Brauhaus project threatens to fail: Social list Bocholt calls for municipal event hall for Bocholt

Press releaseBrauhaus project threatens to fail: Social list Bocholt calls for municipal event hall for BocholtNachdem the brewery project seems to be threatened with failure, raises the voters community Social List Bocholt again the question of whether on the Kubaai site an event hall can be integrated to the need for events for example for school and club celebrations, corporate events and comedy events. The voters' community has submitted an appropriate council request to the mayor's office, Peter Nebelo, which they will meet in the main committee meeting on 11. Rainer Sauer (Chairman) now wants to know if the administration sees the need for an event hall and how she wants to deal with it and explains: "A city of the order of magnitude like Bocholt with 73000 inhabitants may not look at itself the Bocholt citizens must look for event locations. If the city wants to keep its inhabitants together and provide you with a forum for leisure and culture, it has to be active here and act as a motor and function. So far, the focus has been more on major projects that citizens are rather opposed to. Even the Kubaai Bridge for around 2,5 million euros is not well received by the population. And, of course, the renovation of the town hall could have turned out to be a few numbers smaller, for some 45 million euros. In the future, politics and administration must see the whole picture when it comes to distributing taxpayers' money. People in our city should not feel any longer that "there is money for everything, but it's about the common good, there are neither resources nor funds available." To a family and citizen-friendly Bocholt also includes an event hall. To do this, the administration must now become active and tackle this as the top priority. A "no" would be a wrong and devastating signal here. After all, Bocholt is a city and not a village. Also, the provision of an event hall is a contribution to business development and so practically a must. In the main committee meeting, the Social Lisle also wants to know whether alternative city theater could be expanded. Or: What other possibilities exist to set up an event hall? "[...]

Pastor Hogenkamp returns to Bocholt

To the 1. In August Pastor Dieter Hogenkamp leaves the parish of St. Vitus in Olfen. From the 15. In September, the 58-year-old will take up his ministry as pastor in St. Josef in his hometown Bocholt. Hogenkamp was on 7. June 1992 ordained priest in St. Paul's Cathedral in Münster. There followed stations as a chaplain in Marl and Coesfeld. His first pastorate was in the parish of St. Norbert in Bocholt. 2003 was commissioned by Hogenkamp to work in the Department of Community Development and Pastoral Cooperation in the Department of Pastoral Care in the Episcopate General Vicariate in Münster. 2010 was Hogenkamp in the parish of St. Marien in Marl-Lenkerbeck and from 2011 in St. Antonius in Gronau as Vicarius Cooperator with the Title Pastor active. For four years he worked as a pastor with the title of pastor in the parish of St. Viktor in Dülmen, which was merged from six parishes in January 2014. In September 2017 he was introduced as a senior pastor in the parish of St. Vitus in Olfen. © Pfarrei St. Vitus / Fotostudio Nolte [...]

Man shoves 34 yearlings in approaching train - victim dies

On Saturday against 08: 49 o'clock, a man pushed an 34-year-old woman, who was waiting for the train on the platform in Voerde, to be pushed into the track bed just in front of an incoming regional express. The woman was overrun and died despite rescue by the fire department and initiated resuscitation by the ambulance still on site. The alleged perpetrator, a police-trained 28-year-old from Hamminkeln, was held by witnesses until the arrival of the police and then arrested. The facts of the case are determined by a murder commission of the police headquarters Duisburg. The train driver as well as witnesses of the incident as well as the relatives of the victim are cared for pastoral care. The railway line had to be closed for the duration of the recovery and forensics. For railway travelers a rail replacement traffic was established. [...]

Teenager shows two girls in a shameful way

Bocholt (ots) - In the vicinity of two ten-year-old girls, a stranger has shown on Friday in Bocholt in a shaming manner. The perpetrator sat against 20.00 clock on a bench in a parking lot on the clear road when it came to the incident. Description: 15 to 18 years old, about 1,70 meters tall, short brow styled hair, wearing a short knee-length trousers in dark blue color, a dark blue T-shirt and black Nike brand shoes. The stranger carried a black backpack with him. He finally took off with a dark Dutch wheel towards Klarastrasse. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Bicycle thief steals pedelec

Bocholt (ots) - A pedelec worth several thousand euros stole a stranger on Friday in Bocholt. The two-wheeler Gazelle Arroyo C7 + HMB Elite had been locked between 09.45 clock and 14.10 clock on the Berliner Platz. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Thieves came into the house via the balcony

Bocholt (ots) - A laptop and two handbags with papers and keys stole strangers from a flat in Bocholt on Saturday night. The perpetrators had risen to the balcony of a house on the Böwings Stegge. They entered the rooms through a balcony door that had been open for ventilation. The police asks for information to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Parked cars damaged

Bocholt (ots) - A damage in the amount of about 1.000 Euro has left an unknown on Friday in Bocholt after an accident. The damaged yellow painted Skoda Rapid had stood between 05.30 clock and 13.30 clock on the Münsterstrasse. The polluter left without having fulfilled his legal duties. The police asks for information to the traffic commissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) 2990. [...]

Summer tip: Aasee with bathing and live music

It is summer. You want to go outside, in the fresh air and in the sun. What beautiful places are there in Bocholt, which invite you to? A place is the Aasee. It originated before 36 years ago from a big excavator hole. The lake is 32 acres, almost as tall as 45 football fields, and up to six feet deep. Many people go for a walk, often with their dogs. Or they jog. There is a bike path, and you can grill there too. A lap around the lake is about three kilometers long. Now in summer, it is a lot of fun to ride a pedal boat or book standup paddling. And you can also bathe in the Aasee. There is even a beach for that. Lifeguards of the DLRG pay attention and are in action when something should happen while swimming. The entrance is free. At the beach you can lie on a lawn in the sun. There are beach chairs for that. If you want, you can bring a blanket or a lounger. There are shower and changing rooms and a photo box, which can be photographed as a group. You can buy drinks or something to eat: at the beach bar or in Traber Bocholter beach cafe, which was previously known under the name Ottilie. Here you can have breakfast extensively, chat over coffee and cake or enjoy other food and drinks. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9.30 to 22, Sundays from 9.30 to 21 o'clock. This summer there is a special offer in and at the beach cafe: Every second Wednesday of the month, the "Aasee Sunsets" start here in the early evening. Then singers, songwriters and musicians, who have made a name for themselves in Bocholt and the surrounding area or are regarded as talented up-and-coming artists, appear on a small stage right on the water. In the end, the audience on the beach experiences the most beautiful sunset far and wide. All this with free admission. Every second Thursday of the month there is also music, drinks and food at the "Afterbeats am See" at the same time of the evening. Even if the weather is not so good, there are always a lot of guests, and there is a good atmosphere like the last time Stefan Passerschröer sang the songs of Frank Sinatra. The Aasee can be reached via Uhlandstraße or Königsbronn, Strand and Strandcafé also over the Hohenhorster Straße - on foot, by bike or by car. On Wednesday, 24. July is a new episode of the "Aasee Sunsets" instead of - with live singing of "Onion & the Mana Manas". [...]