1. FC obliged goalkeeper Andre Bley from promoted FC Kray

The football league 1. FC Bocholt has signed Andre Bley. The 27-year moved from the league promoted FC Kray to the Bocholt Hünting. He signed one up to the 30. June 2020 valid contract.For FC Kray Andre Bley but has not completed a minute of play. In winter, the Essenes announced the commitment of the goalkeeper, who was active in the past season for the ETB SW food. In the end, the FCK but had to refrain from the transfer. This was the occasion, the still open position in the squad of the 1. Occupy FC Bocholt. In his career so far, Bley also ran for the Spvg. Schonnebeck and the TSV Marl-Hüls. Manuel Jara, for whom the squad planning is now completed, is pleased about the new signing: "Andre brings an excellent overall package and has been around for several years "He can lead a team out of the gate." Bley is one of four goalies in the coming season. Jonas Wenzel, who has advanced from his own youth, falls out injured the whole preparation. Maurice Schumacher, who has been suffering from a persistent injury for many months, can now calm down. Lennart Dillhage was in focus in the previous test matches, "He has already used the season and very positively attracted attention," said Jara. And Bley did not have to be convinced for long: "With the squad one has a very high quality, which I He also praised those responsible: "Manuel Jara and Heiner Essingholt have always given me a very good feeling." The deciding factor was also the fans: "If in the past I had to hünting with my team I was always happy. Here you have always had more than the usual 50 viewers. "In the next few days, Bley is slowly brought back to the team. Most recently, he had to cure a broken cheekbone, which he had contracted just in May at the guest performance at Hünting. "I already have the green light from the doctor," said Bley, who had the last follow-up on Friday. [...]

Drivers without a license and considerably under the influence of alcohol

Bocholt (ots) - On Sunday, the police were reported against 19.10 clock an apparently drunk driver in downtown Bocholt. The officers soon after confronted the 57 year-old and found that he was severely intoxicated and ineligible to drive. A criminal case was initiated and a doctor took a blood sample from the defendant in order to prove the blood alcohol concentration exactly. [...]

Pedelecs worth a total of more than 6.000 Euro stolen

Bocholt-Barlo (ots) - On Saturday evening, a couple from Bocholt against 20.00 his pedelecs in front of a restaurant on the Barloer Ring Road. Against 22.45, the victims found that their Gudereit brand black pedelecs (Premium E-08) worth more than 6.000 Euro had been stolen. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

Überlaute music yearlings cashed two ads

Bocholt (ots) - On Sunday evening, the police were called to a disturbance of the peace, which emanated from a private apartment in Bocholt-Hochfeld. The 44-year-old responsible was first reminded to rest and pointed out the consequences of another violation. Against 22.40 clock, the police had to visit the address again, because again loud music from the apartment disturbed the night's sleep of local residents. Now, a fine proceedings against the 44-year-old was initiated. During the first use, the police were loud and massively insulted by the visitors of 44-year-olds. The officers initiated a criminal case against 42-year-old Bocholter. [...]

Workshops, readings and film evenings in the Kult Westmünsterland

Circle Borken / Vreden. An exciting and varied program for young and old also presents the Kult Westmünsterland for the second half of the year. Exhibitions, workshops, readings, film evenings and much more offer rewarding events for a visit to the cultural center in Vreden for late summer, autumn and pre-Christmas time. The printed half-year program is now in the cult, in the district administration in Borken as well as in numerous museums, campsites and tourist agencies. First, everything continues to revolve around ducks: with the special exhibition DUCKOMENTA, the great works of art in world history with beak shows, with painting workshops for Children and entertaining and enlightening evening lectures on topics such as the duck as an advertising character (29 August), the great hero Donald Duck (19 September) or the idol Marylin Monroe (22 October) .From Friday, the 13. (September), the mobile art installation SALIGIA offers an encounter with artistic processing of the "Seven Deadly Sins". Accompanied by the celebrated teen book author Swantje Oppermann on Friday, 27. September, from her 2019 published bestseller "Saligia - Game of the deadly sins". At the end of the year (from 21 November) invites the specially designed special exhibition "Im Westen Neues Neues. Football - Charleston - Bobikopf "on a journey through time in the Westmünsterland of the 1920er years. With this exhibition, the cult also heralds the 2020er, because the exhibition will be on view until February of the following year. An accompanying program with film evenings, lectures and workshops completes the show. A special highlight of the second half of the year is the event with the celebrated bestselling author Tanja Kinkel on Sunday, 15. September, in the princely hall of the Ahaus castle. In a scenic reading with the accompaniment of the medieval music group Capella Antiqua Bambergensis and the soloist David Mayoral, she contributes from her novel "The Game of the Nightingale". More information on these and many other events can be found in the half-year brochure. For reservations and information the team of kult under kult@kreis-borken.de or 02564 / 9899100 are available. Guided tours through the exhibitions, but also by the Schaudepot or, for example, with an architectural focus for groups to the opening hours (Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 17 clock). There are also various educational programs for kindergartners and school classes, in the museum or in the archive. Information and appointments under Tel. 02564 / 9899100. Many more information is available at www.kult-westmuensterland.de. [...]

TSV Bocholt Rhinos are unbeaten in the summer break

Last Saturday, the footballers of TSV Bocholt defeated the guests of Duisburg Vikings with 45: 06 and thereby strengthened the first place in the table as the only unbeaten team in the league. If one is fooled by the final result one thinks that the game was a self-run one. Far from it, because the attack of the Bocholt Rhinos began as the fire department and so led the home team after a short playing time with 14: 00 (touchdowns by running back Clemens Jesse, Widereceiver Malte Stappenbeck + 2x Point After Touchdown by kicker Timo Funke), but this was due to the lack of concentration of the Duisburg Defense. Wake-up from the points of the home side showed the Duisburg then that they have prepared well and did not allow any further points of the Bocholt attacking machine. The offense of the guests seemed to wake up bright and found their way to the end zone to the interim 14: 06. At these points, it should also remain for the attack of the Duisburg, then the Rhinos Defense "the Scots tight". That the Bocholter are also set defensively well, should be clear to anyone who dares to look at the table: only 27 approved Points played in 6 league games means a point yield of 4,5 points per game for the opposing team. Defense coordinator Kai Hinrichs, by the way a Bocholtern homegrown, has trained the Rhodes defense in his first season as a coach and seems to have a good hand in selecting his players and moves. The second half began with a bang by Rhinos Defense: Defender Youri Üffing intercepted a ball from the Duisburg quarterback and returned the ball to the opposing end zone: six points for Bocholt and a so-called "Pick6" for the young rookie Üffing. Observers of the game will have legitimately wondered where the number eleven of the Bocholter had been, after all, another player played in the position of quarterback. The competition for the place in the starting lineup was won by Bocholt-born Nicolai Klein-Hitpaß, who initially ran the starting line-up for Emil Fohrer, who had played brilliantly until then. That the coaches of TSV Bocholt Rhinos had made the right choice showed in the second half of the game, because there Klein-Hitpaß literally ran away from the guests. He scored three run touchdowns, becoming the scoreboard's top scorer in his first game as a responsible quarterback, and brought 18 points to the scoreboard. The regular kicker of the Rhinos, Timo Funke, did a solid job of converting all "Points After Touchdown" and an 36 Yard Fieldgoal in the usual manner. Head coach Max Klingberg was satisfied with the play of his pupils after the match: "We are here with I would not have expected such a clear result as a winner after the first half. Especially since Duisburg has shown in the past what they are capable of, the 32: 00 victory against the Brilon Lumberjacks is no coincidence. And Herne have almost defeated the Duisburg, both teams that play up the top. Today we caught the Vikings cold at half time and did our thing. Part of that was the difficult but correct decision to make a change on the quarterback's position. Nicolai took his chance and showed us that coaches have confidence in him. At this point, I would also like to praise the work of the defense, because what the guys since every game deliver is pretty neat and hardly upgradeable. From such a defense balance I believe every team dreams and we have the luxury of calling our reality. Now we have a break of four weeks to regenerate and then we start freshly into the preparation of the second half, which starts with a blast against the Brilon Lumberjacks. "The Rhinos start the 08.09 in the second half, with their last home game this year. An appointment that you should register firmly in the calendar, because the footballers of the TSV have planned several actions with which you want to make this matchday a special one. The whole game day is under the motto: ASB / The Wümnschewagen Charity Gameday. In addition to the German Red Cross, which organizes a blood donation is also the dipping car of the ASB on site, several Kinderhüpfburgen, faces painting, the Bocholter fire department and it may also be dredged, because the new sponsor of the team HKL Baumaschinen has planned a great action. Also, Burger Nerds is on site with the Foodtruck, the cocktail ambulance has promised to come by and there is freshly draft beer on tap. Beginning of the event is from 13 clock, kick-off of the game against Brilon at 15 clock. A huge party for young and old! Photo: Middelhoff [...]