Violoncello donated by Bocholtern arrived in Lithuania

Bocholt (EUBOH). The cello returned more than 1.800 kilometers in the car of Bocholt's Stefan Schmeink before it arrived in the town of Naujoji Akmene (Lithuania), which is friendly with Bocholt. Now the time had come: The musical instrument, a donation from the Parents and Friends of the Music School Bocholt eV, was able to attend the town hall of the city of Naujoji Akmene at [...]

Youth Leadership Training 2019: Only a few remaining places left!

Bocholt (PID). The Department of Youth, Family, School and Sport of the City of Bocholt again offers a training course for budding youth group leaders. The training takes place from the 29. November 2019 to 1. December 2019 and 13. December 2019 to 15. December 2019 each held from Fridays to Sundays. There are still a few places left. Interested parties can sign up to the 31. August 2019 with Nicole van Baal, Tel. 02871 953-525, report. Maximum 20 persons from the 16. Year of life, which are mostly different youth associations and clubs, can participate in the extensive, very practical and entertaining training for youth leaders. Speaker is the experienced media educator and trainer for adult education in communication, play and experiential education, Willi Kisters from Sonsbeck.40 LessonsThe course includes 40 lessons with the following contents: Supervision, Liability and InsuranceGroupsDynamic ProcessesProtection of YouthAccident ControlLeading Styles and Moderation TechniquesPlanning and Conducting MeasuresPublic RelationsPlay PedagogySelf-understanding as leader or leader / Authority of the Headmistress / Child - endangerment / Federal Child Protection LawGuided Lessons and Holiday Games Independent educationThe comprehensive training enables the trained youth group leaders to lead future youth groups responsibly and independently. This applies to both group lessons, as well as for youth recreation and Ferienspiele.Die training for young people is, in addition to the proof of completion of the first aid course, a prerequisite for the exhibition of the Jugendleiter-Card (JuLeiCa, The Jugendleiter-Card is the nationwide uniform ID card for volunteers and employees in youth work. It serves as legitimation and as proof of qualification. In addition, the Youth Leadership Card should also express the social recognition for volunteer work. [...]

Rock and pop at the old village store

Münsterland / Telgte-Westbevern. Many well-known melodies that have been heard over the past 50 years on the radio, there is the next concert in the series "Trumpet tree & violin fig - music in gardens and parks in the Münsterland". The trio "EASY COVER compact" comes on Sunday, 18. July, with a wide repertoire of rock and pop to Telgte-Westbevern, to the village store. The musical program starts at 16 clock. Then, against 17.30 clock, a tour of the area around the village store at the village square, Grevener Straße, in Westbevern offered. Three musicians of the known in the Münsterland quintet "EASY COVER" have now formed into a trio - "EASY COVER compact ". With two guitars, bass and vocals, Johannes Drees, Martje Saljé and Clemens Homann present well-known rock and pop songs by greats like The Beatles, Eric Clapton or even Amy Macdonald. So you can look forward to a broad mix of the rock and pop world of the last 50 years. The old village store was built after the redesign of the Westbevern village square in the Beveraue. Originally located on the farm Nünning in Wiewelhook, the timber storage 1990 was mined, processed and then rebuilt on the village square. The official completion and handover took place during a village festival in October 1992. Today, the village store serves the West Bavarians as a popular place for numerous gatherings and festivals and invites with its beautiful surroundings and its pavilion for walking and lingering. "Trumpet Tree & Violin Fig" is a joint project of the four Münsterlandkreisen Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt and Warendorf. The cultural department of the district Borken takes over together with Münsterland eV the organization. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia supports "Trumpet Tree and Violin Fig" with funds from the "Regional Cultural Policy" funding program. The concert in Westbevern takes place in cooperation with the Westbeverner Krink eV of 1988 and "Tourismus + Kultur" Telgte. Tickets for the concert on Sunday, 28. July, there is at the box office from 15 clock. The entrance fee is ten euros. Discounts are available for students, apprentices and students. Tickets can also be ordered from Münsterland eV - Tourismus-Center under the free 0800-9392919 service hotline (Monday through Friday from 9 to 17). There is also more information there. The program of the music series can also be found on the Internet at Information is available on the day of the event under Tel. 0172-4338268. Parking facilities are either at the village store or at the nearby cemetery (about 200 meters walk). In bad weather, the concert will take place in the neighboring church of St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian. [...]

Car on the side street wantonly damaged

Bocholt (ots) - In the period from Saturday, 00.00 clock, to Sunday, 05.00 clock, a parked car was vandalized on the vine road. The right side mirror was assigned and the passenger door scratched. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990.

Batsmen attack couple and beat on woman

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Sunday, an 19-year-old Bocholter and an 28-year-old Bocholter were walking on the street "At the Synagogue" against 06.30 Watch. They passed a group of five men who appeared to be arguing and insulting 28-year-olds. The two injured did not respond to the provocations and wanted to escape from the threatening situation. They were caught by the thugs and immediately physically attacked. The perpetrators kicked and beat while the young woman, even when this was lying on the ground. The rescue service brought the 19-year-old to the hospital, where she was hospitalized. The 28-year-old, who had defended himself against the attackers, suffered minor injuries. According to the injured party, the perpetrators had an Arab appearance, three wore a full beard and two a three-day beard. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990. [...]

NGG warns of pub dying in Borken district

Bar in danger: Within ten years, 122 Gastro businesses in Borken county have closed. Between 2007 and 2017, every fifth restaurant, pub or ice cream parlor has closed. Most recently, the 524 circle counted gastronomic establishments, as the union announces Food-Genuss-Restaurants. The NGG Münsterland relies here on numbers of the Statistical Office - and warns of another pub dying. "From the football night in the bar to the kale meal with the sports club - the gastronomy stands for a piece of quality of life," says NGG CEO Helge Adolphs. With the plant closures not only an important part of everyday culture is at stake. There are also many jobs in the region in danger. Adolphs is responsible for the trend, among other things, the harsh working conditions in the industry. "At night and at the weekend to stand behind the counter, many do not want more. That's why the industry is already struggling with a shortage of skilled workers, "said the trade unionist. A decisive remedy against "gastro-dying" is therefore to make the industry more attractive in terms of wages and working conditions. With a collective bargaining agreement, which applies NRW-wide for all restaurants and restaurants, one made here "an important step". However, many more restaurateurs would have to stick to it. But even the hosts themselves often lack a successor to continue the business, according to Adolphs. "In addition, the restaurateurs have to hedge against bankruptcies. This includes the necessary business know-how. Just as original ideas on how to make a restaurant a meeting place for young people. "The union NGG also sees the consumers in the responsibility. "Instead of drinking the after-work beer at home, you can just go back to the pub. This is fun and sociable, "said Adolphs weiter.In the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of gastro-businesses fell according to the statistics office since 2007 back by just over eleven percent. By then around 28.000 restaurants, pubs and restaurants were in the penultimate year only 24.900 open. [...]

For the anniversary, exceptionally four days wine festival

A fixed entry in the diary of many Bocholter and their guests is the Bocholt Wine Festival, which takes place this year for the first time and once on four days. Already to the 25. Eight winemakers from the Palatinate come to Bocholt and transform St. Georg-Platz into a small wine village on these four days. The wine festival will be held on Thursday, 25, for the 25 anniversary. July at 17 clock by the mayor Peter Nebelo, wine queen Ramona I., opened many former Bocholt wine queens and Ludger Dieckhues from the city marketing Bocholt. The musical entertainment is provided by the duo 2you.Am Friday, 26. July at 17 clock welcomes us the wine princess from the Verbandsgemeinde Landau country Amelie I together with wine queen Ramona I .. For mood from 17 clock provide the Sporker Musikanten.Am Saturday, 27. July from 17 clock McKing provides party mood. On Sunday, 28. On July the wine festival will open its doors from 12 clock. Django Flint entertains visitors from 13.30 on this last wine festival day. The new Bocholt wine queen 2019 will be presented and crowned at 18.00 on St. Georg Square. To win there is a weekend at a Palatine winery for two people, a box of wine and the Bocholt city ring donated by jeweler Herméier.Zum 25 anniversary, there is a wine festival jubilee wine, more precisely a Palatinate Pinot Gris with Bocholt anniversary label. This jubilee wine will be served at all stands and this can also be taken home by the bottle.Once there is a happy hour of 17-19 clock at all wine growers at the Bocholt wine festival because of the anniversary this year on all days. [...]