Deadly fire in the sauna club caused by intentional arson

Hamminkeln (ots) - The result of the expert and the Brandermittler from Wesel and Duisburg is clear: The fire in the Hamminkelner sauna club was created by intentional arson. The police are urgently looking for witnesses who have seen suspicious persons or who the arsonist is. The Duisburg Kriminalkommissariat 11 takes notes under 0203 280-0 or any other police department. The fire in the club on Sunday (14 July, 1: 16 clock), a 64-year-old Dutchman died in spite of resuscitation attempts of the fire department to smoke poisoning. [...]

Protect the environment and make contacts

Commitment to the environment is an important and meaningful task that also gives pleasure. The Naturschutzbund (NABU) invites you to participate. "We are a club committed to protecting the environment," says Thaddäus Bielefeld. "Young and old people, women and men work with us to get involved in plants and animals. We work in nature reserves, but we also collect garbage and inform people about nature conservation. Through our efforts we want to counteract species extinction. We are committed to more climate justice. "" Because so many different people join us, "says Thaddäus Bielefeld," we represent society. Therefore, we also cordially invite people with a migration background to join us. It is also about their environment and that of their children. "The cooperation also brings new contacts. "Look forward to the acquaintance of many interesting people and meaningful activities," says Thaddäus Bielefeld inviting. Who is interested, contacted the NABU district association Borken, An der Königsmühle 3 in Bocholt, email or [...]

Broke in practice

Bocholt (ots) - A cashbox have stolen unknown persons in the night of Tuesday during a break-in in Bocholt. The perpetrators had violently penetrated into the rooms of a practice on the cross road: they had pried open a window. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Pedelec driver slightly injured

Bocholt (ots) - A light injury and property damage in the amount of about 2.300 Euro - that is the balance of an accident that occurred on Monday in Bocholt. An 24-year-old pedelec driver collided with 14.10-year-old Bocholter's car against 69 clock at the junction Petersfeldstraße / Ruhrallee / Moselstraße. She had wanted to turn left from the Petersfeldstraße into the Ruhrallee. The cyclist from Bocholt had come to meet her. [...]

Up to 650 Euro more for baker trainees in the district of Borken

Getting up early, heat on the oven, stress at the counter: Those who take training in the bakery should not be made of sugar. But a large part of the around 120 baker trainees in Borken county can now look forward to a hefty pay lookup. Retroactively from September 2018, the training allowances in the industry have increased. This allows trainees who have not yet been paid by collective bargaining agreement to be granted retroactively up to 650 Euro. The trade union Food-Genuss-Restaurants (NGG) has pointed this out. However, budding bakers and specialist salespeople have to hurry: a large part of the claims can already expire at the end of July. [...]

Funding opportunities for inclusive projects

Borken / Borken. Some 65 representatives of sports clubs, associations and institutions as well as municipalities have informed themselves in the county house in Borken about funding opportunities for inclusive projects. In cooperation with the education office of the Borken district, the Arbeitskreis Behindertenhilfe had invited to the event as part of the project "Inclusive active". Heiner Buß, chairman of the working group Disability Assistance, welcomed the participants in the large meeting room. The event was moderated by Elisabeth Büning, Head of the Department of Education, School, Culture and Sport at the district administration. She presented various foundations for regional funding. Afterwards, speaker Rilana Tump from "Aktion Mensch" informed about funding opportunities for social projects and talked about practical examples. In particular, she focused on "microfilming", with which "Aktion Mensch" supports diverse local ideas with up to 5.000 Euro. Afterwards the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other. If you have any questions about the application for funding projects, interested parties are welcome to contact Elisabeth Büning (phone 02861 / 82-1340) or Gisela Schäpers (phone 02861 / 82-1305) from Borken . Background: With the project "Inclusive active", the working group Disability Aid in the district of Borken wants to promote activities and measures in which people meet, spend their free time together, learn something new or do sports together. With up to 500 Euro, clubs, primary and voluntary continuing education providers and non-profit organizations and institutions can be supported in their inclusive projects. The funding projects should help to break down barriers in the head, to approach people and to take them as they are. Exactly for this reason, the working group Disability Assistance wants to support institutions that offer an inclusive project - everything from theater to sports and music to a game action for children with and without disabilities is possible. In addition to leisure activities, for example, it can also be an inclusive series of seminars in the extracurricular area. The project "Inclusive active" is supported by the "Aktion Mensch" .Picture line: The organizers of the event on "Funding Opportunities for Inclusive Projects" (left to right): Gisela Schäpers (Borken district), Heiner Buß (Arbeitskreis Behindertenhilfe ), Bernhard Reining and Elisabeth Büning (both county Borken), Rilana Tump ("Aktion Mensch"), Ralf Brüchmann and Stefanie Pohl (both working group Disability Assistance) and Karin Ostendorff (county Borken). [...]

4. Inclusive Dart Tournament of the Lebenshilfe BocholtIsselburg

The coming weekend is here: under the motto "Enjoy your Game" the Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg organizes its fourth big Dart tournament. In addition to the regular disciplines, this year for the first time an inclusive company event will take place. All 16 starting places are occupied, under it company Pieron GmbH, German post office AG, Duvenbeck transport, Caisley International GmbH, AWO, life help Bocholt, Hellweg the professional trees GmbH & Co KG Bocholt, Bodòr KTM GmbH, as well as the facilities for people with disabilitiesBüngern technology and Albert-Schweitzer-Institutions for Disabled gGmbH.For the other disciplines, players from Hamburg, Essen Dortmund, Fulda and of course from our region are expected. Shortly determined can also spontaneously come by and register on site at least one hour before the start of each discipline (except company types, this can not be registered anymore). [...]

Anyone who breaks confidentiality destroys trust

A comment by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERBocholter's policy calls on the Bürgerstiftung to present new and much slimmed down plans for the planned BürgerKulturHaus in the former Schützenhaus. That's what the BBV writes today. The newspaper reports and quotes in detail from a non-public meeting of the Council of Elders of the city. Accordingly, the factions do not want to jeopardize the state funding of the now 48,5 million euro expensive town hall renovation and reject the application for the 10 million euro funding for the 16,5 million expensive community foundation plans. Thus, after the rejected Theissen solution now also the community foundation solution for the old shooting club on the loose. Let's go to the comment. To say it straight away: I am biased. As a convinced founder and as a shooter, I personally support the community foundation plans. Because, in my opinion, it would be a good idea to create a big house with a large hall for numerous cultural and traditional clubs, carnivals, stages and choirs. Their committees today often meet in back rooms of restaurants. And the active people often have to practice their hobbies in only suitably suitable rooms in Barlo, Spork, Herzebocholt or even Wesel. As a citizen of this city, I am also convinced that Bocholt needs a large hall - both as a location factor and for social life , It can not be that future generations with the last impression in the study or education are dismissed, Bocholt is such a Kaff that you can not even celebrate a proper school ball. This will take revenge if Bocholt companies have to compete even more for new blood in a few years. "Nörgens bäter as in Bokelt" will be a joke to whole student generations. The volunteers are more likely to meet the behavior of the city council. For many, politics is no longer a reliable partner. And for the following reasons. Both the Theissen solution and the community foundation solution to tilt and then - as the CDU parliamentary group leader Burkhard Weber, whose faction has contributed to this mess much - just times smugly and hopplahopp demand new plans, is a joke , The board members and volunteers, who (unlike the local politicians) receive no allowances or attendance fees up to 400 Euro, have invested countless hours in plans, arrangements, negotiations and discussions over the years. The behavior of politics is a resounding slap in the face for them. The parliamentary groups suggest that the BürgerKulturHaus plans would jeopardize the renovation of the town hall. That is simply wrong. The BürgerKulturHaus plans endanger only the state promotion of the Ratshaussanierung. Exactly two years ago, when the costs of renovating the town hall were still at 37,5 million euros, there was no talk of state funding and the BürgerKulturHaus was not endangered. But as soon as Dusseldorf beckons with money, the renovation of the town hall suddenly becomes eleven million euros more expensive. Ten million of them (exactly the sum that the community foundation would need as a subsidy) are allocated to a new, additional staggered storey on the landmarked town hall. For this squat but not even the economic benefits are proven, so that its meaning must be called into doubt. Unbelievable how administration and policy again and again try to manipulate public opinion, in the confidential discussions and non-public meetings even of top-level committees targeted details are blurred and information is scattered. This is shabby and discredits the entire city council. Anyone who breaks the promised confidentiality destroys trust - and definitely. A compromise would have been possible. The Civic Foundation dils their BürgerKulturHaus plans and council as well as administration on their part of the town hall renovation plans. Already there would have been money for both projects. But in the end, many citizens are left with the bitter impression that their painstakingly devised project is being sacrificed for an overpriced noble variant of the new town hall. Tonight at 19 o'clock the persons concerned meet in the Gasthaus Zur Glocke. The meeting is public. Everyone can come. [...]

Bulky refuse exchange: Useful now still at the ESB leave

Bocholt (PID). On Saturday, 27. July 2019, invites the waste consultancy of the waste disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) to browse the bulky refuse exchange. From 10 to 12 clock may then be looked at the premises on the Schaffeldstraße after exciting finds. Currently the preparations are taking place. Anyone who still has something useful to offer can now bring it to the ESB, so that it may find a new owner on the stock exchange. So that an extensive offer comes together, the recycling center staff will look for things that are suitable for sale on the bulky refuse exchange. In addition to Bocholt's typical bicycles, children's toys, decorative items, furniture and knickknacks are also collected for sale. "The best way to sell is according to experience, the small Schätzkes, which you can easily transport home," says waste consultant Petra Tacke. Not suitable are electrical appliances and broken furniture. The things can be delivered to the opening hours of the recycling yard. The decision as to whether something is suitable for the bulky waste exchange is made by the recycling plant employees. The ESB asks to deliver small parts in sturdy and lockable boxes in order to be able to store and transport them carefully. "Open pans and boxes are unsuitable," says Tacke.Resolution for charitable organizationThe delivery of old things for the bulky waste exchange, you have several positive effects: You get rid of old unused things, the sweets and the card in the sense of sustainability has a chance re-use and the proceeds will benefit a charitable institution. Waste consultant Tacke will answer any questions you may have by phone. 02871 2463-24.Opening hours Recycling Center: Closed on MondaysTuesday to Friday: 9: 00 - 18: 00 ClockSayday: 9: 00 - 13: 00 Clock [...]

Swing and jazz in the historic village complex

Münsterland / Altenberge. Well-known swing and own jazz compositions - this is how "The Twins - Jazzuniversität" has been convincing its audience for many years. Now they come to Altenberge: at Stening's barn, on the historic village grounds, in Altenberge they enter on Sunday, 21. July, a concert within the series "Trumpet Tree & Violin Fig - Music in Gardens and Parks in Münsterland". The musical afternoon starts at 16 o'clock. Then, against 17.30 clock, a tour through the area of ​​the home club, Friedhofstraße 9, offered in Altenberge.Seit more than 15 years make "The Gemini - Jazzuniversität" together music. Besides Ritski Bracht on saxophone and Gerd Bracht on double bass, these are Matthias Fleige (trombone, guitar), Aaron Schrade (drums) and Winne Voget (piano, accordion). Where the charming jazz formation around the twins Bracht appears, the air vibrates. With a smile, they present their jazz, somewhere between swing, blues, Dixieland and more. The special feature: in addition to their own band compositions, saxophonist Ritski Bracht sings self-written, sometimes idiosyncratic, but always highly entertaining lyrics to well-known swing titles. If you like charming, decent to wildly concertante jazz, you must not miss the "Gemins Jazzuniversität". For the concert, visitors can take a little time travel this time: On the site of the Heimatverein Altenberge, they will find themselves in a lovingly restored, ancient village complex, the with home town, granary and bakery and a guardian station in former times kidnapped. Since last year, the historic timber-framed barn Stening with its picturesque farm garden has been rounding off the ensemble. In addition, a tree nature trail lures, which starts directly at the park of the home association. The barn is of particular importance for the history of Altenberg. Originally located on a trade route between Enschede and Münster, it made a stop here and changed horses. At its new location on the site of the Heimatverein, it now houses a Center for Genealogy and Local History. "Trumpet Tree & Violin Fig" is a joint project of the four Münsterland districts Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt and Warendorf. The organization is taken over by the cultural department of the district Borken and Münsterland eV together. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia supports "Trumpet Tree and Violin Fig" with funds from the "Regional Cultural Policy" funding program. The concert in Altenberge takes place in cooperation with the Heimatverein Altenberge. Tickets for the concert on Sunday, 21. July, there is at the box office from 15 clock. The entrance fee is ten euros. Discounts are available for students, apprentices and students. Ticket orders are also at Münsterland eV - Tourism Center on the free service hotline 0800-9392919 (Mondays to Fridays from 9 to 17 clock) possible. There is also more information there. The program of the music series can also be found on the Internet at Information is available on the day of the event under Tel. 0172-4338268. [...]