Because of microplastics: SPD calls for expensive refurbishment of Bocholter artificial turf pitches

According to Bocholter SPD parliamentary group, 10.000 tons of microplastics, which are released into the environment, are responsible for the granules on artificial turf pitches. Due to the high microplastic emissions, the EU Commission is deliberating on a ban on these granules. This is expected for 2022. And the then necessary renovation with replacement of the granules by eg sand could, according to media reports, cause costs from 100.000 to 500.000 Euro per artificial turf pitch. Now, the SPD asks the administration and wants to know what the situation in Bocholt looks like. For tomorrow's Council meeting, the Social Democrats asked the following questions: 1. Are there any studies on whether playing football on the polluted places is harmful to health? When playing football, microplastics come into the lungs of the players or get stuck in wounds2. What are the costs for the city of Bocholt, or clubs for one? 3. Are reserves created to promptly renovate the artificial turf spaces? 4. When can the renovation of the squares be started? The SPD claims that it does not need a ban from the European Commission. "We are convinced that we must all act quickly," the group said in its question. [...]

Former Bocholt pastor causes church scandal in Münster

The former Bocholt pastor Ulrich Zurkuhlen, who led from 1978 to 1985 the then independent church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (now Liebfrauen), has provided for a Kircheneklat. The 79 year old had a sermon at the 30. June in the Heilig-Geist-Kirche Münster Forgiveness for perpetrators called on the pastors. As a result, many worshipers had left the church under loud protest. The case had made headlines nationwide. Finally, the bishop of Münster, Dr. med. Felix Genn, the retired pastor, to stop preaching. "How can I stay in the church, which is still a home away from home, if that happens?" That was one of the central questions, according to a report of the press service of the diocese during a community meeting. 120 guests came. Zurkuhlen himself did not participate at his own request. Shocked, stunned, helpless, shaken, helpless - that is how the participants described their emotions during the preaching of the retired pastor. "He did not ask what's going on, there was a lack of sensitivity," said a commentator. It had been correct to contradict the sermon. "It's good that we now have the language and the openness in the church, and they use," was noted from the audience. In particular, the participants occupied even after a week, the fact that Zurkuhlen on the one hand in the wake of a "screaming mob" spoke against which he "did not arrive". "We have quietly left the church and gathered in the forecourt," one woman pointed out. There were no tumults. Secondly, there was always the missing victim perspective, the lack of respect for the people affected Zurkuhlens topic in the numerous contributions to the words, by Beate Meintrup, Prevention Commissioner of the diocese of Münster, and Michael Sandkamp, ​​coordinator of prevention training at Episcopal schools moderated were. "Women who instead of blaspheming on their ex-husbands, whom it would be better to forgive, equate with a claim of forgiveness of abusers to the victims, is outrageous," it said. "This is not primarily about the salvation of the church, but for justice for the victims of sexual abuse, "said Stefan Rau, and thus clearly contradicted Ulrich Zurkuhlen, who - also the feeling of the worshipers after -" has not recognized what happened just in response to his sermon, and the victim's perspective completely missed . "[...]

YOUNG UNI in Bocholt: Learning Without Borders on the Researchers' Day

Bocholt (PID / JUBOH). "Learning Without Borders - Researchers Day", was the motto now at the JUNGE UNI in Bocholt. "We are not just talking about Europe, we are making Europe," said Bocholt's First Councilor and Education Commissioner Thomas Waschki welcoming the 54 youths from Aalten and Heek, who are working together on the workshops "Become a Technician", "The Energiewende - When Will It Be finally serious? "," Social Media (... and how do I deal with it) "and" The Science of Biomimetics "participated." At the JUNGE UNI in Bocholt, the MINT subjects are in first place. These are mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. And that's what the Researchers' Day is about, "said Waschki in his speech. Above all, the JUNGE UNI attaches great importance to making learning fun. Waschki reported on the talks between the German city of Bocholt and others run the Dutch community Aalten. "But we do not just talk about Europe, we make Europe - and you're part of it. I wish you a lot of fun learning technology and I would be happy if you could make friendships across the borders, "concluded Waschki. Four Workshops In two rounds, the young people were able to attend two of the four workshops. Team Royal Speelen with Bart van den Broek and Rien Fongers had technology to touch and build for themselves. Together, the teenagers built a hydraulic grab. Not only cooperation but also a lot of skill was needed. "The girls can usually do better, they work more closely," said Bart van den Broek. In the end, however, each workshop participant had built his gripper.If the ice of the earth meltsProf. Dr. Rainer Nawrocki from the University of Westphalia in Bocholt, at the same time a lecturer at the JUNGE UNI in Bocholt, reported in his workshop on the energy transition and "when it finally gets serious". "If all the ice that exists on Earth would melt, then the sea level would rise by 80 meters. Bocholt would then be just as completely under water as almost the whole of Holland. In Limburg there is another hill that is over 280 meters high, but then it would be tight, "said Nawrocki and made for astonished faces. Beyond the InternetThe topic of" Social Media and how do I responsibly with around "was Police Chief Inspector Ulrich Kolks on the agenda. Protection of minors and age limits were just as much a topic as dubious and criminal users who rip off children and adolescents, Kolks taught the adolescents. "If you notice anything, if your classmates or classmates slip into anything, then get in touch with the police immediately. We are now so well equipped that we can quickly put a stop to such criminals. " Lisa Heider's workshop "The Science of Biomimicry" explored nature's young people. Using many examples, Heider showed that nature can do better and that people have already "copied" many things: ultra-strong synthetic spider threads, adhesive films that make use of the functional principle of gecko feet, hook-and-loop fasteners or turbine blades that are modeled on whale fins At lunch, the young people were able to deepen their contacts that they had established during the first cross-border project day at the Robertschule in Civon, Ulft. The participants Isabel Testroet, director of the JUNGE UNI in Bocholt and organizer of the Researchers' Day, thanked the participants, together with department head Jule Wanders, which made the researcher day possible. Helen Theßeling and Tatjana Wemmer of the Center for Teacher Education offered the ZfsL auditorium. Hans te Lindert, Wethouder of the Gemeente Aalten, Alexandra Arens of the Gemeente Aalten Interantional Network Office, and Stan Buil, project manager of "Learning without Borders" and Caroline Termat, director of the "thematafel (regionaal)" Education & Labor Market ", visited the Netherlands. Regio Achterhook the Researcher's Day. "Thinking Unlimited" "It's nice to see what possibilities there are if we think indefinitely. Characteristic of the collaboration that arises around this topic is that we simply "make" thanks to the JUNGE UNI and the Royaal Spelen / Steam Academy. No endless discussions and discussions. Or as we say in Dutch in the Achterhoek: "D'RAN", commented Hans te Lindert the researcher day. [...]

History, nature and canals - women visit Borculo

Bocholt (EUBOH). 29 women of the women's network Bocholt now visited the Dutch city of Borculo. It belongs to the municipality Berkelland in the region Achterhoek. In the farmer's museum "De Lebbenbrugge" the local women met with their colleagues from the women's network "Frauenbrücke Deutschland - Netherlands". After a short welcome - strengthened with a "Kopje Koffie" - a museum tour took place. The farm "De Lebbenbrugge" is the former hunting lodge of the Lords of Borculo. The history of the farm will be in different buildings of the 15. The hunting lodge "De Lebbenbrugge" The farm was not only hunting lodge, but also inn, customs house and during the peace negotiations in Münster for a short time also a kind of post office, as the women learned. Customs revenues were very important to the farm. They came from the traders on the Hesse route, which crossed the river Slinge to the Dutch Hanseatic cities, such as the. The town of Deventer, for example, had to have a farmhouse and restaurant on the Hesse route. That's why the farmhouse used to be an inn in the past. Today, mainly cyclists use the popular route and stop for a snack in "De Lebbenbrugge". This was also prepared for the women of the volunteer on the farm. A typical Dutch snack with currant mares, bread rolls and two different soups strengthened the ladies for the onward journey to the city center of Borculo. Official reception in the town hall of Berkelland Municipality Mayor Joost van Oostrum officially welcomed the German and Dutch network representatives in the town hall of Berkelland. He told them about his exchange with the mayor of Vreden. Christoph Holtwisch. For two days Oostrum led the official business in Vreden and swapped the executive chair with Holtwisch. He was thus in the municipality Berkelland in the position of mayor on the way. Even if the title was the same, the structure of administration and politics in a German or Dutch community is different. Oostrum responded to these differences and his experiences. In addition, he presented his guests the community Berkelland with a short film. Strolling through the picturesque BorculoFinally, the women had the opportunity to tour the pretty Dutch town. Along the Berkel cafes and restaurants invited to linger. Numerous canals, white bridges and colorful cottage gardens made the idyll perfect. The women agreed on their departure: "We have not been to Borculo for the last time - it's worth coming back!" [...]

City bus stop Rathaus is not served

Bocholt. As of Monday, 15.07.2019, the street Schanze will be completely closed due to road construction in the area of ​​senior citizen jump until the end of the school holidays (27.08.2019). The city bus lines C4 (Biemenhorst), C5 (Feldmark) and T12 ( Mussum) in the direction of travel out of town, which drive during the blockage from Monday, 15.07.2019, start of operation a diversion on the North Wall, the East Wall and the South Wall. Due to the necessary redirection, the "Rathaus" stop (located at the "Bridge of Sighs") will unfortunately not be able to be operated during the blockage. During this period (from 15.07.2019), passengers must switch to the "Bustreff" or "Neutorplatz" stops. These two stops are served regularly so that the times published in the timetable apply without restrictions. At the Rathaus stop, attention is drawn to the blocking on the electronic passenger information. [...]

New booklet for the 100 Castles Route has been published

Münsterland is famous for its bike paths by tourists and locals alike. Probably the most beautiful and impressive among them is the 100 Castles Route: All information has been compiled by the Münsterland eV in the compact booklet "100 Castles Route - experience history close up!", Which can be ordered from now on.Walds, meadows, fields, Cities, palaces, castles, manor houses and farms all over the 960 castles route guide the cyclist's view of the millennial history of Münsterland, which has remained visible to this day. In addition to interesting information on the individual castles, fortresses and manor houses, the brochure also offers a selection of accommodation and refreshment options along the route. In addition, there is an overview of the tourist information with location and opening hours. For those who only want to drive a section of the tour, there is a list of entry-level parking spaces in alphabetical order of places. Anyone who needs a break from the castles will also find information on numerous other Münsterland attractions. The booklet is now available free of charge at Münsterland eV, by phone at 100-02571, by e-mail at or online the page [...]

Drivers were under the influence of drugs

Bocholt-Suderwick (ots)) - On Tuesday morning, police officers checked an 09.15-year-old driver against 41 Watch in Suderwick. A drug test was positive for cocaine and the cannabis drug THC, so that the officials prohibited the onward journey and initiated a fine procedure. A doctor took a blood sample from the man to prove the drug use exactly. [...]

Abuse case Wehren also hits high waves in Recklinghausen

Also in Recklinghausen the case Theo Wehren beats high waves. This is reported by the newspaper Church + Life. In Recklinghausen, the longtime, 2011 late Barloer pastor from 1969 to 1975 had been chaplain. And from this time probably come almost all known cases of abuse, which are charged the clergyman or for which he was already rightfully sentenced. The parishioners responded accordingly angry. They criticize sharply the personnel politics of the bishopric of Münster. To 1975 Wehren worked as a chaplain in communities in Selm and Recklinghausen. A year later he was - as reported - by the district court Bocholt legally convicted of several sexual acts committed to minors to a prison sentence of one year, suspended on probation. The priest was then advised of the advice of a therapist. Whether he has accepted this offer or not, is not known.Laut Church + Life has been handed over to the public prosecutor's office. The diocese of Münster also wants to have the allegations clarified and processed by an external expert commission. [...]

NGG calls for more customs controls on hoteliers and restaurateurs

They come unannounced and do not do much reading: If customs officials pay a visit to companies in the Borken district, it can be uncomfortable for entrepreneurs - provided that they do not take it so seriously with the law. In the past year, the responsible Main Customs Office in the region controlled a total of 1.212 companies in the region for undeclared work, social fraud and compliance with minimum wages. That's 29 percent more than last year. The customs officers targeted exactly 238 companies in the hospitality industry (plus 16 percent compared to 2017). In 20 cases - and thus in every twelfth hotel, snack bar or restaurant - they revealed a minimum wage offense. That's what the union says food-enjoyment-restaurants. The NGG Münsterland refers here to an evaluation of the Federal Ministry of Finance for the Bundestag Beate Müller-Gemmeke (Greens). "It can not be that there are still bosses who deny their employees the bare minimum - the legal or higher industries -Minimum wage. Minimum wage violations are still the order of the day. And even though there has been the statutory minimum wage for more than four years, "criticizes NGG CEO Helge Adolphs. For waiters, cooks and hotel employees it comes at the end of each month to the euro. The fact that many companies still dare to violate minimum wages makes, according to the NGG Münsterland, one thing clear: "Customs must control more and more intense - especially in the gastronomy. On the subject of minimum wages shows that trust is good, but control is better. The higher the risk of black sheep being involved in illegal practices, the less likely they are to engage in trickery, "says Adolphs. The plan of Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz to increase the financial control of undeclared work (FKS) to more than 10.000 officials, was an "important step". At the moment, however, the VCS is still a long way from this target. According to information from the NGG, only 6.600 posts for inspectors were recently occupied nationwide - 107 thereof at the Main Customs Office in Münster. "However, to ensure that customs can find what they are looking for, the working hours in the companies must be precisely recorded. In cheating with the hourly papers, the officials can investigate against the employer - and reclaim clumsy wages, "said Helge Adolphs. Following a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in May, companies will have to systematically document their employees' working hours in the future. In the hotel and restaurant industry, the statutory minimum wage has already been used to record the hours worked. The NGG had campaigned against the resistance of the employers. [...]

Jazz compositions in the garden of the Bauhaus Museum

Münsterland / Steinfurt-Borghorst. Enthusiasm and passion - this is how the Knut Hagedorn Quartet delights listeners and listeners in their performances. Of this, the visitors to the next concert of the series "Trumpet Tree & Violin Fig - Music in Gardens and Parks in Münsterland" on Sunday, 14. July, at the HeinrichNeuyBauhausMuseum in Steinfurt-Borghorst. The musical program starts at 16 clock. Then, against 17.30 clock, a guided tour through the garden of the Museum House, Kirchplatz 5, in Borghorst.The Knut Hagedorn Quartet form Jonas Rabener (saxophone), Max Teschner (piano), Julian Walleck (bass) and eponym Knut Hagedorn (Drums and compositions). The four musicians convince with their genre-spanning sound both live and on numerous recordings. The groovy original compositions of the bandleader cheer the adventurous spirit of the quartet and inspire musicians and audiences alike. The jazz spirit is always present, especially in view of the many free solos that are designed as a collective improvisation - freedom in limits par excellence.As the only preserved Abbey Curia house with high local historical importance, the house at the church square 5 in many ways with the changing history interwoven by Borghorst. After the abbey village had become an industrial location in the times of the flourishing textile industry, the building was temporarily transformed into a prestigious villa with a park-like garden. The house from the year 1668 was carefully restored and "opened" and extended by a three-storey glazed extension to the garden. The result is a small but refined retreat in which "old" and "new" meet and complement each other harmoniously. Nowadays, the house is used as a cultural site: it houses not only the HeinrichNeuyBauhausMuseum but also the abbey library of the lady's pen. "Trumpet Tree & Violin Fig" is a joint project of the four Münsterlandkreisen Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt and Warendorf. The cultural department of the district Borken takes over together with Münsterland eV the organization. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia supports "Trumpet Tree and Violin Fig" with funds from the "Regional Cultural Policy" funding program. The concert in Steinfurt-Borghorst takes place in cooperation with the HeinrichNeuyBauhausMuseum and the Department of City Marketing and Culture of the City of Steinfurt. Tickets for the concert on Sunday, 14. July, there is at the box office from 15 clock. The entrance fee is ten euros. Discounts are available for students, apprentices and students. Ticket orders are also at Münsterland eV - Tourism Center on the free service hotline 0800-9392919 (Mondays to Fridays from 9 to 17 clock) possible. There is also more information there. The program of the music series can also be found on the Internet at Information is available on the day of the event under Tel. 0172-4338268. [...]

Again company transporter broken up

Bocholt (ots) - Last weekend, unknown culprits broke open the tailgate of a corporate vehicle standing on Dinxperloer Straße and stole a leaf blower and a hedge trimmer from the Stihl brand. In addition, the tailgate of a standing on the Eichendorffstraße company transporter broken and stolen tools. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Accident flight on the Uhlandstraße

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday, a blue Audi at the rear left corner was damaged in the time from 14.00 to 18.00 clock on the Uhlandstraße. Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 1.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are requested to contact the Transport Commission in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Break-ins in allotment sheds

Bocholt (ots) - In the period from Sunday afternoon to Monday evening there were two break-ins in sheds of the allotment garden "Unter den Eichen". Stolen a TV, spirits (1 bottle) and a flag garland. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Raser takes off at almost 200 km / h and lands in the hospital

Borken (ots) On Monday evening, an 30-year-old Borkener drove up Borkener Straße towards Burlo against 23.15. As a result of the excessive speed, his vehicle took off from a bump and left the road. The car overturned several times, touched two road trees and was totally damaged about 110 meters behind the bump on a ca 2 m higher up potato field to a halt. The 30 year old could free himself from the car wreck, and gave to the Police officers did not seriously injure themselves. The rescue service took him to the hospital, where he was initially hospitalized. Based on the investigation so far, a speed of approximately 200 km / h is assumed. The investigation continues. [...]

Trainees of the district administration Borken explored Berlin

District Borken / Berlin. At the end of June, around 30 apprentices from the Borken district administration visited the federal capital of Berlin. The three-day excursion organized and accompanied the youth and trainee representatives as part of the annual "trainee journey". The program included an exploration of Berlin as well as an afternoon in the German Bundestag. There, the young administrative staff met the local constituency member Johannes Röring. They could ask the member of the Bundestag questions and discuss with him about current topics. Afterwards, the group also had the opportunity to celebrate the dome of the Bundestag. [...]