Male guest dies at fire in Hamminkelner sauna club

Hamminkeln (ots) - On Sunday, 14.07.2019, against 01: 16 clock, there was a fire in a sauna club in Hamminkeln on the road Kesseldorfer Rott. Saunaclub staff became aware of a fire inside the building. Upon arrival of the fire brigade, other employees of the sauna club announced that a male guest would be missing. During the subsequent search of the building by forces of the fire brigade, a lifeless male person was found in the premises of the club. Despite immediately initiated resuscitation, the man died at the fire. During the firefighting work, three male persons, who massively disrupted the extinguishing operation by taking the firefighting hoses away from the firefighters and spraying each other with water, had to be taken into police custody. The firefighting continued until the early morning. The fire destroyed the building almost completely. The investigation into the cause of the fire was taken up by the criminal police during the night. [...]