Because of fiber optic expansion: roads in Spork and Holtwick blocked

Bocholt (PID). Due to the fiber expansion in the rural area will be starting Monday, 12. August 2019, in the areas of Spork and Holtwick some roads full or half-sided blocked. The streets Sporker Ringstraße, Mähneweg, Emsingsweg, Berkendiek, Zur Eisenhütte, Fischerweg, In't Nesse, Nevelkamp, ​​Weesenweide, Tollsweide, Braomweide, Hammarskjöldstraße, Kurfürstenstraße, Uferstraße, Anne-Frank-Weg, van-Gemmeren-Weg, Schwanenstraße are all affected , On the Löverick, Carl-Isert-Weg, and [...]

Burglars fail at the front door of a clubhouse

Bocholt (ots) - held the front door of a club home in Bocholt Suderwick unknown burglars: The perpetrators had violently tried in the night of Tuesday to penetrate into the building on Brunsmannstraße. In doing so, they inflicted material damage amounting to around 3.000 Euro. There is probably a connection with a break in an ice cream café, about [...]

Adolescents lacked driving license

Bocholt (ots) - With a criminal complaint ended for an 15-year-old on Sunday in Bocholt the ride with his scooter: The vehicle brought it to a much higher speed than 25 km / h - only until then would have the mofaprüfbescheinigung of Bocholt's sufficient. Police officers had stopped the vehicle on Salierstraße. Dangers at this time was a [...]

Pickpocket strikes

Bocholt (ots) - A pickpocket stole the purse of an 60-year-old in Bocholt on Tuesday. When it came to the theft between 12.00 clock and 12.45 clock, the Bocholterin had been in several shops in the shopping arcades at Berliner Platz. The perpetrator had succeeded unnoticed, the wallet including money and papers in itself [...]

Still 1.098 free training places in Borken

Trainees wanted: At the start of the new training year there are currently 1.098 vacancies in the district of Borken. Thus, 32 percent of all registered apprenticeships are vacant. That's what the union says food-enjoyment-restaurants. The NGG Münsterland relies on the latest figures from the Federal Employment Agency. Trade unionist Helge Adolphs appeals to school leavers to look around in the food industry: "From confectionery technologists to chemical laboratory technicians - the food industry offers highly technical jobs with above-average pay. Companies in the Borken district now have 53 vacancies for future food and drink experts. "The food industry is the fourth largest industry in Germany - and with 5.200 employees in the Borken district alone," an important economic factor in the region, "says Adolphs , In the opinion of the NGG managing director, skilled professionals will hardly have any problems finding a suitable job in the future. "In particular, the specialist for food technology is in demand. Who learns, has a solid title in the hand after training. Depending on the company, journeymen can put on a specialization, for example for drinks, bread or frozen goods, and bring it to the level of the industrial master, "explains Adolphs. [...]

Thinking outside the box brings companies and apprentices together

The training year has just begun, which in no way means that online job portals and apprenticeship exchanges are not overcrowded with vacant training places. The latest training market figures from the Federal Employment Agency show that the number of registered training places has increased by 2,1 percent, while the number of applicants has declined yet again by 4,5 percent compared to the previous year. Of two […]

Main thing new? From upcycling and fashion design

Bocholt (lwl). Does it always have to be something new? The summer vacation promotion of the LWL-Industriemuseum turns from Wednesday (21.8.) To Friday (23.8.) From 9 to 16 clock. Inspired by the creations of the artist Stephan Hann in the exhibition "Fashion Material", children between the ages of eight and twelve develop their own creations at the Textilwerk Bocholt [...]

The spiders probably ...

Bocholt (lwl). Even during the summer holidays, the huge spinning machines come into action: On Wednesday (14.8.) Invites the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) under the motto "Spinning well ..." young and adult visitors to the restorers of the textile plant Bocholt at work to look over the shoulder. From 12 to 16, employees set up to 20 [...]

Klinikum Westmünsterland welcomes nine new apprentices

The Klinikum Westmünsterland has welcomed nine new trainees and wished them a good start into the new and exciting period of life. At a common breakfast there was information about the hospital and the education. In addition, there was a small "starter set" as a gift and tips for entry into professional life. The young workers arrive at several locations [...]