Number of church exits in the diocese of Münster 2018 rises to 11442

The number of church exits in the diocese of Münster in the year 2018 increased compared to the previous year: 11.442 Catholics declared their resignation, that was 2.746 more than in the previous year. 369 Persons who had once left the church once again entered the Catholic Church in the diocese of Münster last year, in addition to 210 entries from other Christian denominations. Like the Episcopal Press Office at 19. July in Münster further announced 2018 in the diocese of 14.565 people have been added to the church by baptism, 131 more than 2017. The current number of Catholics in the bishopric was 2017 at 1,85 million, that is around 20.000 less than a year earlier. Münster is the second largest diocese in Germany behind the Archdiocese of Cologne. Last year, there was a marked decline in the Diocese of Münster among the people who attend the fair on Sundays. 2018 were 149.731 Catholics (8,1 percent), making 17.161 less than last year. There were also declines at confirmations (2018: 12.189; 2017: 13.006) and first communions (2018: 14.713; 2017: 15.436). The number of church weddings (plus 3.682) and those of 35 (plus 20.517) increased slightly compared to the previous year with 519. The Bishop of Münster, Dr. med. Felix Genn, explains to the numbers: "The numbers can not be nicely explained. People are voting with their feet as to whether they believe us to be believable and trustworthy, and whether the fellowship in the Catholic Church appears to them in principle to be necessary for a good and successful life. Unfortunately, this is no longer true for many. We've lost relevance to people's lives. Sure, the results of the study on sexual abuse in the church published last year have been the triggering moment for many people to say: now it's enough for me. We can not undo the crimes committed by priests on children and adolescents. We can only do everything in our power to ruthlessly work through the past and to let victims know that they are the focus of the work-up. And, of course, we must do everything we can to prevent sexual abuse in the future: from prevention efforts to changes in the systemic factors that favor sexual abuse in the church. The exit figures also show that if we are not very soon just wanting to be a small minority remain big challenges that we want to take courageously. Not just to run after the zeitgeist, but to be a church in time and with people. We should do that, not for our own sake, but for the sake of the people for whom and with whom we are church. People need to know that we are ready to dialogue and change, that we do not want to focus on ourselves, but that we want to be there for them. We want to be an open, adaptable and humble church. We want to be a church that enriches life and serves people. We have to succeed better than in the past. "[...]

Excessive drug abuse and a lot of crimes: Police take 20köpfige youth gang in Gronau

Years ago, the so-called "BSG clique" formed in Gronau. The received increasing influx of adolescents and children. Regular meeting point of the clique was a playground on the eponymous BSG pond next to the former LAGA site, but also the quarry pond on the Schieferkuhle. The group consisted of more than 20 persons and developed more and more gang.The few adults were mostly without fixed residence, lived on the street and did not go to school or work. They have, as well as several young people from the group, repeatedly criminalized. The group also included six children, three of whom had been repeatedly reported missing and at times with the other group members on the street or Transitional residences lived. After the investigation of the Kripo all group members, including the children, consumed drugs - in addition to so-called. soft drugs also XTC, Speed ​​and LSD. The group members committed a variety of offenses (eg Shoplifting, burglary and robbery), many of which are used to finance daily necessities of life. We already reported on a few cases. Thus, several vehicles (scooters, cars, delivery vans, RVs) were stolen in different compositions in Gronau, Ochtrup and Borghorst. Without a license, it then went on "jaunts", which was fueled repeatedly without paying. In one case, the perpetrators were taken on such a "jaunt" on the way to the North Sea in Papenburg, another "jaunt" with a stolen car ended with an accident between Ochtrup and Gronau.Am 15. In May 2019 members of the group had stolen a motorhome in Gronau and had driven through Gronau (several drivers). The trip went to Rheine and then back to Epe to pick up another group member from the school there. There, the perpetrators were checked by the police and arrested or handed over to the parents / youth welfare office. At 26. Mail 2019 robbed an 19 year old from the group of a teenager whose bike. He hit and kicked the teenager several times in the face. The suspect was arrested the next day by the police and presented to the magistrate at the request of the prosecutor. Since then, the 19 year old is in custody. According to the current state of investigation, the group members not only consumed excessively drugs, but also traded with them. In this regard, investigations into 45 criminal cases under the Narcotics Act are still ongoing. Overall, the complex and intensive investigations of the police led to criminal proceedings against approx. 50 Persons aged 11 to 19 years from Gronau and the Steinfurt district "We have consistently counteracted the activities of the group," said Kriminalhauptkommissar Volker Hoffmann of the Gronauer Kripo: "In addition to the prosecution and prevention of crimes was especially the Probably the children and adolescents in the foreground, who were seriously endangered as a result of the massive use of drugs and alcohol, but also because of the jaunts and dealing with criminals. I would like to emphasize in this context the very close and good cooperation with the youth welfare office of the city of Gronau and the schools. The affected families could be offered professional help in this way. "The consistent approach in cooperation with other authorities now led to the fact that the group no longer exists as such and in this context, no more crimes have become known. [...]

25 safety gate stolen for construction sites

Bocholt (ots) - 25 safety barriers for construction sites stole unknown persons in the night of Friday in Bocholt-Stenern. The grates had stood in different places on Winterswijker Street. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]