Summer Reading Club shows children's theater "Ferdinand the Bull"

Bocholt (BIB). The theater Tom TEUER plays on Tuesday, 16. July 2019, to 11 clock for the start of the summer reading club in the city library Bocholt, Hindenburgstraße 5, the play "FERDINAND OF THE BULL", the story of a geek, the unintentionally and quite peacefully heroes. Advance ticket sales will start on Monday, 17. June 20189, in the city library, they each cost 4 Euro (children with family pass 2 Euro). The story Ferdinand the Bull prefers to sit under his cork oak and sniffs the scent of poppies. All the other young bulls he grows up with are running around all day puffing and barking. On the day when five men with funny beards choose the wild bull for bullfighting, Ferdinand fails to adjust: Instead of the cool grass, he sits down on a bee. Shouting Ferdinand opens. Raging with rage, he runs around, stamping his hoofs and bumping his horns around him. The five men think him far and wide for the most terrible bull. Just what you need for the bullfight. When Ferdinand enters the arena of Madrid, the spectators cheer. They believe that Ferdinand will fight terribly. But far from it. Ferdinand sees only the flowers in the hair of women in the audience and sits down to smell the scent. As much as the torero irritates him, Ferdinand does not want to fight. This makes the bullfighter so angry that he cries, because now he can not play in front of all the beautiful people in the audience.Auftakt for the summer reading clubTom Dahl alias Tom Teuer 1963 was born in Dresden and lives with his family in Duisburg. Since 1988, he has been playing around 120 shows all over Germany, as well as in Belgium and Italy. The play is the kick-off event for the summer reading club, which the city library Bocholt will include in their holiday program this year. The summer reading club is one of the largest reading promotion projects in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia. Advance saleAll children, not just summer club members, are invited to watch the play together. Advance ticket sales start at the 17. June 2019 in the city library, Hindenburgstrasse 5, and each cost 4 Euro (children with a family pass 2 Euro) .Photo: Tom Expensive [...]

Bocholter Sport loses its most dedicated ambassador with Elke Küppers

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThe sports facilities were her home, volunteering her life. In the exercise of this honorary post, Elke Küppers died suddenly and unexpectedly. After accompanying the city sports association on the Saturday during the International German Championships in G-Judo as a representative, the 79-year-old suffered a heart style stand in the Euregio hall. The Bocholter sport loses with it its most committed ambassador. The name Elke Küppers is very closely linked with that of the TC Blau-Weiß Bocholt. As president, she led the club through difficult times. 2012 gave her the job to her son Patrick Küppers. She herself was also appointed the first honorary president of the association because of her merits. One more reason for her to continue to accompany as many tournaments as possible and to be the contact person for everyone. From 1997 to 2018, Elke Küppers was at the same time deputy chairperson in the Stadt-Sport-Verband Bocholt. She also represented the volunteer in the Committee for town twinning of the city of Bocholt. Since the founding of the "Permanent Conference" of the SSV / GSV in the Borken district in the year 2008, the Bocholt woman was also its member until 2018 and spokesperson for two years. 2014 became Elke Küppers for her services to the sport at the general meeting of the Kreis-Sport -Bundes Borken awarded the honorary pin. After she no longer voted for the election of deputy chairmen in the year 2018 for reasons of age, she appointed the local City Sports Association as the "Ambassador of Bocholter Sports" and used them for representative tasks. Elke Küppers performed countless honors and trophies in this function. "The news of her death came as a complete surprise and unexpected. She really shocks us. Not only the City Sports Association Bocholt missing in the future, a personality, the entire Bocholt sports landscape is missing Elke Küppers "wrote the City Sports Association in an obituary. But not only in sports, and private Elke Küppers was always committed and helpful , For the St. Georgius Rifle Club she read for years the festival magazines correction. Whoever needed her support, she stood by the side. The 79-year-old leaves a husband and three children with their families. Not only they will keep Elke Küppers in eternal memory.Photo: Bruno Wansing / City Bocholt [...]

Matthias Mustermann

Death is the horizon of life, but this horizon is only the end of our view. In love and gratitude we bid farewell to our dear father, father-in-law, grandfather, and uncle Matthias Mustermann * 25. February 1919 † 25. February 2019You will miss usMelissa and WernerOlaf and SabineHeike and Florian with Simon and Catharina46397 Bocholt, in February 2019The funeral is on Friday, the 1. March 2019, to 10: 15 clock from the cemetery chapel Bocholt, Blücherstraße 122, aus.Die Eucharist Eucharist is at 11.30 clock in the church of St. Paul, to which we cordially invite. From condolence at the grave we ask to see. Should someone accidentally no special Have received notification, so we ask you to view it as such. [...]

TSV Bocholt Rhinos defend first place in the table

Last Sunday, the Black Barons from Herne were invited to Hemdener Weg for the regular league match of the Landesliga-Ost. The signs for a good football player were given, Herne joined with three wins and a defeat at the Rhinos - the current leaders. So the good 300 spectators saw a brilliant first quarter where the Rhinos took the lead with 07: 00 through a touchdown run of their quarterback #11 Emil Fohrer and the subsequent extra point through #24 Timo Funke was also good. After that, it became more and more a defense battle, in which both teams donated nothing and the punt teams shaped the image of the game. In the second quarter the offense turned Bocholter's machine again and in person of #10 Jannik Tewiele succeeded After a good long pass from the Bocholter quarterback, they find their way to the endzone of their opponents. The subsequent extra point by kicker Timo Funke was again good and the two teams said goodbye with summery temperatures in the half-time break. Actually, one would think, the Bocholter now only need to retrieve their game, control the clock and keep the two points at home. Who made this bill at halftime, had the experienced Herner not on the slip. So it was the Blackbarons, who came into the game better after the break and scored points on the score board. They managed to equalize to the 14: 14, with a little more than two minutes to play on the clock. It looked bad for the Bocholter out, the attack was stopped again, the punt team had to cede the ball again to the guests. So the theory, the Bocholtern succeeded however by a capital mistake of the Herner - a player touched the gepunteten ball, so that was again free - the ball again for itself to secure. Little seconds on the music box, Bocholt in the renewed attack right, silence at the Hemdener Path. With three seconds left on the clock kicker Timo Funke entered the field, immense pressure on the young Bocholter: if he meets, wins his team ... he kicks next to it, separating one with a draw. Timo took charge and turned the field goal, the three points earned the TSV Bocholt Rhinos the new home win and him the hearts of the team and the audience. "I am terribly proud of my team, we have been experiencing extreme development over the past few weeks / months, with so young a squad. Even today we have seen again that the enemy was physically superior to us, but recent games have also shown how much understanding of the game and cohesion can make up for such differences. We grew together more and more each day and the boys support each other, what more do you want as a coach? It is important that we continue to work hard on ourselves, turn off errors and then go to the deserved summer break. Before the intermediate goal is reached, we have two more games left, against Kleve away and at home against the Duisburg Vikings. We continue to hope for the support of our fans, who have also supported us on Sunday numerous - thanks for that "so coach Max Klingberg. The upcoming game of the TSV Rhinos will take place this Sunday, 23. June 2019 held in Kleve. The match kicked off at 15, the venue is located in the 1A floodlight, 47533 Kleve.Photo: Middelhoff [...]

Scooter driver slightly injured in collision

Bocholt (ots) - A motorist has captured a scooter in Bocholt on Monday; his driver suffered minor injuries. An 61-year-old Isselburg wanted to turn his car from Dinxperloer Straße into Nordwall against 11.40 Uhr. He collided with an 70-year-old Bocholter, who drove in the opposite direction from the North Wall and was on the priority road. An ambulance brought the lightly injured to a hospital, the resulting damage is approximately at 7.000 Euro. [...]

Cyclist captured while parking

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injuries suffered a cyclist on Monday in an accident in Bocholt. An 44-year-old Bocholterin wanted to park against 07.40 clock in a parking lot on the Roonstraße. She came together with the 20-year-old cyclist from Bocholt. The resulting property damage is approximately at 1.000 Euro. [...]

Pedelec driver injured in fall

Bocholt (ots) - A braking maneuver in oncoming traffic brought down a pedelec driver in Bocholt on Monday - the 83-year-old suffered minor injuries. The Bocholter had driven against 09.40 clock the bike path on Ostwall in the direction of Ebertstraße. On his side, an 26-year old Bocholteress had come to meet him with her bike at the intersection Osterstraße. In order to avoid a collision, he had slowed down and had come to case. [...]

After accident driven away - only car parts remain

Bocholt (ots) - Bounced against a tree at the weekend is an unknown motorist in Bocholt-Lowick. At the accident site on the Pannemannstraße remained car parts, which point to an Opel Corsa D, built 2007 to 2014, as a possible vehicle of the causer. Its car must be damaged in the front area considerably. The accident occurred in the period between Saturday 12.00 clock, and Sunday, 17.00 clock. The tree was also affected by the accident. The police asks for information to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Active Circle Meeting of the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 21. June, the Junge Union (JU) Bocholt meets their next active circle meeting. The session will focus on the planning for the second half of the year, 2019. In addition, the event will be accompanied by Minister of Homeland Scharrenbach, who will be present at the 5. The meeting begins at 19: 30 pm at the CDU Citizens' Office, Salierstraße 1. All interested young people are invited. Registration is not required. [...]

Rudelsingen at the Lebenshilfe Bocholt

The Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg invites you to the inclusive Rudelsingen in the Lebenshilfe Center, Werther Straße 173, Bocholt. The first appointment will take place on Saturday, 22. June 2019 of 10.00 - 12.00 clock and 13.00 - 15.00 clock instead. It does not depend on a good voice, but on the fun of singing together. Under the direction of the music school teacher Susanne Lindner well-known songs are on the program. There is also the opportunity to discuss your own ideas and song suggestions for upcoming appointments. Participation is free. Drinks can be purchased locally for a small donation to Lebenshilfe. Interested parties can register in advance for the respective dates: Andrea Herkel, Tel .: 02871 / 2360103 (mo-do 9.00-14.00 clock) or via e-mail: a.herkel@lebenshilfe-bocholt.deMore events on the following Saturdays by 10.00 - 12.00 clock and 13.00 - 15.00 clock: 22. June 2019, 27.July 2019, 03. August 2019, 10. August 2019, 24. August 2019, 31. August 2019 About [...]

"No degree without connection"

The nationwide project "No Completion without Connection - Transition School - Occupation in NRW" (KAoA) pursues the goal of preparing young people for the start of vocational training or studies. The Borken district has been implementing the corresponding guidelines since 2012 together with the secondary schools and other institutions in the district. Around 100 guests came together at the Hans Christian Andersen School in Südlohn to discuss the current introduction of the KAoA process in the schools in the Borken district and to further develop the project. The district government of Münster, the school office for the district of Borken and the municipal coordination office KAoA were invited to all secondary schools and vocational colleges in the district area, school administrators and coordinators for professional orientation and heads of department of the district government of Münster. ”The integration of professional orientation into the core area School is becoming more and more important, but it is also a challenge, ”said Beate Schwingenheuer from the Münster district government and a member of the KAoA steering group in the Borken district. A good professional orientation requires a look at the individuality and competencies of the students. The heterogeneity of the student body must always be taken into account. "It is important that schools work together with extracurricular partners such as the employment agency, educational institutions and regional companies", emphasized Elisabeth Büning, head of the Department of Education, School, Culture and Sport of the district administration Borken and responsible for the local coordination center KAoA in the district of Borken. But that also means that schools need to engage with systems with different frameworks and schedules so that students can gain as much practical experience as possible. For example, appointments and periods between schools and companies or educational institutions need to be coordinated for the obligatory three-day career research. After the input, the participants in six working groups exchanged views on specific challenges in the implementation of KAoA in schools. Beate Schwingenheuer finally thanked the schools for their commitment. KAoA is a process and its complexity represents a big task. However, there are many positive results in the Borken district. The implementation had to be advanced in terms of quality in order to prepare schoolchildren as best as possible for the start of vocational training or studying. Background: Since the school year 2012/2013, “No degree without connection” has been around 4.000 in schools in the Borken district Pupils implemented per year. All young people from the 8. Class undergo a binding and systematic program for vocational orientation. The task of school stakeholders is to implement the school-based KAoA offers. The coordinators of the vocational orientation in the schools have a special role to play - as an internal interface and in cooperation with extracurricular partners. In addition, KAoA requires that the school management and the college actively participate in the program. For example, in the involvement of parents or in the development of counseling structures for students. The basis for this is a coordinated internal school assignment of tasks. [...]

When "Skystars" play against "fireballs"

The 17 was well attended on the first day. Bocholt elementary school tournament of FC Olympia Bocholt. In three tournaments at the 3. and 4. Classes as well as the girls joined 32 teams to win the biggest trophies. At the same time, the teams of the Primary School Association gave Liebfrauen the right course. The girls' tournament saw a duel between two GSV Liebfrauen teams in the final. The "BFG's" just won this game with 1: 0 against the "Supergirls" and thus secured the title. The first graders were the "sky strikers" of the St. Bernard elementary school on top. They won the tournament of the first classes. In the finale, they performed "The Fireballs" by the Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff School in an exciting game with 3: 2. The "Galactic 7" from the Liebfrauenschule Stenern won the 2 tournament. Won classes. In the final, they defeated "The Anteaters" from the St. Bernard School with 4: 0. The winner's cup in the third graders also went to the GSV Liebfrauen. 5: 1 defeated The Annette von Droste Hülshoff School's "Die Fußballgötter". In the afternoon, ten 4 teams competed. Classes. It was played in two groups. At the end the "Klara-Kicker" of the GSV Ludgerus won against "Die rot Teufel" of the elementary school Biemenhorst. However, the winner only had to be determined in 8-Meter shooting (4: 2) .Photo: Bruno Wansing / Stadt Bocholt [...]