Witnesses wanted for traffic accident

Bocholt (ots) - On Saturday, a traffic accident occurred on the Westend in the amount of a gym against 15.35 clock. An 20-year-old cyclist had to slow down because of a crossing parcel / mail delivery vehicle and injured herself easily. The driver of the delivery vehicle continued his journey without stopping. According to the 20 yearlings, behind her went a family whose personal details are unknown. This family would have observed the incident and is asked to report to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

38 students for their first internship with the police

Circle Borken- The training with the police of the country North Rhine-Westphalia takes place in the form of a dual study and ends after three years with the appointment as a police commissioner or police commissioner. An integral part of the dual bachelor program is internships in the district police authorities. By the end of August this year, 38 commissioner candidates will be completing their first internship at the district police office in Borken. The study at the University of Applied Sciences started in September 2018.With the first theoretical knowledge and successful training in the luggage now comes for the students the first step in the real police everyday. They are always accompanied by tutors, experienced policewomen and policemen of the district police Borken. Of course, the tutors will also be trained and furthered for this task. The close integration of the scientific study, the training modules and the internships ensures that the young police officers are very well prepared for their duties in the area of ​​internal security and security after three years The department head of police, chief police director Frank Burre, welcomed the trainees and other representatives of the county police Borken on Monday (08.07.2019) in Borkener county house. Mr. Burre wished the students an interesting, beautiful and educational time during their first internship. The young policewomen and police officers will be part of the picture on our streets over the next few weeks. They are deployed in the police stations Ahaus, Bocholt, Borken and Gronau and basically form a team of strikers with their tutor and another official. [...]

Agreement with all concerned: Borgers restructuring can be implemented as planned

The restructuring program for the Borgers Group, which was initiated at the beginning of this year, can be implemented as planned. The company has now announced in a press release. The management of the specialist for textile car components and mechanical engineering solutions has been able to reach a comprehensive solidarity solution with the financing banks, automobile manufacturers (OEMs), shareholders and parts of the workforce. Thus the financing of the group for the coming years is secured. The plan is to return sound industry-standard profitability to 2021 already in the year under review. The agreement provides for banks to maintain existing credit lines and provide additional liquidity to meet Borgers' peak funding needs. The OEMs as a major customer group make contributions in various forms. Depending on the location, concessions could be agreed with representatives of the workforce of the Automotive division. Together, the contributions of all three stakeholders are in the high tens of millions. The ongoing negotiations on contributions by employees in Bocholt to secure the site in the long term are constructive and well advanced. Ralf Schmitz, CEO and CRO of the holding company Borgers SE & Co. as well as partner of the consulting company Schmitz & Partner, Dusseldorf: "The negotiations in the past months were undoubtedly difficult, time-consuming and complex. But the result achieved is not only economically sound and sustainable for Borgers, it also shows that the group of companies with its automotive and mechanical engineering divisions is still regarded as an established and long-term relevant partner. This assessment is underpinned by the pleasing operating performance of the Automotive business in the first five months of this year. "In the first five months of 2019 (January to May), the Group's overall performance and operating income were above plan despite the overall economic slowdown. The order situation has also developed in line with expectations. Werner Borgers, CEO and CEO of Borgers SE & Co. KGaA: "I am pleased and grateful for the outcome of the negotiations. All involved have worked in a constructive and responsible manner over the past few months on this good solution. In addition to the consistent implementation of the restructuring program, we will continue to work intensively in the coming months to strengthen our position as a reliable and highly innovative partner for our customers. That's what the name Borgers stands for more than 150 years ago. In order to be successful in the long term, we must continue to offer our customers in textile automotive equipment added value in terms of acoustics, weight and recycling - regardless of the type of engine. "The automotive division of the Borgers Group was a major contributor to 2018's lack of skilled labor at the same time sharply rising wage costs in Eastern Europe and in the USA fall into the loss zone. The lack of qualified employees led to significant efficiency losses in the respective plants and high costs for the maintenance of the supply chain. The restructuring program essentially comprises three fields of action: 1. The task of non-profitable locations: Following the closure of the US site in Vance, Alabama, which was already completed in 2018, the structurally-deficient plant in Dingden near the company headquarters in Bocholt will be closed at the end of the year 2020. Negotiations with employee representatives on a social plan and reconciliation of interests are expected to be completed shortly.2. Increased efficiency: Throughout the Group, with its worldwide 25 plants, efficiency in the operating business is increased through a large number of already defined individual measures in the areas of production, logistics and purchasing.3. Cost reduction: Further savings are achieved by reducing general costs and streamlining administration and production-related departments. On the basis of this package of measures, the plan envisages that the Borgers Group 2021 will have approximately the same turnover as 2018 (around 900 million). Euro) will generate significantly improved operational profitability. This also requires operational improvements and savings in the much smaller Group Division Mechanical Engineering (Olbrich Group). [...]

Bike driver escapes after accident

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday, an 28-year-old cyclist rode against the 05.45 watch on the Meckenemstraße in the direction of the police station. When he almost crossed the intersection with Ravardistraße, the 28-year-old, an e-bike rider came out of Ravardistraße and drove him in the side. The 28 year old fell and had to be treated in the Bocholter hospital. The other accident participant had continued his journey without stopping. He is described as follows: Approx. 28 years, about 180 cm tall, probably of German / Central European origin, wearing a blue jeans and a black and white pullover. He drove a black and white Gazelle bike. The police are looking for witnesses. Please notify the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Last day of school: City buses leave from the third hour on

Bocholt. On the last day of school before the summer holidays, ie on Friday, 12.07.2019 drive the norma after the sixth hour used additional articulated buses on the lines C7 and C8 instead of 13.45 clock already after the third hour at 10.45 clock from Bustreff towards Suderwick (C7) and Barlo (C8). With the line C8 then the regular bus drives as usual on school days only at 14.00 clock from bus meeting and not as usual in addition to the normal cycle time around 13.45 clock. The used articulated bus on the line C4 from stop Rheinstrasse (school center south-east, Gesamt-school ua) drives instead 13.33 clock already at 10.33 clock in the direction of Bustreff.Da the certificate issue takes place in all schools in the third lesson, the StadtBus society assumes that the majority of the students as soon as possible after Another change is for the TaxiBus line T11: This can exceptionally also be ordered for the departure times at 10.45 clock and 11.45 clock from Bustreff continuously to shirts, custom office and not, as otherwise at this time, only until Bahia bath. [...]

Lithuanian band "Soul Wings" at the Bocholt Music School Festival

Bocholt (EUBOH). The band "Soul Wings" of the music school Naujoji Akmene has again arrived well in the Lithuanian town Akmene, which is friendly with Bocholt. The municipal partnership commissioner Petra Taubach informs. The eight band members and their leader were at the 30. June 2019 came to the music school festival in Bocholt. Here they performed in the courtyard of the Arnold Janssen School with many other music groups of the music school Bocholt-Isselburg. On the 4. In July 2019, the band members flew back to Riga to take their trip home to the 1.200 kilometers away from Akmene. Before that, deputy mayor Elisabeth Kroesen said goodbye to the band "Soul Wings" at a breakfast in the music school Bocholt. The latter had invited the Lithuanian band to their 50 anniversary. Two decades of friendship The Deputy Mayor was pleased that this visit strengthened the two decades of friendly ties between the two music schools. She was in Akmene herself two years ago and was able to get to know the Lithuanian city in person. Kroesen thanked the many host families who had welcomed the young Lithuanians to their home for almost a week. Gift to music school Naujoji AkmeneThe director of the music school Bocholt, Claudia Borgers, and a representative of the parents and supporters of the music school Bocholt, Hans-Georg Bruckmann, participated in the official adoption. Also the director of the music school Naujoji Akmene was in Bocholt. She accepted a cello here on Sunday, that the parents and support group of the music school Bocholt eV had given to the friendly school in Naujoji Akmene.Fire start in BocholtIn Lithuania the summer holidays started already at the 1. July 2019. "The young Lithuanians gladly took the opportunity to start their holidays with a stay in Bocholt," reports Taubach. The local music school had therefore organized not only a swim in the clay works in the days off, but also a bike ride in the neighboring Netherlands. Joint evenings at the Aa-See with the host parents as well as a visit to the Inselbad BAHIA decided to stay in Bocholt. [...]

15. Stadtsparkassen Beach Cup in Bocholt

Bocholt. On the 7. September 2019 are invited back to 32 Hobbymannschaften to participate in the Stadtsparkassen Beach Cup on the spacious TuB Bocholt beach volleyball ground on the Lowicker road 19 c. The organizers of the tournament are the Stadtsparkasse Bocholt as main sponsor, the TuB Bocholt and the business promotion and city marketing Company Bocholt. The Stadtsparkassen-Beach-Pokal starts again this year at 10.30 clock (check-in of teams from 10.00 clock) and ends against 17.00 clock. Many beach volleyball enthusiasts are expected, who have the opportunity to play a hobby tournament, want to use. The teams consist of four persons, at least one female team member has to be present. Substitute players may be registered. Equipped with tokens and under the years of proven tournament leadership of the TUB Bocholt, all teams will live up to their ambitions. The best three teams will win the award - Bocholt Taler, which sponsors Stadtsparkasse Bocholt and will hand it over after the tournament. For the losing teams, who still have powers after the group stage and the knockout round, a small "loser tournament" will be played out. Tournament entries will be considered in the order of receipt and from now until Monday, 26. August 2019 is possible. Registration forms are again available from the Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft Bocholt, Osterstraße 23, 46399 Bocholt, Tel. 0 28 71 / 29 49 33 - 0 or by e-mail at info@bocholt-stadtmarketing.de. [...]

adenauer66 - Sports science meets physiotherapy

- sponsored contribution - Become healthy, stay healthy, train healthy: these are the declared goals in the center adenauer66. "Physiotherapists, sports scientists and doctors work closely together here, enabling individualized therapies that are adapted to the needs and possibilities of the patient," explains Managing Director Dr. Ing. Thomas Paus. Flexible treatment plans, generous time and personnel availability, close medical consultation and the diverse spatial possibilities are the foundations of the concept, which Paus, together with his colleagues Dr. med. The services in the adenauer66 range from classical physiotherapies such as massage, lymph drainage, fango or Krankgengymnastik on preventive measures such as spine training, and obesity or osteoporosis counseling to sports performance training and performance Body and tissue analysis. If you have acute problems, you can contact a non-medical practitioner in the house and make a diagnosis. The only thing unique in the region is the specific golf training. The Logical Golf can help to target the muscles needed for the stroke. Illness-related work losses can be counteracted with company health care. Meanwhile, kinesiaping is used to relieve, stabilize or correct a joint. The web and social media regularly inform the team about news and developments in prevention and therapy. For this purpose, the agency M high 3 has specially renewed its website. More information under https://www.adenauer66.de [...]