Missing: Almost 300.000 kilos of plastic bags haunt Bocholt

A gloss from BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERSage and write 17 million yellow garbage bags, each weighing 17 grams, are currently ghosting through Bocholt. Although they were issued to the citizens by the disposal company ESB, but so far - unlike 25 millions more, neatly filled and disposed of bags - did not come back to him. Thus, the whereabouts of sage and 289 tons of plastic (!) The authorities completely unknown. This was announced today on the sidelines of a press conference. ESB chief Gisbert Jacobs has a suspicion. Some of the yellow bags that were registered as missing, so intensive researches, were abused - as a bicycle saddle, as a raincoat, as a storage bag for seat cushions or for green waste. Another part is still hoarded by the Bocholtern, for bad times, so the supposition of the ESB. "I must confess, I'm complicit. I always take two bags for my rubbish, because otherwise it always stinks, "admitted a journalist during the press conference meekly. Shaking his head and disbelieving horror at her colleagues. The ESB disposal company has meanwhile acted decisively. He pulls the yellow bags out of circulation and inserts the yellow bin instead. 20.000 will be distributed to Bocholter households starting in September. That corresponds - ton to ton closely strung together - a length from Bocholt to Borken. In this way, the "yellow bag mafia" should be deprived of the basis of their bag-shedding business model.Indes remains the fate of the missing 17 million uncertain. A clear case for the SAT1 expert Julia Leischik. Yellow bags - please contact us PS: If you want to know more about the change to yellow ton, learn everything here. <www.bocholt.de/rathaus/esb/gelbe-tonne/> Photo: Gisbert Jacobs (r.) And Jutta Overkamp from the ESB are on the trail of yellow bags https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= tmnVvmTNffs [...]

Union warns innkeepers in Borken county of tips trickery

The tip belongs to waiters and cooks - but not to the boss: What happens with the "Extra Euro", with which guests thank for delicious food or good service, the employees themselves decide. Nevertheless, some of the 6.980 people who are in the Circle Borken work in the hospitality industry, this empty. This criticizes the union Food-Genuss-Restaurants (NGG). [...]

Number of unemployed in the Borken district increased slightly

Borken County. The rate of SGB II unemployed in Borken county remained stable in July. This is what District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker with. The Job Center in Borken county has a total of 2019 eligible employees who are registered as unemployed for the month of July 4.329. Compared to the previous month of June, the number of SGB II unemployed is now around 59 [...]

Needy students receive more money

Borken County. Beneficiaries according to SGB II and SGB XII will receive more financial support in the future: from the 1. August 2019 apply higher benefits to education and participation. The subsidies for school supplies are increased from 100 Euro to 150 Euro per year. The Social Affairs Department of the Borken district informs about this. Entitlement to benefits [...]

Holiday church in the Apostelkirche

Next Sunday, 4.8.19, will take place as part of the "holiday church" of the Evangelical Church Bocholt, the service in the Apostle Church, Biemenhorster way 15 in Bocholt. We invite you to join us. The service begins at 11 o'clock and is designed by the predecessor Margrit Schmeing and volunteers. After the service, the church café invites to a cozy get-together [...]

Cyclists seriously injured with rescue helicopter flown in clinic

Bocholt (ots) - When turning off the B67 on the Mussumer Ringstraße the 36-year-old Bocholter motorist overlooked the 35-year old Bocholter cyclist, who was riding his pedelec on the bike path of the Mussumer Ring Road in the direction of Dingden. In the collision, the cyclist was seriously injured and flown with a rescue helicopter in a hospital. An intermediate danger to life exists [...]

(Not only) ... A summer tip

Relax and chill out or be active in Bocholter Stadtwald. In the northeast of Bocholt is the "green lung" of our city. The area is as big as 97 football fields. There are shady places and ponds with ducks and swans. You can also watch wild boars, goats and deer. Popular with children is the playground in [...]

Holiday workshops show individual strategies for the choice of study

The workshop "Orientation in the University Jungle" of the "Central Student Advisory Service" of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences shows students how they can orient and inform themselves about study opportunities offered by nationwide 20.000 study opportunities in order to then choose the appropriate course for their studies. For this purpose, first basic knowledge about admission requirements, the application process and study in general is taught. Building on this [...]

Short-term blocking on Lowicker Straße

Bocholt (PID). Due to the repair of a manhole cover, the Lowicker road (in the amount of the house number 5) on Thursday, 1. August 2019, from 9-11 clock to be temporarily fully suspended. A diversion takes place via the Stiftstraße. This is reported by the municipal traffic department.

Inclusive pack singing

next Saturday, 03. August 2019 invites the Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg again from 10.00 - 12.00 clock and from 13.00 - 15.00 clock to inclusive Rudelsingen in the Lebenshilfe Center, Werther street 173, Bocholt. It does not depend on a good voice, but on the fun of singing together. Under the direction of music school teacher Susanne Lindner [...]

Three-way farewell taken from the police service

Kreis Borken (ots) - 128 years of experience in police work unite Peter Göckener, Bernhard Heynk and Ludger Schüren. Now it was time to say goodbye to active duty. As part of a small ceremony, District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker on Tuesday sent the three officials their retirement certificates. The head of the district police [...]

Drivers without a license on the way

Bocholt (ots) - Driving without a license is a criminal offense - in a deliberate act, the legislature provides for a term of imprisonment up to a year or a fine, for the negligently committed act reduces the maximum sentence of imprisonment to six months. An 46-year-old driver now has to expect these consequences. Police officers had this on Tuesday [...]

Wheelchair user reacted unruly

Bocholt (ots) - On Saturday saw a motorist in Bocholt insulted: The 56 year-old wanted to turn against 12.45 clock from the parking lot of a hypermarket in the street Westend. As he groped his way, a woman in a wheelchair approached. According to Bocholters, she had crossed the exit in front of his car and had insulted himself in his direction; Witness notes to the police in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]