International summer book market in Bredevoort

On Sunday, the 21. July, the International Summer Book Market takes place in the tranquil bookstore Bredevoort. Several Dutch and German booksellers are again offering their books. From 10.00 to 16.00 clock, all book lovers on the Koppelkerk outdoor area can let their hearts go. In addition to the book market, Bredevoort has a lot more to offer this Sunday. In the Kopperkerk, it is the last day for the great Herman Brood show, celebrated as the greatest and undecided rock star of the Netherlands as a legend, making a name for himself with his music as well as his graphic art - until he suddenly took his own life from 2001. The Koppelkerk offers guided tours around 14.00 and 15.00 watches. In the upper hall (bovenzaal) you can see works of the exhibition 'Wanderlust' by Heleen Simsons. In the center of Bredevoort, the VVV Tourist-Info 12.00 - 14.00 o'clock organizes the first summer concert of this season. The five-strong formation Jasper Country performs with an Americana and country (-rock) repertoire. Location: Koppelkerk, 35, 7126 AG BredevoortDate: Sunday, 21. July 2019time: 10.00 - 16.00 clock entry book market: free [...]

Politics decide: City Hall more urgent than BürgerKulturHaus

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThe Council yesterday adopted the integrated action plan for Bocholt's inner city and at the same time set new priorities. Accordingly, the renovation of the town hall with the now estimated cost of 48,4 million euros - including fourth staggered storey, multifunctional council chamber and new foyer - in the urgency to move forward. By contrast, the municipal and Bocholt Community Foundation's plans of 18,4 million Euro were downgraded to 13 by the administration and the politicians. This brings a state support for the project on the shooting range and a realization again in the distance. The policy sets priorities. She wants to apply for funding for the renovation of the city center and the renewal of the town hall. For both measures, however, neither the exact costs nor the expected subsidies of the state have been determined so far. For the community foundation, this means that the city will not apply for funding for its project. The community foundation has responded. It invites its founders, club representatives and all interested parties next Tuesday, the 16. July, to 19 clock for a public information and discussion round in the restaurant "to the bell" in the Alfred Flender str. 128 on. "We will not give up," says chairman Marcus Suttmeyer. [...]

Graduates of the Westfälische Hochschule have good chances in the job market

More than 80 percent of college graduates get a job in a timely manner, in which they are employed for an indefinite period and earn at least 1.187 Euro monthly net. Only 15 percent get less and / or are employed on a temporary basis. Only 2,4 percent of this group are registered as unemployed. As far as a study that Dr. Ralf Dorau from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Robert Herter-Eschweiler of the Federal Statistical Office published. Their data base was an evaluation of the 18-34 2017 professional integration in the year 2015 after highest professional degree in the year 84. "This development coincides with the numbers, which were raised at the Westphalian university," reports Susanne Steinke of their staff for Quality control. The Westfälische Hochschule regularly surveys its graduates about one and a half years after graduation. She asks if and since when the graduates are in a permanent, permanent employment relationship. The survey is part of the cooperation project "graduate studies" of the NRW-Ministry of Culture and Science. 93 percent of respondents to the most recent statistics said that one and a half years after completing their undergraduate degree, they were engaged in regular dependent employment. For students with master's degrees, there are even 7 percent. "In addition, self-employment or freelance employment often develops from the 'regular dependent employment relationships'," added Steinke. "That we not only train qualified specialists for the region, but that they also act as a job engine for the region , show the spin-offs of two IT companies ", reports Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kriegesmann, President of the Westphalian University. "With 'XignSys' and 'AwareXNUMX', two Internet security companies recently settled in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf as spin-offs for graduates of the University of Westphalia." Until mid-July, interested parties can apply for a restricted admission program at the Westfälische Hochschule for the coming winter semester , In numerous other study programs, the application period extends in part to the beginning of the study in September. Bild_ Susanne Steinke (left) from the Office for Quality Assurance at the University of Westphalia and University President Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kriegesmann (r.) On the basis of his own data analysis confirms the trend of a microcensus study: the majority of college graduates are permanently employed in a job indefinitely after a short time. Photo: WH / MV, reprint free of charge in connection with Westfälischer Hochschule [...]

Klinikum Westmünsterland and Caritas Bildungswerk cooperate in nursing education

Borken County. If on 1. January 2020 reform of the nursing professions takes effect, the Hospital Westmünsterland and the Caritas Bildungswerk Ahaus are well equipped. As part of the reform, the formerly separate careers in old-age and nursing care will be merged into a generalized training as a nurse. In the future, both sponsors want to cooperate in the training of nurses in the Borken district and ensure mutual permeability for the trainees in the respective other care system hospital, nursing home and outpatient care. This joint effort should result in a co-operation agreement that both carriers want to sign. "We are convinced that the cooperation of the two high-performance carriers will not only make local education possible, but also ensure the supply of a sufficient number of qualified specialists throughout the Borken district," explains Christoph Bröcker, Managing Director Clinic Westmünsterland. Focusing on the future, both organizations emphasize their desire to work even more closely together. "Here, above all, the joint training and further education of employees, but also the development of additional services is planned," said Hans-Peter Merzbach, CEO of Caritas training. The two managing directors agree that it is a good signal to the future skilled workers that both providers with their respective competencies and experiences can secure the new training in the district of Borken permanently. Press photo: Looking forward to the future cooperation in the nursing education: Hans Peter Merzbach (left), Managing Director of Caritas Bildungswerk, and Christoph Bröcker (right), Managing Director of Klinikum Westmünsterland. [...]

13,4 percent more training places in the Borken district

In a few weeks, on the 1. August 2019, begins the new training year. A number alarmed the employers' association: Currently 47.707 training places in NRW are vacant, again 5,9 percent more than at the same time in the previous year - this is clear from current figures of the Federal Employment Agency. "This further aggravates the shortage of skilled workers in the economy," regrets Wolfgang Schmitz, managing director of the employers' association. The companies themselves have long been battling against this by offering more and more apprenticeships - only the young people who are applying for a job are missing. In the district of Borken, the pure figures prove this entrepreneurial commitment: Companies in the region have so far reported 13,4 percent more apprenticeships than in the previous year. altogether just under 3.500. 547 Young people in the district have according to employment agency currently no training place, in contrast, 1.281 are vacant posts. "There is still a lot for young people and companies"; Schmitz hopes that many contracts will be concluded in the short term. Flexibility could help on both sides: Thus the enterprise could deviate from the demanded "two" in math and with a little tuition in the enterprise the necessary knowledge mediate; or the applicant may be looking beyond his or her desired job or job. More and more apprenticeships have several reasons, as the Employer member explained: "In addition to demographic change, the problem of vacant apprenticeships is exacerbated by the fact that more and more young people want to study rather than one Training ", explains Schmitz. Therefore, the perception must be put right, training is old-fashioned or secondary. "The training must again receive more appreciation, the vocational schools must also be well equipped with teaching staff and digital technology," says Schmitz.Des one sorrow, the other Freud: So far unprovoked young people can be optimistic, even at short notice to find a training position. Schmitz encourages her: "Not everyone needs a high school diploma. A dual education is a great foundation to be able to practice a decent job later on which you can make a living. "Schmitz's appeal is particularly aimed at young people who prefer to choose a 'safe school' at a vocational college because they are wrongly make little hope of a successful application to a company. "The companies are looking for people who are motivated and committed, good grades are not the most important thing. Many companies also support their trainees with the subject matter, because they are so urgently looking for people who are learning a commercial-technical profession and want to remain active in the training company with their journeyman's certificate in their pocket. "Wolfgang Schmitz recommends that there are still unsuccessful applicants, but also companies looking for them to contact the local Employment Agency or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. "There are not only great supportive programs, funding and ideas on how applicants and companies can be brought together better, but also apprenticeship exchanges." Finally, Schmitz points to an offer specifically for professions in the metal and electrical industry: At are currently listed on 9.000 free training place, "it's worth it." Caption: Young people who do not yet know what to do after the summer holidays, recommends the employers' association, to apply for the many vacant apprenticeships. (Photo: iStock) [...]

Holiday church in the apostle church on the 21.7. with the St. Daniels Choir from Moscow

On holiday Sunday, 21.7., The holiday church of the Protestant church community Bocholt takes place in the Apostelkirche, Biemenhorster Weg 15 in Bocholt. We invite you cordially. The service begins at 11 o'clock. The service is organized by St. Daniel's choir from Moscow. The choir has landed in Moscow from Dusseldorf and commits to a concert tour. In the service, works from the Russian Orthodox liturgy can be heard. The director of St. Daniels Choir wrote: "The melancholy-dreamy Russian folk tunes and the far-reaching melodies of Russian Orthodox church music In connection with the sight of time-honored basilicas and their beautiful icons, open the door of the mystery of the swirling Russian mind, which is also referred to as the Russian Sea. As the Artistic Director of the St. Daniels Choir, I am deeply convinced that especially the inexhaustible treasure of church music and the study of spiritual values ​​makes it all easier for us to cope with the rigors of the world and of daily life; but above all, God must be at the center of our everyday lives and determine our behavior. "On each holiday Sunday in the summer holidays, a joint service for the entire church in the Evangelical Church community Bocholt alternately in the Apostle, in the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Hausund in the Christuskirche, respectively celebrated at the usual local <> [...]

Holiday church of the Evangelical parish Bocholt

Dear worshipers, in the summer holidays it will be our "HOLIDAY CHURCH" again. give. The Presbyterium of the Protestant parish Bocholt has agreed: On holiday Sunday, a joint service for the whole community is celebrated alternately in the Apostelkirche, in the Christuskirche and in the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, each at the usual local times. For the exact dates and locations, please click on the picture. [...]

Parents worried about rainwater retention basin at Hemdener Weg

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThe city is building a large rainwater retention basin at the Hemdener Weg. This calls worried parents on the plan, as Reiner Bones (CDU) now reported in the Council. Opposite are the sports fields of the TSV Bocholt and the DJK TuS Stenern. In addition, the Bahia bath was nearby. "Is the rainwater retention basin secured with a fence so that children are protected?" Bones asked. City architect Daniel Zöhler had no answer adhoc. He wants to have that checked. Moreover, there would be water in a rainwater retention basin only after heavy rains. Most of the time was the basin empty, they said. [...]

Oak Processionary Moth: City is testing nesting boxes as an alternative to poison

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERLight all-clear in terms of oak processionary moth. The caterpillars are currently pupating, said the First City Council Thomas Waschki now in the Council. Nevertheless, there are still sightings. The city would soon start a small experiment with nesting boxes. These are successfully used in the Netherlands to attract natural enemies of oak processionary caterpillars such as Great Tits. The main focus of the fight in Bocholt, however, is on the use of poison, it said. [...]

Confirmation days at the apostle church

At the beginning of July, the Confirmation Days were held at the Apostle Church, during which the young people engaged in the film The King of Narnia on the first day. The author of the story, CS Lewis, has wrapped up the biblical events around Jesus Christ in a fairytale for children. And so we compare the fairy tale with the statements of the Bible. There were exciting discoveries! On the second day we visited the Münster Zoo. Under the motto ?? Animals of the Bible ?? The young people had to go through the zoo and solve tasks by means of a questionnaire. You had a lot of fun. In the picture, some confirmands watch the demonstration of the ram training in the Münster Zoo. [...]

"Sustainable Bocholt": Council smashes majority CDU application

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERWhen weeks ago, the CDU had denounced the proclamation of the climate emergency in Bocholt demanded by the SPD and the Social List. Now there was the return coach, as the Union for its part in the Council applied for the establishment of a working group "Sustainable Bocholt". The WG should propose actionable ideas to the Environment Committee on waste reduction, greening, avoiding CO2 and promoting biodiversity. "Superfluous," said the other groups, who rejected the application by a majority. "Then they could also equal our climate emergency request to agree," said a visibly angry SPD parliamentary spokesman Peter Wiegel. "Nullnummer" and "Mogelpackung", so further comments. Frank Büning said there was such a body already. "That means nature conservation alliance Germany", so the left one. Other members of the Council, on the other hand, refused to weaken the Council's specialized committees by foreshadowing working groups. If the school does, there will soon be more of such AG's, it said.Stadtbarurat Daniel Zöhler meanwhile proposed to convene twice a year before environmental committee meetings, a kind Jour fixe, in the environmental associations and experts could be heard. [...]

Youth Camp: Report quickly!

Good opportunity for young people: For a week, they can meet other young people and do great things together. For example swimming in the Bahia bath, climbing in the climbing forest in Borken, shopping in the Centro in Oberhausen or, in cooperation with the Textile Museum, creating a sound collage entitled "Listening to Europe: Sounds of Bocholt". At the EU Youth Camp in the Europa House on the Adenauerallee take from Sunday, 14. July, until Saturday, 20. July, teens aged from 14 to 17 years ago. They come from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Lithuania and Germany. The camp language is English. There are still some free seats. If you want to join, you should contact Petra Taubach quickly: [...]

"Fundamental right" to free of charge

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERFor Frank Büning (Free Greens / The Left), people have a "fundamental right" to free of charge. Therefore, his group is committed to a supervised and guarded public toilet in the Bocholt City. This would simultaneously create a job, said Büning in the discussion on the integrated action concept Bocholt downtown yesterday in the Council.Other factions laid to rest. Also in Langenbergpark a public toilet is necessary, said Dieter Hübers (city party). And at the station too, said Bärbel Sauer (Social List). City Planning Officer Daniel Zöhler wants to check everything now. He pleaded for cost reasons, however, for toilets with automatic Reinigung.Am end, the integrated action concept was adopted. Only the Greens had expressed concerns about the planned overbuilding of Manes-Schlatt-Platz. It makes more sense at this point a city garden that improves the climate in the city center, said Vera Timotijevic. [...]

Sparkasse Board of Directors increases its attendance fee from 180 to 400 Euro

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThe board of directors of Stadtsparkasse Bocholt, which is predominantly made up of council members, has increased its attendance fee itself by 122 percent from 180 to 400 Euro per meeting. With this he follows the recommendations of the Sparkassenverband Westfalen-Lippe, which had spoken out in favor of 15 years without an increase. The requirements and the effort would have increased considerably in this time, it is said justification. The attendance fees for the Risk Committee and the Audit Committee were more than doubled. The decision was confirmed yesterday by the city council. In the corresponding submission, however, only "adaptation" of the attendance fees was mentioned. The amount of remuneration and the rate of increase were not mentioned here. [...]

City buses will be driving free on Saturdays in the future

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERThe Council decided yesterday, at the request of the SPD, that in Bocholt, from October onwards, buses can be driven for a year free of charge. The pilot project applies to all lines. Further applications from the Greens, the FDP and the social list were rejected. "Excessive", so the reason. The topic of public transport employed the Council members yesterday in four agenda items. The social list wanted bus travel to be free - as is currently decided in the city of Monheim. However, that would cost the city up to 2,3 million euros per year, reckoned Chamberlain Kai Elsweier. The requested by the Greens 1 Euro day ticket, however, would cost the city up to one million euros annually and also found no majority. A youth ticket, as the FDP wanted and also requested by the SPD free ride for elementary students with the city bus to extracurricular learning also failed.So it remains in the pilot project. This is true only for buses and not for call taxis. Therefore, the district Lieder benefits as the only one of it. [...]