15 year old cyclist slightly injured

Bocholt (ots) - When turning into a parking lot, a driver has captured a cyclist on Saturday in Bocholt. The 32-year-old was traveling towards the city center against 17.55 clock on the Westend road. As the Bocholterin turned right into a parking lot, she collided with an 15 year old cyclist. The Bocholter had driven on the pedestrian and bicycle path in the same direction. She suffered minor injuries. [...]

Seven-year girl captured by car

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injuries suffered a seven-year-old child on Friday in an accident in Bocholt. The girl had wanted to cross the Ernststraße against 13.10 clock. As she ran onto the street behind a parked car, she caught the car of an 70 year old. The Dutchman could not avoid a collision despite full braking. The child came to the hospital for outpatient treatment. [...]

MukoTour 2019: Record starting field collects 54.000 Euro

The people in the western Münsterland offered an unusual picture on Saturday: 450 hobby and former professional cyclists rolled between Bocholt, Raesfeld, Velen and Rhede and thus collected for the study of the hereditary hereditary disease cystic fibrosis. With another unusual action, they also drew attention to the barely pronounceable disease in which suffer in Germany alone on 8000 people and too often stifle even at a young age agonizing. Before the starting shot at the ROSE BIKETOWN invited the deputy district councilor and chairwoman of the Association Muko -Life eV Silke Sommers invited the participants to breathe through a macaroni for thirty seconds. "With this self-experiment, we wanted to show our healthy participants how painful it feels to live with cystic fibrosis and to fight for every breath," says Silke Sommers. "We had the idea of ​​the cystic fibrosis patient Reiner Heske, who brought the comparison with a straw at the 2018 Muko Bike Tour. Only we take compostable macaroni for environmental reasons. We now hope that many will participate in the self-experiment via the social media and thus make the disease better known. "The cystic fibrosis patient Reiner Heske is also riding the Muko-Bike-Tour this time and observes the mass self-experiment, which is far from over everyone sticks out over 30 seconds. "Many people with cystic fibrosis know this type of acute respiratory depression only too well," says the 48-old cystic fibrosis patient. "Only a donor lung was able to save me a few years ago, but fortunately for me and many patients, cystic fibrosis research also helps to lead the longest possible life." That's why he is working together with 55-year-old Burkhard Farnschläder and Ottmar Kessler is aware of the disease at two events and collects money for their research. "Last Saturday we were at the donation run on Amrum and then drove from the North Sea coast by bike to Bocholt. With the Muko-Bike-Tour we will cover 800 kilometers up to our home in Bergisches Land. "The other participants already have enough 95 kilometers. "As always, we drive at a comfortable pace so everyone can keep up. But in the evening I will also notice that in the bones, "predicts the long-time touring captain Jutta Tielemann, who won 1988 Olympic silver in the road race. Right there is the first stop at the castle Raesfeld, where she receives Mayor Andreas Grotendorst to strengthen. "A great picture in front of our castle," says Grotendorst. "So many people who are committed to a good cause and obviously have a lot of fun." Then it goes on then for the peloton Reitverein Velen eV - here she is waiting for Velen Mayor Dagmar Jeske. "I'm glad that the Muko-Bike-Tour stops in Velen again this year, because that's something special for us, too, when such a big peloton drives through our streets", Jeske.2020 explains 500 Muko. After a last stop at the SC Grün-Weiß Vardingholt, the tour continues via Barlo and shirts back to the ROSE BIKETOWN, where the Muko bikers of children from the Kindergarten St. Mary and many friends. Shortly thereafter announces tour guide Franz-Wilhelm Tielkes overjoyed: "We just received a lot of praise from the police and may next time even drive with 500 participants!" Equally pleased to see Mitveranstalter Torsten Hechrath-Rose, CEO of ROSE Bikes Bocholt: "Me I'm totally thrilled by our very colorful troupe. Together with former pros like Jutta Tielemann, hobby riders ride on normal racing bikes, pedelecs and e-bikes, but also many cystic fibrosis patients and many small groups who know each other from work or their hobbies. "All united in the yellow and black jerseys, whose sales proceeds donate ROSE Bikes back to Muko-Life. Together with the checks of cycling groups and sponsors, the total donations amount to around 54.000 Euro. "We can only thank everyone involved. With the money we will support the team of Professor Wolf-Michael Weber from Münster, "said the chairman of Muko Life eV Silke Sommers. "The team has developed a promising therapy that now needs a lot of money for clinical trials. If that works, we come very close to our goal that no one has to die of cystic fibrosis. "Anyone who would like to support cystic fibrosis research can visit www.rosebikes.de/mukobiketour <www.rosebikes.de/mukobiketour> a jersey for Order 49,95 Euro. Except for VAT, the entire amount goes to Muko Life eVPicture caption Group picture in front of ROSE BIKETOWN with the checks: Friedhelm Kegelmann (Managing Director Muko-Life eV) and Silke Sommers (Chair Muko Life eV) [...]