DARI - Another support at PUR

PUR arrives at the 06.07. to Bocholt and now there is an additional artist in the pre-program. "We are very happy to announce yet another support artist for the concert shortly before our big PUR Open Air in Bocholt next Saturday!" Says Stadtmarketing Bocholt employee Anna Schmitz about the spontaneous announcement.Next to Peppa will be on Saturday even pay DARI Bocholt a visit. DARI is Cologne. The fighter nature was born, raised and socialized there. The seeker of meaning in him may have repeatedly swept him far into the world and into the sun, but his stronghold is always the city, which will accompany him in his tattoos for a lifetime on his travels. Inspire is immortalized as a permanent reminder on his writing. With this guiding idea, he does not stop at himself. DARI understood that you can only get what you give. Quite often in this process, song ideas come to light, but it is certainly one of the reasons why his music is so personal: it is inspired. And he inspires others. With his songs he went to schools in Germany and abroad to show the adolescent that no dream is too big, but he does not realize it by himself. DARI was at the 6. The Voice of Germany season at the start. "Bzgl. The exact intake and show times have been a few ambiguities in the past few days, so we would like to explicitly mention them again, "said Schmitz weiter.Einlass is on 06.07. from 17.00 clock. With the live program on stage it starts against 19.00 clock. After the concert, all visitors who would like to celebrate a little further, can end the evening at the After Show Party by Radio WMW on the Gastrowiese atmospheric until about 1.00 clock. [...]

Learning without limits: "Humor relaxes complexes and reduces inhibitions"

For the third time, the elderly nursing students of the Educational Institute for Health Professions of the Red Cross in the district of Borken have welcomed a group of 54 Dutch nursing students and lecturers from Bocholt's Europe House. "It was again an informative and successful exchange," said headmistress Bernett Pingel in the DRK press service. To greet the first city council Bocholt, Thomas Waschki, responsible for the Schools, Education and Culture, the Dutch group the honor and found apt words on the necessity of a cooperating cross-border Pflege.Als further guests Kai Elsweiler of the DRK-city association Bocholt and Susanne Biallas (department nursing) participated. Under the motto "humor in the care" it went into the following workshops, of two hospital clowns from Münster Michael Westermeier aka "Clown Konrad" and Olinda Marinho e Campos as "Clown Mimi" .Bocholter care institutions participateBocholter care institutions once again participated in the exchange and opened their doors for trainees from both countries for one day. Kneipp treatments were practiced at the Jeanette-Wolff-Center and practical examples were given in the Käthe-Kollwitz-Haus about how to use clowns in elderly care. That humor in caring for patients, residents and colleagues is enormously important, was out of the question for principals Bernett Pingel. "Humor relaxes complexes and reduces inhibitions," she commented. "Laughter is an important valve for pent-up aggression and healthy for the soul and the body." Principal Bernett Pingel summarized in the DRK press service: "It was a successful event that brought the budding nurses of both nationalities many interesting findings. Especially in view of the pending changes that are coming to educational institutions with the introduction of generalist education, the exchange of information between professionals is an absolute must in order to continue to maintain a high-quality educational level. To have had so much fun was a great side effect. We say: Thank you! "With new ideas will be feebly anticipated the next visit. Photos: Group pictures of nursing trainees and students from Bocholt and Doetinchem in Europe House Bocholt. Photos: DRK / and [...]

Prevented burglar escapes

Bocholt (ots) - Surprised the inhabitant of a house in Bocholt Lowick on Wednesday at 12.40 clock a burglar. The stranger was working on a tilted window to get into the building on Ginsterweg. When he saw the witness, the culprit fled. An immediately initiated search in the vicinity remained without result. The suspect was 20 at the beginning, about 1,70 meters tall and had a southern appearance; He had a short stature, short dark hair and a round face. The man wore dark trousers and a dark top. The police asks for information to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Metal taken away

Bocholt (ots) - Scrap metal stole unknown on Tuesday in Bocholt. A disused radiator and pipes had been located on a parking space on the Urbachstraße. Witnesses had witnessed two people against 14.30 clock loading the metal into a van. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

In residential areas invaded

Bocholt (ots) - An iPad and a box of cigarettes stole strangers from a flat on Wednesday in Bocholt. The perpetrators were probably through an unfinished patio door into the building on the Bahnhofstrasse arrived. The crime time is between 13.25 clock and 20.10 clock. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Burglar reaches through the fly screen

Bocholt (ots) - A handbag with wallet with money and papers stole a stranger on Wednesday in Bocholt. The perpetrator had climbed on the cultivation of a residential building on the Bismarckstraße, had cut a hole in a fly screen and could thus come to his prey. The act occurred in the period between 19.30 clock and 20.00 clock. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

"Understanding children better": Red Cross educators look outside the box

Thinking outside the box, getting to know other areas, exchanging ideas with each other: these were the focal points of an interdisciplinary exchange on child development. Organizer was the Red Cross in the district Borken in Rhede. The title "Understanding Children". The DRK daycare centers in Rhede, the areas of physiotherapy, ergotherapy and speech therapy of the Integration and Therapy Center (ITZ) were involved. The Sozialpädiatrische Zentrum (SPZ) contributed to the pediatric and adolescent medical perspective in Westmünsterland. Michael Gredig, head of the ITC of the Red Cross in Borken, explained the background of the exchange: "The demands of different disciplines working with children are that "To better understand them in their behavior, action and communication." It was important to present different perspectives on important areas of children's development and to bring them together in exchange. 26 educators at the Red Cross Center in Rhede used this for a whole day, too Practical: Various exercises gave them a completely new perspective, for example, throwing ball with darkened glasses, touching, balancing, paint actions, climbing with diver's fins through a ring. Four lectures provided for a common exchange of experience and stimulated discussion. The topics: • Insights into basic, early childhood movement and perception experiences (Michael Gredig, physiotherapist, head of ITZ) • Assess language and promote with joy and serenity (Britta Stoffel, Speech Therapist ITZ) • Perceive - take wrong (Ulrike Wessels, occupational therapist ITZ); • Disorders of child development (Ludger Kämmerling, specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine as well as senior consultant at the Social Pediatric Center Westmünsterland, Coesfeld). As a pediatrician in the multidisciplinary round, the senior physician of the SPZ Westmünsterland, Ludger Kämmerling, are won: "It is always good when different angles are considered in a child development. The intersection is crucial and an exchange important. "So could be noticeable possible behavioral and developmental problems in children faster and noted by the paediatricians. Michael Gredig was satisfied with his conclusion:" The seminar offered in addition to the presentations, the opportunity to be practical try and develop a better understanding of childlike worlds of experience. We succeeded in that. "The event was inspired by the Rheder DRK leadership teams and planned by the medical-therapeutic branch of the ITC of the Red Cross. Photos:" Understanding children better ": Practical exercises by the educators at the Red Cross Center in Rhede group picture. Photos: DRK / and [...]

Come on the swing: summer party in the Good Shepherd

It starts at the 7. July, at 10.00 o'clock: Come to the service in the park, which is organized by the choirs of the parish of St. Josef! Then open the food mile and the beer wagon, there are bread and cake from the historic oven. And: Our house is open to those who want to visit it! Many other attractions await you: Heinz Niehaus will sell herbs and tomatoes in favor of the hospice and a flea market invites you to browse. In addition, you can go for a walk with the parallel tandem, enjoy a massage or aromatherapy. The ASB dog service and falconer Sabine Ehmanns-Kramp are guests with their birds of prey, including Uhu Fritz and Waldkauz Waldemar. The dance group of the Red Cross, children of the Josefsschule and the mandolin orchestra Harmonie 1931 eV from Dinslaken-Barmingholten have their musical appearance. Also "Luna" Sabine Kamps, the clown of the Good Shepherd, is up to jokes again. The environmental protection also plays a major role: We set at the festival no disposable dishes! And if you want, you can take home food and cakes in your own containers. An idea competition of all employees in the Good Shepherd brought many approaches to improve the life cycle assessment of our house. For this we award prizes with ecological benefits at our summer party. The party ends with dinner. But before you can still weigh in the original fairground swing and dream of Hans Albers. Ladies, Luise's, and all other people are welcome to our party! Best regards, Johanna Tepaße (home director) Guter Hirte Bocholt GmbH, Karolingerstr. 65, 46395 Bocholt, 02871 - 958 The 0 Court of Coesfeld, HRB 9154 Institute mark: 510 550 380The Good Shepherd Bocholt belongs to the Episcopal Foundation Haus Hall GescherDirector: Dr. Ing. Thomas Bröcheler, Tungerloh-Capellen 4, 48712 Gescher [...]

Mobility conference in Borkener district house

Borken County. "Mobility Stations" and "On-Demand Traffic" were the focus of the recent Mobility Conference, which has now taken place at the invitation of the district in Borkener Kreishaus. Above all, it was about how these issues can be tackled in the future in cities and towns. Experts commented on this in the meeting and were also available for discussions. Therefore, it was not surprising that numerous members of the district council and knowledgeable citizens as well as representatives of the district municipalities, including several mayors, of transport companies, public utilities, citizen bus clubs and taxi companies had followed the invitation to the conference. Elisabeth Schwenzow welcomed the guests and explained at the beginning the tasks of the mobility conference, which were given by the district policy: "Municipalities, district and other actors in the field of transport are offered a common platform, where they will find practical questions about the connection of mobility by train, bus, car and She then talked about the "under the roof" of a mobile station and how to explore forms of cooperation. "With the note" especially exciting for the last mile "she then turned to the second focus topic of the conference, the" on-demand traffic ". These are important offers especially for rural areas. Gerswid Altenhoff-Weber, Head of the Traffic Department of the District Administration. "The district council and district administration attach great importance to mobility issues," she explained. After all, mobility is the basis for a self-determined lifestyle. The district therefore pursues the following objectives: The mobility of all citizens of the district should - regardless of income, age and physical impairment - improved, facilitated and made possible without their own car. In addition, the number of accidents and traffic-related emissions are to be significantly reduced. With regard to these framework requirements, Dr. Altenhoff-Weber "Mobile Stations" and "On-Demand Traffic" promote and facilitate a turnaround in mobility in a special way. Ute Jansen from the transport company "Ruhrbahn" then reported on practical experience with the construction and operation of mobile stations. Judith Peters of the "Zukunftsnetz Mobilität NRW" presented funding opportunities for the on-site implementation and offered the municipalities concrete support in their application. The participants also got to know modern terms such as "ride-hailing" (taxi driving) and "ride-sharing" (ride-sharing). Markus Pellmann-Janßen of "ioki Inspiring Smart Mobility" impressed with his idea of ​​intelligent and demand-driven "shuttle services". These bind in pilot communes already small villages and outdoor areas to the ÖPNV. The subsequent panel discussion with Michael Klüppel (department manager traffic management at the RVM), Norbert Nießing (1. Alderman of the town of Borken), Detlef Termath (Bocholter taxi operator), Alina Klanke and Markus Pellmann-Janßen showed that such new "on-demand offers" also offer opportunities for improving mobility in Westmünsterland. However, they must be carefully integrated into the existing structures of the local taxi industry and transport companies. Close cooperation between the municipalities and the district makes it easier to complete the first steps in this direction, the report concludes. [...]

Water level of the "Bocholter Aa" is lowered - "Boggeter Promenade" locked

Bocholt (PID). From Sunday, 7. July 2019, the water level of the "Bocholter Aa", between the weir before the Aasee to the city lock at the Mariengymnasium, lowered by about one meter, and that until the end of July. During this period, the building management Bocholt investigations are carried out on the pillars of the city hall Berliner Platz, which is known to be rehabilitated from next year. In addition, by the disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) on Sparkassenneubau Kanalarbeiten executed.Beide works are timed to each other, nevertheless, not completely in the same period statt.Um course of the canal construction work on the new building of the Stadtsparkasse is the "Boggeter Promenade", that is southern path along the river from the Neutorstraße to the Theodor-Heuss-Ring, until the completion of all work on and around the Sparkasse building closed for about a year. The path is used as a storage area, transport corridor and swivel area for excavator and pipe laying work. Cyclists can use the northern side of the Aa Promenade during this time. The game point at Bocholter Aa remains accessible from Theodor-Heuss-Ring, informs the administration. [...]

Commercial roads are being renovated

From Monday, 8. July 2019, some commercial roads will be renovated in the outskirts of the city of Bocholt. It comes in the meantime to blockages. This informs the municipal traffic department.In this year the following economic routes are reorganized: Eschhegge (from Kotts Stegge to Winterswijker road) connecting route from Kotts Stegge to BinnenheideBinnenheide (from Barloer ring road to behind the old school) Stichweg the Binnenheide (house number 13- 15) Stichweg der Kotts Stegge (house number 19-21) Street "Zum Venn" (from Kreuzkapellenweg via the Barloer Ringstraße to the crossing Holtwicker Bach) Moddenborgstraße (from Markgrafenstraße to the street "Am Hünting") The farm roads are during the Working fully locked. A diversion is not reported due to a pure local traffic. The work is supposed to be 26. July 2019 ended. [...]

New claim and logo for the region: "MÜNSTERLAND. THE GOOD LIFE"

Borken County. It is an important step in the branding process as well as on the way to a strong and connected region: at the 3. July has the Münsterland eV During its general meeting in Gut Havichhorst in Münster around 150 actors of the region presented the new appearance, with which the Münsterland wants to present itself together in the future. The claim "MUNSTERLAND. THE GOOD LIFE. "And a new logo are part of a communication concept that should make the region more familiar, attractive and stronger over the next few years." Logo and slogan express how life is here: green and colorful, cultivated, modern, full of community and heart. In a word: good, "said Klaus Ehling, board member of Münsterland eV, during the general meeting. "Münsterland stands for a special way of life and a high quality of life between city and countryside. The new claim summarizes all possibilities and strengths of the region in three words: GOOD LIFE. "And that, according to Ehling, contains two messages:" To live the good and to benefit from the quality of life here and to shape the good life and its to make their own contribution. "The gray" M "of the logo stands for the urban spaces of the Münsterland, the colored beams in slight vibration for the wide and well-kept landscapes full of possibilities. The clear, fresh, bright colors express energy and zest for life. In the next few months the Münsterland eV wants Step up to stakeholders and issue a handbook for the proper use of logo, claim and design throughout the summer. In the coming years, among other things, there will be comprehensive communication measures to make the Münsterland more visible in the competition of the regions. The development of the communication concept lies with the Emsdetten agency husare in a consortium with MS4L. With its logo and claim, it made tangible the positioning that had been worked out in the 2016 branding process by players in the region. Accordingly, the Münsterland sees itself as energetic, ambitious and deliberate, is also close to nature and emphasizes the community. All this should be reflected in the new brand, which now symbolizes the new "face" of the Münsterland. In addition, the concept takes up the goal of the brand projects onboarding @ munsterland, picnick³ and münster.land.leben: the Münsterland make people come alive as a region to arrive, feel good and to stay. Heinrich-Georg Krumme also made headway to the "Münsterland brand" , Outgoing Chairman of the Supervisory Board Münsterland eV: "First, we have invested many thoughts and discussions in the typical and connecting the Münsterland to work out. The three already launched brand projects make this experience, the new claim and the new logo now get to the point! "With the image of a region to" Arrive, feel good and stay "the Münsterland wanted to be anchored in the minds of the people. As a region that impresses with its sovereignty, energy, community and love of nature in harmony with progress. Heinrich-Georg Krumme has been around 2008, with the merger of the predecessor action Munsterland eV and Münsterland Touristik Grünes Band eV in the committees of Münsterland eV engaged, including as chairman of the supervisory board. "It is an honor and a pleasure for me to work voluntarily for the future of the Münsterland with so many colleagues and to be able to set much in motion," said the chairman of the Sparkasse Westmünsterland. He would continue to work for the region and asked the members to put their trust in his successor. Kai Zwicker, district administrator of the Borken district. He was elected as the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board during the general meeting and gave an outlook into the future: "With the new slogan, we focus on emotions. GOOD LIFE should be in the future next to Münsterland eV by as many institutions, cities, communities, multipliers and actors as possible. Because we are all part of this region and are passionate about our identity and our values. This awareness will now permeate Münsterland even more, from the town halls to the living rooms. This means that our region and its advantages will in future also be perceived much better from the outside! "Markus Lewe, Lord Mayor of Münster, affirmed this in a video message. "Our marketing activities were and are focused and good. But we like our region - we always want to get better: clearer, fresher and stronger. Now we have a brand with a very high recognition value and plenty of identification space for Münster and Münsterland. "The brand-building process is a joint initiative of Münsterland eV, IHK Nord Westfalen and HWK Münster in cooperation with numerous players. In a first phase from 2016 to 2018, a brand identity and brand positioning were defined. Subsequently, three meaning projects were developed that make the positioning tangible. A communicative translation is now carried out with the communication concept. More information at www.marke-msl.de. The district administrator of the Borken district, Dr. med. Kai Zwicker (r.), Takes over the chairmanship of the supervisory board of Münsterland eV and thus succeeds Heinrich-Georg Krumme.www.presse-service.de/medienarchiv.aspx?medien_id=204432 [...]

Now threatening the Niederrheinhalle Wesel demolition

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERWhere do we celebrate Abi? The Bocholt grammar schools are faced with this question every year. Most of the halls in Bocholt are too small after the retirement of the shooting club. Therefore, some schools have to evade the Vennehof to Borken or the Niederrheinhalle to Wesel. The latter, however, is in urgent need of renovation and may soon be demolished. This is reported by the NRZ in Wesel. The search for a suitable location could then be further intensified for the Bocholters as well. 16,5 million euros will cost the renovation of the Niederrheinhalle Wesel. This is about as much as the Bürgerstiftung Bocholt has planned for the conversion and expansion of the Schützenhaus to an extended BürgerKulturHaus. However, it is still unclear whether the city of Wesel will bear the costs. That will be decided this month. At the moment, private investors are still being sought. Meanwhile, the Bürgerstiftung Bocholt is sticking to its plans. It will, as reported yesterday, supported by numerous associations that have big plans with the BürgerKulturHaus. However, administration and politics have different priorities when it comes to promoting major urban projects. They want to pull the redevelopment of the town hall forward and allow themselves to be subsidized by the state. But this would in all likelihood endanger the 10 Mllionen funding of the BürgerKulturHaus. Now, among other things, it is discussed whether a smaller and cheaper BürgerKulturHaus could possibly be funded differently. [...]