"Dinxperwick Swing" on the 23. August 2019

Bocholt (EUBOH). According to the motto: "Music inside and out in our beautiful border village Dinxperwick" invites on Friday, 23. August 2019, the German-Dutch border village residents and guests to a summer, cross-border music festival. From 14 to 23: 30, music groups and solo musicians from Germany and the Netherlands perform on squares, in restaurants and churches. The entry […]

Accident Exodus on supermarket parking lot

Bocholt-Suderwick (ots) - On Saturday, a still unknown vehicle driver between 15 and 16 clock damaged a black car Audi A3 Sportback. The scene of the accident was the parking lot of the Penny market on Sporker Straße. Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 2.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses will [...]

Scooter driver flees in front of the police

Bocholt (ots) - On Sunday police wanted to check against 18.15 clock a two-person scooters, which had caught them in the area of ​​the Westend intersection. The two teenagers wore no hard hat and the license plate of the vehicle was folded. The scooter driver ignored the holding signs and fled. In the schoolyard of the Arnold Janssen School on Salierstraße he [...]

Old building renovation consultation in Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). The Bocholter Umweltreferat offers owners of old buildings as well as people who are considering buying an older house on Friday, 9. August 2019, and Saturday, 10. August 2019, a special consultation. A neutral expert from the Low Energy Institute (NEI) in Detmold taps the house for vulnerabilities and makes refurbishment proposals. The service costs 100 Euro. Application forms [...]

Flight only lasted for a short time

Bocholt (ots) - When he saw the police officer, an 29-year-old moped driver on Sunday night on the Blücherstraße in Bocholt escape. Not without reason, as it turned out: When the police spotted the police man shortly afterwards walking in the vicinity, he had discarded his vehicle in a garden. The officials made sure to [...]

Stolen gold jewelry

Bocholt (ots) - Gold jewelry have stolen strangers in recent days from a residential building in Bocholt. At first, it was not clear how the perpetrators got into the building on Hubertusstraße. The theft occurred in the period between Saturday, 28. July, and Sunday, 04. August, 16.45 clock. The police asks for clues to the [...]

laughing is healthy

Bocholt. How good laughter for the well-being and well-being is, participants learn at the next health center in the LUDGERUSHOF Spork on Tuesday, 20. August. Sabine Kamps will perform this evening. As clown "Luna" and "Doc Lupo" she will talk about her own experiences and actively involve the participants. The association "Leben im Alter" as organizer promises [...]

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Schnacken in the boat

Bocholt. Entertaining stories on Bocholter Platt stand on Thursday, 15. August 2019, on the program of the event "Preotkes and Dönkes up'm Naomiddag". The association "Life in the Age" (LiA) invites seniors to chat and clink. Coffee and cake are available at cost price. Start is at 16 clock in the Bocholter restaurant "Schiffchen" on the Uhlandstraße 50. [...]

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Consequential collision

Isselburg / Bocholt (ots) - A lightly injured and property damage in the amount of about 11.000 Euro - that is the result of a traffic accident that occurred on Saturday in Isselburg-Werth. An 40-year-old wanted to turn 12.50 clock with his car from the dike road to the left on the B67 in the direction of Borken. The Bocholter came with [...]

Purse stolen

Bocholt (ots) - An ugly end has taken on Saturday in Bocholt, the purchase for a 40-year-old: The Isselburgerin had stopped 12.50 clock in a hypermarket on the Welfenstraße when a pickpocket took her purse unnoticed. The perpetrator took cash and papers with his wallet. Information requests the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt [...]