Breakdance, Hiphop, Hullahoop-Dance: Dance workshop for teenagers

Bocholt (PID). In the first summer holiday week, Bocholter youths from the age of 10 to 14 years can take part in the action "Dance Summer". With pros from Bocholt's Showfactory they learn different dance styles and work out a small dance show. The framework is the nationwide cultural campaign under the title "Kulturrucksack.NRW". Young people who like to dance and feel like they want to be part of a dance show are right in the cultural backpack offer "Tanzsommer" of the Bocholt Showfactory. Breakdance, Hiphop and for the first time "Hulahoop-Dance" is from 15. to 18. July from 14 to 17 clock on the program. The youngsters learn different dance styles and study under the guidance of several dance pros a small dance show, the end of the workshop and the 7. September at the big culture backpack festival is shown. The young people themselves design their costumes and props for the performance.Tanzshow at KulturrucksackfestivalWith Zoé Rathai and Janis Lappe from Bocholt's Showfactory, the youngsters learn hip-hop. Mohamed Elkkadouri, better known to teenagers as "Mo," shows the basics and different elements of breakdancing. "Hoop artist" Annika Roecker will be there for the first time, teaching Hulahoop Dance to the youngsters. As a certified Hooptrainerin she shows not only great tricks with the Hulahoop tire, but also how the tire stays on the hips and moves to the music. "The Dance Week we organize for the fourth time in a row," reports Kulturrucksackbeauftragte Claudia Borgers. "This time around, we already have well-known and new coaches with us, but with Hoop Dance, we also have a whole new dance element," says Borgers. Welcome to all who have the desire to dance. Registrations are received via e-mail under Participation is free. The Kulturrucksack.NRW is a program of the state NRW. [...]

Car did not start - car theft failed

Bocholt (ots) - Unknowns have failed in Bocholt this weekend while trying to steal a Fiat Ducato. The perpetrators had first broken open the vehicle that had been on a company premises on the street Am Busskolk in the district Mussum. However, they failed to start the car. As reported, vehicles of this type were also stolen in Bocholt on the same weekend. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Parking car damaged

Bocholt (ots) - A damage in the amount of about 2.000 Euro has left an unknown on Tuesday after an accident in Bocholt-Stenern. The damaged red Fiat 500 had stood between 07.45 clock and 08.45 clock in the parking lot of the hospital on Barloer way. The polluter had left without fulfilling his legal obligations. The police asks for information to the traffic commissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Instrument donation for the music school Naujoji Akmene

Bocholt (EUBOH). The Parents and Friends of the Music School Bocholt donated a high-quality cello to the music school in the town of Akmene in Lithuania, which is friendly with Bocholt. Dr. Olaf Baumhove, chairman of the Parents 'and Sponsors' Circle, handed over the instrument as part of the music school festival at the 30. June 2019 to the director of the Lithuanian Music School, Irina Mikulevic. Deputy Mayor Hanni Kammler welcomed the guests from Lithuania on behalf of the city of Bocholt. The city of Bocholt has supported the acquisition of the instrument.20 Years friendship of the music schoolsThe music school in Akmene has maintained friendly relations with the music school Bocholt-Isselburg for more than twenty years. It has qualified teachers and interested students, but it lacks suitable instruments.New cello in AkmeneThe parent and sponsorship since 40 years supports the music school and musical events in Bocholt. He used the jubilee year of our music school as an opportunity to help the Lithuanian school find a cello. [...]

Painting competition to the family planner: pictures are exhibited

Bocholt (PID). The Kinderschutzbund Bocholt had called in May for a birthday painting competition for the anniversary edition of the family planner, which is published together with the Department of Youth, Family, School and Sport of the City of Bocholt. 56 pictures were received by the Kinderschutzbund, starting on Monday, 8. July 2019, will be exhibited for three weeks in the Stadtsparkasse at the usual opening times. Due to the 10 anniversary, children up to 14 years were invited to take part in the painting competition on the theme of "birthday". 56 great and colorful birthday pictures were received by the Kinderschutzbund and the organizers are sure: "This family planner will be especially great!" The little artists were rewarded for their creativity with an ice cream voucher from the ice cream parlor Leone. From the 8. July 2019 are all works of art for three weeks in the Stadtsparkasse Bocholt to see. The children who visit their artwork during the exhibition will also receive a small present from the Stadtsparkasse. The winner will be notified during the summer holidays and may present his or her picture at the press conference with the mayor to publish the calendar.The calendar will be available in autumn from 2019 in Bocholt for a small nominal fee.Opening hours Stadtsparkassemo, mi, fr: 9 - 16: 30 clockdi, do: 9 - 18 clock: 9: 30 - 12: 30 clock [...]

Mussum tests against top division 1. FC Bocholt

Already on Tuesday, the first team of the TuB Mussum started with the first training session in the preparation for the upcoming season in the county league A. On Friday, the first test match against the top division 1. FC Bocholt, who started with the preparation on Monday. The team of Manuel Jara comes with all new faces in the stadium at Mussumer Esch. Kick-off is at 19.30, admission is free. Also in Mussum there has been a change in personnel: Tobias van der Linde replaces Klaus van Husen as trainer. As part of the almost six-week summer preparation, the Mussumer will play even more test games: So you measure yourself, inter alia, with TuB Bocholt (13.07.), SV Vrasselt (27.07.) and VFL Ramsdorf (03.08.) before joining the 11. August the new season begins in the county league A. Photo: 1. FC Bocholt [...]

Two injured in traffic accident

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday drove an 45-year-old motorist from Bocholt against 14.15 clock the Weseler Landweg. When he drove onto Dingdener Strasse, a collision with the car of a 55-year-old woman from Wesel, which had driven the Dingdener Straße (priority road) in the direction of Dingden. Both accident participants suffered minor injuries. The total damage is estimated at about 20.000 Euro. [...]

Unfallflucht / Heller Mercedes Sprinter wanted

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday drove a 76 years old motorist from Bocholt the Werther road in the direction of the city center. He wanted to turn left on the Westring and had also set the turn signal. He was overtaken by a bright Mercedes Sprinter left, where it came to the side collision. The Sprinter driver continued his journey without stopping in the direction of the city center. The car of the 76-year-old suffered damage in the amount of approx. 2.000 Euro. [...]

"Good things" for Bocholt

How well Bocholt also "good things" can now be showed eight organizations that have participated in the qualification program "Good Thing". Andreas Kersting from the State Chancellery NRW, together with Bocholt's First City Council, Thomas Waschki, and Domink Hanning, the head of the Department of Social Affairs of the collaborative activities of companies and volunteer organizations. Thus, the association Lebenshilfe a Kopperation with the pizzeria Trattoria Vesuvio , which deals with training places for people with intellectual disabilities. The Bocholt exchange ring works together with Klemens Elsenbusch, the owner of the companies Wünsch, Rohleder and Gnass. Her main focus is on the exchange of services. The adult education center works together with the agency M hoch 3 to create the homepage ORBIS, an online newspaper by and for refugees. "Campus meets Volunteering" is the name of the project of the University of Westphalia and the Voluntary Agency Bocholt. "Marketing and Event Consulting" is the topic of the cooperation between the instrument circle Lowick and the agency "Kopfquartier". The family education center and the health center Westmünsterland have the topic "fit for health" on the agenda. Private and commercial neighbors would like to network the Caritas association under the motto "on good neighborhood around the cathedral street". To "health literacy" is the common video channel of the Bocholter-Borkener-Volksblatt with the association life in old age (LiA eV) .Source and photo: City of Bocholt [...]

Barlo - a village in a state of emergency

A commentary by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERBringing sunshine over Barlo. Small white clouds run through the deep blue sky. A summer idyll, you should think. But the village in the north of Bocholt is in a state of emergency. A collective shock has hit the roughly 2000 people there. Reason: Pastor Theo Wehren, who died eight years ago and was idol-worshiped in his hometown, was a lawfully condemned child molester. And just at the grave there was now an anonymous letter with further allegations. Since then, hardly anything else has been discussed in Barlo. Theo Wehren (nickname: Kapi) was more than just a pastor. "For three decades as a pastor in Barlo, he has been a familiar and faithful companion to many people as a person and priest. In addition to his priestly ministry, he has also worked for many interests in the village of Barlo. Through his humane and cheerful nature as well as through his priestly ministry, he gave many people joy in life, strength and comfort from the faith, "it says in an 2011 online obituary published by the community of Liebfrauen. That's why they have named the big playground in the center of the village after "Kapi". And now that. Incredible, it is bad enough that the primitive trust that the Barloans gave their pastor was destroyed from one second to another. In addition doubts nourish the uncertainty. Did the neighbor, who worked for years in the parish council, really know nothing? And maybe there are also victims in the village? Questions about questions for which there are initially no answers. So much is certain: "Kapi" was without doubt perpetrators. He was sentenced by the Bocholt district court to a suspended sentence of one year for multiple sexual acts against minors in November 1976. Since it is no consolation that the previously known acts and also the allegations thereafter invariably related to Wehrens previous term in Selm / Recklinghausen. As a matter of law, priests are considered rehabilitated after expiry of their probation period. But for idols, the demands that have been made on themselves and their fellows are valid. And in doubt, they are much bigger. Correspondingly, the soul of the believer cooks. Deceived by "Kapi" and shamefully betrayed by the church, which has known and kept silent - that is the pastoral GAU. Not an easy task for incumbent Pastor Rafael von Straelen, when he will perform in front of the Barloer at a community meeting tonight. But who knows him, knows that he will be open, calm, prudent and clear. And that is exactly what the deeply wounded soul Barlos needs now. After that must be decidedly acted. Chronicles have to be rewritten, obituaries have to be deleted, the playground has to be renamed and the billboard at the kindergarten, which still refers to the anniversary of the "Kapi" playground, has to be changed or removed as soon as possible. This is the one guilty of the victims. The children suffering from the consequences of sexual abuse, but also the people in the village now need courage. That's why you can do it! [...]

Mayors' Conference promotes Campaign #WirfuerBio

Borken County .. The towns and communities in the district Borken support the new campaign of the waste management company Westmünsterland (EGW) and the district Borken "No plastic in the bio bin". This was confirmed by the mayors of the district municipalities on the occasion of their regular conference with the board of the district administration in Borkener Kreishaus. District Administrator Kai Zwicker expressly welcomed the agreed joint action: "I am very pleased that they all participated in the Germany-wide #WIRFUERBIO campaign." The goal is to work together to increase the purity of varieties in the organic waste bin. "The amount of organic and greenery collected Although absolute top and the specific residual waste through the consistent waste separation very low, "said EGW CEO Peter Kleyboldt. Nevertheless, his employees would find more and more often things in the bio bin that do not belong there, such as plastic bags. His assumption therefore: "20 years after the introduction of the bio bin obviously some consumers have become more negligent with the filling of the bio bin." That shows, how necessary the new information campaign #WIRFUERBIO with their slogan "no plastic into the bio bin" is. Landrat Dr. Against the background of the climate protection work of the Borken district, Kai Zwicker also made it clear: "Anyone who consistently separates his waste properly and keeps the valuable biowaste free from contaminants is actively involved in protecting the environment and the climate in its own household!" Other agenda items of the Mayors' Conference were an exchange of information on the funding program "Smart Cities" of the federal government, which uses it as a model to support municipalities in digital modernization and development, and a lecture on new possibilities for setting up wireless networks. In addition, it dealt with current issues of district development, such as the implementation of the climate protection concept in the district of Borken, with which the district council in the coming week will be.Tips on handling biowaste: biowaste should ideally be collected loosely in a designated container and directly - without plastic bag or compostable plastic bag - to be emptied into the bio bin. If you still want to collect your biowaste in a plastic bag, you can empty the contents in the bio bin and then put the plastic bag in the residual waste. In most cases, the residual waste bin is right next to the bio bin. It is much more convenient to use newspaper or paper bags. These paper bags are available to citizens of the district of Borken in the town offices of their town halls or on the recyclable material yards operated by the EGW as well as other paper bag models in the trade. All paper bags that are made of 100 percent paper are suitable. Info on the #WirfuerBio campaign can be found on the Internet at and [...]

Well-attended children's flea market at the ESB recycling center

Bocholt (PID). Around 140 flea market stalls offered visitors to the recycling center and the adjoining ESB site last weekend, a colorful picture with great offers. In the most beautiful weather, you could stroll along the stalls at the children's flea market and look around to their heart's content for children's books, games, toys or even a new, "used" bike. Throughout the duration of the market, the painting corner of the ESB Abfallberatung was densely besieged. Here the children could take a seat in the shade under a tent roof, take a breather and make colored bags with Hidden Object according to their wishes. ESB employee Gregor Meiering presents a garbage truck and garbage cans, which was well received by the small and large visitors. Organizer Karin Kalka-Freundt from the ESB Abfallberatung drew a positive conclusion at the end of the event: "I am pleased that so many visitors found the way to the ESB on Sunday. With 2000 visitors, despite the hot weather, I am very satisfied. "The buyers of used children's things have also made a small contribution to environmental protection. Because many things that might otherwise have ended up in the garbage have found a new owner in this way. [...]

History of the town: Bishop visit 1939 in Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). From the 16. to 22. July 1939 visited the Bishop of Münster, Clemens August Count of Galen (1878-1946), Bocholt and the surrounding communities. It was the second stay of the courageous church prince, known as the "Lion of Münster", who had come to Bocholt for a few days already at the beginning of 1937. Especially for the Catholics of the city this visit brought some "days" in the time of the uniformity of National Socialism exhilarating joy and enthusiasm ", as the church calendar 1940 notes.Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galen was on a company trip through several communities of the Deanery Bocholt. He arrived Sunday afternoon from Dingden in Bocholt, where he was picked up at the entrance of cyclists and riders. At Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse he was received by the Catholic clergymen working in Bocholt and the representatives of the individual church councils. In the presence of many thousands of the diocesan bishop was then led in a solemn procession through the streets and led to St. George's Church. Bishop donated sacrament of Confirmation The photo shows the bishop on the Horst Wessel Square, as the present market in front of the town hall then it was called, surrounded by its companions and clergy as well as by numerous onlookers. He is currently passing the Italian ice cream parlor of Pietro Leon on the north side of the market and is apparently on a direct route to the Georgskirche. On the visit program was first the confirmation of school children from four years. With some adults one counted altogether approximately 900 Firmbewerber.Am 17. On July the bishop drove to Spork. In the rural community, he was also received by a Hundreds of riders and cyclists and led to the St. Ludgerus Church. There he then gave 126 children the sacrament of confirmation. In the parish Liebfrauen there were 462 children the following day and in the parish council Ss. Ewaldi 304 company. On the 18. In July, the company renewal celebration of men and young men took place, to which the participants from town and country in large community came together. In addition, blessed Bishop of Galen on 19. July the newly built rectory of the parish Hl. Kreuz. At the end of his firm journey, he finally went to 22. July in the community shirts and there took the consecration of the St. Helena chapel, which had stood until the beginning of May 1939 next to the municipal youth home in the forest restitution and was rebuilt after their demolition near the Hemdener school.Outstanding church eventFor The Catholics of the city Bocholt and the surrounding area was certainly the visit to the Episcopate an outstanding ecclesiastical event, which, however, attributed little significance in the press prevailing at that time by the political zeitgeist.Photo: Stadtarchiv Bocholt, text: Wolfgang Tembrink [...]

CDU Senior Union on summer trip

At this year's trip, 47 participants first visited the German Sport University in Cologne. They were welcomed by Professor Ingo Frobröse, head of the Center for Health through Sport and Physical Activity. Subsequently, a guided tour through the various sports facilities of the campus. The next event of the day was the visit of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne-Wahn. Among other things, the guests were given an insight into the training program of the spacemen. On the second day, the group visited the medieval town of Alt-Kaster in Bedburg. In the beautiful park of the Danielshof, the lunch table was set for the participants. Afterwards the introduction into the topic lignite started in the castle Paffendorf. The bus took us to the Rhenish lignite mining area. Under expert guidance, the CDU seniors were able to get an idea of ​​the dismantling and the resulting consequences. The end of the trip was a dinner in the beautiful Seeparkhotel in Geldern. The trip was organized by Anton Harks. [...]

This week: culture for free

Good weather, good entertainment: This week, there are on the square in front of the historic town hall in the Bocholt City Theater, music and dance. Listening and watching is free. On Wednesday, 3. July, from 20 o'clock the ensemble of the Cologne NN Theater is once again a guest. That was also in the years before in Bocholt, and every time many spectators came. They had a lot of fun, because the Cologne show very funny productions. This time it's about "the cold heart", a fairytale by Wilhelm Hauff. A poor man meets strange figures. He may wish for something, but becomes rich but not happy. His heart is exchanged for a heart of stone, and that has bad consequences for him and others. On Thursday, 4. July, from 20.30 clock Christian Hassenstein plays with his trio and Sanna van Vliet (vocals, piano) jazz. Also this event takes place in front of the old city hall and does not cost entrance. On Friday, 5. July, from 18 clock plays the percussion ensemble of the music school in the marketplace. Then there is Sunday, 7. July 2019, from 12 clock gives the music school Bocholt-Isselburg a concert of Mediterranean kind. [...]

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