Rain PUR at the open air

Visitors to the Bocholt Open Air are already familiar with BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERSturm. And extreme heat. Yesterday's continuous rain was new. Just in time for the concert, the sky opened its locks. By the evening it drizzled through. The more than 16.000 visitors celebrated anyway - especially when PUR came on stage. Dari and Peppa had already created a great atmosphere. Even at this time, the beer stalls were tightly relocated. Unlike last year, when thirst was the mainspring, this time numerous guests were looking for the protective roofs of the big beer wagons. Many had also converted yellow garbage bags into rain capes. In general, there was a very colorful picture. The organization was also significantly improved. Long queues at the inlets were only briefly at the very big rush at the beginning. Otherwise, everything was optimal. You can find current photos of the concert on our Facebook page [...]

I am Orbis: Raha

"I am Raha and I come from Tehran in Iran. Raha means "free" in the Persian language. I chose this name myself. I got to know new languages ​​and cultures very well, and my most important experience was that you should not associate your name, your faith and your nationality, which you have not even selected yourself, with fanaticism. I have learned that you can understand and learn much more and find the right path if you are not fanatical. I speak five languages ​​and am enthusiastic about new cultures, and because I am "multicultural" I can bring together different cultures well. I have been in Germany for one and a half years. While I was looking for a course at the VHS in Bocholt, I met by chance Orbis. I am delighted to have the opportunity to attend to inform German citizens and people from other countries. "[...]

New café for intercultural meetings?

Time and again people ask: Are there places for intercultural meetings in Bocholt? Now an intercultural café is to open. As reported by the Bocholter Volksblatt (BBV), this idea was presented at a meeting of the Integration Council. Above all, clubs and cultural communities should meet in the café, exchange ideas and plan joint actions. But individuals are also welcome, according to the report. Start should be in early September in the family education center (Fabi) on Ostwall 39. The exact date is still set. However, the café should not be permanently open, but only one day a month. An always open intercultural meeting place could arise in the so-called "learning work". It is to be set up in the old factory building at the beginning of Industriestraße. Various educational institutions such as the community college are to move there. And there is the idea that there is a permanent place for intercultural encounters, perhaps also with an international cuisine. But you have to be patient: The "learning material" will be ready at the earliest mid-2021. [...]

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Fascinating fashion worlds

Bocholt (lwl). From hundreds of champagne labels and corks, the Berlin fashion artist Stephan Hann created the dress "Madame Chandon". His creations of materials such as Tetra Pak, telephone book pages or stamps are the focus of the exhibition "Fashion Material" at Textilwerk Bocholt. The curatorial tour through the exhibition also begins with a sparkling drink, to which the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) invites 11.7 Uhr to the spinning mill of its industrial museum on Thursday (18.). After a glass of sparkling wine, curator Christa Frins will be leading the exhibition, which reflects the dictates of the always new in fashion in a subtle way. "It's fascinating how Stephan Hann adds new value to things that others throw away," says the historian, "and the stories behind the creations and the materials used are just as exciting." The exhibition "Fashion Material" is still up to the 6. Place: LWL-Industriemuseum Textilwerk Bocholt, Spinnerei, Industriestraße 5Date: Thursday (11.7.) Time: 18 ClockCost: 6 Euro [...]