Volksbank Bocholt distributes 840.135 Euro to members

Bocholt. Significant growth in total assets and deposits and lending. In addition a lively service business with real estate, insurances and securities as well as an asset and financial position characterized by solidity - that all characterize the Volksbank Bocholt in the financial year 2018. Satisfied with the achievements, the two bank directors Franz-Josef Heidermann and Herbert [...]

Green space at the junction Münsterstraße / Lönsstraße is being redesigned

Bocholt (PID). The approx. 380 m² large traffic island in the crossing area of ​​Münsterstraße / Lönsstraße will be redesigned. Currently, the sward is removed and prepared for a mixed perennial planting. The area is to be planted with various perennials. "These are durable and easy to care for and create an aesthetic appearance," says Peter Schlabs from the Department of Civil Engineering, Transport, Urban Green and Environment. So that […]

Burglars wanted in two shops

Bocholt (ots) - Two times unknown people were out in the night on Wednesday to penetrate into business premises in Bocholt - both buildings are located on the Osterstraße. In one case, the perpetrators failed: they failed to get in through the door located at Liebfrauenplatz. In the second case, the unknowns were unfortunately more successful: They came [...]

1. FC Bocholt II obliged Phil de Bakker

The district league promoters 1. FC Bocholt II have been able to sign his eighth new signing for the new season. From neighbors Olympia Bocholt (county league A) Phil de Bakker changes to the FC reserve. The 20-year-old outside tracker has been a junior player at 2014 from 2017 to 1. FC Bocholt active before joining another season in the 2. Team of [...]

Car driver: Stoned holds longer than drunk!

"Drunk at the wheel" here, "drove under the influence of marijuana" there: The police reports on drug use by motorists and drivers increase noticeably. Three men (49, 29 and 33 years old) were caught last night on Münsterstraße in Bocholt. You will now receive a corresponding regulatory offense notice. So is more slippery in Bocholt than before? [...]

JU Bocholt criticizes: Mother party CDU "communicates wrongly"

Last Friday, the Young Union (JU) Bocholt welcomed the local CDU leader, Lukas Kwiatkowski, to their meeting of the Active Cities. Around 20 JUler discussed with him the outcome of the European elections and the future direction of the CDU. It became clear that the party must improve in its communication, especially in the social media. In dealing with […]

Ahauser vocational colleges invite you to the 23. Time to BOMAH

District Borken / Ahaus. Knowing one's own interests, competencies and goals is often not that easy. This is especially true for young people who have to deal with it especially during their career orientation. In this process, they should therefore answer exciting and important questions such as: In which direction should it go in the future? Studying, profession [...]

In business premises penetrated

Bocholt (ots) - In a bakery branch in the night to Wednesday broke in Bocholt unknown. The perpetrators had first leveraged a door at the main entrance of the shopping arcades on Berliner Platz. To get into the bakery's rooms, they opened another door. Whether and what the strangers stole, was not yet [...]

Redirection on the bus line C13

Bocholt. On the upcoming weekend in June (14.-16.06.2019) there are restrictions on the regular bus service of the city bus line C13 due to a neighborhood party and an associated road closure. The field road / In Kochs Weide is blocked, so that the line C13 from Friday, 14.06.2019, 18.00 clock up to and including, Sunday 16.06.2019, end of operation must drive a diversion on the Siemensstraße. For this reason, the [...]

The "smart" helper: District Police Wesel tests iPhones

Circle Wesel (ots) - What's the name of the holder of a car? Where is a person officially registered? Policemen and police officers can now clarify these and many other questions on patrol by smartphone. Around 70 mobile phones, the country has now purchased for the district police Wesel. Wesel is beside Recklinghausen and Dortmund pilot authority, in which the mobile phones [...]

Driven against the wall

Bocholt (ots) - A motorist in the amount of about 2.000 Euro has caused a motorist in the night to Wednesday in Bocholt-Mussum. The unknown stumbled against a wall belonging to a plot on Wagnerstrasse. The sounds awoke against 00.20 local residents. The polluter left without having fulfilled his legal duties. The […]

Cyclists slightly injured when falling in ditch

Bocholt (ots) - A cyclist crashed into a ditch on Tuesday in Bocholt-Lieder. The accident had come against 16.10 clock on the bike path on the Liedere ring road: The 51-year-old had left there at the end of a curve section with the front wheel of the road and had lost control of the two-wheeler. An ambulance [...]

Register now for the 9. LONG NIGHT OF INDUSTRY

On the 19. September 80 companies and institutions on the Rhine and Ruhr open their factory gates for the 9. LONG NIGHT OF INDUSTRY. Expected to be 3.100 guests, who are given exceptional insights into technologies, work processes and products of the companies. Participation is free; Anyone (from 14 years) who is interested in industry and technology [...]

Inform, try out, decide - university education afternoons in June

Shortly before the application deadline for the restricted courses at the 15. July, the "Central Student Advisory Service" together with many other institutions of the University of Westphalia will inform prospective students about all facets of the 40 regular and dual Bachelor degree programs in Gelsenkirchen, Bocholt and Recklinghausen. The Hochschulschulnachmittage (HIN) for high school graduates, Fach-Abitur graduates and other students interested in studying will be back in June [...]