocholt welcomed the local CDU leader, Lukas Kwiatkowski, to their meeting of the Active Cities. Around 20 JUler discussed with him the outcome of the European elections and the future direction of the CDU. It became clear that the party must improve in its communication, especially in the social media. According to the unanimous opinion of the CDU in dealing with article 13, Fridays for Future and the video of the YouTuber Rezo, the CDU Germany either has the most important topics - digitization, migration and environmental protection not the right answers or communicating them wrong, "says JU chairman Lukas Behrendt. Deputy Chairman Christian Stevens adds: "Especially in the field of digitization there is a lot of catching up to do - even here in Bocholt. The digital equipment of schools must be first class. Furthermore, Germany needs a nationwide and powerful mobile network. Here, the rural area may not be suspended. If there are several dead spots on the route from Bocholt to Münster, this is simply unacceptable. "With regard to migration, the last migration package decided on was a step in the right direction, says Joch Bocholt. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. "Due to the uncontrolled and disorderly immigration in the refugee crisis, there are serious grievances in our country, which should not be swept under the carpet. As long as the problems in the area of ​​migration are not resolved, there will also be a debate about migration, "said JU chairman Lukas Behrendt. The CDU must regain the confidence of the voters who have migrated to the AfD in recent years and thus make the party superfluous. Behrendt: "Until then, there is still a long way to go!" Regarding environmental protection, the Junge Union Bocholt sees the present populism and actionism with great skepticism. Jannick Behrens, Press Officer of JU Bocholt, explains: "Environmental protection has always been an important and present topic. Germany, and especially Bocholt, are already doing well in protecting the environment. Nonetheless, things can get better in this area. The CDU and JU stand for a real political approach, which takes equal account of both jobs and the protection of the environment. However, it is necessary for the party to better communicate this and the many achievements we have already achieved. On the other hand, populist and actionist demands, such as those currently experienced by the Bocholt SPD, are ineffective. Under no circumstances may the CDU jump on this move. Politics is measured by what it has actually achieved. "[...]

Ahauser vocational colleges invite you to the 23. Time to BOMAH

District Borken / Ahaus. Knowing one's own interests, competencies and goals is often not that easy. This is especially true for young people who have to deal with it especially during their career orientation. In this process, they should therefore answer exciting and important questions such as: In which direction should it go in the future? Study, job or a school education? Which professional field suits your own interests? What are the demands of the working world? Help with orientation and decision-making is already there for the 23. Time the vocational orientation fair BOMAH in Ahaus. It will be held again this year for two days - on the 8. 9 und. October - on the grounds of the three vocational colleges in sponsorship of the district Borken statt.Bei the BOMAH different universities, guilds, companies and many other exhibitors show the opportunities for young people in our region. Around 100 training occupations - both classic and new job profiles - are presented there. The patronage of the career orientation fair has again been District Administrator Dr. Ing. Kai Zwicker taken over. On both days, the organizers are expecting not only around 3.000 teenagers, but also many parents and other interested parties. So is the BOMAH on Tuesday, 8. October, open from 17 to 20 pm. On Wednesday, 9. October, the exhibitors from 8 to 13 clock are on site. In particular, the opening hours on Tuesday used many to individually inform themselves. "The evening is important for more intensive discussions and consultations," says Michaele Grote, head of the Vocational College Lise Meitner, who, together with Ulrich Kipp, head of the Vocational College for Technology, Reinhard Wehmschulte, head of the Vocational College for Business and Administration, and the organization teams of the schools is involved in the preparations. "Especially young people who do not attend the fair on Wednesday morning in the classroom, use this offer," says Wehmschulte. This applies in particular to pupils of grammar schools and comprehensive schools. "All young people, parents and teachers are welcome. Because: The BOMAH is interesting for all types of schools ", stresses Kipp.Rund 70 companies from the craft, technical, social and commercial sector as well as institutions, chambers, authorities, colleges and guilds from the region have promised their arrival. "Our wide range of offers illustrates the professional prospects that exist in Westmünsterland," says Michaele Grote. Of course, the three vocational colleges of the Borken district at the Ahaus site also give an insight into their varied educational offerings and offer guided tours of the premises for the students. "Ninth graders and ninth graders usually attend BOMAH, in order to obtain a rough overview of the occupational fields ", explains Reinhard Wehmschulte and adds:" In the 10th grade, they often look for certain occupations. "Depending on their own interests, BOMAH provides a basic orientation as well as targeted information individual occupations and training paths. It was important to present the diversity of job profiles. Because the possibility of orientation also means that you can still change your path. "The BOMAH is interesting for all students - no matter where they are in the 'orientation process'," says Michaele Grote. Since several years, the "BOMAH-App" is available free of charge. It is an alternative and meaningful supplement to the flyer, which continues to provide orientation. "Visitors can use the app to easily call up location plans via their smartphone. They also have the opportunity to search for specific companies, occupations and offers. This makes them easier to orient on the terrain, "explains Ulrich Kipp. The app also delivers the information offline. It can be downloaded via a QR code on the flyers and posters as well as via the app store of the smartphone. "The app should, however, only a few days before the BOMAH downloaded or be updated so that all information is up to date, "recommends Wehmschulte.Der entry to BOMAH is free. Registration is not required, with the exception of schools. Further information on the Career Orientation Fair can be found in advance of the fair at www.bomah.de. Photo: Michaele Grote, Head of the Berufskolleg Lise Meitner, Ulrich Kipp, Head of the Vocational College for Technology (right) and Reinhard Wehmschulte, Head of the Vocational College for Business and Administration , together with the organizing teams of the schools prepare the professional orientation fair BOMAH. This will take place this year at the 8. 9 und. October on the campus Ahaus. [...]

In business premises penetrated

Bocholt (ots) - In a bakery branch in the night to Wednesday broke in Bocholt unknown. The perpetrators had first leveraged a door at the main entrance of the shopping arcades on Berliner Platz. To get into the bakery's rooms, they opened another door. Whether and what the strangers stole, was not clear at first. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Redirection on the bus line C13

Bocholt. On the upcoming weekend in June (14.-16.06.2019) there will be restrictions on the city bus line C13 due to a neighborhood party and related road closure. Field road / In Koch's Pasture will be closed, so Friday's line C13, 14.06.2019, 18.00 Clock up to and including, Sunday 16.06.2019, end of operation must drive a detour over the Siemensstraße. For this reason, the service stop Kochs Weide is canceled without replacement for the duration of the diversion. This applies to both the C13 line and the call collection taxi (AST), which operates outside the operating hours of StadtBusse by appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions about blocking or redirection, the employees of the StadtBusCenters are available between 09.00 hours and 18.00 hours in person or by telephone (02871-219190) in the StadtBusCenter at the Bustreff (Europaplatz), Mondays to Fridays. [...]

The "smart" helper: District Police Wesel tests iPhones

Circle Wesel (ots) - What's the name of the holder of a car? Where is a person officially registered? Policemen and police officers can now clarify these and many other questions on patrol by smartphone. Around 70 mobile phones, the country has now purchased for the district police Wesel. Wesel is beside Recklinghausen and Dortmund pilot authority, in which the mobile phones are tested in the everyday working life. Policemen in the guards in Moers and Wesel, some Kriminalkommissariate and service dog handlers have their official mobile phones since Friday in the employment thereby. It is a "normal" iPhone 8, however, for security reasons, only certain police apps are allowed. For example, the officers can access various databases and query whether a person is being searched for a warrant or a car has been stolen. ID cards can be scanned with the mobile phone camera and compared with the existing databases. These queries no longer have to be done by colleagues on the street by radio via the control center or the guard. This saves time and is a great relief. A specially protected messenger service is also installed on the mobile phones. The police officers and police officers can take pictures on location or scan pictures of missing persons and send them quickly to the control center or to other colleagues in patrol cars. Data security is very important with the new smartphones: if the screen is not touched, it locks the phone already after a good 20 seconds access. The device must then be unlocked by finger pressure or PIN. A protection from foreign eyes. The mobile phones are also no data stored and the servers are available to the police and not private providers. "I am pleased that we are as a county police Wesel as a pilot authority there. It brings the work of the police in the district of Wesel a big step forward. " Ansgar Müller as head of the district police department. [...]

Driven against the wall

Bocholt (ots) - A motorist in the amount of about 2.000 Euro has caused a motorist in the night to Wednesday in Bocholt-Mussum. The unknown stumbled against a wall belonging to a plot on Wagnerstrasse. The sounds awoke against 00.20 local residents. The polluter left without having fulfilled his legal duties. The police asks for information to the traffic commissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Cyclists slightly injured when falling in ditch

Bocholt (ots) - A cyclist crashed into a ditch on Tuesday in Bocholt-Lieder. The accident had come against 16.10 clock on the bike path on the Liedere ring road: The 51-year-old had left there at the end of a curve section with the front wheel of the road and had lost control of the two-wheeler. An ambulance took the slightly injured Bocholter to a hospital. [...]

Register now for the 9. LONG NIGHT OF INDUSTRY

On the 19. September 80 companies and institutions on the Rhine and Ruhr open their factory gates for the 9. LONG NIGHT OF INDUSTRY. Expected to be 3.100 guests, who are given exceptional insights into technologies, work processes and products of the companies. Participation is free; Anyone (from 14 years) who is interested in industry and technology can participate. The seats will be raffled. Online registration at www.langenachtderindustrie.de/en/locations/rhein-ruhr/anmeldung.htmlIn this year, the LANGE NACHT DER INDUSTRIE takes place consciously in the context of the nationwide week of the industry. Thus, the manifold and innovative industrial location Rhein-Ruhr and NRW should be pointed out. "Connections in value creation and functionalities in production can be understood so much easier. To show modern entrepreneurship, how it really is and to inspire the visitors, if not to make proud of the innovations and economic power of the region - that is the goal of this action, "said Wolfgang Schmitz, CEO of the Unternehmerverbandes.The LANGE NIGHT OF INDUSTRY is funded by the company initiative Zukunft durch Industrie e. V. and supported by the chambers of commerce and industry, business associations and industrial unions in the region. This year, 80 industry and industry-related companies participate. A large number of buses will travel on different routes to two companies this evening. There, the participants can take a look behind the scenes of production - in factory tours, lectures and discussions with company representatives. In the association area of ​​the Entrepreneurs Association, which includes both the cities of Duisburg, Mülheim and Oberhausen, as well as the right Niederrhein up to southern Münsterland the following member companies of the trade association: · ArcelorMittal Duisburg GmbH · Grillo-Werke AG, Duisburg · Siemens AG, Duisburg · Steinhoff GmbH & Cie. OHG, Dinslaken · Siemens AG, Mülheim an der Ruhr · Holemans Niederrhein GmbH, Rees Caption: Experiencing industry first hand in an impressive setting - as shown here last year at the Ellerdonk gravel works of Holemans Niederrhein GmbH. Online registration is now possible (photo: Unternehmerverband) [...]

Inform, try out, decide - university education afternoons in June

Shortly before the application deadline for the restricted courses at the 15. July, the "Central Student Advisory Service" together with many other institutions of the University of Westphalia will inform prospective students about all facets of the 40 regular and dual Bachelor degree programs in Gelsenkirchen, Bocholt and Recklinghausen. The Hochschulschulnachmittage (HIN) for high school graduates, Fach-Abitur graduates and other students interested in studying will take place again in June at all three locations of the university. On three afternoons, a lot of information about application and enrollment as well as about course content, main topics and career opportunities is provided. In addition, the Campus Gelsenkirchen provides information and advice on the cooperation partners of the dual study program, who are still looking for dual students for the study start 2019, as well as the "Long Evening of Study Counseling", where questions can be clarified in "last-minute counseling talks" .The prelude to the campus in Recklinghausen: On Tuesday, 25. Prospective students are invited to become acquainted with Business Law, International Business Law and Business Management, Mobility and Logistics, Business Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Faculty tours, hands-on activities, trial lectures, poster presentations, lectures and an information café present the study location. The "Zentrale Studienberatung" and the Studierendensekretariat also offer advice on how to successfully apply for a place at a university. Other institutions such as the Language Center and Talent Development explain important framework conditions for studying and show offers for a successful study start. On Wednesday, 26. In June, the study programs and their contents will be presented in an informative way through the university in Bocholt. For example, the Department of Mechanical Engineering shows experiments and projects by students: Robots or bionics exhibits offer study content that can be touched; driving simulators and e-kart can even be used to drive off. The degree course in Electrical Engineering / Automation, in turn, shows technology from the 3-D printer to the "Wall of Light". Through a so-called "virtual reality glasses" interested in the degree program "Informatik.Softwaresysteme" on the digitally recreated Bocholt campus walk. In addition to the exhibits, visitors have the opportunity to get to know the departments and their respective degree programs at information stands and in lectures. The study-accompanying offer as well as all topics related to application and enrollment explain the "Central Student Advisory Service", the student secretariat, the library, the talent promotion and the service center "Duales Studium" as well as the teacher training of the Westfälische Hochschule with the additional qualification "Ingenieur plus Lehrer" This year's event promises an exciting conclusion from the bionics of Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck. The winner of the German environmental award 2003 speaks in his lecture "Why everything breaks down - the body language of the components" about how human beings can transfer the findings from the observation of nature to the field of mechanical engineering and gain important insights therefrom. The event will be presented by the Westphalian Institute for Bionics of the WH and the "Junge Uni Bocholt" with the support of the Otto Spaleck Foundation from 17: 30 clock in lecture hall 1. On Thursday, 27. Prospective students can experience and explore the subjects and the offer of the Westfälische Hochschule in Gelsenkirchen. At the Gelsenkirchen location, all Bachelor's programs introduce themselves with their contents. Question-and-answer sessions after lectures offer the opportunity to talk to teachers and students, for example in business, computer science, journalism and public relations. In the technical subjects, those interested in the respective laboratories and workshops of the medical and electrical engineering as well as in the department of "Mechanical Engineering and Facilities Management" can gain an insight into the practical orientation of the study.Who is interested in a dual degree, partner companies can get to know the university, who still offer free dual training places for the winter semester 2019 / 20. In addition, the "Dual Studies" service center of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences is also available for questions concerning a dual degree program. In addition, the "Central Student Advisory Service", the Student Secretariat, the Library, Talent Development, the Language Center and the "BAföG Advisory Service" provide information here other important aspects of the study. In addition, the team Teacher Education of the University of Westphalia presents the additional qualification "engineer plus teacher" for undergraduate students of technical courses such as electrical engineering, mechatronics, supply and disposal engineering and mechanical engineering. Also this year, the "Zentrale Studienberatung "Of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences on the" Long Evening of Study Counseling ", an advisory action of the" Central Study Counseling "in NRW. Following the HIN in Gelsenkirchen on Thursday, 27. June, to be advised until 21 clock in Gelsenkirchen. Further information is available at www.w-hs.de/langer-abend-der-studienberatung. All programs for the university education afternoon can be viewed in detail under www.w-hs.de/hin. Bildinhalt: It was gladly tried on a former university education afternoon (HIN) of the Westphalian university the automated beverage mixer (center forward), the different soft drinks according to own Prepared presentation or given recipe. Here, visitors were able to mix their favorite drink and learn about the technology and control electronics in a playful way. Conceived and then further developed the beverage mixer teachers and students of the locations Gelsenkirchen and Bocholt. Photo: WH, reprint free of charge in connection with Westfälischer Hochschule [...]