Social list Bocholt calls for participation: "Bocholt remains colorful - against racism and hate speech!"

Social list Bocholt calls for participation: "Bocholt remains colorful - against racism and hate speech!" Throughout Germany, but also in Bocholt, individuals and groups are currently exploiting the political murder of a young boy at the Frankfurt train station. The voters community Social List Bocholt condemns the lousy capture of the death of a child in the strongest terms. Continue […]

Information event "Consumer Forum 60 +" in Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). The senior citizens office of the city Bocholt invites on Wednesday, 28. August 2019, from 9: 15 watch to 13: 15 watch for the "Consumer Forum 60 +" in the Council Chamber of Bocholt City Hall, Berliner Platz 1, a. The focus of the half-day event is the theme "The responsible health customer". The event is free, the physical well-being is taken care of. A registration [...]

U19 coach Niko Laukötter also coaches the FC reserve

The U19 trainer of the 1. FC Bocholt, Niko Laukötter, will be the second team of 1 until further notice. Coach and coach FC Bocholt. Laukötter takes over the office of the recently retired coach Nikolay Glouthchev, who had succeeded in June with his team promotion to the district league. Subsequently, however, numerous players had the [...]

Survey: Companies with business location Bocholt very satisfied

The survey of companies in the city of Bocholt continues to show a high degree of satisfaction with the business location. With numerous interesting findings, the detailed evaluation of the Bocholt company survey 2019 is now available. The on-line survey of the Wirtschaftsförderung Bocholt, which was carried out at the end of June, was addressed to some 1.300 Bocholt companies. Now the return of 199 questionnaires was evaluated. [...]

Dan Rosenfeld on the trail of his great-grandparents

Dan Rosenfeld is the great-grandson of Greta Meier (nee Löwenstein), a former Bocholt citizen who belonged to the Jewish faith. Dan Rosenfeld was from the 4. to 7. August 2019 visits Bocholt. With this visit, Dan Rosenfeld hoped to get closer to his German roots. At the same time he wanted to get to know the hometown of his family. [...]

Bocholt is "well ventilated" - fireworks (not yet) endangered

The German environmental aid calls, as is well known, to prohibit private fireworks in 31 cities because of the harmful fine particulate matter pollution by the Böller. In Bocholt, the council and administration want to deal with the subject next October. The goal is to reach a policy decision, the Press Office said on request from Made in Bocholt. Thus, the fair fireworks at least 2019 is not yet endangered. "In the year 2019 a fair fireworks will take place. The city marketing team is already preparing for this, contracts have already been signed. In addition, the existing particulate matter pollution in Bocholt is very low. This is due to the good ventilation and - in comparison to dense and higher built-up cities - low and less dense development Bocholt ", says the statement. Nevertheless, the board of directors and the city marketing seriously take the ecological and health effects on humans and animals of a fireworks , The current discussion in Germany will be followed closely. Also, a report on fireworks at folk festivals by the German showman federation commissioned.In October, the topic will then be discussed more intensively. With the involvement of politics, the city administration will carefully weigh pros and cons and clarify how fireworks in Bocholt should be handled in the following years. The goal was a decision in principle, which determines whether and how in Bocholt traditional fireworks would be allowed in the future. [...]

Street "Europaplatz" closed

Bocholt (PID). The street "Europaplatz" will be located at the height of the building of the old synagogue in the time of Monday, 12. August 2019, expected to Friday, 16. August 2019, fully closed. There are work on the telecommunications network. From the bus station can not be driven in this time by car towards Ravardistraße (taxi and bus). A redirection [...]

International clearance and clearance book market in Bredevoort

On Sunday, 18. August, the International Clearance and Sale book market takes place in the tranquil book city of Bredevoort. Several times a year, various Dutch and German booksellers offer their books at greatly reduced prices. In addition to the book market, Bredevoort offers a lot more this Sunday. In the Koppelkerk you can see the exhibition of the artist-couple [...]

Sieger-White exhibition in the Koppelkerk

This summer Koppelkerk is dedicating an exhibition to artist couple Fred Sieger (1902-1999) and Helen Sieger-White (1911-2010). From 1965 until her death the couple lived in Zevenaar (NL). The exhibition came about through cooperation with the Liemers Museum and the Sieger White Foundation. The 1902 born in Amsterdam Fred Sieger was completely self-taught and [...]

Engestelle on shirts walk

Bocholt (PID). The shirts trail is opposite the sports club DJK TuS Stenern from 12. August to 11. October 2019 halfway locked in two places. The blockages take place one after the other. At the same time the common pedestrian and bicycle path is completely closed. This is reported by the municipal traffic department. Pedestrians are directed to the other side of the street, cyclists are diverted. Reason for the blockages is the creation of a connection of the rainwater retention basin on the eastern side of the Hemdener way. Due to the construction work, the speed is reduced to 30 km / h. Road users are asked to drive around the area carefully. [...]

Our ice cold summer tip

What sweetens us the summer? Of course: ice cream. Both in the middle of Bocholt and in individual districts there are ice cream parlors with lots of delicious ice creams. Orbis visited some of them and tested them a bit. We present their latest creations and the most popular varieties. Directly in the city center, in and around the historic town hall, is the ice cream parlor Leone. In addition to the "classics" chocolate, vanilla and strawberry there are constantly changing new ice cream varieties offered. For example watermelon, grapefruit or blood orange. Even the chocolate bar Snickers is now available as ice cream. Or cake, with the touch of a cosmopolitan city: New York Cheesecake. Probably the most popular type of ice cream in Leone is rhubarb, made from juice from the Hamminkelner fruit winery van Nahmen. Among the sundaes, spaghetti ice cream and tartufo are in high demand. Here, on the market, the ice cream selection is particularly large. Across the street, in the ice cream parlor Cavone, owner Angelo Palu and his staff have something very special for their guests: salt caramel and ricotta blueberry are the latest ice cream varieties. Probably the most popular creation here is the Bacio variety, which tastes of nut and nougat. Before the ice cream parlors on the market you can sit outside in summer. Many people do and enjoy it. The Eiscafe Dragone on the Klausenerstraße in Stenern is a classic family business. Already 1967, the father of owner Gaetano Dragone made ice for the first time. The latest ice creams are grape, papaya and cookies. The most popular variety is and remains the well-known Stracciatella with the extra large pieces of chocolate. In another Bocholt district, in Biemenhorst, ice lovers will find on Birkenallee. This is practically the main street of Biemenhorst, which leads from the Dingdener road to Rhede-Krechting. Here is located next to the sports club SV Biemenhorst the ice cream parlor Dellnitz, which is operated by the bakery Gildhuis. Special specialties of the house are peppermint ice cream with pieces of chocolate and the exotic-sounding Black Mamba, black colored Amarena ice cream. However, these varieties do not always exist, but only seasonally. Most often, customers ask for the variety of cookies with delicious biscuits.Biemenhorst has another ice cream café, the Tre Limoni at the Civic Center. Owner Afrim Gashi reports to Orbis that his visitors prefer the yogurt strawberry and mens cream, which is not surprising, because men's cream is very popular in Bocholt and should not be missing from any party. Of course, there are also very special specialties: In addition to salt caramel also sesame and dragon fruit. What exactly is it and how does it taste? Again, as for all other mentioned ice cream parlors and ice creams: Just try it yourself. Enjoy it! Enjoy the Bocholt summer! [...]

Two dead in frontal crash in Ramsdorf

On Wednesday at 17.20 clock it came in Velen Ramsdorf on the Weseker road to a serious traffic accident in which a car from previously uncleared cause in the oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a patient transport car. The car driver was caught in the vehicle and severely injured. He died later. A wheelchair user transported in the other vehicle was [...]