Breakdance, Hiphop and HulaHoop

Breakdance, Hiphop and HulaHoop Dance are on Thursday, 18. July, from 16 clock in the textile factory (throttle room) to see the Industriestraße. 40 young people have trained with the Bocholt Showfactory. Anyone who wants can watch the colorful show. Admission is free. [...]

Fund list June 2019 released

Bocholt (PID). Many personal belongings were reported to the Bocholter Lost Property Bureau in June 2019. In the current extract of the Lists list you will find glasses, cell phones or jewelery. In addition, five men's and six women's bikes as well as a youth and a BMX bike and a pedelec were reported as found. Four cats, three birds, a dog and a ferret had to be temporarily housed in the shelter. If you have lost something, you can contact the Bürgerbüro der Stadt Bocholt at Tel. 02871 953-366 or -365. [...]

Stadtsparkasse sells rear partial areas at Neutorplatz for residential development

After the new building of Peek & Cloppenburg and the main office of Stadtsparkasse Bocholt are currently being implemented, the rear part of the property has now been projected and sold to two interested parties. This is from a press release of the financial institute hervor.Erwerber the plots with a total size of about 2200 square meters are therefore in two subplots of the Aa-Uferhaus GmbH & Co. KG and the Ostermann Daxenberger asset management GBR. Two residential buildings will be built on the land directly on the Bocholter Aa and the Kreuzstraße.The building on the Kreuzstraße with a total of eleven rental units and a commercial unit on the ground floor is created by the Ostermann Daxenberger asset management GBR. The rental apartments have a size of about 75 to 115 square meters, the commercial unit a usable area of ​​about 260 square meters.In the second residential building in the direction of Bocholter Aa, in the so-called Uferhaus, a total of 22 residential units in the form of condominiums with a size of about 85 to 165 square meters. This building is designed by Aa-Uferhaus GmbH & Co. KG.All apartments are characterized by their own and individual equipment and have a common underground car park with approximately 60 parking spaces. Access to the intersection will be via the public underground car park, which is located under the municipal savings bank and P & C buildings. The parking spaces allocated to the new apartments are located in a subarea that has been closed to the public underground car park. The Bocholt-based construction company Te Strote creates the shell for both residential buildings on behalf of the two architectural firms Winkelmann & Matzken ImmobilienCenter of Stadtsparkasse Bocholt available. The transfer of the plot to the new owners is scheduled for January 2020. At present, the construction containers and the material for the new buildings of the municipal savings bank and P & C building are still placed here. Shortly after the handover of the property, the start of construction is planned, so that completion of both buildings is already expected in the middle of 2021. [...]

Drove against the lantern

Bocholt (ots) - A damaged lamppost has left an unknown on Wednesday in Bocholt after an accident. The accident occurred against 11.15 clock at the confluence of the casino wall in the church street. The polluter left without having fulfilled his legal duties. The resulting property damage is approximately at 2.000 Euro. The police asks for information to the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Double secured pedelec stolen at Liebfrauenplatz

Bocholt (ots) - A pedelec worth about 2.500 Euro stole a stranger on Wednesday in Bocholt. The owner had parked it against 09.30 clock on Liebfrauenplatz. She claims to have locked the rear wheel and attached the wheel itself to a fence with a chain. When she returned to 10.15 clock, the green-painted Batavus Altura women's electric bike was no longer found. The police asks for information to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Black painted polo stolen in Suderwick

Bocholt (ots) - Unknown stole a car in the night to Wednesday in Bocholt-Suderwick. The black-painted vehicle of the type VW 6R (Polo) with BOH registration had stood in front of a residential building on Kerkpatt. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Wiegel vs. Schmidt: duel for the SPD mayoral candidate

BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERin the Bocholt SPD has launched a duel for mayoral candidature. After faction leader Peter Wiegel - at that time to the surprise of the comrades - had already thrown his hat into the ring last November, now Martin Schmidt wants to compete. The 51-year-old scientific lecturer of the textile factory is a prime candidate of the party's internal selection committee, which is majority behind the 51 year old. That is probably in the SPD to a basic decision, either by a city association meeting or by a primary vote. Schmidt should also be favorite here, as the outcome of the most recent local party convention suggests. At that time, Wiegel had been repudiated his followers in the elections to the board with back seats. Actually, the internal search committee had the succession of mayor Peter Nebelo only on 20. Want to announce July. But the decision was leaked a week earlier. "I was asked if I wanted to run for office and I signed up to the commission. Somehow that was then forced out, "Schmidt now told Made in Bocholt. The curator and museum educator was himself a member of the" search team "and enjoys in the local council of his party as a secretary great support. He is also politically active as a knowledgeable citizen. Peter Wiegel, on the other hand, is well networked, well-known and has many years of experience in the town council meeting. It is likely to be when one of the two wins the party-internal race and the loser - as a free candidate - nevertheless should take part in the mayoral election. A similar constellation had been given to 2004. At that time failed CDU candidate Klaus Ehling in the first ballot with 49,6 percent of the votes extremely close, because he had taken with the former city director Hans-Josef Dahlen another conservative who probably decisive votes. In the runoff lost Ehling then against Peter Nebelo (SPD). [...]

Realization: "You really need the 'Theorem of Pythagoras' and the 'Raysets'!"

Borken County. "The 'Pythagorean theorem' and the 'sets of sentences' are really needed!" This was the first finding that students of the 9 grade of the Mariengarden High School in Borken-Burlo now have on a visit from surveyors of the department shortly before the summer holidays Geoinformation and real estate cadastre of the district administration Borken in their school could win. The second one quickly followed: the professional field of surveyors and geomatics is extremely versatile. The quintessence of this for some of the young people was therefore: An internship at the district could be interesting and give further information for their own career orientation. Not least to give such impetus, were surveying engineer Markus Gröper, surveying engineer Michael Gesicki, the two apprentices Nele Dahlhues and Johannes Rewer and Training Manager Bernd Finke in the "Week of Geodesy" in the high school as a guest. The contact was mediated by the Burlo math teacher Boris Engels. In the foreground, however, was the general topic of geodesy and geoinformation. The geodata atlas of the circle ( with its aerial photographs and digital maps was presented on different topics. After the theoretical part everybody went to "fresh air". In the open air, pupils were taught the "Pythagorean theorem" and the "sets of radiation" in measuring exercises with the help of angled prism and espagnolettes. In addition, they were given an overview of today's measuring instruments, such as total station (electronic angle and distance measuring device) and GPS. [...]

Bocholt receives 8,89 million euros to build the learning structure

Bocholt (PID). Happy message from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia: Bocholt receives funding of 8,89 million for the conversion of the old Herding building into a learning facility. In this building, in the future, municipal facilities such as adult education center, music school or even the young university will move in. At the same time, ateliers for the free cultural and artistic scene are planned there. "With the funding decision for the construction of the learning plant, the state is assuming 60% of the construction and planning costs. We can now start implementing it. We are currently preparing the building application. In the year 2021 the Lernwerk is to be finished ", explains city building officer Daniel Zöhler." Total financing secured "Peter Nebelo, mayor of the city Bocholt, is pleased about the grant commitment:" the country NRW and the district government Münster, also over a long period, shown as reliable project partners. I am pleased that with this grant we were able to secure the overall financing of the kubaai project. "The building is located in the so-called" Culture and Education Quarter Bocholter Aa and Industriestraße ", in short" kubaai ". The city wants to revive this old industrial wasteland between downtown and Aasee. In the year 2018, the city of Bocholt, in cooperation with Stadtquartiere Bocholt (SQB), completed the first phase of construction and marketed the first construction sites for residential development (see 10 press release April 2019). In addition, the podium bridge was completed. [...]

Motorists tested positive for cocaine

Bocholt (ots) - A drug test was positive for cocaine and the cannabis drug THC. For an 32-year-old driver, this resulted in the prohibition of driving on and a blood sample from a doctor. Police officers had found this during a traffic check against 23.15 Watch on Westend Road. The officials initiated a fine procedure. [...]

Police find six grams of marijuana in the car driver

Bocholt (ots) - Police inspected an 03.00 year old car driver in the night of Wednesday against 36 clock on the Münsterstraße. In the woman's car, the officers found around 6 grams of marijuana and the 36 year-old admitted to having smoked a joint a few hours earlier. The officials prohibited the onward journey and initiated a fine procedure. A doctor took a blood sample from the woman in order to prove the drug use exactly. [...]

Burglary in shop of shopping arcades

Bocholt (ots) - In the night of Friday, burglars opened a side door and got into the shopping arcades. Subsequently, the perpetrator entered a door of a shop and entered it. Whether something was stolen is not yet known. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

CDU Bocholt North-West welcomes the completion of the refurbishment of the multipurpose strip on Dinxperloer Straße

Since 2009, the CDU local association Bocholt North-West is engaged in the rehabilitation of the multipurpose strip on Dinxperloer Straße (L 602) between the Bussardweg and the Holtwicker Bach. Since this is a state road, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is responsible for the construction project. So far, unfortunately, missed the state funds. The good contact of the CDU local association to the Minister of Transport Hendrik Wüst has managed to clarify the need for the rehabilitation of the multipurpose strip. The priority of the measure was upgraded byStreet.NRW and in March 2019 the funds could be provided to the cityBocholt, which was then also charged with the planning and implementation. After just two months of construction, the renovation is completed and the now designated cycle and footpath is released for traffic again. The CDU Bocholt North-West is pleased that the measure could be implemented quickly and without friction and the safety for the cyclists and pedestrians at this point again is guaranteed. [...]

Community Foundation does not want to change Schützenhaus plans - now comes the foreclosure sale

The community foundation sticks to its BürgerKulturHaus idea. After years of intensive and time-consuming preparation, it was not possible to significantly reduce the plans in a short time - as was sometimes demanded by politicians - the chairman of the board of trustees Karl-Heinz Bollmann declared at the end of an information event last night. A reduction of the hall or the absence of rooms for the Bocholter clubs not only the sense but above all the much needed profitability of the entire project in question, said the savings bank director on. However, the policy persisted despite loud and persistent demands of some guests for a solution of the rifle house problem and pointed to the lack of money. Now it will finally come in August to a forced by the city of Bocholt first compulsory auction date. So far, the savings bank for the insolvent Brauhaus GmbH had always jumped in and had met the demands for the real estate tax. It was sometimes high in the crowded hall of the restaurant Zur Glocke. Here, community foundation chairman Marcus Suttmeyer reviewed the past few years. He then called for discussion. The group leaders of SPD (Peter Wiegel), CDU (Burkhard Weber), Greens (Vera Timotijevic), and Free Greens / Die Linke (Frank Büning) made it clear why the city will not apply for the land subsidy for the BürgerKulturHaus believed safe. "The policy has set other priorities," said Peter Wiegel. According to the money is initially required for the now 48,5 million euro expensive city hall renovation. That's what was criticized by critics. The many volunteers from many clubs after years so let down, was a huge disappointment, so Rolf Souilljee from NaBu Bocholt. "The Bocholter want such a hall," meanwhile Hans-Josef van Hüth (Free Green / The Left) and encouraged a referendum. Politics sought a compromise and offered to discuss stripped and cheaper solutions quite again , But this met with great skepticism. Many stakeholders seem to have lost faith in the Council's desire to find a solution. For five years, everyone was able to support all imaginable solutions, only to fail at the veto of politics shortly before they could be realized. "Once again, our members will not join in," said Berthold Blesenkemper, chairman of the St. Georgius-Schützen klar.Da other donors apparently have lost patience and are no longer willing to start over again, it will be in August probably finally come to a first compulsory auction date. Under the hammer is not about the building or the property, but only the leasehold of insolvent Brauhaus GmbH. Potential buyers could then be real estate funds or other speculators. [...]

Play "Hare and Hedgehog" in the district Borken

Borken County. Fairy tales connect epochs and generations by communicating the values ​​and self-understanding of the communities. For millennia, they have conveyed social principles - often more impressively than written rules. With the aim to strengthen integration processes and cultural education as well as to promote the linguistic competence of immigrant children in particular, the municipal integration centers of the counties Borken, Coesfeld and Steinfurt now presented the play "Hare und Hedgehog". Nearly 250 children from different countries of origin attended the six performances in the district in Bocholt, Borken, Gescher, Gronau and Stadtlohn together with their parents and carers. The play "Hare and Hedgehog" shows that everyone with a healthy self-esteem, intellect and Teamwork can become the winner. Through the combination of language and pantomime the fairy tale was understandable for all children regardless of language skills and origin. With only a few tools, the theater duo "Max Gaudio" managed to thrill young and old viewers. [...]