When Stones Tell - Anecdotes and Stories to the Sacred Heart Church

Warm invitation to the narrative cafe on Sunday 1. Sept. at 16: 00 pm in the Heart of Jesus Church. People from the parish tell of their stories of how the milkman's bell came to church, what Storck's giants have to do with church construction, or why the organ is so fake. Afterwards it is possible to have a chat over coffee and drinks. First published on www.liebfrauen.de/ [...]

Day of the open monument in the textile factory

Bocholt (lwl). The Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) invites on Sunday (8.9.) To the Day of the open monument to the textile factory Bocholt. In keeping with this year's title of Germany's largest cultural event, visitors to the 10 and 18 clock around the spinning mill can expect unusual architectural tours as well as photo and Instagram walks. On the day of the open monument, not only [...]

New bus attendants trained

"You are a" first cream group "said Uli Kolks of the district police Borken, the Alexander Cernov, Bartosz Lauzer, Franz Reuke (all Hohe Giethorst school), Viktoria Krampez, Nele Mümken, Svea Resing and Emely Tebroke (all Euregio-Gymnasium), Abdurrahman Abudahi, Maximilian Elting, Oliver Hockert, Celina Meißen and Finja Wesendonk (all Mariengymnasium) as well as Jannik Perdun, Noa Spieker, Jessica Szoltysek and Simon van Hal (all St. Georg-Gymnasium) together with social worker Julia Nubbenholt Bus attendants and bus attendants has trained. The 16 pupils have now received their certificates and ID cards from the hands of First City Councilor Thomas Waschki. Photo: Stadt Bocholt [...]

Renovation of the 3 station in Rhede completed

While the construction crane for the large extension at the main entrance is still diligently turning, the St. Vinzenz-Hospital Rhede can already look forward to another successfully completed modernization measure: The general refurbishment of the station 3 is over, so that on Friday, the 30. August the station solemnly blessed and then for their further determination to chief physician Dr. med. [...]

Former councilman Rolf Thuilot died

Surprisingly, former Green Party politician Rolf Thuilot has died. The 65-year-old was a long councilor in Bocholt. In addition, he was involved in numerous clubs. Another passion was art. Rolf Thuilot also became known as a photographer. Among other things, he shot repeatedly from events of the Old Dairy pictures. In social media, yesterday [...]

New doctor in Bocholt: Dr. med. Angela Erkens chooses her hometown

Bocholt (PID). Since the 1. July is the family physician stock in Bocholt district Lowick secured. Dr. med. Angela Erkens has with her father med. Ekkehard Funke founded a joint practice. Another success for the local medical network BOHRIS (cooperation of the neighboring cities BOcholt-Rhede-ISselburg), which aims to secure the local medical staff. Mayor Peter Nebelo served [...]

Social list Bocholt calls for alternatives to the Nordring

The voter community Social List Bocholt makes no secret that it clearly rejects the Nordring. On the other hand, she considers it urgent that local residents should be relieved of traffic. To this end, the voter community announces that it will submit a proposal to the budget consultants, provided that the CDU parliamentary group makes its announcement and then wants to make it a topic. Rainer Sauer (Chairman) and the environmental policy spokesman Torsten Wollberg see possibilities of real alternatives instead of the Nordring to build. Both comment: "City Councilor Daniel Zöhler and the CDU made a concerted effort last week for the construction of the Nordring strong. That is of course your right. At the same time, they do not shy away from reinterpreting everything and presenting it as a state of emergency. From "cycling and sidewalks and trees on the streetsides" is the speech. Even if it is emphasized again and again that this is "only" about the "Nordspange" between Barloer and Burloer Weg, the planning of this section belongs to the category "Klimakiller". Because nature and landscape are destroyed here without necessity. In addition, only one possibility is presented, without even considering that there are alternatives that meet the climate protection and environmental protection - and also and especially the residents of noise and traffic would relieve. Anyone who, as a construction manager or mayor who is, after all, head of the administration, does not think imaginatively about alternatives and does not engage in dialogue with the affected residents, gives the impression that this is not wanted and apparently should be carried through. True to the motto: "Taste what it wants - and what interests me the climate and environmental protection." We as a voter community hold more of it, if, among other things, the public transport will be massively expanded and made more attractive, such as better and shorter cycle times, expansion offer in the evenings and weekends. And also the traffic is redirected so that it relieves the residents. Of course, no traffic problems may arise in other places. The realization would be possible. But you also have to want it instead of just hiding alternatives. "[...]

ESB starts Monday with the delivery of the yellow bin

Bocholt (PID). The disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) starts on Monday, 2. September 2019, as planned with the delivery of the Yellow Tons. In the next 7 to 8 working days, the north-eastern city area is the turn. These are the areas where the residual and organic waste bins are emptied on Mondays, including the [...]

Young Liberals call for youth hostel in the former copper can

The Ewibo bought the Hotel Kupferkanne three years ago and - together with the Borken district - accommodated unaccompanied, underage refugees. Now the contract for use as a so-called "bridge device" expires. In addition, this is no longer needed because of the significantly reduced numbers of refugees. This is what the BBV writes. But what to do with the [...]

Intercultural weeks 2019 start this week

Bocholt (PID). On Sunday, 1. September 2019, the fifth Bocholter intercultural weeks begin with a major summer festival in the field. The 23 events were organized by 20 stakeholders and offer a diverse range of services. "Each one of us constantly encounters people who are alien in some way," says Michael Schwinning, [...]

The dragons are going to leave soon

Borken County. Autumn time is Dragon time. As a result, once again this year the air sports club Borken organizes its already traditional kite festival. It will take place on the 29. September 2019 from 11 to 18 clock on the airfield Borken - Hoxfeld. The entire airfield is then closed for normal flight activities and is therefore available exclusively to the dragon friends. In front […]

"EinJobs" are a success story

Borken County. "One-Euro jobs" have no good reputation - they are often considered a "chicane", "pointless", introduced only for the purpose of "harassing" the unemployed and "glossing over the statistics". However, employment in the context of the so-called job opportunity should help the unemployed to prepare for integration into the labor market. For the activity, a so-called additional expenditure of [...]