Bocholt associations have big plans in the "BürgerKulturHaus"

Fairs, exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts and symposia: Since the Bürgerstiftung presented its BürgerKulturHaus concept for the revival of the Schützenhaus, many Bocholt associations see a light at the end of the tunnel. The Civic Foundation now explains this in a press release. It also says: "Finally, we get the chance again, host match bouts, championships or even country fights," said Martin Anders of the boxing club ASV Unity Bocholt. Rudolf Souilljee from the Naturschutzbund (NABU) Borken has information events on topics such as green city of the future, new traffic concepts or species extinctions and climate change in mind. Monika Ludwig of the association Slow Food Bocholt, however, makes plans for a big "Schnibbeldisco" and more "It's amazing, with what enthusiasm people come to us," says the community foundation chairman Marcus Suttmeyer. The prospect of a modern BürgerKulturHaus with a large hall Inspired the imagination of some club leaders so much that the community foundation has established its own coordination group. This collects proposals and creates possible usage scenarios. "A birdlife exhibition in Bocholt would be nice again," say the Canary breeders. Others would like to bring a supraregional assembly of delegates to Westmünsterland. In the same vein beats Martin Anders. "Advertising for the city would be enormous. And gastronomy and hotels would benefit as well, "he says. Thomas Purwin is another advocate:" TSV Bocholt is a founder of conviction. A home with a large and well-equipped function room can bring absolute value from our departments. I am thinking in particular of presentations or tournaments of our dance sport department, the dance sport guard and the rhythmic gymnastics. But it can also be worthwhile for other departments. "Associations that have committed themselves to home care and local history see the opportunity in the BürgerKulturHaus to get together as a meeting place and organize exhibitions there in the long term.Hans Glatz vom Dochdu Kult & Ko. eV Above all, the flexibility of the plans and the wide spectrum of possible uses appeal to the user. "For example, we need a lot of space - sometimes for 50 and then for 1000 people. Up to now, we always have to look for this place individually, "says the chairman, hoping that this will change in the new BürgerKulturHaus. It is currently important for the Bürgerstiftung to be able to create an accurate usage profile for the house. "One needs a certain technique, another a stage, a parquet or special light. It is therefore all the more important that we plan and calculate at an early stage, "said the chairman. He therefore calls on all clubs and organizations in the city to contact him or, ideally, to become the same founder and thus to work on the process. "We deliberately set the entry barrier with 100 Euro low. That should not be a problem for any club, "said Bocholter. [...]

Dog owner wanted for accident

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday (28.06.19), an 35-year-old female driver from Rhede drove across the birch alley towards 17.00, when a non-leashed dog ran onto the road approximately 75 meters west of Schulstrasse and was hit by a 35-year-old car. The dog, who was probably injured significantly, ran away. The injured man could still see that the dog was feeding on a man, the presumed pet owner, and that he and his dog left for Heinrich-von-Brentano-Straße. The man is described as follows: about 40 to 55 years old , about 180 to 185 cm tall, slim, wearing glasses, about 5 cm long greyish or dark blond hair, wearing a dark T-shirt and a pair of shorts. He held a short dark leash in his hand. The dog has a shoulder height of about 40 cm and predominantly white fur with black spots, similar to a Border Collie. The police are looking for witnesses. Please notify the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Reed belt mowed during breeding season: according to NABU, rare bird species killed

The NABU has observed that in Bocholt-Biemenhorst a reed-dug trench was mowed in the breeding season. It was stated by the chairman Rudolf Souilljee according to own information with horror that also the area of ​​the still brooding Reed Warbler was affected. When, shortly thereafter, the strip in the ditch center had been removed to the ground, thus the grave sole was cleared to the ground, the measure was full for the nature conservation federation. He has filed a complaint against unknown to the Bocholt police. Because the removal of reeds during the breeding season is prohibited. [...]

Car driver injured in accident

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, an 34 year old truck driver wanted to turn left from the street Schlavenhorst onto Harderhook. It came to a collision with the car of a 54 years old motorist from Ahaus, who had driven the Schlavenhorst in the opposite direction. The ambulance took the injured 54-year-old to the Bocholter hospital. The accident resulted in property damage amounting to approx. 7.000 Euro. [...]

Cyclists collided

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, an 13-year-old cyclist from Isselburg drove opposite the prescribed direction of travel the bike path of the road Westend towards the city center. It came to a collision with an oncoming 76 years old cyclist from Bocholt. The Bocholter rushed and suffered minor injuries. [...]

Accident escape displayed

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, an 20-year-old female driver from Coesfeld drove up to the 14.00 motorway (B 473). According to the 20-year-olds, a silver-colored car came towards her on her lane, so she had to dodge and hit the guardrail. The driver of the other car continued his journey without stopping. The car of the 20-year-olds suffered damage in the amount of about 7.000 Euro. The police are looking for witnesses. Please notify the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Burglar takes flight

Bocholt (ots) - A caught burglar has fled in the night to Wednesday in Bocholt-Biemenhorst: The unknown had tried against 04.50 clock to penetrate through a tilting window in a residential building on the Birkenallee. When a resident noticed this, the culprit fled and rode off in unknown direction on a bicycle. The burglar gives the following description: about 1,60 meters tall, dark skin, short black hair, dressed in a gray jacket, black sweatpants and black sneakers with white stripes. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Dog waste bags do not belong in nature

Again and again it happens that some dog owners dispose of plastic bags with dog waste in nature. But even if the dog waste bags are called biodegradable, they must be disposed of in the trash. The CDU Group would therefore like to know in the next session of the Environment and Green Committee from the administration, how dog owners can be informed about an ecologically correct disposal. "Dog owners are required to collect the dog waste of their four-legged friends and dispose. Many people easily follow this task. But again and again, the plastic bags are then thrown carelessly into nature, "complains Elisabeth Kroesen. One reason for this could be, so the CDU City Council suspects that the bags are referred to as biodegradable. "But even biodegradable dog waste bag must be disposed of in the residual waste," says Kroesen klar.Denn also the "eco-Kotbeutel" are not completely degraded. Land in organic waste or in nature only rots a part. Remain small plastic particles. Kroesen said: "The term 'biodegradable' is simply misleading, because such a dog waste bag does not exist." In addition, there is a risk that pathogens and parasites cause great damage to animals' health, if faeces from carnivores, for example, through fields in the The CDU city council therefore demands: "We must inform the dog owners that dog waste belongs in the residual waste and nowhere else!" Suggestions of the CDU group in the request, corresponding information brochures and colored Dog waste bag to ship together with the dog tax bill. [...]

Anger and disbelief dominate the Barloer Gemeindeversammlung

Anger and bewilderment over the deeds of the late pastor Theo Wehren, but also the demand for careful work-up and for answers to many open questions determined the 2. July the community meeting of the Bocholt parish Liebfrauen in the restaurant Wissing-Flinzenberg. The interest was great. More than 200 Barloer wanted to know how it could happen that the late pastor has demonstrably sexually abused children, it says in a press release of the diocese of Münster.Weiter is reported in it as follows: Pastor Rafael van Straelen summed up the feelings of many parishioners equal Beginning in words: "We are irritated, deeply struck. Since the release last weekend a lot has changed. "The subsequent questions also showed that. The interim representative of the diocese, Peter Frings, as well as moderator Michael Sandkamp from the Episcopal Vicariate General in Münster came to Barlo to inform as far as possible at this time.In an anonymous letter, the deceased at the grave of Xnumx priest of the diocese Munster was appealed, allegations of sexual abuse had been filed last week. At the beginning of 2013, a victim had contacted the diocese. Another contacted 2019 in March with a contact person. Both said they had been abused at least once by the priest. The allegations relate in one case to the time when the accused priest was active in Selm / Recklinghausen. In the other case, no place has yet been named. "Why did not they react to that?", A member of the congregation wanted to know.Frings, who has only been in office since April, had to ask those present for many answers to patience and referred again and again to the external expert commission, the work before the summer holidays to record. The diocese will also clarify the allegations raised in the case of Pastor Wehren and the resulting questions: "For this purpose, the Commission will have access to all documents." In the personal file of Pastor Wehren is the copy of a final judgment of the district court Bocholt from November 1976. In it, the pastor was convicted of repeated sexual acts against minors to a suspended sentence of one year on probation. The fact that he then as a pastor contact with children and young people had organized holiday camps, religious education was allowed to give, for the Barloer incomprehensible: "Why was not he suspended?" Again and again in this context, the question of the responsible people appeared. According to Michael Sandkamp, ​​there are no doubts that fatal personnel decisions have been made in the diocesan leadership at that time. The diocese had recommended to Pastor Wehren, a therapy, as it emerges from the files. To what extent he followed this recommendation and with what result was not known. The documents including the personnel file were submitted to the public prosecutor's office of Münster in the context of the MHG study 2018. In order to raise awareness of possible sexual violence and to counter potential danger, the diocese of Münster has done a lot in the past, insisted Rafael van Straelen and Michael Sandkamp. Every parish would have to create an Institutional Protection Concept (ISK). In addition, prevention training for all those who work with children and young people either full-time or honorary obligation. Obligatory. Pastor Wehren 1966 was ordained a priest. Until 1969 he was chaplain in the parish of St. Joseph in Selm and up to 1975 in St. Antonius in Recklinghausen. From 1975 until his retirement in the year 2006 he was pastor in the parish of St. Helena in Bocholt-Barlo. Until his death, he lived in Bocholt. Should there be more victims, the diocese of Münster asks them to report to the contact persons for procedures in cases of sexual abuse: Bernadette Böcker-Kock, phone 0151 / 63404738, and Bardo Schaffner, phone 0151 /43816695.Foto: The interim representative of the diocese, Peter Frings (left), and pastor Rafael van Straelen informed the community members in Barlo about the allegations of abuse against pastor Wehren. Photo: Diocese of Münster © Diocese of Münster [...]

Machine demonstration under the motto "The spiders probably ..."

Bocholt (lwl). Powerful spinning machines in action: On Wednesday (10.7.) Invites the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) under the motto "The spinnen wohl ..." young and adult visitors to the restorers of the textile plant Bocholt at work over the shoulder. Between 12 and 16 watches, employees set up historic machines up to 20 meters long. This is how the history of yarn production comes to life. The LWL Industrial Museum owns Europe's largest textile machinery collection. Impressive systems such as the 1910 opener train or the 1980 OE fine spinning machine can be seen in the spinning mill of the textile mill (Industriestraße 5). They are embedded in a permanent exhibition dedicated to the "makers" of the Westphalian textile industry with many exhibits and media terminals. Location: LWL-Industriemuseum Textilwerk Bocholt, Spinnerei, Industriestraße 5Date: Wednesday (10.7.) Time: 12 to 16 UhrEintritt Museum: 4 Euro, children and adolescents until 18 years free [...]

Artem @ Artis Get-together at GrenzBlickAtelier

Bocholt (EUBOH). On Thursday, 27. June 2019, many of the German and Dutch artists participating in the art project Artem @ Artis, as well as hand-craftsmen, gathered for a convivial, cross-border gathering. The meeting, in which almost 50 guests were present, took place in the gallery located in Suderwick GrenzBlickAtelier in the sunny evening hours. On the visit of the Artem @ Artis contributors, the city Bocholt, represented by Jule Wanders and Petra Taubach, the Kreishandwerkerschaft Borken, represented by Thomas Venhorst, and the curator of Artem@Artis.Coupling of Arts and CraftsJule Wanders pointed out in a short speech on the importance of this art project, which connects not only two countries, but also artists and craftsmen. The curator then reported on the website specially designed and built for Artem @ Artis (, which lists all the artists and craft businesses and reports on the history of the individual works of art. New messages are constantly being placed on the website.Grenzüberschreitendes KunstprojektAt pleasant temperatures, the participating artists and employees of the craft industry finally got to know each other. In the same way, it was possible to exchange ideas and discuss possible problems with Thomas Venhorst, who had previously provided many successful links between artists and craft businesses. In March 2019, the cross-border art project ARTEM @ ARTIS - Arts and Crafts - was part of Leonardo da Vinci innovation at the start. This art project is about combining craft of different trades and art of different genres. ARTEM @ ARTIS is also to be understood as a tribute to the Bauhaus anniversary year 2019. Art and crafts come together here in the sense of the Bauhaus motto "crafts and art are close at hand". In this sense, a cooperative work and a playful, experimental interaction between German and Dutch artists and craftsmen should arise. Exhibition in the Bocholter Kunsthaus The works of art of the 26 artists, which was developed together with the craft enterprises, are in a common Exhibition at Kunsthaus Bocholt in September and October to see 2019. The opening will take place there on Thursday, 19. September 2019 to 19 clock, instead. The Dutch partner in this project is Warmgroen and the artistic association Breekijzers.The project Leonardo da Vinci Innovation is carried out within the framework of the INTERREG program Germany-Nederland and by the European Union, the Province of Gelderland, and the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Digitization and Energy co-financed by the state of NRW. [...]