See traffic with children's eyes

Bocholt (PID). "Children see it differently," it says again on Saturday, 6. July 2019 if from 10 clock the 20. The edition of the Traffic Safety Day takes place on the St. Georg Square. This day marks the end of and is the culmination of road safety actions this spring. "Children can only estimate speeds relatively reliably at the age of 10 years. Three- and four-year-old children, on the other hand, can not distinguish a moving car from a stationary one, "says Ludger Thesing from the Department of Public Order of the City of Bocholt. The aim of the traffic safety actions of the city administration is to sensitize children and adults for more attention and safety on the road. "Especially with adults, it is important to show them that children have completely different ways of seeing and behaving in their own way than themselves," emphasizes the main organizer of the Traffic Safety Day. Profitable game with great prizesMembers together with presenter Raimund Stroick, Monika Tenbrock becomes Head of Public Order open the road safety day. Until 11.30, all students in the first through fourth grade of Bocholter elementary schools have the opportunity to throw the completed arcs of the traffic quiz in one of the designated urns. In 12.15, Monika Tenbrock will then award the winners of the prizes (bicycles, rucksacks, vouchers etc.). ) pull. However, only the person who personally attends the draw can win. "This approach has been proven in recent years," says Thesing, "so the winners who were drawn could receive their prizes immediately." In the context of the action "Children see it differently", three arrest campaigns have been held in the past weeks Cooperation with the Josefschule, the cross school in Mussum of the elementary school in Barlo and the police carried out. It was measured on different roads, the speeds of motorists, those motorists who have adhered to the speed limit were given a thank you note from the children and those who were traveling too fast a memo.Musikalrahmen FramingThe music school Bocholt-Isselburg under the direction of Hildegunde Hagemann is also in Design the stage program this year. The interactive theater of Ines Hansen is also present from the beginning and will surely hold some surprises in store this year and will delight young and old.Bremsschlitten, driving simulator, bus of the police with PuppenbühneDKRA presents itself with an information stand and will also be both a driving simulator also bring a brake slide. Police traffic safety advisors will present their new bus for the first time and explain the "dead corner." Balloon competitionAlso, the alliance for family is on the ground and promoting a balloon competition for its work and emergency island project. " Ice cream for free "was always on the St. Georg Square and it will be available again this year. Sandro Panceira from the ice cream parlor Leone offers a scoop of ice cream for children under 1,40 for free, children between 1,40 and 1,60 m pay half the price. The organizers Ludger Thesing and Bruno Wansing from the Press and Information Service of the City of Bocholt work from the beginning Rethinking in the minds of adults. "It is still important to bring the different perspectives of the children to adults," emphasizes Bruno Wansing. [...]

The Münsterland - a paradise for hikers

Borken County. Wide, flat and very green: this is the Münsterland - a paradise for hikers. On a total of around 3.000 kilometers of hiking trails, you can experience unforgettable tours. In anticipation of the summer, the Münsterland eV has now published a new outline map on the topic of hiking. The map contains tips and useful information as well as brief descriptions of the nine listed hiking routes. In addition to popular trails such as the Hermannsweg or the Westphalian Peace Trail are also less well-known hiking routes such as the Teuto loops here. They include eight premium routes between six and 13 kilometers that line the Hermannsweg in the Teutoburg Forest. For example, hikers can enjoy a beautiful view over the landscape on the so-called "Himmelsleiter". For the first time, the Max Clemens Canal hiking trail is included in the overview map. Nature and culture go hand in hand: extensive sections through woods and fields alternate with parts of the Max Clemens Canal, which is part of the 18. Century was built, but never finished. Interested parties can inform themselves on the information boards, which are part of the cycle path of the same name, about its history, the course and the technical background. "The topic of 'hiking in Münsterland' is becoming ever more popular," says Michael Kösters, chief representative and tourism expert at Münsterland eV "The hiking map, which in addition to short descriptions of the routes also contains a Münsterland map with the corresponding marked routes, offers a direct overview here." Münsterland eV was supported in the compilation of the overview map of the Westfälische Heimatbund eV, which supervises the network of hiking trails in Münsterland. It also provides a number of hiking tips, which can be accessed on and in the free app "hiking trails in Münsterland". The overview map can be ordered free of charge from Münsterland's service center under the number 02571-949392 or downloaded on the Internet at Interested parties will also find ideas for the hiking holiday in the matching "Kurzurlaub" catalog of Münsterland eV [...]

Moving laying of stumbling blocks for the Stern & Herzfeld family

Bocholt (EUBOH). Irritated, Irene Stern Frielich and her brother David Stern were deeply moved by the Dutch couple Lansink in front of the five stumbling blocks on Thursday, 27. June 2019, in the presence of Mayor Peter Nebelo, students of the Bocholt schools and citizens were relocated. They are reminiscent of the members of the Stern family and Herzfeld, who lived until the Kristallnacht on 9. The family Lansink had the three fled family members, the father of Irene Frielich, Walter Stern, his mother Hilde and his grandmother Selma Sternberg, after an odyssey through the Dutch border area 1938 days nearby hidden by Enschede. Grandfather Moritz Stern and uncle Kurt Stern were abducted to France and ultimately murdered in Auschwitz. "Memory is a form of encounter" With this quote from the famous Lebanese-American painter and poet Kahlil Gibran, Mayor Peter Nebelo began his speech for laying the stumbling blocks. "Through the laying of stumbling blocks today, we encounter five people who were pulled out of their homes, their homes and places of life under the most cruel circumstances, humiliated and humiliated. Two of them were murdered in Auschwitz, "said Nebelo. Nebelo welcomed eight descendants of the Stern family and Herzfeld from the United States and four friends from Israel. They were from the 1 the night before. Deputy Mayor Elisabeth Kroesen was officially received on her arrival. The family members, as well as one representative of the Bocholt parties, put down white roses. For the first time, Dutch guests officially participated in the laying of stumbling blocks in Bocholt.49 Stumbling blocks in BocholtBy laying these stumbling blocks, Bocholt lays historical traces, keeping alive the memory of former Bocholt fellow citizens of the Jewish faith, minorities and persecuted Nazi terrorists Regimes fell victim to World War II. In February 2007 was started in Bocholt, laying stumbling blocks. With the now laid five stones in Bocholt 49 stumbling blocks to former Bocholt Jewish belief. "A man is forgotten only when his name is forgotten." - With this quote from the Talmud the artist Gunter Demnig with the stumbling blocks in the sidewalk reminds the victims of the Nazi era at their last self-selected place of residence. Student reports on the memorial to AuschwitzDas St , Georg-Gymnasium Bocholt carried out a memorial service trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau during the Easter holidays. Elisa Berger, Charlotte Boland and Luca Bölte as well as the project teacher Monika Wobben reported after the relocation of the stumbling blocks of their impressions to the ride. It was incomprehensible to the young people how so many people could be murdered in a supposedly small camp like Birkenau. "The people did not have a bus for the return to the cozy hotel and no family waiting for them after the return trip," Berger described her feelings after visiting Auschwitz. Luca Bölting said: "For me, the trip was absolutely necessary, as I have now learned more about the history and the Bocholt Jews." Family History EventThe same day, Irene Stern reported in the media center on her father's life and flight on "Walter Stern and his family survive during the war years 1938-45 ". Only in the year 2017 she discovered an audio video on which her father described the events in Bocholt and the escape. Since then she has been dealing with the history of her family. She completed her lecture with original sound clips as well as numerous photos and pictures. Also pictures from the first trip to Bocholt in June 2018 flowed into the report. It gave an authentic testimony of how descendants have made it their task to pass on the memories of posterity, so that something like this can never happen again. [...]

Parked car started

Bocholt (ots) - A car owner in Bocholt experienced a nasty surprise on Sunday: when he got to his vehicle, he found it damaged. The gray Porsche had been on the Salbeiweg between Saturday, 16.00 o'clock, and Sunday, 10.30 o'clock. The polluter had left without fulfilling his legal obligations. The police asks for information to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Burglar steals safe with money, jewelry and more

Bocholt (ots) - A vault with cash, jewelry, two game consoles and camera lenses has captured a stranger on Sunday in Bocholt in a burglary. The perpetrator had forcibly gained access to the premises in a residential building on the Markgrafenstraße by levering a door open. The act occurred between 09.00 clock and 16.00 clock. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

One is racing through Bocholt - another is filming and stopping time

Bocholt (ots) - Obviously, it was a driver on Sunday in Bocholt only to the intoxication of speed: A witness observed how a vehicle against 18.15 clock Robert-Bosch-Straße drove at excessive speed. Meanwhile, a stranger stood by the side of the road, filming the journey and stopping time. The driver should have been traveling with a green painted Mercedes AMG. The police asks further witnesses for information to the traffic commissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Motorhome stolen

Bocholt (ots) - A motorhome stole unknown persons in Bocholt. The perpetrators had stolen the white Fiat Ducato between Friday, 12.00 clock, and Saturday, 14.00 clock, on the Schaffeldstraße. Anyone who can provide information on the whereabouts of the vehicle with BOH plates should contact the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

"Good old days" in the Fürstensaal of Schloss Ahaus

District Borken / Ahaus. On Sunday, 7. The German Chamber Academy Neuss am Rhein (dkn) will be performing for the fourth time in this year 's season of "Summer Castles - Virtuosos - Classical Music in Westmünsterland". The penultimate concert of the series will be co-directed by Marc Coppey and the cellist Paul Böhme in the Fürstensaal of Schloss Ahaus. Under the motto “Good old days”, music lovers can look forward to works by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Edvard Grieg, Joseph Haydn and Anton von Webern at 17 pm Paul Böhme received his first cello lessons at the age of four. 2012 became a young student at the Robert Schumann Musikhochschule in Düsseldorf. He already won national and international music competitions. Böhme performs as a soloist with various orchestras and also works regularly with the pianist Joanna Przybylska. Paul Böhme is a fellow of Werner Richard - Dr. Ing. Carl Dörken Stiftung. The cellist and conductor Johannes Goritzki founded the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss am Rhein (dkn) for 1978. She has already made numerous concerts in Germany and abroad and has now released more than forty CD productions. Tours to South America, Spain, Finland and Poland are part of the recent orchestral history. The city of Neuss promotes through the dkn young highly gifted musicians. This gives them the opportunity to work with internationally experienced conductors, soloists and voice guides and to intensively educate themselves. The dkn is the "Orchestra in Residence" this year in all the concerts "Summer - Castles - Virtuosos". Conductor Marc Coppey was born in Strasbourg. He studied at the Conservatory of Paris and in the USA. He is a laureate of the International Bach Competition in Leipzig and has performed at numerous well-known festivals as well as in large concert halls worldwide. Coppey teaches at the College of Music in Paris and is the musical director of the chamber music festival "Les Musicales" in Colmar. The organizer of the concert series is the district of Borken. The concert in Ahaus is carried out in cooperation with the Schlosskonzerte Ahaus. The series is made possible, the 2019 already to the 17. Is carried out by the generous commitment of Werner Richard - Dr. Ing. Carl Dörken Foundation from Herdecke, who cares about the care of cultural life in Westphalia. In addition, the Sparkasse Westmünsterland and the Hilde and Bodo Crone Foundation from Gronau support the concert series. The program folder is available in all branches of the Sparkasse Westmünsterland, in the town halls and tourist information in the Borken district and in the county house Borken. For download, it is available on the Internet at Admission for adults 15 Euro, students, students and apprentices pay 10 Euro. Ticket reservations are in the cultural department of the district Borken cult in Westmünsterland in Vreden, church square 14, under Tel. 02564 / 9899-111 or by e-mail to möglich.Der last date of the series "Summer - Palaces - Virtuosos - Classic in Westmünsterland": Sunday, 14. July, dkn under the direction of Marc Coppey together with Armin Khihel (clarinet) in the Knights' Hall Jugendburg Gemen. In cooperation with Jugendburg Gemen. [...]

Traffic information for the Bocholt Open Air 2019 with PUR

Bocholt. In a few weeks, the Bocholter "Hünting" will be transformed into a great concert arena again. The beautiful, old football stadium on the edge of the forest will be visited by 06.07.2019 fans of more than 15.000 who are hopefully unforgettable Evening with PUR and their "Between the Worlds" Tour. To ensure the smoothest possible arrival and departure for all visitors, the following routes are offered. Arrival by bike, on foot or by bus Bocholt as favorite "We assume that many Bocholter will come to the concert by bicycle, on foot or by city bus, which we also recommend, because on the concert day long-term closures are set up around the" Hünting "," said Ludger Dieckhues, Managing Director of the Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft Bocholt as a local event he.riving on the city bus BocholtUse the StadtBusse is free for all concert ticket holders from the Bustreff. From 16.00 - 20 clock, there are 15-minute-commuting commuter buses directly to the roundabout Hemdener Weg / Up de Welle. "Closer than the city bus, you definitely can not get to the entrance by means of transport!" Explains Anna Schmitz from Stadt-marketing Bocholt, explaining the good, alternative way to travel by car or bicycle. After the concert, the shuttle busses the concert visitors from approx. 22.30 clock again in 15 minutes clock back to the bus meeting. The bus lines C1-C8 will run on Saturday only until 16.15 clock. Here are the normal bus timetables. The admission ticket to the concert is therefore valid only for the free ride in the shuttle buses, but not for the regular buses on this day. Arriving by bicycleAlso traveling by bike is recommended to the local music fans. The large bicycle parking lot, which is supervised by the THW Youth, is located directly at the roundabout Hemdener Weg / "Am Hünting" on the area where otherwise the circuses in Bocholt are visiting. Where else you can park the car for football. By car Of course, many, especially foreign concert visitors will arrive by car. The concert will be widely signposted.Access to the equipped parking spaces at the stadium by car is not possible via the Adenauerallee or the Hemdener Weg, but exclusively via Dinxperloer Straße, Falkenstraße and the Bussardweg! The entrance to Falkenstraße joins in Parking P5-P8. From there, it's then a maximum of 1,5 km on foot to the concert area. The entrance to the Bussardweg leads to the car parks P1-P4 and P9 where the car drivers are instructed by the car park staff. Also from there it goes on foot towards the inlet. Here is the footpath between 1,5km and 750m. The parking fee will be 4, - € per car. "Am Hünting" / corner Moddenborgstraße will be equipped with a disabled parking space. However, this can only be accessed by wheelchair access via the entrance to Falkenstraße / "Am Efing" .New Park & ​​Ride parking on the Gigaset company premises on the Fran kenstrasse! This year, it will again be an additional relief for the arrival situation Park & ​​Ride parking extra for the concert. This parking lot on the Gigaset Firmengelände (Frankenstrasse 2, 46395 Bocholt) should be an interesting alternative to the parking spaces at the stadium, especially for those arriving via the B67. The cars can be parked on the Gigaset own company car park for 4, - €. From there, a shuttle bus takes the concert visitors free of charge from 16 - 20 clock in 20-minute intervals directly to the roundabout at the stadium. At the P & R car park there will be a guide. Of course, at night, it's about 22.30 p.m. - 2 p.m. back to this P&R car park. Closures for motorists / motorcyclists / trucks from 14.00 p.m. until late at night Hemdener Weg (between Hotel Schwung and Alffstraße), Alffstraße, Moddenborgstraße, and the streets "Am Hünting" and "Up de Welle" are on July 06.07th. locked from 14.00 clock. Locks for cyclists from 16.00 clock into the night into the Alffstraße and the Hemdener way (between miniature golf course and corner Alffstraße) are also for cyclists from 16.00 clock on 06.07. Parking is also not allowed in these areas.Building by carThe resident of shirts, the Moddenborg road and the forest settlement on the Bahia are praying to use the diversion over the Dinxperloer street and the Morshüttenstegge. Here you can follow the signs of the established BAHIA detour. Residents between Hemdener Weg / corner Alfred-Mozer-Straße and the Adenauerallee and "Up de Welle" receive transit tickets with which they can block the Hemdener Weg / corner Willingsweide (Hotel Schwung) As well as the blockage from roundabout Winterswijker road / corner "Up de wave" durchfahren.Mit the FahrradAwohner from shirts, the Moddenborgstraße and the forest settlement at Bahia can by bike on the Moddenborgstraße and the Holtwicker Bach or from the other side on the Winterswijker road , the Schürnbuschweg and the Hemdener way to their homes drive.Besondere Directions The visitors of drinks Hüning (shirts walk 147), the miniature golf course (shirts walk 142) and the sports oasis (Markgrafenstraße 75) are from the marshals by the blocking up to the corresponding goals / facilities. "We know that such a big concert at the event day brings some disabilities for the residents and residents around the Hünting! "Schmitz continues. "We strive, however, to keep the restrictions as low as possible and hope that the many street security posts in return with a little patience and fairness is met, because to make such a concert in Bocholt possible, it is already necessary a lot of organization and willingness to compromise. "concluded Schmitz. Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft Bocholt mbH & Co. KG Osterstraße 23, 46397 Bocholt Tel. 02871 / 29 49 33-0, Fax: 02871 / 29 49 33-44 E-Mail: info@bocholt-stadtmarketing.deThe concert in Bocholt takes place on Saturday, 06. July 2019 in the stadium "Am Hünting" statt.Einlass is from 17.00 clock. Support artist Peppa starts at 19.00 o'clock, followed by PUR with her "Zwischen den Welten" tour. Tickets are available at all known CTS ticket outlets - in Bocholt and others at the Bocholt Borkener Volksblatt. The tickets cost 49,75 € (incl. VAT and fees). If still available, the tickets can be purchased on site for 55, - € at the box office. [...]

CDU requests working group for more climate protection

The CDU faction in the city council of Bocholt is requesting for the next meeting of the town council on the 10. July the establishment of a working group "Sustainable Bocholt". This will propose concrete ideas for improving the climate, as the CDU writes in its application. "The CDU Bocholt stands for an environmental policy with meaning and understanding. In the face of climate change, we need concrete, goal-oriented and well-balanced measures that contribute to improving climate, "demands CDU city councilor Michael Wiesmann. Many interested citizens, associations and associations as well as companies are already working on good ideas in the field of climate protection. "We want to strengthen this commitment to climate protection and to bundle the ideas in a working group," said Wiesmann, who is also chairman of the environmental committee. According to the CDU application, the working group should report to the environmental committee and bring in ideas that are ready for decision. The proposals are aimed at reducing (plastic) waste and CO2 emissions, more forest and green areas, and promoting biodiversity. The new working group will be accompanied and moderated by the environment department head Daniel Zöhler. [...]

The number of unemployed fell again slightly in June

Borken County. The number of long-term unemployed people (district SGB II) cared for by job centers in the Borken district fell again slightly in June compared with the previous month. This is what District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker with. With 4.270, there are 19 persons less than in May and even 140 less than in May 2018. The SGB II unemployment rate remains at 2 percent. "Our local job market is proving to be stable and receptive," says a pleased Dr.. Zwicker. Compared to the same quarter last year, the positive development has now even gained some momentum. According to the district administrator, this is also reflected in the renewed decline in SGB II assistance needs. This has fallen further compared to the previous month, seasonally typical (- 42 requirement communities, -11 eligible employees). In total, 10.234 eligible employees in 7.404 need communities received basic benefits for jobseekers in June. These are 339 need-based communities and 445 employable beneficiaries less than June's 2018. In total, there were 15.223 people in need communities in June. Compared to May 2019, these are 81, even 2018 less favorable than 811 in May, and that the number of people with an evasion background, in particular with Syrian nationality, who are counted as unemployed in the SGB II legal district, fell significantly in June (-29), so Dr. ZwickerThe current unemployment figures in SGB II in the towns and municipalities in the district are shown in the attached chart. The unemployment rate of 2,0 percent in Borken district can not be broken down to the individual towns and communities. In addition, there is a lack of the community-related number of civilian labor force. In the alternative, the quota on the basis of the population group from 15 to 65 years is suitable for the comparison between the places. This age group is generally considered to be employable under the Second Social Code. The auxiliary quotas can be found in the attached graphic. [...]