Climate emergency in Bocholt: Nabu launches online petition

The NABU district association Borken and the Ortsgruppe Bocholt are very disappointed by the decision of the Council against the proclamation of the climate emergency. "In the rejection of the applications of the Social List and the SPD, the CDU, the city party and the FDP obviously had only two things: on the one hand party-political considerations and, on the other hand, the crushing of projects that would have been critically questioned as a result of the recognition of the climate emergency "As Bocholt has an economic promoter, should also an equal nature conservation promoters be set, who must evaluate the influence on the ecology at each Council decision and is committed to a sustainable environmental and conservation in the city, it goes on. In addition, the Nabu has launched an online petition to clarify to the Council that he has made a wrong decision and the issue of "climate emergency" has to take up again. [...]

Agreement on financial contributions from the Borgers workforce

The management of Johann Borgers GmbH reached a general agreement on Friday with the works council and IG Metall on financial contributions of the workforce for the ongoing restructuring of the company. This was announced by the company in a press release. Among other things, the agreement is subject to the approval of the responsible bodies of the IG Metall headquarters in Frankfurt, which, however, is expected in the coming days. Afterwards, Borgers will inform the employees about the main contents of the agreement, before finally the IG Metall members of Johann Borgers GmbH will vote on it. Werner Borgers: "Today's general agreement shows that all negotiating partners are aware of their responsibility for the restructuring of Borgers are. The contributions of the workforce, for which I am very grateful, are very important in order to make those future investments that are indispensable for the long-term security of the Bocholt site. "[...]